Monday, 26 August 2013

#easyteam Peach Ploughman's Salad

Ice burg lettuce can be transformed from being a 'Water Mitty' (ie weak) of ingredients, you can transform this sometimes sodden member of the salad family into an exciting and salivating dish. It doesn't require any cooking its a cold dish , I have seen lettuce cooked but I'm not sure if that works ?

Having been in the good ole USA for the past two weeks I have had countless dining experiences, I have more steaks and seafood than you can shake a Cinnamon stick at. Its exciting and invigorating at first but then the American portions gets to you and the insistence that you have a dessert after each meal can leave you hankering for the simple life.

When I ordered a Chicken pesto salad in Florida I was expecting exactly than but alas no , it was a gorgeous pesto chicken but I think the salad was being held captive in the chefs kitchen.

So when I got back to the UK I was on a mission to get back to controlled eating but I wished to extend my taste buds.

So I bought some peaches peeled a peach.. or is it skinned. any way I took the flesh of the thing and then preceded to use a potato peeler to create strips of peach into a dish. I then sprinkled a small amount of Himalayan pink salt on the peach strips, I used two peaches for this.

I left the salted peaches in the fridge for around an hour or so . I shredded the lettuce, and then added the salted peach to it and lightly tossed it. I then added other sale items such as cucumber, snacking tomatoes and cheese, chicken ham and leek pie, and the obligatory dollop of pickle turning the salad into a Ploughman's lunch of sorts.

I am one of three lucky people to be selected as a brand amassador for Zanussi #Easyteam. I am looking forward to the opportunities it will bring and the experiences that I will learn.

I am on a constant drive to improve my cooking and trying new recipes. Cooking doesn't have to be a fearful experience.


  1. salted peach... hmmmm not convinced!!!

  2. Replies
    1. It's mildly salted as perhaps you might add to salad anyway .

  3. Loving the idea of salted peach! I've had a lot of watermelon in salad lately dressed with balsamic vinegar - lovely stuff!


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