Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Micro MX Trixx Scooter Scooting Stories

Scooters are fun aren't they you have them as a child yourself and then when you have children they have scooters and so the cycle to coin a phrase starts all over again. Except that now children who becomes teenagers who in turn, turn into adults carry on using scooters it's the retro revival brought to a modern age.

Scooters bring out the inner daredevil within us  and I'll let you into a little secret if you promise not to tell ?! I have when my son's not been looking or when he's out at school scooted down the road. There is a wonderful sense of freedom scooting along it makes me feel young again and with that comes a happiness! ooh to be carefree free again .

Anyway I digress Micro -Scooter have a expansive range of scooters all the way from toddlers to adults and Micro Scooter have now tapped into the adventurous side of theirs and our nature and developed a new range of Micro Xtreme scooter which are not only for sedately scooting through the park. No NO they  have a scooter for every single ability which will soon be seeing people doing flicks and ollies ?( or is that skateboarding) You can tell I am not quite down with the scooting lingo!

Its all a good idea and good practise to make sure you wear a helmet knee and elbow pads when attempting the xtreme side of scooting. I fear that I myself I will never release the  skillful stunt scooter action rider that I know I am not.

Ready for MX Trixx scooter action. (Though not in your school shoes you don't)

My teen on the other is another matter he twirls and hurls himself all the place and I often always find myself looking through the gaps in my fingers when he is on his MX  Trixx ( white edition) scooter. The scooter is light yet despite this it is incredibly sturdy and durable I think J 's only gripe with the scooter is that it is a fixed height as once past the age of 12 children have this nasty habit of growing.

That said it's a quality scooter that will last them from the age you get  the MX Trixx and it  is suitable from the age of 5 and as I previously mentioned what good quality it is ,then you are only going to have to make one scooter purchase. The scooter retails at £99.95 you may take a sharp intake of breath but remember this is a well built quality scooter than will last them from the age of 5 . And it will put up with as children do being slung on the floor ( we all know they shouldn't do this but they do )

Here below is an idea of what you can expect of the scooter.

Disclosure ( we were sent the scooter for the purposes of this review and I have not been told what to write all opinions are that of my own )


  1. Hello, I'm commenting at long last! I am totally with you on the scooting thing. I'm desperate to get my hands on an adult scooter with rubber wheels, so I can keep up with my children 'cough'.
    Micro scooters look great.

  2. I would dare to go on it but my son is very good at his scooter!

  3. I would not dare to go on it but my son is very good at his scooter!


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