Monday, 20 October 2014

Review Of The Eye-Fi Mobi Wireless Memory Card

It is no secret that I love my photography, every waking moment I am snapping away , I am that person ( sorry) who will suddenly stop dead to take a picture I have seen. My minds eye is important to me and this is why I feel the need to snap away , if it looks right to be then 9 times out of 10 it will be a stunning shot. Capturing pictures of moments are important to me and what pictures I do take are reflected in my blog posts , I love to have a snergy flow in my life  so a dual purpose is always in hand.

My photographic essential 'tools' are my Nikon, Panasonic Lumix instagram and my IPhone , I must admit to lately having a modicum of guilt having used my iPhone so much recently so the other day I ditched it. And used my Panasonic Lumix and my photographic harmony was restored for the time being. I adore instagram it allows me to see photographic styles and influences from all over the world, the power of connecting with other like mined people must never ever be under estimated.

I am multifarious, I once thought of myself as niche ,perhaps I am a little but I am always willing to push the boundaries and very happy to come out of my comfort zone. My dropbox is stuffed to the hilt as till recently I was awful at deleting pictures , Mr T had to upload before our holiday, 10 squillion of my photos that I needed to the cloud storage device that we now have, well perhaps it wasn't 10 squillion but it felt like that to Mr T.

Saviour has come to me in the form of the Eye ~ Fi Mobi wireless card.

Here is the magic technological bit ~ that is straight out of a science fiction film.

The Eye-Fi Mobi memory card lets you transfer your photos and videos from your camera to your smart phone or tablet. The Mobi card creates its own Wifi network which your mobile device is then able to connect to. The Eye-Fi Mobi is available in 8GB, 16GB and 32GB capacities priced £30 - £50.

  • 1. Put the Eye-Fi Mobi card in your camera. Your Eye-Fi card is ready to use - just like any SDHC memory card.

  • 2. Install the Eye-Fi app on your mobile device - Download the free Eye-Fi app to your iPhone, iPad or Android mobile device. Launch the app and enter the code ( which is a 10 digit one)found on the back of the SD card case. 

  • 3. Take your first photo - Watch the magic as your photo appears on your mobile device, in full resolution. Now your best photos & videos are instantly saved and ready to edit or share.
I can not imagine a life where in some instances I wouldn't share my photos right here right now as I have to convey what I am feeling straight away. the feeling might now always been happy ones but this card give me the power to share my life where appropriate with you even though I may be deep in the middle of the countryside.

And this is a photo I shared instantly of me being happy as the sun was out , my photography is therapy for my soul and is a domino effect for others , my photo could very well make someone say "

"Hey I want to go out and achieve that"

So if you are tired of always snapping away with your phone ( and believe me there is nothing wrong with that) but if you want to have the freedom to share there and then with A DSLR quality image then you can achieve this with having the Eye-Fi Mobil Wireless card in you camera.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Autumn Skies

Upon the dabbled shades of Autumn I do wake,

Looking up,

A kaleidoscope I spy,

Pressed delicately upon ,

A china blue sky,

I step up.

To the challenge astride,

Untold happiness inside.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Fall Leaves Us Wanting

I'll let you into a secret, I am only just getting into me being myself again , I have had some right horrible knock backs and I was in a horrible dark place a few weeks ago.This was despite coping with my depression , what I need is empathy , I need understanding. We can't all be friends ,I truly get that now but I think we can politely tolerate those around us , we are all perhaps fighting a battle we don't know about.

I love Autumn and kicking the leaves , and in the quiet and still before my son's football game begins I go explore the village again. Time and time I have explored  the village, in fact I know more about the village than some of the villagers, it is truly a beautiful haven by the river.

This is the photography , I am known for this is who I am ~ I run separate from others , I really honestly don't run with the herd, yes occasionally you will see reviews on here but I really love to have a purpose to my blogging . What I do has to add a string to my blogging bow also it has enrich my life, I have turned down so much as I can't simply do it all, yes I even turned down wine.

Adventure is where I am seeing the magical in the everyday , I can get twitchy if I can not go out. I apologies if my photos have not been the usual quality I know they have still been good( but I know they aren't quite 100 percent)

When I have gone that extra mile then you know that I am truly coming back, Some doors have been slammed in my face but to be honest with you that has widened my horizons, I am not a glossy magazine type of blog and there are some very beautiful, journalistic quality ones out there which are superb.

I am all about what you see is what you get and I will never blog an un truth I will be as diplomatic as I can possibly be.

What can't I do ~

I can't ever hate anyone.

Take a punt on me I won't let you down ~

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Welcome Autumn

I will be honest when the cold starts to hit, I go absolutely freezing, I am chilled to the bone and this is not as I am sun seeker. I do like the sun on my back and face and yes it brightens my mood but when the colds strikes it can leave me in pain.

The pain can be crippling on occasion and I do have to ensure that I am wrapped up to the eyeballs think the invisible man then you are on the right lines. The cold doesn't stop being doing what I enjoy and love but it does hamper me and it turn that will make me sad,  whilst I have a SAD light, it is the cold that is my enemy. This is what having Raynaulds is like which is a circulation problem ~ cranks up heating again.

I find nowadays there is no longer the cold snap , clear winter days so much as there used to be , my mind goes back to the snow of the 1970's when the snow was really deep, this could have been as I was small.

However I will be popping to the woods next week ~

For now ~

The world is still ~

Siloutte Sunday



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