Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Sparking Joy In Your Social Media

When you read a blog sometimes it can feel like you’re at a Middle Eastern bazar with everyone under the sun trying to hawk you their wares.Now I’ve reviewed stuff but I’ve always been subjective about it telling the truth in my own unique way.I try and always be balanced in what I say.Opinons are always going to vary but I have to always be truthful it’s literally in my DNA.My cat has even reviewed stuff before it used to be a reviewing duo but now it is up to Jack to carry on the mantle.

I would love to refer you to my five star hotel review but I’ve yet to pull off one of those but you know what you don’t always need 5 star . We are perpetually up in York picking up and dropping off our son who is studying Archaeology at York university.We have been through all sorts of hotel accommodation to Airbnb.At the moment Premier Inn is ticking boxes for us especially as we can stop just half an hour outside York making it cheaper for ourselves.

And all that money saved allows you to save up for the things you want in life for example like a new camera.I did combine this with selling my old camera on line so you’ll soon be seeing new pictures taken with my Nikon D5600.

Cat is optional with the Nikon camera 

I like to depict my life on here as it really here warts and all I don't cultivate a magazine image nor do I endorse anything that I don't believe in myself. I have however reviewed some odd stuff in my time the less said about the luminous cupcakes the better I feel.On social media it seems people are forever striving for this that or the other and if it didn't happen on social media then indeed did it really ever happen.People talk about the old days before social media and there is a strange draw back to that in the sense of feeling less pressured but there has always been pressure in society be it social or otherwise.

The simplest of ideas can be a life changer for me be it a new cup/mug to a bobble hat ( strangely I have never been offered a bobble hat to review ( I buy them though or get given them )

And no I am not going to spark joy by neatly sorting everything out in my house if you do then good that is you and not me and it is so 2019 to have your own opinion unless it is the mark of 2019 to get offended at every little thing that is said.I am sparking joy in my life by doing exactly want I want when I want to and picking tips up blog the way , life would be ever so sterile and boring if everyone lived it the same way.

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