Thursday, 26 June 2014

Makes You Think

So I've been blogging since 2011 I've come  along way , had amazing opportunities , made a great set of friends on line and in real life. Then there's the down side which coupled with stress leaves you rather down.


Hurting friends.

I'll not apologise any more.

I liken my self to Hagrid well meaning but gets it wrong and blamed for mistakes.

Hands up I've made mistakes such big big ones personal and blogging.,

You see the more of me you have the less you want me , making sense ?

And it's the same mistakes over and over again.

Staring me in the face.

I'm not a bad person.

In fact if anything I put myself down.

Just getting to the post box the other day was an achievement.

So where to ?

Now .

Before loneliness stares me in the face.


  1. Oh this is a sad post, Claire :(
    Maybe it's a good time to step away and look at things differently - that vlogging challenge thing might help you see things differently. And do some more photography - I love your pictures.

    Don't pin everything on the thing I know you're talking about :-)

  2. Oh Claire I agree with Nickie, step away, look at things differently, try a new tactic. You said you werent sure about vlogging at Britmums, but maybe you should just throw yourself in as I think you did want to do it really, and its only confidence that is stopping you. And it shouldn't be.
    You are an amazing person look how much you helped me at Britmums, don't get hung up on it, I of all people know that is harder to do than say, but really don't. Step away and refocus.

  3. I don't know what's driven you to write this but this is how I feel...
    I think you're great. I love your blog ( I am on catch up at the mo cus I've been busy bee) and I think that we'd get on in 'real life' because we're similar in a lot of ways.
    Seriously impressed with how your photography has come proud of yourself, Mrs!
    If you ever want to talk...DM me anytime. I know I come across as an idiot a lot of the time but I'm a sensitive you.
    Loves you
    Trace xXx

  4. my honest opinion of you? Obviously I only know you on "paper" but you come across as a kind caring individual who ( like me) suffers from lack of self confidence and often stop and ask yourself "do people like me?"
    The answer is yes lots and lots and lots of us do, I think you are wonderful, compassionate and a great blogging friend to have.
    Dont let other people get you down, you are bigger and better than them.
    You are also braver than me, I could not do #Britmums in case nobody would talk to me when I got there.
    I wonder how much of this is deep rooted from our forces childhoods where we went to non forces schools and the kids did not want to know you cos they knew you were moving on.

  5. You are amazing. Really you are. You understand me, make me laugh, make me drink gin, and are all sorts of wonderful. With cake on the side.

    Don't let things become bigger than they are - with the exception of my backside, they're not that big really. You're far better a person than you believe. Let yourself heal, call me, message me, stroke Jack (I'd suggest Rollie, but he's more likely to eat you), and be your wonderful self. You are far more confident than you realise - I was like a little lost lambikins at Britmums, but you know so many people and share yourself with so many I felt like I had my own personal social co-ordinator.

  6. I don't have much to say other than I am PROUD to call you an 'online' friend and a real friend. x

  7. So sorry to read this. I know you've had a tough few months and I really hope things are picking up for you now. X


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