Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Postcard From Berlin

Today not so many steps with my Fitbit about 14,000 but steps indeed that were poignant in walking to the Topography of Terror.

From 1933 to 1945 it was the headquarters of the Gestapo, the Reich security offices and other SS offices.

It is one of the most notorious locations of Nazi brutality. We walked round but obviously be wary if you've very young children.

Haunting pictures captured my eye and out of respect no one took pictures inside. I saw pictures that you wouldn't believe , horrific scenes captured where somewhere staring towards the camera ~ a warning to history and the future.

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

D Is For Dominance

D is for the dominance of the Berlin architecture.

And today I've walked 30,00 steps with my fit bit , I'm on a blogging jaunt ~ I mean holiday ( paid by my own fair hands) 

I've tea jitters.

And I've never walked so much in my life , today was Berlin zoo where we silent ages looking for a panda which sadly has popped its clogs to go to bamboo plantation in the sky.

So much walking !

My hair is styled by Worzel Gummidge , and I've been clinging to lampposts because of the wind

And it's snowed.

Psst it's Spring !

Saturday, 28 March 2015

The Chicken Whisperer

The chicken whisperer can walk the walk and can talk the talk and has moves like a errmmmm chicken.

Exactly how does a chicken move ~ does it bop ? does it move ? Does it do the funky chicken ?

When the sun hits the sky at some point towards the end of the day it gets tired and let's off an almighty glow , this is the magic hour and untold wonders happen. As I walk out my husband and son having left for  rugby training then the time is mine , I'm on the clock to capture the essence of the magic. For the sky , air and clouds will never align the same way ever again , magic has to be sought , so go be a seeker.

And then in a Saturday morning I wander upon the next village.

This a lagoon that was once a gravel pit , I love how the ecological balance is restored.   I Arrive upon the calm countryside haven and within 5 minutes it culminates into a scene from the Wizard of Oz killing my umbrella of which has made me a tad unhappy.! 

Where do dead umbrellas go ?is there  an umbrella graveyard? 

I'll carrying on seeking.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Dear Mrs Button

My Dearest Mrs Button

You lived near me and I used to see you around where I lived , you were the music teacher at my Middle School and you were the warmest most friendly teacher in the whole wide world and I adored my lessons with you.  You used to get the music books out and we could choose the songs I remember singing football crazy he; football mad , and we sang Beatles songs oh the songs.

"Penny Lane"

"When I am 64"

Then there was the choir and we had such fun singing to the old people at Christmas and then going caroling  for charity.

You didn't choose me for special choir and at the time I was gutted , but still I sang with the normal choir and it gave me normality . It gave me normality through the traumatic bullying , the list passed round polling to see if people like me, the name calling, the kicking the punching I endured. 

Coming to the school was my choice as I wanted a good education and one with a strong musical heart, it was hard as my name known with my mum being a dinner lady at lower school.

Singing harmonised my mind and soul.

I'll always remember what you said .

Never B #

always B  ( natural )

Always Be Happy

You see my happiness is my right and no one had /has the right to take it from me.

Life's an open door waiting for you to seek adventure.

Life's an open door waiting for you to seek adventure.

I've rescued the Fitbit  off my husband huurah then I lost it for 5 days last week , the fitbit and not the husband and I'm pretty sure it was scared without me. I'm sure I think of my fitbit as a person and that it judges me as it was sticking its tongue out at me. I've yet to figure out how to add people on fitbit but I'm sure I'll twig at some point , no scales for me yet but I'm avoiding cheese , I'm coping .

* does a Wallace and Gromit grin " cheese"

I'm pretty sure cheese is the dismal downfall of society , I'll put the eating of cheese to my dream the other day which was about Jeremy Clarkson sailing down the rapids in a reasonably priced dingy. 

So positive mindset in.

Cheese out.

I'm still trialling Creme eggs and they may have fallen into my virtual Ocado basket.

This week I'm not trapped by the negativity of twitter where I was on a hamster wheel of doom and my depression is a journey without medication , depression is losing its power over me. It's always be there and will continue to be there , the emotional baggage is mine but I don't choose to reclaim it from lost luggage.

Tea , Tea Tea and adventure.

Hark I hear my Fitbit calling to me .

For today 



10,009 steps 



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