Monday, 12 November 2012

Waiting to come back

There it stands lonely in the hall, a little pair of Wellingtons waiting for their owner to come back and put them on to go puddle jumping.

A toothbrush stands to attention with little teeth marks on the end waiting to brush the tooth fairies gold.

But they wait , time doesn't stand still and so over 50 years later they are still waiting.

There was a time before the NHS when you were at the mercy of the  doctors , a time before immunisations. A lady that I know lost her little girl these so many years ago I believe to German measles and the Doctor didn't know the symptoms. Its very sad but she carries on with the process of living there may be an emptiness in her soul, but she carries on and her vibrancy and friendliness has an impact on so many people. She will never know what power she has to illuminate this world, another one of lives unsung heroes.

Does it matter ?

Yes and no such is life if we stop and mull over too much we will never get on with living and this is what this brave lady does.

But she will always carry that sadness in her heart and I feel and ache for her.


  1. It is true. There are many many "ordinary" salt of the earth and unsung heroes from our every day that make a massive impact and help to shape the future without even realising it.

  2. She is very brave indeed! It's a sad story, but I'm glad she found strength to carry on! :) x

  3. How sad that a child lost her life because of doctors lack of knowledge :(

  4. How sad and brave at the same time x


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