Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Skyfall and how to Bond

I never ever ever was a girly girl Ballet, dollies and pink were never my domain. I never had inspiration either as I approached adulthood to be a Bond Girl  Bond Woman. I was a Tom boy through and through and my favourite toy was my James Bond Car the Lotus Espirit.

Bond to some might have been a misogynistic dinosaur in the past but we have to remember that Bond is indicative of our times it seeks to mirror our society. Though certain situation may be a leap of face and poetic licence is the order of the day.

I saw Skyfall at the Showcase Cinedelux in the Directors Lounge You arrive as if you a a secret agent you are provided with Some Mars planet sweets and shown to your seat . I was shown to a leather glad booth , here I imagined myself to be awaiting Bond with the prospect of going on some sort of secret mission.

But I am afraid the world is going to combust in a  concoction of self righteousness it appears we can not say Bond Girl now its Bond Woman according to one documentary I saw . Life I agree is sometimes full of labels but as long as it is not inflammatory or racist is there really a problem? If you have a girl and she is described as being a TomBoy perhaps if you are really really bothered you can say yes she is a practical girl ...


  1. Aaarrrrrgh! Political correctness is so annoying!!!! Why can't people just have fun with something without making it all about the principles??? Sounds fab btw :)

  2. I do find all this political correctness really frustrating. I'm listening to Sherlock Holmes at the moment and it is so deliciously casually racist/ sexist/ classest that it feels ever so naughty!

  3. too much rules and regulations everywhere

  4. Quite honestly one of my g'daughters (well both in a way, but in particular one of them) is a tomboy - we know it, her mam knows it & she knows it. So why the concerns? So daft it's beyond...

  5. it is all a bit much... gets annoying!

  6. I was such a tomboy... don't understand why everything needs to be so politically correct. Do people really care?

  7. I am constantly amused that people never know know to refer to my colour, to be honest most things don't offend me although I'm not overly even on"coloured" .. It just seems a bit vague , but I wouldn't kick off about it!


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