Monday, 14 March 2016

The Joy Of Expect

The joy of expect

I'm turning my thinking on its head , whilst the odd adage of it can go wrong it will go wrong ( is probably true )

 I'm going to expect joy which for an over thinker this is quite revolutionary , if I implode and then eat my own weight in cake is yet to be seen.

The joy of seeing the catkins upon the trees within the churchyard as the clock just goes past 3.

Church clocks strikes 3
Church clock strikes just past 3 

Also joy in updating a lighting feature in my front room say hello to when IKEA meets Next , the twigs with lights on have gone that was so 2015! Just a little change in say a light decoration can add a whole new dimension to a room . Ps I do also have some bunches of twigs as well that have little paper flowers on , I think this is an idea that people could develop and add to like paper butterflies , fairies etc.

Interior design feature a bowl of light
Bowl of light

Getting my shop soup maker was an utter joy , I'm in love with it ( and yes it's easy to clean and no it's not a device consigned to the cupboard )

Homemade pea and ham soup
Pea and ham soup

Joy of going out for a meal in the vibrant of Nottingam a city going through a real visual hip transform a nod of modern merging with the old .

Old buildings in Nottingham city , love the urban look of Nottingham
Old buildings in Nottingham 

Ohhh get me having a cocktail ~ rhubarb cocktail to be exact> joy .

Rhubarb cocktail prefect for Spring
Rhubarb cocktail

We were in Nottingham waiting for our son J after he had been to Holocaust orientation . The week previous he had been to Aushwitz and another concentration camp within the day . So it has been a pretty intense couple of weeks. So it's a joy to see him smile as he sees the biggest burger he's even seen in his life .

Buttermilk chicken burger
The biggest chicken burger in the world

Joy has been looking at new sinks and taps as the kitchen sink is in the 
middle of its death throws . It will of course be a new kitchen next year but that joy is yet to come .


  1. That is one HUGE burger! That cocktail looks lovely

  2. Do you mean soup maker? Your shop maker threw me ha ha. Love the light feature.
    Reading this post about joy is very timely as I am reading Spark Joy by Marie Kondo AND I am watching videos by Esther and Jerry Hicks and they say you can only attract joy if you vibrate joy, so you have to BE The energy you want to attract and create x

  3. Oh I love the idea of expecting joy :) so difficult when you're in the mode of expecting things to go wrong (as they so often do), right? But such a wonderful way to live life, expecting joy! Do you live in/near Nottingham then? I went to uni there and loved it :)

    1. We are about 15 miles away from Nottingham , We live In Derby


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