Monday, 22 October 2012

Rage against the machine

Not your usual chirpy Monday morning post.. abusers/bullies  can in all shapes and form. Mental abuse can be just as cruel and bring you to your knees.

They look normal to the to the eye but the can wield an almighty power of mental abuse with seeks to destroy you through the years. You seek reconciliation for past troubles believing you can put in all behind you you say as such.

 They say "Do you think its worth it?"

You say" why yes .."

"They say " Because I don't"

You try and toe an even balanced line they wield power again.

"You have harboured a grudge since not coming to your wedding 15 years ago"

You "Say The past is in the past"

They say " I have rage against you , I cannot say what I'd like to do to you"

You say" I am sorry you want to hurt me"

They say " And I still haven't got a picture of your wedding... You could send me one and an apology letter for the last 15 years "

You say " I have to go now my tea is getting cold"

You sob and remember you can be such a better parent than your Dad.


  1. Not sure I understood everything, but just wanted to say whatever is troubling you, let it go. Easier said than done. Don't get the past destroy your peace of mind at present. Bullies will always be bullies, they are like vampires who suck your energy & willpower. Be strong.

  2. Bullies aren't worth the time of day; they feed off weakness. I'd say let it go, too. Life is too short to give the ones who don't deserve your time, a second thought.

    CJ x

  3. Sometimes, if people don't add anything positive to your life, it's better to move on without them; no matter how much you wish it could be different :( xxx

  4. As they say, you can choose your friends but not your family. You're a great parent so you won, don't let him hurt you any more xx


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