Wednesday, 25 May 2011

What a picture ............Kodak ESP 3250

You know what it's like you've just been told the cost of replacing the ink cartridge in your printer.................

Alright then Roliie paw up is you want to review a printer.......a Kodak ESP  3250

You really sure Rollie both paws up please...

So the lovely Monkey at Cartridge Monkey decided to let Rollie have a go.

Kodak  ESP 3250

First thing we did was unpack the printer.

Next I opened the printer up and inserted the cartridge carrier .

After  I inserted the ink cartridges.

It was so easy even the cat could do it ....

cute silver tabby cat sleeping

If only it hadn't fallen asleep on the job. I couldn't have Rollie shirking his reviewing job so I woke the cat up gently.

Though Rollie did look like he had been necking ten pints of larger......

The first test for the printer wasn't off the computer but was printing of the SD card. This made easy by reading the clearly supplied instrucion.s. The LCD screen is clear and easy to navigate. Rollie thought he could make a better photo than my son would. I disagreed a while later after Rollie had left a mouse's head on the kitchen floor aka Mogfather style, I relented.......

"Hah humans, cat's take better photo's"

So I printed using the Kodak photo paper supplied 4 x 6 a photo of Rollie it was super sssh don't tell Rollie. His head will get even bigger!

Cat in a hat

I know , I know it A ninja cat chef with a lascivious wink . I feel this somehow  should have Rollie's name scrawled across it like a famous person

For me the Kodak Esp 3250 was Purrfect for this job. The quality to me was equal to that from a local photo shop printing. This printer is a printer you either keep with your main computer or one that you would share with various laptops around the house. If you have lots of computer, laptops etc then Kodak's wireless big brother will be suitable.

The printer had no trouble printing out copious amounts of paper for my son's various school projects. No trees  were harmed in this review. And yes I will plant a tree to help the environment though my abilities to help the field mouse population are failing I fear.

This is what it says on Cartridge monkey website:

"What if you could get vivid color documents and lab-quality photos at home for a whole lot less than you're paying now? All you need is the Kodak ESP 3250 All-in-One printer. The secret is Kodak's low-cost, high-quality pigment ink cartridges that give you all the bright colors and sharp text you expect for just a fraction of the price. Say goodbye to overpriced ink. Print, copy, scan and save every day with Kodak."

All true for me everything you need from printers, cartridges  to Cartridge Monkey's  speedy free delivery and prices checked to keep them low.  Thank you Cartridge Monkey.


  1. You have to worry now cos Rollie will be able to print out his evil letters and send them world wide! What ever you do don't review a computer with an internet connection else we're all doomed!

  2. You never cease to amaze me Rollie with your expert analysis of everything, but have to agree with staffstechgirl - the Day of the Feline Overlord will be upon us soon ... :-)


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