Sunday, 26 March 2017

Coping When Structure Goes Out The Window

Coping when structure goes out the window is very hard and that's what I've been having to deal with over the past few weeks work wise . I'll not go into reasons but for my self who needs the structure it's been a little disconcerting. I've had to try and implement my own structure and this has included making Chutney for the first time , washing the car , and taking myself to the NEC Uk Photograghy show . 

Going places on my own is very daunting I do have to say and this is where I have to be brave and plan to within an inch of my life , I have to know that I'm going to get there . The NEC is a huge place and previously I had been there in the car with my husband for various shows . This is where I looked on the internet and asked my friends on Twitter , I checked and tripled checked , it was then I booked my train tickets standard going out with seats reserved . Coming back I booked first class for a £5 upgrade as I knew the crowds coming back would freak me and I really could not be doing with the hustle and bustle.

The need to prepare physically comes with with the social anxiety side , I'm not sure about anyone else but sometimes I play out scenarios in my head that never comes to fruition , I tell my brain that this is a time space thief that is not welcome.

I have and this is completely essential have events planned ahead in order to function although this may completely alien to someone in my shoes again it comes down to preparing myself socially , mentally and physically.  

1. I set myself self small achievable goals in order to face my fears.

2. Excercise I'm getting on my bicycle and walking more , this where point 1 comes in for me .

3. Keep talking I know this might sound counter intuitive but I talk to lots of people about how I'm feeling , how I might feel and what happened when I did something . There are all many of talking therapies including CBT now when I tried CBT it didn't work for me but what worked instead was finding out about the therapy myself and working through it. 

4. Healthy eating I'm doing my very best to make sure I eat healthily and combine this with excercise so far I've lost half a stone slow and steady gets the cake . I'm really not sure I can throw myself into any slimming groups , I'd rather gather up a bit of everything .

5. Treat yourself once in a while and one of my favourite places to treat myself in Derby is the Cathedral tea rooms and it really is a hidden gem and when I went there on Friday it looked like my secret was out.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Why Do Cats Live High Places ?

Why do cats love high places?

As a friend of the felines, you will have observed them making their way up frighteningly-tall trees, bookcases and cabinets, on multiple occasions. But what’s with the love of heights? We share a few reasons for cats’ daredevil behaviour in this post:


For cats, height serves a purpose. It’s not for the purrrfectview – oh no. Cats associate height with dominance. If you’ve got more than one cat, you’ll notice it’s the most dominant cat who wants to get the highest point available – there’s a pet hierarchy in every home, so it will always be the cheekiest chappy who is first to the top of the tower.


As cats are observational by nature, being high up allows them to cast an eye over their territory. It also allows them to make eye contact with the people in their home, giving them a greater sense of security and to feel accepted there.

Cats also feel that they’re in some way camouflaged because they are higher up and therefore, is a great place for them to practise their hunting skills and scan the ground for morsels of food.


Anxiety is a genetic explanation of why our cats look for elevated places to perch. In a high place, such as a shelf, our furry friends feel safe, as they are out of reach of potential claws and other threats. Cats will also retreat to a grand placeto relieve any anxiety they’re feeling in terms of noise, other animals or other things that they might be worried about.


We all know that hot air rises. Well, so do cats, so they often get higher up to keep warm. This is why cats love radiators so muchas that fur just isn’t doing the trick in winter. This shouldn’t be dangerous for your pet, as long as they are wise enough to move when they get too hot!  





Oh, and then there’s the sheer fun element. Cats love climbing to high places for the entertainment-value. As they have loadsof energy to burn off each day and often get bored, climbing is a fabulous way for them to expel some calories.

Climbing is also good for their claws, their ability to balanceand their musculoskeletal system. 

If you worry about your cat being so high up in your home, you can get carpeted shelves that are in easy-reach or buy them a cat tower, which will also serve as an exercise activity.Always ensure you have cat insurance to cover your pets in the event of an accident.

