Sunday, 28 August 2016

Qualities and Traits I wish my cats had !

I love cats.

I love nothing better than tickling my cats tummy lovingly and expecting a purr in return only to be engaged in a vice like grip which I struggle to get out of , I cautiously pull back my hand and retreat to the house. I join my husband on the sofa and Jack just jumps up expecting his sweeties ( cat treats ) and with my husband intently watching more than likely some sport the cat lovingly nips his toes as he feels he is being ignored.

Now it's not only Jack that joins in with this nipping of the toes, we have found that Rollie has joined in with this annoying habit to ! they both have no problem high fiving my husband once they've got his attention and he's holding the treats. So I wish that Jack and Rollie had a quality of patience and not just expect things when they want , I say this as both of this have been doing a circuit of the house all day , which involves them going out the front door and out the cat flap and repeat x lots ! As owners we have probably made a rod for our own backs but I tell myself the exercise of having to keep getting up to open the door for the cats is good for me !

My sister in law has just embarked the kitten journey again with the lovely Lucy , we've all met Lucy she's a whirlwind bundle of fluffiness. I am definitely going to recommend that my sister in law watches this very fun and informative videos from Whiskers ! The main focus of the channel is to educate owners on how to care for their kittens and I love the mock university setting of it all .

My sister in laws lovely new kitten Lucy ( who is very playful! )

Rollies reaction when you ask him to do something !

Jack in play mode !

I think that my son would wish that jack and Rollie had a more playful trait  , Rollie does invite you to tickle his tummy but then runs away as you approach! Rollie can fit in with any environment he is the master at adapting when he wants!

Rollie thinking about being more patient !

While Jack will only play with a ball etc if it is within a paws radius ! in a nutshell he gets us to do all the work ! a very cushy life. Even though I have had cats since I was a child, I am constantly learning about a cats needs especially as my 2 are getting older Rollie is 7 and Jack is 8 and a website such a Whiskers is useful to me to help keep them happy & healthy.

Cat ownership is a joy , I wish these videos had been around when Rollie and Jack were innocent kittens shimming up my legs with theirs claws!

I certainly would have sent them to Kitten Kollege !

Rollie as a kitten !

I think Rollie will have the last laugh don't you !

“This post is a collaboration with WHISKAS®, but all thoughts are my own. Check out their website for more information on their cat food and their YouTube channel for fantastic Kitten Kollege videos.”  

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Wicked Uncle Teenage Present Review

Wicked Uncle approached me and asked if I would like to try out a gift of up to £40 from their website. I said yes please especially as I'm stumped for ideas for my sons upcoming 18th birthday. You 'd be forgiven for thinking there is nothing suitable at all for an 18 year old or older but I assure you there is .

We are into the time of independence with my son going to university next year and announcing he'd like to holiday with his friends . How exactly he'll holiday with no job is another matter ( all study at the moment )  but he's ever the resourceful young chap ! With that in mind I thought a scratch off map would we ideal , we love travelling as a family so with his independent travel plans in mind he'll love this !

Original version of the high quality wall map with a scratchable surface. 
Scratch off the foil layer to show all the places you have visited to reveal a whole new world below, featuring vibrant colour and geographical detail. Making a great addition to any wall, measuring 82cm x 58cm, the result is a totally unique and personalised world map just for you. Comes packaged in a smart poster tube - perfect for the intrepid traveller."
This is priced at £18.95
In a similar vain to the search of map  I thought the adventure journal would be ideal ! perhaps he will take us parents off on his travels  ? I think that will probably be a no !

"A fun 64 page journal featuring ‘must do’ experiences from around the world. 

Packed full of exciting ideas and experiences that are out of the ordinary, from a horseback safari in Kenya, a steak dinner in Buenos Aires, wreck diving in Egypt to swimming in the Great Barrier Reef. This great pack has 8 scratchable maps to scratch off each experience if you are lucky enough to do it, in categories of nature, culture, activity and cuisine. With over 300 ideas to inspire and excite, this is the ultimate fun to-do list - discover the explorer in you!"

Priced at £16.95 ps he will be funding these adventures himself and not applying to the bank of Mum and Dad !
And it's not your birthday unless you have birthday chocolates so I choose Chocolate Fish and Chips , y husband literally though it was chocolate covered Fish and Chips ( bless him ) but in this day and age you never know do you !

What it actually is Belgian chocolate shapes of Fish and Chips !

" A fun trio of chocolate that's a unique take on the classic seaside fish and chips. 
Each yummy box contains a loveable detailed chocolate fish, a tasty ampersand and a perfectly-sized portion of fries. Handmade by the magical elves at Choc on Choc in Somerset, a brilliant idea. The traditional British take away has just got even better!"

Priced at £6.95 and isn't lucky that there is 3 pieces of chocolate and we are a family of 3 .

Delivery is very prompt and there is even an option ( payable ) to have your presents wrapped . I would not hesitate to use Wicked Uncle again for future presents for all of my family !

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Unluckiest Pet Names

Have you ever thought if your pets name is lucky or not ?

Did you know that dogs called Charlie are the unluckiest in the UK.

And if you are a feline called Oscar be sure to count your 9 nine lives !

