Thursday, 20 October 2016

Surprise Trip To Hadrian's Wall #GiftToFamily

It is nice to think that little bit extra about your friends and family at times especially about the little extra things they do for each other. And that is why Saga inspired by the movement of random act of kindness they are encouraging bloggers like myself into gifting family member something special they deserve . It was very heart warming to #GiftToFamily and to see their reaction , even I have learnt something the need to talk to camera  ( of which I am very shy ) 

Mr T has been working very hard at work putting in extra hours when needed , helping out colleagues being the manager for the day ( which means having to buy the better biscuits you know the ones with the chocolate coating  , the real chocolate coating at that ! ) Also MR T has been running us run the country due to my son going to University open days which does mean going from one end of a country to another. Oh how we laughed that day when we discovered we had been sat in the wrong university for 40 minutes !

We do what we do for the love of our families and to see them strive, as parents we want our son to strive and be the very best he can be and to indulge him within reasons ( and many times beyond that ) so he can achieve his hearts desires and dreams. And thank to Saga and their #GiftToFamily campaign I have been able to do this , ideal as my son wants to be an archaeologist .

What is Equity Release ?

Equity release is a way of unlocking a portion of  the value/equity of your home in return for a tax free sum without having to move home. I have known some friends who have done this ( but they did seek advice from the right channelsas anyone should do if they are thinking of this ) So it is best to speak to an expert and see which option will work for you . The Saga equity release service  can ensure that you will have access to the providers and plans that you might need . Your adviser will recommend the product best suited to your circumstances and needs .

What are the benefits of Equity Release ?

When you have a home you love it can be very difficult to thinking about moving on. Equity release  allows you to release funds as and when you need it , slowing you to make adjustments to your home as you need it . , using the funds as you need them unlike a loan which can tempting to use all at once as it comes in a lump sum.

I am only in my 40's and so is my husband ( whispers even though he is 2 and half years old and believe me that is big enough gap when it comes to music ) . Our son is about to go to university next year for a 3 year course in university and maybe a masters and PHD ( who nows ) and at which time I will be creeping towards 50 * insert silent scream * . My son will no doubt be looking at settling down somewhere and may be might need some help in the future.

Again I must stress that everyones circumstances are different , it is very important to seek advice from the right channels before making such a big decision . I have a mortgage that is linked to my bank account the more I put in, the lower my mortgage is and I can borrow off it as well. My options may very well change in 20 years or so when I need to make some home improvements for what ever reason.

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