Wednesday, 12 November 2014

#Blogfest the Review

The Good

I won a #blogfest ticket which is the  Mumsnet , they describe themselves as the sweary one that eat biscuits and your reputation does tend to come before you somewhat. From what I had heard last year was it was somewhat contraversial the equilvant of a rock star throwing a TV out of the window. Now I don't want the issue was but this year it was like going to a rather WI meeting only I wish I had, had the noddles and not the beef.], which was pardon my French bloody awful.

I didn't walk into this blog event and burst into tears feeling overhwhelmed , no did I come back from it feeling like I had lost my head , yes my frame of mind is different now.


Friends is what matter.

Yes., I saw people there that gave me a glance of disdain and it is magnified because you are in a bloggers fish bowl for the want of a better phrase.

The Good

  • I found my friends and what friends they are , I really do need friends when I come to these events to giggle with , discuss and feel human again.

The Bad 

The back turning on myself , the contrived hellos of some bloggers lost as they listened to other people about me.
C'est la vie I care not a nuns knickers.

The Good

The think bomb session was amazing for me and I really wish that 'some' cliquey bloggers could take this to heart and not make this scene like school sometimes but as ever I take the rough with the smooth.

I felt a little out of sorts on the self esteem table but I spoke , not quite sure I got what I wanted to get across . I was amazed and humbled by people like Charlotte Taylor who goes out of her way to talk to people and always has time for you.

When I first came into blogging I had my toe in many worlds , I was a new and exciting pet to behold for s, as blogging went on my obvious shinyness wore off for some Also my depression really kicked put my feelings out of kilter, and reactions to me in some cases were very serious ( and a dew know of this ) but in balance I can not stress enough that no one knows what battles we are truly fighting either them or my selves.

Coming to #blogfest I had good friends that put me in good balance before I got there and they understood that I need care and compassion , it is the ripple affect as I will go onto help many people myself.


  1. Great hilonnest review and like you said no one knows what Is happening inside, although I came across as confident I was terrified inside but fortunately everyone I met was lovely to me

  2. I was so glad to meet you and very proud of you for getting to a place where you feel happier. Thank you for saying such lovely things about me. I felt very much in the same boat as everyone else. But glad to be there all the same! xx

  3. So glad I got to meet you.
    I felt the roundtable hard as the room was roo noisy and we couldn't all get around the table :-(
    But at least that's where I got to meet you x

  4. So sorry I didn't see you on Saturday Claire, hopefully next time. I found that the name badges made it harder to get talking to people because you had to stare between people's boobs and their belly to find out their names and it felt a bit rude all round. So I didn't end up talking to as many people as last year, and in comparison the event felt a bit flat. But still, a good way to spend a Saturday, eh?

    1. Next time Joanne, yes you are right it does feel rude to stare between people's boob and belly . Yes it was still a good way to spend a Saturday.

  5. Claire, it was really lovely to finally meet you after our Twitter conversations the previous week. The badges were a bit daft and I found the social side tricky. Apart from that I think I'll still try to go next year if I can.

  6. Just thinking about booking my tickets for this year and been reading up on the linky and found this! Hope you’re going this year-be nice to meet you :-) x


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