Thursday, 8 November 2012

A sniff upper Whisker ...

Maintaing a sniff upper whisker

This is Rollie with his stiff upper whisker they say pets are like their owner and there is no way I am this grumpy is there ? *Shrugs Shoulders...Let me think.

I like being on my own ... just like Rollie.

I spend my life at the sink ..... Just like Rollie.

I can give a grumpy death stare ... just like Rollie.

I can scratch ( if I have trimmed my toenails in bed sorry Mr T ... You don't ever ever trim Rollie claws !.

I am fussy about my food ... just like Rollie.

I can maintain a sniff upper whisker ( my hair on my lip needs shaving ) just like Rollie.

So in conclusion .. yes I am like my pet ... darn it.


  1. He is adorable! He looks exactly like my cat Theo :) xo

  2. lol I hope I am not like my cat, he has been known to climb up curtains, he likes chucking his dinner out of his bowl before eating it and likes starting fights (with local cats!) lovely post and what a fab cat! x

  3. haha this made me giggle...and realise i'm slightly like my pet too! oh no!

  4. For some reason I wasn't able to post my comment to this post the other day. I just wanted to say that both Rollie and you are darn cute and philosophical.

  5. LOL!!! It is funny thinking that people are like their pets. We recently got a puppy and whilst I was in the vet's waiting room (to get her vaccination)I became fascinated at how so many owners resembled their dogs - some had the same physique, eg a big fat bloke with a big fat dog came in, a little old lady with neatly trimmed white hair walked in with little white dog that had obviously just been to the groomers and was also neatly trimmed. There was a lady with a long face and long nose and she had a 'Lassie' dog with her that also seemed to have a long face. Then there was a man with masses of curly hair that owned a poodle!!! It made me smile. Looking at myself - I am tiny (a size 0) and I was sitting with my tiny 1lb teacup chihuahah in my palm! I bet people were looking at me too and smiling! She is very like me too - loves furry things, pink and is shy and quiet!

  6. Hahaa! I love it and I love Rollie! How did he get his little scratch? Bless him! xx

  7. I am having a chuckle at your comments above - especially about your hair on your lip! I have just been trimming my pup nails and trimmed mine at the same time!

  8. I have 3 cats.
    One is irritable and constantly messes about like the OH
    One is very laid back and doesn't care as long as he's fed like me
    The 3rd is a true oddball who is pretty stuck up for a cat, must be adopted coz stuck up we are not lmao! xx

  9. Rollie is so cute. In my next life I so want to be a cat - My Toby has a life of Riley! Eat, sleep and play! xoxo

  10. Aw he's cute. If owners are like their pets though I must've changed through the years as we've had umpteen cats - 7 together at one time - only to lose the last 6 with the past 2 years (they were all between 15 & 20). We've also had a Conure for many years & now have another 2 cats, just 5/6 months old. Now, I am like this pair - mad as a hatter!! lol


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