Thursday, 22 May 2014

Ode To The Bullet Journal.

  • Ode to the Bullet journal .

  • I don't know you yet.

A Bullet Journal * picture courtesy of Nickie from Typecast

  • I didn't know that I need you but I do.

  • For today was the day that I found I needed you.

  • I woke with a sense of I should be doing something that uneasy nagging feeling that you can't quite shift . I live  in a digital world, everything is at my beck , flip or call . Is it on line ? can I access the information on my computer, phone, IPad or any other smart device?

  • So what did I forget was it to buy the milk ? the necessity in the start of peoples day ?

  • Was it forgetting to feed the cat ? so hungry it was ready to gnaw the postman's leg off at any opportunity.

  • Had I forgotten to pay a bill, would I be getting a phone call or a letter, a lovely shade of red.

  • Did I owe the government money * yes actually bless those Tax Credits ( sideways look)

  • When it is just you organising yourself you can sort of do it by remembering but it soon spirals out of control, more and more so the older you get, as the grey noggin revolts and declares "we don't need to hold that information"

  • It is not only the march of older age that leads us in organising failure it is also hectic lives, and those of our children, our children's children, wives , partners, husbands pets.

  • Think of an Octopus at a rave blowing  whistles and waving glow sticks then you have a sense of how I feel.

  • So down to the nuts and bolts of what I actually forgot.

  • WORK.

  • How could anyone forgot work.

  • Not a problem you might think but I was here.

I wasn't where I should have been !

  • OOPS.

  • SO I pedalled like fury like the character associated with the witch out of Wizard of Oz .

  • Bradley Wiggins had nothing on me and I wasn't overly late and still had the time to do the Cha Cha in aerobics.

  • It is basically old school analogue that answers a calling in this mad , mad digital world.

The long and winding road.


  1. I spotted someone using a Bullet Journal on Instagram and I am definitely going to investigate. Okay, so I'm on Maternity Leave, not that much to remember other than the baby but it's a good excuse to go and buy a gorgeous new notebook and pens!!

    1. Ooh yes I adore the written word it makes me happy :-) any excuse to buy a notebook and pens !

  2. Excellent ode! Post it up on the Bullet Journal fan page on Facebook. I think I've added you.

  3. Totally love the idea - bookmarked the site and digging out a squared notebook and starting me a bullet journal - God knows i need to get organised!

  4. I love bullet points and lists, so should have one of these x

  5. There's some lessons here for me! Time to go find out about bullet journals

  6. Bullet journal?! Wow I love it! And love the photos too, particularly the long and winding road!

  7. I have never even heard of a bullet journal , looks a great idea though x

  8. Interesting idea.

    Might have a go myself.


  9. I have never heard of a bullet journal before.

  10. I think I need one of these in my life too x

  11. What a great idea to have such a journal.

  12. I need to read more about it, sounds right up my street!

  13. sounds interesting.... off to find out more!

  14. Never heard of bullet journal before...I'm pretty bad at making lists and jotting things down

  15. Sounds really intriguing! Never heard of a bullet journal before but I like the sound of it!

  16. I live and die by my filofax, full of lists and notes to myself. My brain had turned to mush - darn lesions. I like the sound of a bullet journal, and I love your ode. It flowed and flowed and flowed.... :-)
    Love Vicky
    Around and Upside Down

  17. I really need to know more about this Bullet Journal. I like the feel of pen on paper.

  18. I keep hearing about bullet journals - I think I need one.. x

  19. I really really really want to start bullet journalling. Nickie's convinced me I just need to decide what notebook to use and watch that darn You Tube vid again.
    Liska x

  20. Love this -I'm always jotting thing down in a notebook but want to organise better!! Cleverly written as well!

  21. Ooh I hadn't heard of a bullet journal but will be googling it as soon as I finish writing this comment. The problem is I have a bit of a stationery fetish so am always buying planners and notebooks, which means my life is spread out across three or four different books at any one time!

  22. Oopsie. I have yet to forget to go to work

  23. What a fab idea! I do love and need lists in my life, but never heard of a bullet journal before x

  24. I really need to get organised too and an 8 bullet journal looks ideal.....if i remember to write in it!

  25. haha sounds like the one for me... if I will remember

  26. interesting! off to investigate a bit more! x


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