Saturday, 4 March 2017

Interview With A Cat

We've only Jack now so he's going to step up with both paws and fill all the cat content on this blog , he's very vocal and we do treat him like a dog in some respects ~ well I do as he will sit on command to my Barbera wood house style

"SIT "


What's your name ?

Jack Black or Cat or "Oi you bl o o dy well get down from the kitchen surface "

What's your favourite food ?

Whatever you're having ...



What's are your favourite hobbies?

Sleeping , eating hide and seek and sitting in boxes .


I'm just waiting on my call up to the England Cat squad for sitting in boxes ..


Sitting in boxes is a real skill as there is varying degrees of difficulty ...

I'm hide and seek car champion 2016




Sleeping is an art form , I'm planning on making an art exhibition and of course I'll know that I'll win the Turner prize .

Does life emulate art or is life emulating me ~?


How do you feel about Ninjakillercat training ?

Well obviously I've some big paws to fill , I'm assessing the human bean prey and obviously the mortal enemy that is toilet and kitchen roll.



I've started my awakwardness by peering out the window of course tangling myself in the cream blinds ....

I'm working on my video interviews which will be with you shortly ...

In the mean time please asking me any questions I'll answer them as best as I can ~ it can be difficult typing with my paws...


  1. Nice to meet you Jack! Big paws to fill indeed but I'm sure you'll do well :-) Meow for now!

  2. Lovely to meet you Jack. Hope you are not missing Rollie to much. I bet you use to feel like Prince Charles does, spent your life waiting for your moment of glory, yours sadly for your owners has come, his so far has not. Welcome to the blogging world and I hope you can handle the fame and responsibility it brings.

  3. Champion hide and seek title is Jack's for sure

  4. Ha ha, Jack - you area fine member of the feline world. Henry says he will take you on in a to Box Sitting Challenge though! Henry also wants to ask if you enjoy human company or just "tolerate" them?? #AnimalTales


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