Friday, 18 April 2014

Birds Eye Inspirations #BirdsEyeBloggers

" I am honoured to be part of the #BirdsEyeBloggers program, and if you need me I'll be in my office."

Jack Black the cat age 5

And as such I've been given some vouchers to try their new range , we all know that time is previous in these modern times and as such Birds Eye want us to enjoy better meals together. And this is why Birds Eye have launched two exciting and innovative new products ~. 'Fish Chargrills and 'Chicken Inspirations'

I hasten to add it isn't the cat who is part of #BirdsEyeBloggers !

Despite what he might think !!

Fish Chargrills provide a light healthy option within the 'Inspirations ' range offering delicious chargrilled fish with less than 3% fat. Fish Chargrills will be available in three variants , including Sunblushed Tomato , Basil & Oregano, Juicy Lemon, Rosemary & Thyme and Thai Coconut, LemonGrass & Chilli.

Fish Chargrills are available from at £3.49 RRP from most supermarkets quick get to the freezer section now !!!

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Sherlock Holmes Museum : The Game Is Afoot.

Sherlock Holmes Museum

Though it's not the actual address this privately owned museum does a good job of bringing alive the stories of Sherlock Holmes and you get a real ambiance for the Victorian times.

The stark reality is that this building had a different street name and number in the days of Holmes creator, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Even today, the actual street address is 239 Baker Street, and the Sherlock Holmes Museum uses the fictional 221B address only by special permission of the City of Westminster. Nevertheless, this spot is worth a visit, and is a good starting point for Sherlock Holmes fans when visiting London. 

Though the museum is small , you are not rushed around it and it fires the imagination , everyone has a favourite Sherlock Immortalised by the time in which they grew up.

Obviously there is a shop and yes the deer stalkers are expensive , there are prices to suit all pockets and products to suit all tastes.

The cost of this museum is £10 for adults and £8 for children , there doesn't seem to be any discount for OAPs or disabled visitors. The museum is not suitable sadly for wheel chair users due to steep narrow staircases.

The museum is open everyday of the year except (Christmas day)

The nearest train Station is Marleybone.

The nearest underground is of course Baker Street.

And Sherlock Holmes has inspired us a family we've all read the books and seeing the various film and television adaptations adds to the excitement. In my mind a museum doesn't have to million puns and all technological , magic and mirrors, if you know Sherlock then the seed of sleuthing excitement is there , it never goes away.

When I talk about Sherlock it leads to be Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and in turn to Houdini, the fairies at the bottom of the garden the list goes on , learning and the thirst for knowledge never stops no matter how long in the tooth we get.

I remember seeing Jeremy Brett in a Sherlock Holmes on the stage and trying to explain what was happening to some puzzled Americans in the play Moriarty was an extension of Sherlock Holmes mind. I understood it at a young age but then again my life was and still is completely emerged in the world of Sherlock Holmes.

Though pressures would be on nowadays for Sherlock not to smoke his pipe !

Friday, 11 April 2014

The Treasure Seeker

Are you a treasure seeker ?

Seeking out the treasures of the world .

Treasures long lost waiting to be rehomed , to be loved again , to breathe intrigue and ignite the adventurers spirit.

Be it moments to treasure , or treasures you see , the worlds an adventure waiting to be seen.

Stickman Activities For Easter

"Stick Man lives in the family tree With his Stick Lady Love and their stick children three." But it's dangerous being a Stick Man. A dog wants to play with him, a swan builds her nest with him. He even ends up on a fire! Will he ever get back to the family tree?


Julia Donalson has written many beautiful books that leant themselves to outdoor activities and 'Stickman ' is a book that leaves you bursting at the seams with ideas it can be used in all subject areas. Ideas can be adapted up or down according to year groups or abilities it is fully inclusive.

You could play poo sticks.

You write postcards that Stickman might write about the enthralling adventures he is having.

You could move around like stickman as he tries to move from the fire 'jump,wriggle,jiggle,poke.leap,hope jump, scrape scratch etc'

How could the sticks be used make a list.

You could create a stickman scene outside ( you'll see more of that later in this blog post ) and then get the children to write about it.

You could turn Stickman into a learning Stick journey.


Measure different lengths of stick.

Count the number of animals in the illustrations.

Counting when playing Pooh Sticks.


The swans try and use stickman for their nest try and find out which other birds and animals use sticks in nature.


What about using the sticks you have collected by making a stickman frame look at this beautiful blog post by one of my favourite bloggers The Boy and me 'How to make a Stick picture frame '

Perhaps you could paint them like Rural Mummy did with her children on their adventures. 

You could use some lollipop sticks and elastic bands to create a ladder that might be for stickman who could have fairies coming to visit.

And of course don't forget that all important fairy door !!

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Tales From WI And Beyond

Yesterday I went back to WI.

In fact I joined.

The phrase I used mostly at the start of the evening was " I know I was missed , I know I was mentioned in the committee meeting "

I forgot my 25 p for tea and cake. ( I don't think this will count against me )

The collective age of the WI is the highest number you can think of and times it by infinity, yet these ladies are rather sprightly folk. The talk was rather illuminating as it was on music therapy bit of a shame that some of the ladies couldn't hear it despite turning up their hearing aids. For a music therapist the lady didn't bring an external speaker to make sure the sound from the laptop was audible for those who can hear when cake is being put out and not the speech from a slide show.

Music Therapy is a beautiful therapy the lady concentrates on working with adoptive children in her work and it is a specialist area hammered by lack of funding.

For now I am the youngest.

They've not cottoned on that I can't sew , not yet,  everyone this is a situation I shall have to remedy rather quickly.

Give it 40 years and I will be the one turning up my hearing aid though I suspect by there any lectures will be delivered by hologram or 3D.



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