Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Life in a hashtag ! #

Don't you find that we all live our lives at a fast pace ? Social media can take a hold of you and make you its prisoner this can either be becuase :

1. You are surfing the net and things keep catching you catching your interest.

2. You are on twitter.

3. You are on Facebook.

4. You are on Pininterst .

I am not going to delved into social media time management today but I do find through no fault of my own I do sometimes live my life in a hash tag within twitter and while there are some brilliant and very kind people on twitter, it is very nice to switch off sometimes. Think of it like this when I close my fridge I do wonder what happens when the light goes off.

But you can leave a conversation you won't find reports on your television because someone forgot to eat because they were hanging on your every word. In the words of "Why don't you switch 0ff your TV and go and do something less boring instead "

And for all of those you not born in the 1970's or earlier sorry ...

But switching off and not living your life in a hash tag ( twitter) allows you to turn into the world and see this:


  1. I swear I used to go out and do things before Social media existed-am only joking,sort of. I do find that Facebook is now a massive part of my everyday life-I am an active Tweeter too but do find Facebook more interactive.My kids even chat to me from the next room on Facebook chat. I am a stay at home mum of 5 and the only time my daily routine doesn't include Facebook is when I'm on holiday. However,that said I do add the occasional sneaky status and add photo's when I go away. Don't get me started on Pinterest-I signed up but don't use it at all-Yet! I am all for a national No social media day-as long as its only once a year.

  2. i have found over the last few weeks i am constantly attached to my laptop or iphone and i have to admit my hubby is insisting that some evening i leave them alone as he is claiming he is a social media widow!

  3. Interesting post, it's funny how much social media takes over our lives. x


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