Thursday, 24 January 2013

Rouchefort and conquer

Toddler taming tales ...

I can hear you chuckling ...

That screaming bundle of joy, becomes a bigger soul sapping "why" "what's that " and every other phrase under the sun will become the master of your doom.

"Bless " people say when your toddler is screaming down the cheese counter at Waitrose" for a piece of Roquefort. The lady behinds the cheese counter gives you a wry smile ,giving you the look "why don't you buy some . You say " But they won't eat it at home" the lady begrudgingly gives over a sample of Roquefort you leg it.

And when you are about to pay for your other shopping you take your bag.. Errrrm your pushchair goes down a pair of little legs sticking up in the air.

You exit hastily.. oh you've forgot the milk ... never mind you can drink black coffee ....


  1. Boo!! Funnily enough I've just posted a similar lament about middle class tantrums on!! I sympathise and empathise!!!

    Right, five more minutes of blogs and then to the yoga mat..

  2. when my son was young he use to sit in the trolley and chew on a french stick, he loved it. Fat forward to the first day he is walking, not sat in trolley.....and he wants his loaf, I tell him he needs to sit in the trolley he is not walking round with it, he throws himself on the floor and starts screaming.
    Me....I walk off and ignore him, nobody is going to steal a screaming toddler, (remember supermarkets were mush smaller way back then,)I expect him to scream for 10 or 15 seconds, realise he is getting no where and give up and follow me. But no he screamed while I finished my shopping, loaded it onto the pram and went back for him. He did this every friday morning for about 6 months, and not once did I give in.
    He grew up to be a wilful stubborn determined little sh*t and still is at nearly 30.


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