Tuesday, 19 September 2017

What's Your Favourite Holiday Snap ?

What's your best holiday photo ?

As a family we've been on many family holidays from Florida to Finland and in that time we've taken many photographs!

'Holiday Gems has asked me create a post based on my best holiday photo! Why is it the best photo? Where were you? What is the story behind this picture? 

It's a tough ask as I've been on so many holidays, we have literally just got back from our holiday in Rome and Rome is such an amazing cultural location. We were truly blown away by Rome with cultural at every single place you look.

So as you've probably guessed my favourite location of late is Rome where we spent a whole week exploring the Eternal city.

Rome is just one of those places you'll instantly live and will want to return to which you will as you will toss your coin in the Trevi fountain.

I feel that photographs should tell a story either by what they convey or how you're feeling.

And now for what I think is the best holiday photo of late is a family photo taken in the Vatican City. The story behind it is that I was conscious of taking family photos before my son goes to university. I'm not known for pulling a natural look in my photos and when I'm asked to smile it has varying results but the result is fun and natural I think in the case of the picture taken in the Vatican City.

Monday, 18 September 2017

The Start Of Myself

It's been ..

No that's a song 

It's been 16 days since I was no longer a teaching assistant and I wondered how I would be , I'm not sure yet as working wise it has been 7 days where I haven't been in the classroom.I think I will feel like myself soon again and this is starting with tea as on the plus side I've more time for tea and when the Uni student is ermm at university I'm going to get out with my camera and take pictures . At the moment I feel like doing that when he's not here in order to fulfill my time and get back to how I was.

We've doing stuff as a family as we are a family even tough the University Student is off to university , I honestly say you rethink that Brexit is a headache then trying packing and thinking of all the stuff that a University student needs it is never ending.

But it is the start of myself you might not think that but it is!

Yeah this is me ~ parenting level achieved today as my son listed me as "Mother " on Facebook 

I've got this parenting lark all sewn up , ps I'm saving that popcorn on my shirt for later.

Friday, 15 September 2017

Easy student Marconi Cheese

I couldn't really make Macaroni cheese before , I know it is a simple dish but you know what the simplest of dishes can sometimes make you fret * I've still got to attempt a Victoria sponge cake.But I finally got my act together not over the cake but the macaroni cheese and I've made it twice.

So simple that even a university student could make it once they've recovered from Freshers week !


3 tablespoon of plain flour

50 g of butter 

Half a pint of milk or more if needed

50 g of grated cheese 


First prepare your Marconi by just following the directions on the packet then set aside.

In a saucepan melt the butter over a gentle heat then add the flour stirring till it's formed a roux.

Add in the grated cheese stirring till it melts 

Then gently pour in the milk and stir till smooth and it starts to thicken.

If you need more sauce add more flour / milk as necessary , you can even add in left over sour cream / soft cream cheese.

Stir in any other ingredients into the sauce like smoked salmon .

Then pour over the Marconi giving another little stir .

Then eat and enjoy !! you'll never buy shop brought macaroni cheese again !

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Letting Go Of That Packet Of Dinosaurs

Letting go of stuff is hard letting go off stuff when it's your child's toy is harder , I'm not overly sentimental but when your own child is off to university then you do crumble somewhat. In the midst of stacking all the stuff for university you'd be forgiven for thinking that Sir Bob Geldof had launched a relief campaign.

So today I'm making the decision to let go of that packet of dinosaurs on my window sill  Toy story 3 has nothing on me and my packet of dinosaurs on the window sill. The packet of dinosaurs is going to my work colleagues little boy who is madly into dinosaurs. So you see that packet of dinosaurs will be played again and loved still I'll miss them . It's probably going to be a case of empty dinosaur syndrome. * coughs 

I'm sure I'll hold it together when we drop of the University student (probably not but I'm sure a trip to Bettys would revive my stoicic centre )

University is a big leap not only for the students but for their parents also it is akin the Lion King where Rafiki holds Simba aloft over the rocks to proclaim him as the King to be.But raising children also means letting them go and splitting the 1000 bag of tea bags with them and the 40 rolls of toilet paper thats currently blocking my hallway.And I think the University student has inherited his love of tea from me I think tea keeps me from going to the dark side. So it is a week on Sunday that we take the University Student up ready for his archaeology course but first there is Freshers week , we have made sure that all his injections are up to today including having the flu jab.

You don't have to take a washing machine to University you might well laugh but that is honestly what in says in the list of things not to take to university ! We have a long list of what to take to university which will vary from course to course.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Review Of The Oral -B Pro 2500

The switching of the heating is signalled by the first cold of the season like a thief in the night a cold has snuck upon me , which I think is awfully rude of it to turn up uninvited. We are in the throes of organising all of the university items and I think my house is being overtaken , there's books and bedding everywhere.We didn't have to buy the books for university but no one likes rocking up to a place of great learning without having the best start possible. You're not expected to buy the books as there is a 24 hour library which is open everyday except Christmas Day , I bet there is students there asleep at various times!

And when packing for university don't forget toothbrush , they say an electric toothbrush is better than a manual tooth brush so luckily I've been sent an Oral B 2500 from Pure Smiles in Fulham. I think I'll give the toothbrush to the teen for university whom I'm going to have to rename for university  and my rename I mean for the blog something along the lines of university student with optional use of the word frugal!

What's in the box ?

In the box, there is the toothbrush, a two pin charger, a cross-action toothbrush head and instructions. The cross-action brush head has angled bristles for a precise clean.  A useful feature for travelling is the travel case and you never know when the uni student is going to have to jet off round the world on a dig !

The Oral-B Pro 2500 toothbrush is compatible with Oral-B brush heads including:-

  • Floss action
  • 3D white
  • Sensitive clean
  • Trizone

One of the things I love about this toothbrush is the special feature and it's a pressure sensor to stop you brushing your teeth to hard it does this by lighting up,if you're brushing to hard, and the toothbrush has good brushing performance.

The other feature it has is a timer which is really useful as it pulses every 30 seconds thus enabling to clean all 4 ares of your mouth , there's a longer pulse at the end to let you know you're finished.For an entry level toothbrush it's ideal and for under £35 online you really can't go wrong.Also the replacement heads are not expensive either which is just the ticket when your a Uni Student juggling the cash !

Charging is a doodle and with a charge lasting 7 days it's perfect for the relaxed student with maybe a text from your parent to make that your Uni Student has charged their toothbrush.The Oral-B Pro 2500 along a two-year warranty and the Oral-B 30 day challenge satisfaction guaranteed you can read more details of this at Oral-B. You will need a 2 pin charging plug (which aren't expensive to buy )as this isn't included we are lucky in the fact that we've a 2 pin charge point in our ensuite.



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