Monday, 10 September 2012

Swap Shop V Tiswas

I have to say I was a Swap shop sort of a girl. I loved  adored the program it was the highlight of my very otherwise hum drum week. Cool kids watched it .. and those who actually got to swap something walked on hallowed ground.

I once got through because my Grand dad worked for BT and he used to work his magic , yet despite this I was once on the list to talk to Peter Davidson  and he was giving away Fungus and the Bogeyman books.

Now this is going to sound really snobby but I wasn't allowed to watched Tiswas to my parents it was common , uncouth and kids who wore they nasty nylon T-shirts with Superman on it watched it.

 I have to admit watching clips of it now it drives me as quite bonkers and not entirely politically correct. Who knows I can't judge something really unless I have watched it religiously.

Swap shop was hosted by the legend on the mirco phone Noel Edmonds if you only remember him from " Deal or No Deal " then quite frankly you haven't lived and , please don't darken my door step.

Sawp shop started at 9.30 Noel Edmonds was joined by John Craven ( his crazy jumpers ) I didn't have a colour TV my world was black and white till 1986 so the mind drug tripping colours didn't bother me. Also joining the fun was Keith Chegwin and Maggie Philbin.
And with this  religion was Swap shop Mothers knew better than to drag their children out on a Saturday Morning for the obligatory visit to Timothy Whites.

Was I too middle class ?

Would I be SO differant a person now if I had watched Tiswas ?


  1. I remmeber Swap Shop I expect I watche fit cos my Mum liked Noel whereas my dad would watch Tiswas cos he liked Sally Jemes . I remmeber the dinosaur from Swap Shop,,

  2. Swap shop all the way, we were posher that you then, we got our first tv in 1976 and it was colour. (until that point lived in forces accommodation and had black and white tv). we use to drive mum up the wall and sat around in our dressing gowns until it finished no matter how much nagging she did ( plenty of it) and broke the rules and took food and drink into the living room.

  3. That made me laugh! I loved swap shop and was gutted that my mum would never let me swap anything! I didn't like Tiswas it was just too busy and crazy for me and anyway Noel had great jumpers!

  4. I too was never allowed to watch Tiswas (or Grange Hill) as it was perceived to be too downmarket!


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