Friday, 21 July 2017

Moving On Up

I thought that with getting made redundant that I would lose a sense of myself , after all I have been a teaching assistant for 13 years starting when my son started Infant school and ending as he finishes at the local academy. I have since the decision was made I had been sad but realisation has hit that nothing can change this decision so I declare this the beginnings of all that is new. So you see if you are faced with redundancy you are going to feel anger  and loss and everything in between and more . When A job is your life you focus on that and all your energies are ingrained into what you do so take heart and let it be a chance to reevaluate your life. This is what I am doing for I still need a sense of community and to connect with people which is funny I think for one that is a friendly introvert.

Just because you see me looking at my feet it doesn't mean I am not paying attention to the world around me what takes the average person to walk say 20 minutes may take me 30 minutes as I am taking in the world in a visual way. In that time I am looking all around me listening to bird song ,absorbing the vibe of the world, and just watching the canvas of the sky. I notice everything and anything. When my world is shattered from what I know I do what I do best and take stock and drink tea . Tea drinking is a skill and a saviour to the soul I am always having to up my tea levels I would love to be a roving tea reporter and visit more tea rooms. I seriously love tea as tea is all the love you need next to cats.

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Cats And Tea How Good The Simple Life is

Strangely enough my late cat Rollie brought me to blogging and I wouldn't have the friends I have without him. Now I'm left with Jack and Jack certainly had been keeping us on our toes this week in more ways than one.

The other night we settled down to watch a " Streetcat called Bob"

Along with a nice cup of tea I had to make the tea as Jack the cat had completely paralysed my husband , strange how cats do that to people isn't ?! Cats and tea I really don't think there is a better combination in life for relaxing and it was very apt to be watching a film about a cat with a cat. Jack seemed to approve of the film and had his toy mouse with him for good measure and we all had a jolly good time. Before Jack settled into bed  his basket in the kitchen he decked he wanted to go out the front door despite having a cat flap in the kitchen . My husband and I settled into bed and just at that point when you are dropping off we heard Jack cat a walling at the front door , I got up and many words were mumbled and much tripping over of objects was had till I got downstairs but no Jack was to be seen . I think it was the cat equivalent of ringing the doorbell or Cherry knocking in my day  then running away when someone answers it , something I never did as a child ( I was quite pious really honestly )

What I Would Do With A Lottoz Win

I dream of Canada.

The other day it was the 150th birthday of Canada ! I just can't think about Canada without going to sing the  national anthems of

"Oh Canada !"

I have only been to Canada once and that was on my honeymoon ~ many moons again costs on fingers ~ 20 years ago. For our honeymoon we had a dramatic start the plane engines caught fire and the control tower noticed there was smoke before we took off , so we had to escape the plane down the emergency chutes with loads of fire engines waiting. We spent our honeymoon nigh instead in Brighton as we were put up in a hotel till another plane was ready., luckily the next day we flew off without a hitch ! we went out to explore Toronto as soon as we got there so we didn't miss out on anytime exploring such a fantastic city.

I really loved Toronto it is such a vibrant city I would dearly love to go back especially if I was lucky enough to win some money at the moment perhaps on the Euro Millions on Lottoz is a website for those than are over 18 , there you can bet on lotteries from all around the world at  a click of a button . From the Euromillions with has currently a jackpot of 100 million euros to the Mega Millions win the USA which has a current jackpot of $145.All available money is going to the teen as he is going to university soon. And of course I would make sure the teen didn't go without a little treat or 2 !

I love travel and going to different places but I have only been to Canada once and that visit has really stuck in my mind , one of the other places we went to in Canada was Niagara Falls so I would combine a visit to Toronto again. Canada does really get to your heart and soul and I think I would love to go round the same time I did last time which would be around my wedding anniversary.Canada is amazing at anytime of year but to see the beautiful carpet tapestry of colour in the Autumnal trees it really is a sight to behold.

Which country would you love to go back to ?

What would you do with a lottery win  ?

I know that after university my son would really like a car as he has passed his test but as he is going to university there is no need for one as everything is on campus.

Or perhaps some improvements to the garden I know for instance my husband is itching to put some artificial grass down just so he doesn't have to mow the lawn.

Remember to use Lottery sites such as Lottoz are consecrate of their gaming responsibly they've safeguards in place such as age verification and they may check this again any any given point and remember you must be over 18 to use this service .

This is a Collaboration post 

Friday, 14 July 2017

A Cat With A Sore Throat

Seems Jack has a sore throat , he's been sounding like a bad jazz grass trumpet player not that he listens to Jazz FM and anyway Jazz music really isn't quite my scene.

How do you know if your cat has a sore throat ?

Their meowing might be different as per the grass trumpet sound in Jack for instance.

What could cause a sore throat?

Too much meowing maybe , an upper respiratory infection , maybe after surgery or if there is some sort of heart issue.

Sore Throat Treatment

Jack had been off it for days really not being himself throwing up white foam which I didn't think was normal as it wasn't the same as when he lovingly delivers a hairball at my feet. So it was off to the vets with him since losing Rollie I haven't been keen on vets ( the vet was very sympathetic with Rollie )

The vets bill was below the excess amount in this case ( darn ) but the comfort is there if I should ever need it again , it's a good idea to keep a copy of your cats insurance with their iummisation certificate .

I was feeling like my cats drug dealer crushing up his tablets to put in his food , also I tried to avoid eye contact with him when I gave him the phone with the tablets it as I am sure cats can see right into your soul.

Pets are family and we will do all that we need to do to make sure they ok , Jack is recovering slowly and has even started playing hide and seek again ( which he is rather rubbish at but we don't tell him so as not to hurt his feelings )

There is one thing though Jack has t ego back to the vets next week for his annual booster ~ you going to take him to the V E T  ?

Monday, 10 July 2017

Photography How Do You Capture Your Family

Photography how do you capture your family ?

Family photography doesn't have to be just about the smiling groups , family photography can be about capturing the moment. It is moments in time frozen forever to be revisited stirring memories, memories aren't always fond but nonetheless they're memories . 

The case of myself capturing the family it's happy times , it doesn't matter I'm the one lagging behind but am lagging behind or capturing the moment?

Capturing my family at the beautiful Charlcote Park

Strolling down the hill at Beamish Open air museum.

Chilling out in Ibiza .

Taking in the stunning architecture of Ibiza town.

Soaking up the history of Berlin.

Living and loving times in Washington D.C

Paying our respects at Arlington cemetery.

Not only am I capturing the back of my family but also the places we have been from National Trust properties to Ibiza , Berlin and Washington D.C .

Simple family pictures are very much life affirming it's the simplest and most naturally beautiful opportunity in life. And when you take pictures like this that are candid and natural then you really do get something special and I just feel the love in them.

How do your capture your family  with your photography have you got a special sort of way  ?

I love taking pictures of my family and I love capturing when they are unaware , I have created many lovely pictures and they are wonderful memories to look back on. 

I know when we go to Rome I'm going to be taking the same sort of shots but oh the magnificent if it all in such an architecturally stunning romantic city.

Photographing your family this way can make family life easier as your not trying to wrestle possible squabbling children in a family portrait with half tears and smiles ! I am very much a fan of natural photography.



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