Friday, 21 November 2014

Choosing The Countryside

And Kapoow I am back , well not exactly as this was taken yesterday where I pushed myself to go for a walk , little did I know I was quite ill with a inflamed dingy thingy at the back of the throat. It wasn't my tonsils they were whipped out in 1997 and then I had secondary bleeding . Any way enough of my medical history and onto the pictures. This time out of my village I took a different turn and headed up the hill with inhaler firmly in hand.

Looking down the lane where I work.

Looking on towards the secret manor house

Swarkstone Pavillion

Sometimes I wonder why i do what I do then I stop dead in my tracks and look at eh calm this is why I do what I do. That light is never going to shine on the water that very same way again and I was there for that : me yes me.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

The Come Down

I will be completely honest I am not doing so well today , I am feeling like a brick has dropped on my head possibly I could be coming down with a touch of flu who knows. I know there are people in the world who have it worse than me , I know this and I am not trying or wanting to drag anyone down. Possibly it could be a #blogfest come down form going to the blogging event a few weeks ago. I am handling the come down better and I haven't spiralled off.

To handle this I surround myself with like minded people who are always there for me , I don't need people who preport to defend me to the masses saying they fighting my corner , I really don't. letting go of the angst and anger is really part of coming through depression and as I said before I don't know if I will ever get over it . My past is way too complex to get a handle on , tick boxes and say there you go you are fixed.

So today I pushed myself to go out and take pictures , I may no apologies for the preamble , being outdoors is my medicine my release my world.

I don't need any validation in my world except for truth, honesty and a willingness to be my friend if you see a part of me then you don't quite see eye to eye with then do look for a part that you are ok with. I am a jolly nice person bit over bearing like Tiger who has had to much caffeine.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Mr Grey Will See You Now.

"Mr Grey will see you know"

Slowly opening the bedroom door before me ,the torrid goings on were evident in their very state.

The cat has ate the carpet, my husband swore blind he didn't shut the door.

"The cat must of shut the door "

And there we have it the cat Rollie had ate the carpet , instead of meowing to get out like a normal cat would do . Rollie just sits there all song and silent domineering fifty shades of grey bleeding tabby cat. I can't ring the insurance again and say

"I am sorry but the cat has ate the carpet again "

I can here the chuckling down the insurance office as they chalk one up for mad cat lady again , but it really does this. Everyone goes awwh

"Look at his beautiful coat"

But it bloody well fluff bombs every where it like a fluffy sheep on acid.

Rollie has been offered a pet grooming session but can you imagine it , it would be stuck on the ceiling or there would be ambulances called as it attacked the groomer. It sits in the sink, it fluffs everywhere, doesn't like his bed you walk in he walks out. Rollie doesn't like much he is anarchy on legs and it is time you saw past his fluffy cute exterior he is a silent menace.

Monday, 17 November 2014

Blogger Go Lightly

I'm a Blogger go lightly.

The enigma that not quite :

Not quite foodie enough.

Not parenting enough.

Not quite travel enough.

Not quite photographic enough.

Not crafty enough.

Not quite throwing the television out the window enough.

Never political.

Never religious though I do have flat pack Jesus coming soon ~ which is trendy speak for a nativity set , so I'll not burn in hell.

I'm not a pied piper of the masses , but I've integrity have a heart and I am well on my way to would you believe it my 4th year of blogging. I enjoy what I do doing a bit if this and a bit of that , the places I seen and been, though I've yet to go abroad through blogging. 

Worry will not be my bed fellow , so what if you talk to someone who doesn't like me. I constantly have friends beneath my weeks they aren't my emotional crutches , they are my true friends. 

It used to be the case my friends were always older than me going back to my chess playing days. Now I've friends  of all ages and this is good. 

So I'm the blogger go lightly.



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