Thursday, 31 July 2014

All- Bran 5 day Challenge ~ From Glum To Happy Tummy !

Thanks to Britmums I was sent a selection of tasty cereals these were All Bran cereals this was part of a #realmumsAllBran challenge in association with Britmums. The varieties were Golden Crunch, Red Berry and new Chocolate Wheats.

The five-day challenge  is more than just about taste , it is also also about the feeling in our tummy as well . Did you know that 90  to 95 percent of the 'happy' hormone serotoin is made in the gut?. A study of 1,000 UK woman found that 52% experience digestive problems, such as a bloating and gas at least once a week. Eating fibre everyday is a remedy for this

Breakfast is as you already know the most important meal of the day , I have on many occasion skipped as I didn't see myself as a breakfast type of person but with this challenge it soon became part of my routine. And routine is very important, in being able to structure your day ,it enables hopefully for you to make the most of it.

The idea was to eat the cereal for 5 days and to see you noticed any difference obviously you wouldn't be having 3 bowls in a day ! Though I did have 2 in place of a otherwise unhealthy snack or perhaps in the evening whilst watching a movie * popcorn replacement

It was easy to get into a routine and now the routine is common place.

I even found a use for the left over bits of cereal that just sit at the bottom of the packet turning it into another breakfast meal.

I found that I had less bloating and I no longer have to undo the top button on my jeans and get some relief on my tummy ! And it is love for All-Bran now part of my daily breakfast and I am ready for what ever the world throws at me !

This post is an entry for the “Real Mums of All-Bran” Linky Challenge, sponsored by Kelloggs

Monday, 28 July 2014

Wistful Wantings ~ The Bloglings

Hopefully by now you 'll be familiar with the concept of 'The Bloglings' which is a linky a sort of pin interest with no pictures (except the thumb nail one)  where you can get inspired by reading the posts, perhaps even tell your friends, incorporate them into posts ( no follow links are fine).

The idea came about while watching Lewis and I was inspired bu the Literary group 'The Inklings' the linky is to join in as you see fit.

This week I am wistfully thinking of the things that I would like , for instance I would like a white style enamel colander.

I call these things Wistful Wantings!

How pretty would that look ? what better presentation could you possibly have for strawberries ? that leads me on how I learnt to hull a strawberry this week via you tube. So naturally I am now wistfully wanting to learn better knife skills so I like all fancy in the kitchen and my cucumber slices like pretty and dainty when I go to make cucumber sandwiches.

And then oh my days I want a bicycle with a basket so I can wistfully cycle up and down the country lanes that surround me where I live.I know it sounds somewhat twee and as if I want to step into the 1950's but oh my days how carefree I will feel cycling down the lane on the hill with my feet off the peddles wind in my hair.

So join in any post you like just make sure it is not too rude , other that that anything goes !

Do you have a wistful wanting perhaps you can tell me in the comments

Friday, 25 July 2014

5 Top Things to Do In Washington DC

I want to go with all my heart and soul to Washington DC next year for a family holiday , I am passionate about travelling it fills my heart and soul with memories. When a few years ago my computer lost many pictures from a Florida visit I was devastated but I know the memories are with me the fact that I can't show people is sad but I can pain a picture with my words.

I have read about Washington DC, I have seen the films , I have read books and yet the place is magical to me that is the wonder of travel you don't actually see the place tip you get to go. When someone tell you of  Washington as piece of Washington DC goes into my soul. There are many places that I wish to go and it will be a family road trip. I would like to take my usual photography equipment but I would also like to take a little Polaroid camera so my teen take little snaps and start a memory board just before he goes to university in a few years and he can remember those family times. You see now my sentimentality is coming out but don'tl tell my son that otherwise he will think I have gone soft !

Where do I want to visit well my top 5 is as follows

1. Smithsonian are a mind-blowing 17 museums here and I don't think I can cover them all in my lifetime! Yes I love the series Bones ! . I would have to make sure on a first visit that I go to the National Air And Space museum.

2.Whitehouse  and the other government buildings which are goes with out saying ! I would really like to be part of the Whitehouse's Easter egg hunt ! I also want to explore the U.S Capitol building and the U.S supreme court.

