Friday, 12 August 2011

Here be Dragons.. Fuelsave with Shell review

Now keeping your child or teenager amused in the holidays in indeed a hard task. In this day and day when families are trying to live more frugally and you are counting every penny. Mr T  has just about forgiven me for  hiring a cleaner for the afternoon which cost wait for it £72.. I was rather gobsmacked at the cost because I thought it was £12.00 an hour but what I didn't factor in was the troop of cleaners that turned up on my doorstep (equated to 6 hours cleaning). You see there was three of them and they were here for two hours. Do you  think I  was has bamboozled? All I know that the cleaning gave me a bench mark to work from as my house is now tidy. Mr T says you live and learn , I was really tempted to get them back and clean my kitchen . Mr T has now furnished me with some more cleaning products after muttering it was half his overtime. I think he was just a bit narked because it meant he would have to wait for his new camera. He has two cameras already but this is a camera you can put in your pocket. ! And T does like his gadgets which I will now have to dust myself.

Back to family fun, my husband in his wisdom decided we all should go on a family walk get fit . Yes it was one of those let's go and walk where I walked when I was small. Don't get me wrong I enjoy a gentle walk and yes I am trying to lose weight, I'll be frank with you. With assurances that's it was a gentle walk , off we set. Stopping on the way to of course post a competition entry , well you never know do you?

Well we pull up in the car park it busy good sign , there is a tea room even better.Oh and what was this I spot an ice cream truck heaven. I am given strict instructions "We'll have one after  our gentle walk ". My heart drooped ... I needed sugar ! I did survive the walk however I DON"T do hills! And the walk I got dragged on ... no I willingly went on had huge mountains involved.

This is part of Mr T's plan to keep us fit part of a stay cation if you will. This leads me to an event I went to at  MOSI the Shell Fuel save event .  So I took the ever willing Mr T along to this vent  and J ad I entered up sitting next to Quentin Wilson. When you are faced with a famous person you should not really tell them   their name.

Quentin Wilson " My name is..."

Me interjecting "Quentin Wilson" I did a some point stop shaking his hand.

I am really sure that he did in fact know his own name!

 Thus followed a lovely conversation about family and blogging stats. After all this the wonderful Mr Wilson gave an information talk on Shell's new initiative which is all to save Fuel while you are driving.

This is just before Quentin whisked MR T off to give him some driving tips on how to save fuel. Mr Wilson gave my husabnd some vlauable driving tips which can be found on this website . I always knew my husband wore the wrong shoes while driving ( No , he doesn't wear high heels , while driving !)

The lady from Shell explaing how the new Fuel works ( Which depending how you drive Can save up to 1p per litre of Fuel)

I am so glad they have an informative website I go refresh my memory with all the facts and figures we were bomabrded with in an engaging manner.

I believe I am looking at the fuel injection part of the car!

And even the cab drivers from all over the Uk are getting in on the act. Here are the same tips that Quentin Wilson gave my husband.

A lady who featured on Dragon's Den gave us the run down on her product the Tray kit.

Thank you Shell for a fun and informative day.

Some lovely bloggers that were at the event.

Quentin Wilson again .


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