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Rhubarb Recipes To Love And Perfect Roast Potatoes As Well.

Usually  with recipes you 'll have set quantities and instructions to follow , even if you have written the recipe yourself . Well the recipes below are mine but I didn't have anything set in stone I just went with the flow. The foods I used today were rhubarb , lamb and duck and spring greens. The only recipe I really followed was my Rhubarb crumble one and even then I left the ginger out of it.

You see in this household I often have to cook two dishes plain and simple for when you have aversions and sensory issues with food like my son it can be over whelming. I don't like to make a fuss of you will eat this or that or "in my day I ate what I got" with a little forward planning it isn't really an issue. Mr T on the other hand would like it if I didn't get every single pan and spoon out .....

"Do you have to get every pan and spoon out " Mr T ( a shade over 40)

"but they didn't say that to Michelangelo when he was painting the Sistine chapel ooooh no"

Mrs T age 21 

Firstly I cooked my rhubarb crumble

Whilst this was cooking I prepared my potatoes for roasting , it was one of those days I could have done with a double oven.

Perfect Roast Potatoes


Nice Potatoes

Preperation 5 minutes


Preheat your oven to 190 or gas mark 5

Then cut your potatoes up into quarters, depending on the size of the actual potato.

Wash your potatoes then place into a pan of cold water and bring to the boil.

Boil for no more that 7 -10 minutes otherwise your potatoes will disintegrate. ( Be sure to keep an eye on them )

Then drain in a colander and leave to dry for a couple of minutes.

Then shake up the potatoes in the colander just to rough them up.

Next the world is your oyster as here you make further magic happen you can add flavour to your potatoes by way of herbs etc or with your choice of oil. My choice of oil in this instance as part of the #rtchallenge I  am involved in was Rape seed oil from Hillfield Farm.

A couple of glugs of the oil see rape oil combined with herbs is heavenly ( but you can make any combination)

Then place on a oven tray and cook for 4- 45 minutes till they are cooked until you like.

Crunchy munchy !

Rhubarb Crusted Duck


5 minutes


Rapeseed oil to sear the duck in

2 duck breasts

enough brown sugar to coat the breasts

About 8 pieces of cubed rhubarb


Take the 2 duck breasts and score the duck on both sides.

Then sear the duck in a frying pan

Coat both sides with brown sugar.

Place 4 pieces of cubed rhubarb on each duck breast.

Place in the oven

180C/160c Gas Mark 4

For 30 minutes test for doneness

Serve with some fresh sliced green beans and of course some rocking roast potatoes.

Lamb & Spring Green Stir Fry With a Rhubarb Splash

Preparation 5 minutes


Enough lamb for 1 or 2 people

I sued lamb steaks

A packet of Spring greens

4 tablespoon of rhubarb juice or more according to taste.

Rapeseed oil for Stir frying lamb


Slice the lamb to slices.

Warm the oil in a pan.

Next add the lamb.

gently stir until the pinkness goes ( or cook according to taste)

Next add the Spring Greens to the pan this will take only 5 minutes to cook or less during this time at the splashes of rhubarb juice just before you plate the dish up.

I obtained my rhubarb dish after I roasted by rhubarb in the oven for the crumble.

Then serve with the roast potatoes.


  1. The meal looks perfect. Thanks for sharing your tips on making perfect roast potatoes.

  2. I''m so coming round for tea! ;) Love rhubarb and can't wait for my plant to get growing. It's looking very sorry for itself I must say. Can't beat a crumble.

  3. love rhubarb, lots growing in my garden :)

  4. My husband would love this thanks for sharing. Unfortunately I am not a lover of rhubarb x

  5. lamb looks lovely, unfortunately i cant stand rhubarb pie, i still remember that time when we went to see my sister and as a desert they had rhubarb crumble it wasnt for me but i just had to force it to make my sister happy

  6. Ooh my husband has been asking for duck for a while now...might have to give this a go it look delish! x

  7. My sister has a rhubarb plant so I'm looking forward to getting my hands on some soon.

  8. Oh yummy - where's my invite?

    yes tonight I had to make 2 totally different curries.

  9. Rhubarb crusted duck looks bloody lovely!

  10. I have never actually tried rhubarb.....although it was growing in my parents garden before.

    These do sound good though

  11. We always use rapeseed oil as it has a higher smoking point so is perfect for roasties. Also if you are struggling to get the perfect crisp outside then coating with semolina helps

  12. My Dad loves rhubarb so I'll have to forward him your post - though I'm sure it will then get passed to my Mum haha x

  13. i have never ever used this but have it now on my list for next shop how lovely they look

  14. YUM looks lovely! Would love to grow some rhubarb and try it out myself :)

  15. Oh I love rhubarb will have to try some of these out xx

  16. Mmmmm, the idea of rhubarb and duck sounds delicious - the tartness of the rhubarb cutting through the rich flavour of the duck... this I MUST try!

  17. Sounds delicious....I love rhubarb! I have a stash in the freezer so will have to have a go at these!

  18. I love rhubarb crumble, especially when you add some apples to it as well :-)

  19. I am exceptionally fussy when it comes to food and have never eaten rhubarb but these recipes do sound yummy! xxx

  20. OK now I'm feeling very hungry. It's been ages since I made rhubarb crumble, going to have to put that in the meal planner. yum yum yummm

  21. Claire - I think my dinner invitations keep getting lost in the post... ;-) This looks sooo good, all of it! I love rhubarb crumble - I like it tart enough to take the enamel off my teeth - yumcious!
    Love Vicky
    Around and Upside Down

  22. I love rhubarb but can get short of ideas, so rhubarb crusted duck, here I come. Sounds delicious.

  23. I have never really tried rhubarb however the duck looks amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  24. I adore rhubarb, never thought of it as a savoury option before

  25. I love rhubarb! Can't believe so many of you guys haven't tried it! you're missing out! ;) x


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