Sunday, 30 August 2015

A London Vibe

On Friday I won tickets to a Chelsea game , couldn't get anyone else to go with me so I decided to go myself , train prices were out of this world. This left one curl toe action I'm not a travel snob ( probably am) but even if coaches are old I expect cleanliness. This wasn't the case and I think CSI would have had a field day , after initially freaking out I thought it couldn't get any worse and settled town with a book. Until I was joined by a family with a toddler and baby ( not a problem I'm used to children noise as I work in a school) however what makes my soul a little is I've found is the ABC song on loop for an hour , followed by Incy Wincy spider. If I ever suggest coach travel again pleases kill me slowly by playing those the songs mentioned at me ...

Anyways London bound indeed I was and as I was going later to a Chelsea football game I decided to stick nearby in South Kensington.

And South Kensington is so choice ! with the area near the tube station laid out to pavement cafe culture . From what I quickly glimpsed there are places to eat to suit all budgets. Then on to the Natural museum for a quick flick round , I could easily have spent all day there but just a quick visit.

The architecture of the building really does make my heart sing !

I enters the museum via the side entrance which is something they do when the museum is busy . The escalator to the volcano zone us high but oh what a view !!

After the museum I proceed to go the Chelsea  game , the nearest tube station for this is Fulham Broadway. I do know my way round London a bit but if unsure to save time I just ask a member of staff it a policeman !

Chelsea lost against Crystal Palace but it was a fun if tiring day out.

Friday, 28 August 2015

Duck Legs 2 Ways

Duck legs 2 ways does rather sound like a comedy routine especially duck legs 2 ways. Well my day has been bit of a comedy routine with me seeing a mouse right there on the stairs . You are all breaking into song round now aren't ~?sways along with you .


4 duck legs

Salt and pepper 


Heat the oven to 180 c 

Place a wire rack in an oven baking tray 

Pat the duck legs with kitchen towel 

Next prick with a fork 

Season with salt and pepper 

Cook for 90 minutes 

Leave to rest for 10 minutes

Why duck legs 2 ways ? Well I they do go 2 ways don't they legs I mean!

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Trying to Take a Multiple Cat Picture

There comes a point in multi cat ownership ,where the planets align and you are able to actually achieve a picture of the cats you own .

I own 2 cats.

Not difficult you think to get a picture of the 2 together ~ wrong .

They are like humans in each and every way , the best of friends and the worst of friends.

The below picture has taken 4 weeks, 4 long weeks to achieve as if a cat doesn't want o sit with another cat it flipping well won't. They sit together in the garden or on the stairs where they very often trip us up ,also sitting together staring longingly into their feeding bowls.

This is the last week for :


So why don't you pop over and enter. Everest will give £5 to the RSPCA (registered charity number 219099) for everyone that enters, up to a maximum of £5,000.

You can enter online here  or using the hashtag #petsinwindows via twitter.

You can follow Everest Home Improvements on Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date on their latest deals and offers, and should also check out their top quality double glazing.

Disclosure ~ No cats were made to do any housework in this post. The cats are being compensated for this campaign as I am ~ except I won't be chasing a ping pong ball round the living room.

Creating Your Own Holiday At Home

Holidays we all need them after all it is our reward for all out hard work in the real world ,the escape from reality is a welcome break from the mundane only issue money is tight . We need not jet off to the Caribbean ( please believe me ) there are activities you can do at  home to give your self that holiday life.We all need to have special treat whilst having out holiday at home which is how Carpetright think as well . One of my ideas is having a tea party , so what about hosting a Mad Hatter's Tea party ?

Mad Hatter's Tea Party 

The wonderful thing  about a Mad Hatter's tea party is that you can use it for any meal of the day what ever time you wish it to be. I had my Mad Hatter's breakfast mid afternoon  and utterly superb it was too.

Relax in the garden with a glass of wine wearing your holiday sandals of course.

Buy your favourite childhood ice cream ~ I love a Big Foot !!

Appease the weather Gods with an offering of homemade scenes with jam and clotted Cornish cream, debate with friends if the jam should go on first then the cream or the reverse.

Visit an underpass art gallery , no charge completely free.

Bake a carrot cake , cake makes everything right especially with a nice cup of strong tea.

Shadow disco dance , this is a very competitive sport and takes many years of practice !

Have a oven baked scotch in a field of course , it's the latest hipster trend and undoubtly has its own hashtag .... probably.

Take yourself back in time with a romantic sunset watch on your home holiday.

Can't get to Ascot to wear a hat , save your money wear a fetching hat and watch Ascot in the comfort of your own home !

Have cake in the woods ~ taking a teddy bear is optional , I did he was too shy to appear on camera however.

Create an unique piece of art in your dishwasher , look for fun every where !

Take an adventure ~ channel your inner adventurer.

Take holiday pictures at every opportunity!

Above all you can have fun at home #holidayathome

Monday, 24 August 2015

Taking A Trip to Help Yourself

When you've depression it really doesn't leave you , you can come through and keep moving forward. This is important to move forward , my humour helps and my friends and photography .

And a little chat on Twitter can break order to my mind as there is many people in similar situations.

If you blow the panic whistle on social media then people will help on social media. I know there's a bad side to this as well but I focus on the good . I have been in the bad side of social media and really now I only want the good .

Depression is like a volcano you never really know when it will strike , it feels at times like being on the edge of a precipice.

You can come through it ,but I know the signs of when I need help which is self care nowadays.


Just because I've got depression it doesn't mean I'm sad all the time.



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