Saturday, 24 November 2012

Santa lapland and meeting Santa.

Our Hotel in Lapland
If you can do I whole heartily recommend going to Lapland and seeing Santa's a once in a lifetime opportunity . We were lucky enough to fly out on Christmas eve  with First Choice when J was 8
from the very off it was magical with the captain in full flow telling the children to look out for Rudolph. There was competitions for the children on the plane and J managed to win one of these, he won a remote control plane.

Mr T, J and myself.

On a husky ride.

Santas Reindeer

J meeting a husky dog.

Breathtaking views of Lapland  ( Finland )

Reindeer crossing the road and not chickens!.

J making the most of us taking our own ski wear.
J meeting Santa on Christmas day.
We went to Lapland on Christmas Eve , Upon arrival everything is well organised with your elves ( they really do have the ears) ready to greet you and place you on your forwarding coach... the bus ride to your resort is  breathtaking, the daylight hours are only around 4 hours so our coach trip trip was lit by oil lanterns along the roads, so  as I said breathtaking.

All the First Choice Reps were amazing, could not do enough for you and available in the hotel for the entire day and night.
We took our own ski gear but the cabin you visit to collect your supplied clothing is like a well oiled machine, entering through one door walking along a conveyor system having elves size you up in an instant. It is really worth taking your own as before you leave you have to give the borrowed stuff back and as a result We were able to go and play out in the snow longer than anyone else. Decathalon do a super range of Ski wear so its not that expensive.

The hotel is so pretty and absolutely fit for purpose, our room was a little cramped for the 3 of us but we could have moved if we asked as others did. The sauna in the room is a godsend.
The food served was always good and varied and had a little kids section with the fast food type of meal for them, pizza, fish fingers etc.(makes things so much easier)
Though it is worth using their Ski stuff most of the time unless  the stuff you can buy can stand up to the - 30 the clothes they provide for you are the best to wear when touring or going on trips, some days it dropped to -30 and my ski wear would not have been warm enough for us if we were out all day it was fine for short bust  when were were playing in the snow.

Every child in their lifetime needs to build a snowman.

In addition to the organised trips that were included we booked a few extra excursions, all of them are worth the money,  We did the sledging with huskies   We just thought that they took you round in a luxury sledge but oh no you had to do it yourself. I looked at Mr T and said " that's your job that" I needn't have worried as the huskies know their route  , they don't half zip along at a rate of knots . But what a fantastic time we had. I am am sure that Finish people perhaps laugh at our Country because we are stopped by a few cm of snow , everything grinds to a halt.

J sledging.

We also decided to go on a Snowmobie trek they please the speed demon within though he was a little exsperated but our two guides ladies who he felt stopped him going like a bat out of hell!
Small children are put in some sort of sledge and tracked along but one of the guides.
 It is fantastic and I would recommend it to anyone.

Mr T the speed demon.

Although the thought of Lapland is for kids don't be fooled, you will have a great time, dare I say it, better time as an adult as the snowmobiles etc are amazing. The extreme cold prevents children from spending too much time outdoors at once. J  was 8 and on some trips there were tears from all the children because of the cold, short lived as the elves/guides always have a solution.

Christmas dinner at the hotel.

Snowing again !
On the coldest of days when the skies were clear we had two days where the northern lights lit up the skies, once in a lifetime opportunity totally reliant on luck though!

You cannot help but love this stunning place.

You can see from the pictures how much We loved this place a lifetime of memories and well worth a visit.

J smiling in the snow.
J round the camp fire at the Artic circle.


  1. Wow! One day I really want to take my kids to lapland. They'd absolutely love it. It looks like you had a really fantastic time. Thanks for sharing. xxx :O)

  2. Would love to do this. Wish every family had the facility to do so. Glad you have the memories for a lifetime

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  5. We only went because of a payout from our car crash injuries.

  6. How fantastic, that smiling face will as you say have a lifetime of memories.:-)

  7. Now that is a wonderful little legacy you've created. Would love to do in a couple of years, when youngest is a bit older, but while the oldest still bellieves - small window. Seize the day!

  8. Wow, what a wonderful trip. I'd love to take my lot on a trip like this.

  9. WOW! I SO want to go to Lapland! Amazing!

  10. Oh my god! This has decided it for me - I AM DEFFO going next year! @xxfluffywhitexx

  11. what a fab once in a lifetime meet the man himself at home. not so bed that they supply the clothes.

  12. Oh this has to be on everyone's need to do list, kids or no kids! Well in my case if would be us big kids having fun ;)

  13. Wow. I am slowly saving at the moment and hope to go in two years time when my little man is a bit bigger (if it's once in a lifetime I want him to remember it!)- it looks fabulous!

  14. What an amazing trip. Would love to go when the children are a bit older.

  15. Wow what a fabulous experience for you all, thank you for sharing this with us.

  16. Memories that will last a lifetime. Magical. Thanks for joining in. I am commenting on behalf of BritMums

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