Friday, 27 May 2016

Upon A Field

Upon a field I stood looking at the stormy sky 

Pondering the shopping and the dust that belies the every busyiness of the every day 

Pop to the post office and back to flick around the dust oh why can't the dust stop !

The cat walks in and looks upon me , the husbands not there to give it treats you see ....

The teen has dusted , vacuumed within an inch of his life , I check if his soul is possessed no the grind of the books has spurned a yearn for normality oh what a ponderous site !

So today I stood before a stormy sky 

How wonderful life is dust and all 

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Joseph Joseph Cook Stand And Keep Fit

Who says that a cook stand just has be for a cookery book !  it can be for your iPad / tablet as well proudly displaying those recipes for you to lovingly recreate.

The problem with most bookstands is their bulky size and awkward shape, which takes up valuable space when not in use. The unique design of Joseph Josseph's 'CookBook' avoids this, as it opens and folds exactly like a book, meaning that it can be stored neatly away on a shelf with other books until required.
When opened, the bookrests, page holders and back stand automatically fold out, providing solid, angled support for most sizes of book or even an electronic tablet device. A non-slip foot at the base of the spine keeps the unit in place on the work surface during use. When closed, CookBook folds flat, becoming no thicker than an average-sized book (approx. 20mm). Made from high-quality ABS plastic, it's tough, stylish and easy to clean.
The cost of the Joseph Joseph Cook Book stand is £30

We all love Joseph Joseph products in this household !

The cook stand can be used to hold that music for  your child's violin practice or even watching a film on your iPad for what I've just starting doing following a fitness workout on YouTube .

Disclosure : I was sent the cook book stand from Joseph Joseph , the cat and the Joseph Joseph draining board are my own .

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Happiness Inside And Out

Happiness Inside And Out

I was thinking about songs the other day as you do , I had but for a brief fleeting moment a thought about sunshine . When you actually think there actually a lot of songs about rain , there could be more than there is about sunshine ?!

It's Raining Men > yes please 

Why does it always rain on me ?

Raindrops keep falling on my head 

It's raining its pouring 

April Showers 

I think to much !

I 'm beginning now to think about my outside space for the hot glorious summer we will have , if the days could do these consecutively that would be amazing . Last summer in my garden I placed a ladybird hotel in my garden and a bug hotel , now I haven't seen any ladybirds yet , not like you can knock on their door and ask ! In the bug hotel it looks like we're expecting leaf cutter bees which do exactly as their name suggests. I think these leaf cutter bees will emerge next Spring or so I'm told.

Isn't nature wonderful ! I'm looking forward to finding more discoveries in my garden .

I had no idea there were so many species of bee over 200 in the U.K ! and bees are indeed our friends , don't forget if you see a struggling Bee revive it with some sugar water solution .

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Death In The World Of Parent Blogging ( Mummy Blogging )

There is an article floating round the Blogging world which is pretty much death to mummy blogging and how they are ending it all , it is a very well written article, whilst highlighting much with that is trite in the world of blogging . For example having "PR friendly in your bio " this makes me giggle but each to their own personally I would love "I eat PR's for dinner " ( but apparently you can't do that)

No one is reading your blog ?

So what

Never mind you can console yourself with that box of review chocolates  oh no chocolate diet it is then ? NO diets are good, no they aren't ,oh I don't know consoles self with a chocolate covered rice cake & I have nailed it.

Give up Blogging ?

Write an article on how you will give up blogging , then bask in the admiration of the people that love you .....

Keep Blogging as You 've seen the light and you have a super new look to your blog anyway .

Laughing cat

Laugh and the world laughs with you or at you ...

Actually I should be pegging out the washing but I am writing this instead , weird how blogging does that do you !

What ever you do there is life in Blogging yet perhaps from a more personal level and who cares if it is read .

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Blogging Is Friendship

For a world class introvert and worry boots like myself you'd have thought I would have steered away from doing the digital dance , you'll not find me on snapchat or periscope those aren't mediums that really interest me. You'll find me on my blog( obviously that's where you are reading this ) or Facebook or Twitter , Instagram originally I came late to social media first finding Facebook and the wonderful world of comping . Through comping I made friends many of who are indeed bloggers and these are life long friends I'd go to the ends of the earth for and whom I'm indebted for looking after me when I need it as I do have social anxiety. But pushing me on and nudging me here and there I get through it often distracted by cake which I'm trying very hard to resist .

When in a blogging conference always take notes.

Always take pictures of willing friends 

Always heed advice you find in the loos 

Also when you need the logo and the ladies is closed you use the men's bursting in saying 

" is there a man in here ?"

You realise that you've lost some of you inhibitions all be it for a day or two.

There was no men ....

Friends are like clouds they give you the lift you need .

Blogging no rules , no slave to stats just

Blog and Chill 



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