Friday, 22 May 2015

Why Don't You Just Get Lost ?

Just simply the best adventures 

The best adventures are the ones where you get lost , may be that unexpected turn will lead to adventure , it really never hurts to explore. So many people don't like to be lost or get lost and I do understand I really do , they don't want to feel vulnerable in a strange place.

I do understand this ~ It is like driving in a car ( for me it as a passenger ) say for instance the sat nav fails and then it is left to me to rad the map and be like the co driving rallying , with me reading the map we are more than likely to end up in the wrong place.

Country lane

Life skills 

But the more I adventure and travel the more I realised I actually love getting lost not only will getting lost will enhance you but it will hand you life skills. Here is why

Problem solving skills ~ reading that map will help you and bring lost skills ( like orienteering to the forefront maybe ) There is no reason to be pig-headed over map reading it is just something you have to get over, you have to look at your situation in a different light , see it as an opportunity to improve your problem solving skills. You will in no time turn around a possibility devastating event into something most magical and romantic ~ a string to your wanderlust bow.

I can see family/friends travel companions arguments lingering in the horizon

It will help deal with your stressful situations , obviously it might not be helpful in the heat of the moment but the more you do it the more you will learn. I am not advocating that you have a full blown argument with everyone , looking back at reactions later on can be really could be of use.

If you want to get to know someone then travel with them 

Often getting lost will make for the best memories and stories 

Getting lost does not mean that everything will grind to a stop ~ for instance when we were in Berlin we had a landmark in view but just let our feet do the walking to it  , Mr T did tall talking just as well as he didn't hear me moaning about my poor feet ( I vehemently deny a lack of fitness at that pint in my life. If you are on foot see where that twisty lane will take you perhaps the best Parisian cafe in all of Paris or if you are travelling by car just going beyond the horizon will bring you to the best restaurant ever with the most amazing food that you don't instagram it , you just let your words lay down roots for people to travel and experience for themselves.

Tempus Fugit

Time flies when you are on holiday or travelling so don't over plan discover the un-discoverable by getting lost , unless of course you are on a tight schedule. It is an opportunity to be lost not a calamity.

Learning to relax by getting lost and going with the flow

Some of the best adventures I have had are by getting lost and they make the best stories the ones when people are hooked on your every word and it fires intrigue in their eye and a sense of I want to do that ~ I can do that . My approach to travel is never to assume that everything will go to will go to plan . My honeymoon for example there was travel with the plane and we had to stop overnight in Brighton and had  David Blanket's room as there had just been a party conference there , had the plan not been delayed then I wouldn't have had that opportunity. Even though we had been delayed flying out to Canada we arrived and went straight out to make the best use of out times by course getting lost.

Rules are there to be broken like your travel plans

Be Cavalier.


I accept that travel isn't prefect , I love to push the boundaries and as as result I am relaxed . I wholeheartedly embrace getting lost for the very best soul building , more making adventures. Travel is a factor that can be changed by the slightest occurrence and going with the flow will enable you to enjoy the experience more.



There are obviously situations you are not going to make yourself lost in i.e. placing yourself in danger. It can genuinely be scary getting lost in some situations and having been there I wouldn't jest about it.

DO get lost but please stay safe whilst doing so.


  1. I am not sure I would enjoy getting lost, however I do like exploring new places.

  2. That's an interesting perspective on getting lost. It does encourage problem solving skills doesn't it?

  3. We often just go on adventures and find our way home. I am so much more relaxed about it now the boys are bigger!

  4. I really don't like getting lost because that's all I do, then panic

  5. Sounds like you had a lovely adventure x x

  6. Sounds like total bliss to me xx

  7. I have to admit, sometimes getting lost does have it plus sides, such as finding that little hidden gem. x

  8. some of the best places I've been have been because I've got lost. I never say I got lost, I always say i went the scenic


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