This is a guest post collaboration 

Monday, 20 March 2017

Social Photography A Means For Change

Some of the best moments to photo are what we might ignore on our trips to the shops etc , we often ignore what is around us it becomes second nature . I love exploring my local surrounding I don't think of myself as restricted just because I don't drive. With photography you can capture your adventures as you endlessly explore , photography allow you to revisit your memories and to capture new ones .Photograghy can be a social experience or a solidarity one but when I'm on my own capturing my minds eye I don't feel alone I feel immsered in my surroundings.

Photography wise I'll use everything from a Nikon D5300 , Panasonic Tz40 , IPhone 6 


This picture was taken on my IPhone 6

and now luckily I've acquired a new camera which very luckily I won and that camera is the Sony HX90 – the world’s smallest digital camera including a 30x optical zoom lens developed by Sony along with the legendary ZEISS®, a clear retractable OLED Viewfinder, WIFI & NFC to share your images directly to your phone and other features to extend full-scale shooting capabilities. The perfect camera to inspire you to get out there and document the world too.   

Taken with a Sony HX90

At the Uk photography at the NEC I got talking to a partially sighted technology YouTuber and his attitude to life was inspiring he vlogged and to hell with any negative comments he got , occasionally he turned the question around . I talked about how my photography and blogging is helping me in terms of my mental health and axiety and I was listened to. I also got to meet a very cool travel Youtuber a very energetic young man called Louis Cole who is a travel photographer and vlogs as well , we talked at great length and it was very humbling for me to be accepted for who I am ! And again Louis was another YouTuber who ignored the comments he got on his tube channel and I think that speaks volumes for other situations in life. 

Friday, 17 March 2017

Red Onion Chutney With Pineapple And Mango


I've been learning a few new skills from washing the car~  yes really !( I don't drive even )
The recipe below will do enough Chutney for 4 people just adjust your fruit and onion levels to suit , I will st some point make a job lot once I've got some empty jars. I'm not buying them you'll have seen the lunacy that is the cost of empty jars being more expensive than ones that have jam in.


2 red onions
1 tea spoon of black mustard seeds
50 ml olive oil 
Either a pack of pineapple and mango already chopped or tinned ( and you can use the syrup but you'll need to adjust the sugar accordingly)
Brown Sugar to Taste 
Salt / Pepper
One garlic clove crushed 
2 teaspoons of chipotle ( do this do your tastes )


Sweat the onions off in a saucepan for around 10-15 minutes in the olive oil, add the rest of the ingredients and season.

Gently stir and let gently simmer for about an hour or until it has a jammy consistency .

Perfect served with Gammon.



Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Art Of Paws Cat Shelf


"Jack ( the new Ninjakillercat here ) and I've been asked if I'd to test a new cat shelf ..

Does a mouse like cheese ?

Does a cat like a mouse who has eaten the cheese ?!

Of course I said yes ! you'll see from the picture above I've been perfecting my cat model pose and pout and I really really think I've nailed it ) I know a song about modelling would you like to hear it ? 

" I'm a model if you know what I mean , I do my little turn on the cat walk "

The humans beans are always taking about shelf care and I thought I want a peace of this shelf care action . I like to jump on surfaces particularly like front room window sill .


The cat shelf is a good idea,particularly a cat that has mountaineering aspirations and would ideally need to be put in a area the humans don't use and are unlikely to use . Perhaps putting up in a utility room or conservatory or if you any room as you can place it high enough so you don't lose valuable wall space .

The cat shelf I paw testing is from the Art of Paws and retails at £34.97 and comes with everything you need , the instructions are easy to follow and the item is packaged well. Though if you purchase this through Amazon it is selling for the amazing price of £24.97 which is a complete steal I think !

It comes with 2 covers one is a fluffy type and the other is more doormat carpet type which encourages scratching and us cats all enjoy a good scratch though we don't always scratch the things we should ( guilty look )

The box it comes with is ideal in which to rest while you watch your human bean put your cat shelf up. The shelf is curved which I really like as then I can really stretch out while my underbelly is full supported. It will support a cat that weighs up to 20 kg !

Coughs Cat fat farm

No you ate all the food !

Disclosure I was sent the cat shelf which my human bean put up as I have no DIY skills at all I'm a cat .



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