Sunday, 5 June 2016

Clues That Cats Do Sulk

People say a dog shows loyalty and cats are just aloof , aloof yes and very much unrivalled in their disdain in fact nothing can ignore you like a cat . If you've not been ignored by a cat then well you're in for a treat when you are ignored and you'll finding yourself pleading to be loved by them in a Shakespearean way. Cats sulk for a number reasons and we would really be here all day if we went into each and every reason why they sulk and show utter disdain that you are even breathing the same air as them !

Despite what science behaviour animal experts think I honestly believe that the arrogance is genuine and the cat is Infact trying to overpower me . So in the style of a magazine story from the 1980s I give you ....

The Snub

"Hi Rollie I'm back from the Spa !! I missed you "

Rollie " Did you miss me , did you really ?!"

" Let's talk about it , we can solve any problem !"

Rollie " Who are you again ?!"

Meanwhile downstairs with Jack 

Jack " I love you , I missed you "

"You promise this isn't superficial love ?!"

Disclosure All the actors in this photo story are played by the cats themselves Rollie and Jack . 


  1. I love this post! I totally agree - cats do sulk. We have two cats who just came back from the cattery as we had a holiday. One was pleased to see us and happy to be home. The other sulked for 2 days and gave us the stink eye every time we spoke to her!

  2. Oh yes cats certainly do sulk. My sister's cat Alfie is such a child at times, ignoring her, selective hearing and knocking things off window sils or any surface really when he doesn't get his own way. I think he could have his own tv show lol x

  3. Lol cats can have attitude! But have to say mine hasn't sulked...she has however looked guilty when I have found her on the kids beds!

  4. Cats do have so many expressions and sulking is definitely one of them. x


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