Wednesday, 19 October 2016

I am Helping my Son in Having A #brightfuture

As a family recently we have had to pull together as a family to ensure a #brightfuture not only for ourselves but also to do our part for future generations.

  • Unilever's bright future intuitive is focusing on small changes that can make a big difference & how also we can build a world where everyone lives well and lives sustainably. Since the launch of the Sustainable Living Plan , Unilever has helped 482 million people to improve their health and hygiene , including through hand washing ,improving self esteem and oral hygiene.

  • Domestos is committed to helping people gain improved access to a toilet by 2020, including access to clean sanitation to protect people from preventable diseases, reduce mortality rates, help reduce drop out rates and improve quality of life.

  • Persil has backed a global initiative "Learning for Tomorrow " partnering with UNICEF to help give children in some of the world's toughest areas the opportunity of a quality education.

  • Dove is building in the aim to improve lives through small steps , Doves Self Esteem Project has worked closely with leading psychologists ,academics and experts to create materials and resources that help young people develop a positive relationship with their appearance. The project has now reached over 19 million young lives.

I am small steps to empower myself I do this through writing in my blog and not being afraid to talk about my own mental health issues as I truly believe we are stronger together. I am open in my feelings in my mental health and while this has lost me friends I have gained so many more through it and such strength that it is superhuman.

We use refillable water bottles at work and school to cut down on having to buy bottled water, we make our own pack lunches often reusing left overs the take day for our lunch.

We make sure we have showers rather than having baths.

We use a water butt in the garden so we don't use water from the outside tap.

We turn the tap off when brushing our teeth.

We don't have the battle of the thermostat now instead the person making a complaint gets 


I am very conscious that my own son is about to make the leap to University life , he has chosen archaeology he believes that we can learn from the past and shape out very future.

I reuse old boxes by taking them into school for the children to use in their junk modelling and various projects.

I now don't make half as many impulse buys as my son tells me we don't need that right now , which is true that you should only buy what is essential . I am optimistic about his future especially as I have been on various open days this has encouraged to let me go as a parent and know that my son will make a difference to the world in the course that he chooses.

We use Persil on our clothes , more importantly Persil Non Bio as my son and I have eczema ( and sensitive skin ) I have always encouraged my son to get outside and he has done so admirably he plays rugby with such passion . In the word of Ghostbusters:

"He ain't afraid of NO Mud "

* disclaimer they didn't actually say that but you get my point !

This post is an entry for britmums #BrightFuture challenge sponsored by Unilever

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

A Catch Up And Socks Out Of Season

Thought I'd swing by and say hi .

I've been busy walking more hours as a SEN teaching assistant and that is where quite rightly I've been concentrating my time and energies into my job.

My humour got lost for  a while as I was so busy but slowly and surely it has returned ~ whispers today I wore Christmas socks I'm maverick and I like it . Not Maverick out of Top Gun you understand but teaching is a highway to the dangerzone especially  when there is no cake in the staff room.

There will be new blog posts soon even recipes ~ gasp .

Thank you for sticking with me ! I couldn't do it without you .

Monday, 17 October 2016

Useful Gift Ideas For the Wistful Me

I am ever so terrible at going shopping , I mean shopping out in the real world , it's full of people and crowds and monsters , ok maybe not monster s but you get my meaning . So I tend to do most of my shopping on line and only going out when I really need to , I support my local shops but I think there is a trap in them as sometimes I end up with more than I planned in my basket ! One of the most stressful shopping experiences for me is clothes shopping as I feel uber self conscious going into the changing rooms . And when I was in Top Shop the other day with my son who wanted to visit Top Man it was like I had stepped back in the mists of time as the fashions had come round again ! I no longer fit into The Top Shop  clothes ( said in a wistful way )

So I was really happy with Pink Clove clothing to in touch as they do clothes for the fuller size  ( yay ) I am not much of a dress person though I have been known to wear one of occasion. I looked through the range of clothes that Clove has and was pleasantly surprise at their ranges , styles and sizes . I plumped for a trouser suit all in black , it has been years since I wore. I found the site easy to navigate and I enjoyed the browsing so much more , I have just been shopping with the teen and quite frankly it's easier to bag fog !

I went for this sleeveless jumpsuit which I think will be perfect for the Christmas party season and is priced at £24 ( a price that won't break the piggy bank )

Also I love flowers I am very bad at buying them for myself but I do enjoy being given them as they brighten me and my surroundings. The flowers you see below in the picture are from Beards and Daisies an awesome online flower company with the friendliest customer service. They have all sort of beautiful and fragrant flowers that you can order including flowers that that be pushed through your letter box.

Disclosure both the closing item and the flowers were sent to me but my thoughts and words are my own .

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Keeping Your Cats Amused While You Are At Work

" My human  has been leaving the radio on for us cats , now I quite like listening to the sport on 5 live ! I'm pretty sure I could be the next England manager . Well you human beans have not being having SO much luck , gave you now ?!" ~ Jack

"I on the other hand have a refined palate and love listening to Classic Fm while sitting in my elect shoe box , my human bean buys shoe to feed my box habit which I happily ignored for 7 years . Just because I am a cat doesn't mean I sit in a shoe box form the word go " ~ Rollie 

Cats are pretty good at amusing themselves really , as they do what they want when they want., to be honest they are probably having a rave up while we are out to work and school at the minute.  As you know lately I have had to work full times as a Special Needs teaching assistant lately ( which I do really enjoy ( rewarding hard work). Cats do spend a significant amount of time sleeping and unlike dogs they do not require lots of stimulation and entertainment whilst you are out.

Nevertheless it is important to make sure your cat is entertained and stimulated in some way as no one likes to be bored least of all a cat .

So firstly I have ordered a treat ball ( which by its name is self explanatory ) they'll have to share this which will be character building and will help towards any conflict issues .

I did choose a blue ball for them ( there was a pink option as well , they are very gender neutral in the toys and bedding they have * they have pink blankets ( well they were cheaper )

And I choose a springy cat toy thingy that no doubt will delight them , it sort of looks like a Haggis with a spring shoved up its bottom ?

Who knows


And they'll be able to play also with the cat toys they received recently as part of a cat lovers gift box.

I'll get no meow of thanks and they will probably just sit in the box the cat toys come in anyway .


Sunday, 9 October 2016

Choosing A University Is A Bit Like The Sorting Hat in Harry Potter

"Made with love " as the cafe assistant hands a hot chocolate to my husband... swore blind she blew him a kiss 😘 too

Then we discovered we had been sitting in the wrong university for 40 minutes! So in Benny Hill style we ran forwards and back until we found the correct university of Manchester . We arrived just in time for the welcome speech quietly shuffling across the back row 

" sorry "

"Mind your toes "

"Oooops "


Quickly turning the free tote bag from the ' other ' university inside out , then we were ready for university statistics bingo.

1. Top what ever % in the world .

2. Top what ever % in the U.K. 

3. Value added smiles , employability , rounding you as a person.

4. Russell group university > big tick .

5. Amazing YouTube poetry clip, upbeat sports montage , volunteering , giving back to the community feel good factor .

I say University of Manchester but indeed it reminded of Hogwarts and standing in the Whitworth Hall , I thought my son was about to be sorted into his Hogwarts House 

"Not Slitheryn "

My son tutted up at my free pen filling up and Haribo sweet collecting but I was like Dobby seeking his sock from his master ....

"Master has given Dobby his sock "




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