Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Familiarity doesn't breed contempt!

In the world of an autistic child/ SEN child  familiarity doesn't breed contempt it provides security, safety and happiness. If their routine is broken it can set them back to such a point it can takes months to recover.

Familiarity  produces :

1. Routine.

2. Security.

3. Happiness.

4. Social Interaction ( This is very much down to the level of autism or Special need)

5. Communication.

There are probably more that you could add to this list. For an example if an autistic child doesn't usually play with other children just giving them a ball to play with will soon have them interacting with other children. It might not be conversation that is perhaps normally associated with ball games but the interaction may well include the autistic child rolling the ball to another child and them rolling it back.

Also if the autistic child seeks to play with the ball ask them:

"What do you want to play with ?"

And in my case they answer "Green ball please"

Play is a great leveller and its humbling when all children come together regardless of Special needs or disability.


  1. Very true. As the mum of a son with Aspergers, your point about a break in routine setting them back months is very similar to our experience.

  2. this is a short post that conveys so mush information. well written and very useful to others struggling with children newly diagnosed.

  3. I think routine is essential for all children, so I can totally see why it would be crucial to a child with extra needs


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