Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Universe its where you go to learn ..

I have two funnies this week one from school and one form my home .

First at school I was confronted by a four year who stated

"I just saw the teacher leaving"

Me "Oh they must be going for their lunch"

"No No NO they are going to the Universe!"

"The Universe??" I asked never never under estimate a four year old they are a dangerous creature.

"They have gone to the Universe to help people, it where big boys and girls learn" They said very happy with themselves.

"You mean the University!"

"NO NO NO NO the Universe" at this point the child was exhibiting a death stare.. I backed down. It was more that my life was worth.

The second funnee this week was catching my husband drying up from the dishwasher.

"Why oh why are you drying up from the dishwasher?" 

"Because you don't know what residue is left on them" He said.

"I said you don't need to the instructions don't say you have to " I replied biting my lip and trying not to roll my eyes.

"The instructions DON"T tell you to put the items away do they now"

*Sigh I left him to it.

So while Rollie the evil cat is having issues learning to use the new cat flap I left it to my husband to teach the cat to use it. When his arms had finally stopped bleeding I quiped up " I bet the instructions din't mention that would happen now did they "

Rollie the cat doesn't need instructions.


  1. That is very true about four year old children and the same can be said of grown men too!

  2. Heheheee! I must follow your lead and leave hubs to it when he is doing ridiculous things with the dishwasher. Life's too short...

  3. Don't you just love it when you can prove those men wrong!! x

  4. Love the idea of the teacher going to the universe.

  5. Ha! We've had so many children arrive at our house (Kim's a part-time childminder) that it's amazing some of the things we've heard. That said however, she often rolls her eyes at my behaviour as my memory/brain is so defunct that I don't know what I'm on about myself half the time!!


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