3. Arlington cemetery and pay my respects to the many brave souls that have fought and died for peace it doesn't matter that I am not American respect and honour will still be give. This is just outside of the Washington D.C.

4. George Town is the capital's historic waterfront and is a bustling and thriving area full of activity. There I aim to take a tour of the historic sites , enjoy a meal in one of the many multi cultural restaurants and shop shop shop if Mr T will let me.

5. We will take a tour of the national memorials and monuments ! I do think I have seen one to many spy thrillers and no doubt my imagination will be going on over drive. We simply must say HI to Abraham lincoln !

Do you have any other suggestions where I should go  ?

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

How much does it cost to feed a 15 year old ?

Feeding a teen is considered expensive by many , so it seems unless you don't feed them enough they get incredibly grumpy but with a bit of magic it is possible to feed a teen cheaply.

Now Natwest considers that it will cost you £50 to feed a teenager who is 15 , I thought this incredibly generous at first as I thought that a huge chunk of this has to  a snacks allowance.

A menu for our week might look something like this, meal planning does help with a budget.

Monday Spaghetti  Bolognese

Tuesday Homemade Chicken Kiev . Dessert Eaton Mess

Wednesday Pulled Pork Salad.

Thursday Rolls made with pulled pork leftovers.

Friday Homemade burgers

Saturday Chicken and Potato Hash

Snacks made Strawberries and cream fridge cake flapjack

Natwest has asked several bloggers myself being one of them  to look at their spending habits and see how much they spend on their respective children ~ it does vary with age. Their child cost calculator estimates that J will cost me £50 a week , he is in the 13-17 age bracket.

I got to thinking about what I spent of a week on shopping and it is around £40 a week which is mainly on line. My husband does a top up shop ( which might be exciting items like shampoo, toilet cleaner or cat biscuits)  Now sometimes I will not even do a shop in one week as there is enough in reserves to keep us going for a couple of weeks, I do have to top up essentials bread, milk fruit & veg.

My son does have £10 a week for his school meals which is a cashless system and I can track what he is eating at school,  this is obviously only in term time. I could squeeze the cost all the more and sent him with sandwiches but he want to eat with his mates and I don't mind. Things will be different if you have more than one and my husband is one of 7 and has many a tale of 'interesting' foods that were eaten including milk and tripe, lard sandwiches, weetabix with butter!

As it is the holidays at the minute the money also that is saved from the shopping is used to stock up on my teens school wear , making sure he has a good pair of shoes which will cost anything from £40 to £80 in the year. The cost can be halted by buying from outlet shops or waiting for the sales only snag is the older they get the less choice you have.

And then there is the odd meal odd we never have starters or desserts instead choosing to have a dessert at home and for a family of 3 the meal at the local village pub is about 35 including drinks , price will vary according to what we have , it had come in at £15 before now if we have the lighter option.

What I am basically saying budget is largely down to choice and how you live your life , with a little planning you can still enjoy a luxury or 2 or 3 and your teen is still getting fed and there is enough in the wine pot for me *occasionally always drink responsibly *

Some of the costs  when it comes to childcare are really really scary but I have been lucky as i work in education and my husband has a fairly good job. The only thing is as I am part time I am not as well paid but I am lucky to have the job I have that has been so good with the flexibilities over the years.

The calculator says the school fees for this age group will be £40,000 which is huge and I am not at that figure as he is an a state school .I moved to get him into the school he is in in lieu of sending him to a private school which would have been all the more expensive. So thinking about it I am actually at that figure * excuse me while I cry into my pinot grigio.

There is no way I spent £150 a month on his clothes more likely £50 at times this will vary , such a the dreaded school uniform time but I have just got his blazer which is new off ebay for £8 and sewn the school badge on * well I don't sew but the husband does.

 and his pocket money is only £5 a week , transport I have left as we go all over the place for his sports , for I have left, books and technology have stayed the same.

My teenager playing football.

So what is the total cost for me having one child from 0-17 £297,078.67p


Have a go with the calculator yourself and see how you fare !

Disclosure: NatWest kindly sent me some vouchers to test out the calculator by spending on food, I have not been told or instructed what to write.



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