Thursday, 10 November 2016

Today My Cat Dislikes Me

This morning I confidently strolled into the kitchen ready to pray at the alter of the toaster and the holy tea pot of joy when I spotted the cat , I waved and said hello ; then it just looked at me and walked out the cat flap .Bemused I went to consume my toast and drink my tea and pushed thoughts aside that my cat was unhappy with me . After I went back into the kitchen where I spied the cat sitting on the mat ( they're so blooming stereotypical aren't they !?) Jack looks at me and goes back out the cat flap .... now I'm starting to get really paranoid .

So I go out the kitchen again ( I hear the cat flap go ) Jack has obviously come in again so I pop my head round the door to say a tentative hi and he's back out the cat flap . I go to the door look through the glass and show my sorrowful face , I make a heart shape with my fingers. Then Jack came back in and sat under the kitchen trolley for one hour 19 minutes ( maybe longer ) I don't know as I had to go to my job as a teaching assistant .

I returned home wishing in my heart Jack would be waiting for me with joy in his heart , my heart soared as I saw him so I sang to him , I sang Elvis "Are you lonesome tonight ?" 

Straight out the cat flap , then back in .

I mildly swore at the cat and was made to apologise .

Apologise to the cat that is .

My husband said " you know Jack only likes me singing Spice Girls"

This is true as I caught my husband singing " this is what you want what you really really want !" as he was feeding the cat treats .

I ask you I haven't a hope in hell have I ?!

Though I could sing Abba at Jack " THANK you for the meowsic"

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  1. you do make me laugh. Dog is the same, I get greeted when I come in, but apart from that she is pretty much hubby's dog and sits with him.


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