Tuesday, 19 May 2015

The Blog Song

The Blog Song

A blog song is not like a swan song but I read a post the other day from Maris world and it got me to thinking why and how we blog, Mari started her beautiful blog in 2010 and myself it was April 2011.

A blog is now a buzz word and the spirals on the other mediums leave me spinning , vlog it , surprise reveal it ,Instagram ,it press trip the possibilities are endless they really are, my head is spinning I am not sure about yours. SO I am asking is you can the old fashioned blog be sustainable I like it to Betamax V Video or E book versus real paper.

My world I admit splintered last year when I had my depression  breakdown too many friendships in too many areas and it imploded inward and outwards, I lost friendships you give yourself and someone will trample upon you. I have picked myself dusted myself out and I am on the up life is too short. I have stepped back this year from the blogging treadmill of the constant events and have only gone to a couple.

So arrived the blogging hipster the fresh young things who know their stuff and why not ...

But there is me having dabbled in vlogging and left that alone for the minute , I spoke to my nice who is 10 and asked did she still watch Zoella "No not really " and there you have it the social media is a fast pace world.

Though is the old fashioned blog the constant the old guard that will still have a place in the blogging world.

Blogging is like being in the Matrix.

"Do you want to download jujitsu"

"Hell yeah"


We all have blog dreams of where we want to be , these may or not come true.

Have I though about giving up , I'd be a fool if I didn't say I hadn't.

I am not just the crazy cat lady as I used to be called ~ I am me

The fact that my cat is crazy is just an added bonus.

I am the quirk that is the unique the variable in the blogging mix.

The other day I switched off from everything and went out for a meal with my family and I didn't blog about it, Facebook it or even Instagram it.

So did it even happen ?

Yes it did , I conveyed my though and opinions by good old fashioned talking , if I had had a Polaroid camera on me then I may of done that.

Stand still long enough and you 'll be in a linky , linkies are a good way to meet people and to develop content but you know what I sort of feel like Jacob Marley with all the links of a chain round his name bogged down by the need to pump out for needs be sake.

There are some great linkies out there and sometimes I do join in , I must guide myself and not feel compelled to do everyone !

My child is a teen so surely I shouldn't be blogging as I won't be able to tell you what is the new must be have toy , or what yogurt to eat. In my early days I din't have blog some strange reviews but I have since wised up and what I do know is relevant to me and hopefully.

Have I won an award?

Have I heck!

I blog for me , I blog to inspire I blog as I do am I a blogging dinosaur?

Am I the elephant in the room.

No doubt.

What am I reminded of is this.

No matter how old or I or other get .. for the record I am 42 and it is only hip to be coming up to 40 so it appears * could be a lie

I am reminded of real friendship like from Mari and so many others who ground me when I get flighty or sad, the beauty of real writing no matter how trendy the blogging gets , hell I haven't even got my own hashtag.

Keeping in real in 2015

And no my grammar doesn't get no better than this. * joke please don't kill me with a dictionary !

Word UP

I met a wonderful blogger at the first Britmums and next minute she was up receiving an award and was a key speaker the outstanding lady was Hayley from Downside up , this lady has been my friend since 2012 , I feel as if I have known her forever.

Then at another Britmums I met the amazing Fiona from Coombemill  whilst calming down an upset blogging , it is what we do , and who we are blogging is family.


  1. Lovely to have in insight into your blogging thoughts, your friends and find we have been blogging the same time. Funny I remember tweeting back in 2011 and just assumed you had been around for years by then! Keep the posts, and the tweets coming and like good clothes, pick the trends you adopt along the way!

  2. I love that you have joined the conversation and aced your own thoughts, I guess it's about discovering where we feel comfortable and evolving towards a new way of blogging that's true to where we started.
    I must confess to starting up a linky recently, the Time Traveller but I love it. I am reading posts of travel every week which I love plus it is still small and manageable.

    1. OOH I shall go luck at your linky , thank you for commenting x

  3. You have made me cry with this post. I have goosebumps and you are spot on lady.
    Blogging has been my lifeline at times too, it is the women who I now count as genuine, true friends, who help me when a troll is on my back, or when I am burnt out, when parenting is hard. It is the women who have taught me life lessons. It is the women who are always in my heart whether I've seen a Tweet or read a post from them in months.
    The blog world will continue to spin and I will continue to be a technical numpty, but yes, at the root of it all is that. And we are lucky to have found it. I am honoured to count you as a friend. *sniff*

  4. Lovely, honest post Claire. I can't do vlogging, I never will and if that's the way blogging is going then I just won't keep up. For me, it's all about the written word. It's about what you've done here - made us all think, opened up and showed us a piece of yourself. I enjoy reading your blog and long may you continue.x

  5. Am cheering here from a fellow traditional blogger who doesn't even look at vlogs, let alone do them. I think that there will always be people who want to read things, not just look at them, so I believe that traditional blogs will be around for a very long time x


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