Monday, 25 April 2016

SureFeed Sealed Pet Bowl The Review

I would have written this earlier but I was bust requesting car pet samples in order to cover a hole that Rollie has made in the front room for no apparent reason, it could have easily spend the door with its paw but no , it could have indeed been vocal to perhaps alert one of its staff to open the door * staff=me ( but no it didn't do that either . Instead Rollie  got cross and created a bit of a hole which will no need repairing * big sigh.

Rollie has a bit of a history with carpets which you can read about here.

There is  a new cat bowl in town * drum roll please!

The SureFeed Sealed Pet Bowl is a daily use feeder designed to keep wet food fresh, reduce odours and keep flies off the food. It opens when a pet approaches and is suitable for cats and small dogs. Keeps wet food fresher for longer by sealing in moisture, it prevents flies from contaminating food. Uses infra-red sensors to detect a pet approaching the bowl. Rollie has reviewed a Sureflap product before in the shape of a catflap which you can read about here.

Sure Flap are a great company to work with and as such I wouldn't write about them if I didn't whole heatedly believe in their products and more importantly the cats give they them their paw of approval. 

There is a training mode you can use with the SureFeed Sealed Pet Bowl in order to get your cat used to the feeding process , but as Rollie is a bit of a diva we just decided to dive right in. As Rollie does everything on his own terms you 'll see from this you tube video that Rollie had no problems using the bowl. And right on cue after doing a star performance he decided to try and boycott eh new bowl on and off but I stood firm and didn't let with Rollie or Jack sway how I was going to introduce the bowl to them as they do work as a bit of a double act to be as awkward as only as cats can be . 

We've all been there they want to go out the front door only to come back in 30 seconds later!

And this bowl is brilliant for my cats who don't partake in segregated feeding PS don't even suggest that to them as no doubt they will just had it to the list of their ever increasing diva demands.

So I and the cats honestly recommend this bowl and look forward to the other innovative products that SureFlap will bring out .. I am hoping a cat door bell isn't one of them!

Rollie and Jack were sent this cat bowl and their thought and opinions are their own  as our mine. I must rush Jack wants to go out the front door again.


  1. I'll have to tell my mum about this as in the summer she always gets concerned about flies around Kitty's bowl (real name by the way).

  2. I actually NEED this product for our cat Pumpkin - the mess that is made around her food bowls is ridiculous, and she takes forever to eat, so it's often sitting there for a few hours whilst she finishes her food off.

  3. I love how it just opens when the cat goes near it! My two cats would love this - probably be a bit scared at first if I'm honest, but once they get used to it, they'd love it!

  4. Great little video, the startled look on your cat watching it open made me smile.Such a clever idea for summer time.

  5. ha ha, a cat doorbell, please don't give them ideas, my cats would drive me insane. I love the cat dish, I may just have to invest in one of these. We keep our cat food in the hallway and they sometimes make a mess which is always just before we have unexpected visitors!

  6. I have to go to the UK unexpectedly after a family death so I have not had time to read any #AnimalTales posts this week and I will do so when I get back. Please note there will be no linky this coming Tuesday - sorry.

  7. I could do with one of these, too many bloody ants and flies here at the moment

  8. Luckily Henry eats all his food in one sitting - in fact he has to in order to make sure he has also taken in his liquid medicine ... but if he didn't something like this might be a good idea for him. #AnimalTales


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