Tuesday, 4 July 2017

The One Where Alexa Tries To Break Me

I love my social media I really do but sometimes it has a side to it I don't like , the side where it can be directorial imposing the latest social media rules onto you . I mean I don't vlog I have dabbled yes but it's not a medium I excel in even though I'm quite quirky when I do it . You see blogging and social media gives me the confidence to do stuff I ordinally would not to. I blog in my own way , I tweet in my own way , I Facebook in my own way I do things by own way , I'm not against advice ~ advice which is constructive.

I learnt many years ago to my cost that everyone is not a social media luvvy and that's ok there is enough of us blogger s, vloggers and social media gurus to make the world go around . I do what I do and you do what you do simple as .   

I'm trying to get to Alexa to listen to me and it isn't working.

" Alexa play Butterfly by A~ Ha "

Alexa " Here's Butterfly by Cliff Richard "  

No Alexa play " A~ Ha Butterfly "

Alexa " Here's a medley of songs by Wolf Alice "

" Alexa Noooooooooooo"

Who is Wolf Alice ?

"Alexa play A~ Ha Butterfly "

Alexa " playing the lost boy in New York Simon and Garfunkel "


I have patience of a saint I truly have after all as I grew up in the 1980s and owned a Spectrum 48 K< Rich.

Owning a Spectrum 48 K you learnt patience by loading the games onto your Spectrum 48 k you loaded the tapes whilst listening to that distinctive sound only made by loading Spectrum games. 

What ever you do if you own a Alexa don't ask it to sing to you ...

I'm not sure who is young to break first me or Alexa ...


  1. hehehe! This did make me chuckle. My dad bought one of these things for his girlfriend and it drives him crazy. It never does anything he asks but does everything she asks. lol
    Ahh! I had an Amstrad computer which used to load games from a tape. That sound was awful.
    Good luck x

  2. This sounds like me! My husband won't hear a word said against Alexa but I do struggle to get her to do what I want!

    1. Ha yes ! My husband doesn't struggle with Alexa at all !! He even says " Don't worry I love you " at Alexa !!


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