Sunday, 26 March 2017

Coping When Structure Goes Out The Window

Coping when structure goes out the window is very hard and that's what I've been having to deal with over the past few weeks work wise . I'll not go into reasons but for my self who needs the structure it's been a little disconcerting. I've had to try and implement my own structure and this has included making Chutney for the first time , washing the car , and taking myself to the NEC Uk Photograghy show . 

Going places on my own is very daunting I do have to say and this is where I have to be brave and plan to within an inch of my life , I have to know that I'm going to get there . The NEC is a huge place and previously I had been there in the car with my husband for various shows . This is where I looked on the internet and asked my friends on Twitter , I checked and tripled checked , it was then I booked my train tickets standard going out with seats reserved . Coming back I booked first class for a £5 upgrade as I knew the crowds coming back would freak me and I really could not be doing with the hustle and bustle.

The need to prepare physically comes with with the social anxiety side , I'm not sure about anyone else but sometimes I play out scenarios in my head that never comes to fruition , I tell my brain that this is a time space thief that is not welcome.

I have and this is completely essential have events planned ahead in order to function although this may completely alien to someone in my shoes again it comes down to preparing myself socially , mentally and physically.  

1. I set myself self small achievable goals in order to face my fears.

2. Excercise I'm getting on my bicycle and walking more , this where point 1 comes in for me .

3. Keep talking I know this might sound counter intuitive but I talk to lots of people about how I'm feeling , how I might feel and what happened when I did something . There are all many of talking therapies including CBT now when I tried CBT it didn't work for me but what worked instead was finding out about the therapy myself and working through it. 

4. Healthy eating I'm doing my very best to make sure I eat healthily and combine this with excercise so far I've lost half a stone slow and steady gets the cake . I'm really not sure I can throw myself into any slimming groups , I'd rather gather up a bit of everything .

5. Treat yourself once in a while and one of my favourite places to treat myself in Derby is the Cathedral tea rooms and it really is a hidden gem and when I went there on Friday it looked like my secret was out.

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