Thursday, 30 July 2015

Rollie How My Style Is Influenced By Archie The Furry Superstar From Gourmet

Sponsored by Gourmet

Shuffles papers.

Rollie loves the finer things in life.

"Time for a cat news report , ever wondered how I got to be as glamorous as I am now  ? well my style  and demeanour had to be influenced from some where and I can think of none better than Archie from Gourmet."

"The lifestyle of the famous isn’t as easy as it seem, take it from Gourmet’s adorable feline foodie, Archie. The furry superstar takes us behind the scene on his first ever You tube video to show us the ropes to acting. Check out his amusing tips!"

Read an exclusive interview and more articles on Guardian’s micro site here

"Although I declined to appear with Tom Cruise in the latest Mission Impossible film , the offers for other films are flooding in, I missed out on a whisker to the cat in the Harry Potter saga. I love chasing butterflies, French cinema, opera and the works of Shakespeare, my hobbies including styling leather chairs which no doubt will one day win the Turner prize. I do believe in doing things slowly why rush into anything , I bided my time to leave fluff on the stair carpet, my pet ( the human) calls this an annoyance . I call this accenting and very much on trend , I am at this very moment writing an ebook what good blogger/author doesn't hawk their wares this way , also I am in development of an social media app.

I must go now , it seems I must pack for a trip to the cat spa , I think the pet will try and brush me , I think not . Now what should I pack do you think ?"

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Pets In Windows

A window sill is not a window sill unless there is a pet at it.

I have long since given up putting ornaments on my window sill which of course I ignored then we were into the whole dust guilt cycle. Now the window sill is purely a platform for my cat to survey the domain it holds in the power of its paws.

Of course when your an artist/ actor  you are prone to temperamental hissing fits , you place unreasonable demands on your staff. And you'll refuse to come out of your trailer till your demands are met. Adds tuna to my shopping list ~ big sigh. 

The lovely people over at Everest are having a competition which is all about pets at windows sills.

There of course is a hashtag  every hipster cat knows that!


So why don't you pop over and enter. Everest will give £5 to the RSPCA (registered charity number 219099) for everyone that enters, up to a maximum of £5,000. You can enter online here  or using the hashtag #petsinwindows via twitter.

When Jack heard that Rollie was being a right royal diva he immediately left into action for the starring shots.

"Shoot me like one of your French models"

"I'm not ready!"

"You say you cleaned these windows ?"

I hope that you will enter and remember it can be any pet that enters , do take care ! especially if you place your tortoise on the window sill ( they are awfully speedy)

Disclosure ~ I am being compensated for this post , also I am having to buy Rollie tuna. Jack will be compensated with some chicken.

You can follow Everest Home Improvements on Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date on their latest deals and offers, and should also check out their top quality double glazing.

Monday, 27 July 2015

Cheesy Chicken With Pitta Croutons

It's the summer holidays big big hurrah , six glorious weeks of sunshine ( please excuse if it raining whilst you are reading this right now ) this dish is a quick one. It can be easily adapted to suit your tastes.


4 chicken breasts

Grated Parmigiano Reggiano Dop


Heat the oven till 180 c 

Place the chicken in a suitable oven proof dish.

Sprinkle with the 

And cook for 30 minutes 

When the chicken is cooked , slice and leave to cool.

Cheesy Chicken
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Pitta bread croutons 


4 pitta breads split and shaped into triangles.

6 tablespoons of olive oil
1 1/2 teaspoons of paprika ( I prefer sweet)
1 teaspoon of cumin
A twist of the salt mill
A splash of sherry vinegar or white wine vinegar


Preheat the oven to 180 c 

Brush the dressing onto the pitta triangles. 

Next place on to a oven proof baking tray .

Bake in the oven for no more than 5 minutes.

Pitta Croutons

Cheesy Chicken with pitta croutons

Pitta Croutons with cheesy chicken


I developed this recipe myself as I was a hungry . I got the cheese free as part of the Orchard scheme through Tesco.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Remember Love


We may show wrinkles as we grow old but the heart doesn't have wrinkles the heart doesn't know what is on the outside. Love is a harmony walking in unison , love is a touch a word a gesture love is kindness , love is being.

Love is flash and feeling.

Love is slow.

An old couple walking holding hands

This is a picture I took on the spur of the moment when I went to the mill with my husband and I adore how the couple are walking in time with each other still after all these years.


Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Frugal Holiday Countdown Pasta Sauce

Counting down to holidays means frugal time in the T family 

Mr T was popping off to play cricket against the police I think he is trying to renaact the ashes , this week has seen the buy of new cricket pants ( alas it did not come with the chap who modelled the cricket pants ~ SHAME) also so leg thingy oooh yes pads. I fed my husband an earlier prepared curry and onion Bhajis . Meanwhile earlier I had fried some mince making sure I got rid of any fat.

So I made a one pot spaghetti sauce 


1 pack of mince already cooked.

1 tin of chopped tomatoes

Optional herbs , garlic etc.

A splash of water

A good dollop of Heinz sweet chili ketchup

Chopped red onion


Just mix all the ingredients together and pt in to a cooking pot with a lid and cook for around 30 - 40 minutes  on 180c

Check every so often

Towards the end of cooking remove the lid.

Also boil enough pasta for 4 people

Squeeze a little more ketchup into the spate mix just before mixing in the cooked pasta.

And there you have a frugal holiday rundown of our freezer.



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