Female pets are more lucky than the their male counter parts.

Calamitous canines called Charlie are more likely to be the victim of pet insurance claims according to data from the Co-op Insurance, and if you’re after a lucky cat be sure to never name it Oscar. 

Data from Co-op insurance shows that if you own a dog prone to calamity called Charlie then they have an unlucky dog name , whilst Oscar is the unluckiest name for a our beloved cats.

Co-op asked me if any of our cats had an interesting story behind their names

Rollie my own cat is actually Rollie the 2nd as the first Rollie was sadly run over , you would have thought perhaps to have named him nothing else but the naming of the pet was down at the time to a 10 year old. This was coming from the same child when asked once in a shoe shop what the name of his Teddy bear was my toddler son firmly and honestly replied :

"Teddy of course "

You can not argue with that sort of practicality !

And Jack the cat is actually named after Jack Black the actor and comedian though we call him Jack in a box as he really does love a box ( Rollie doesn't like boxes , how weird is that for a cat ?)

Did you know that the  average insurance bill for dogs amounting to £510 and cats £475**, the need for owners to protect their animals from illness and accidents has never been greater.

When thinking of a name for your pet , dog owner as mentioned might wan to steer lear of naming their dogs Charlie Alfie and Bella, whilst cats called Oscar ,George and Charlie are harbingers of bad luck. 

Unluckiest Pet Names
Top 10 Dog
Top 10 Cat


My friend has a Border Collie called Molly who suffers from a ongoing hip placement and regular goes to the vets for Hydrotherapy which is really helping Molly , the cost of this is met by the pet insurance and Molly goes once a month for her treatment and throughly enjoys it.

Usually known for their dexterity and agility, it seems unlucky cats called Oscar really do need their nine lives, with the most claimed for condition being road traffic accidents, followed by gastro-intestinal disorders, with mouth and oral problems also being common. Owners of domestic shorthairs are more likely to claim than any other cats.

Digestive system disorders are the most claimed for illness for dogs named Charlie,  followed by skin conditions and neurological disorders, such as seizures, head tilt, tremors or blindness, with crossbreed owners being the most likely to make a claim. 

Whatever you name your pet , or even your children come to think of it is handy to have a pet insurance policy in place to cover these eventualities as this can be the best way to protect them and avoid vet's bills or ongoing treatments.

Case study: Charlie the English setter cross (Crossbreed)

Unfortunately for Charlie, 12, he is somewhat an ill-fated dog who lives up to his unlucky name Charlie who was born in Italy, lives with his owners Chiara Carella and Antony Adie in London. Their English setter cross has had its fair share of bad luck over the years, starting with health issues at the age of 7, when he was diagnosed with Leishmaniasis. Since then Charlie has suffered from a sensitive tummy, urinary disorder, and very recently a heart condition. He was also bitten once.
Charlie is a regular at the vets for check-ups and is currently on medication for his conditions, always ready to take his tablets, sitting next to Chiara wagging his tail waiting. 
Chiara says: “He is a fussy eater. I make him very expensive organic chicken which costs £20 kg, and very often he stares at his food for hours without eating it, driving me crazy. Then we go to the park and he eats all kind of rubbish. I need to be very careful, as he loves rotten meat and bones which can be very dangerous.

“It took me some time to convince my husband to bring Charlie over from Italy, however our lives have completely changed having him with us. Despite all his health problems I wouldn’t change him for the world, he makes our days lighter and funnier, and the expressions he makes fills our days with joy.”
Story sourced from: co-op insurance 

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Exam Hall Derbyshire Delight

You'll probably all know the story of the plague village that is Eyam Hall , it's a beautiful place that experienced real tragedy in the time of the plague. If you know don't about the history here is the potted history version of it all , in 1665 some foes infested cloth was delivered from London to a tailor in the quaint village of Eyam.

Within a week the tailors assistant was dead; others in the household soon followed.

With the village turning to the clergy for guidance, Reverend William Mompesson and Puritan Minister Thomas Stanley ; amongst the village was the village ended in to a self imposed quarantine. During 14 months no one left or entered the village 

To get produce and items into the village during the time of the Black Death they left money in stones just outside the village boundary .

There is so much to see in this beautiful part of Derbyshire I'm very lucky to live in this part of the country and with a great motorway/road access travelling here is easy. Eyam Hall is a must see the guides at this Natiinal Trust property ; are friendly and informative , the hall has only been a National Trust property these past 3 years .

Top tip get here early if you want the free National Trust parking ( if you're a National Trust member ) or drive past the district Carpark to the Parish one which is free.Also you could bring your own picnic as there are plenty of places to sit whilst enjoying the peaceful ambiance of the village.

The house is small but charming and the gardens are an utter delight combine the hall with the Plague museum and you're set for a beautiful historic day.


Sunday, 14 August 2016

Nigel The Avocado

I'd like to announce the purchase of my first Avacado aged 43 and 3/4 it's a momentous occasion which I duly thinks  needs celebrating.

This is Nigel the Avocado he's quite shy , he likes Zumba dancing , moonlight walks and the complete works of Shakespeare. Unfortunately I'm not a fan of Zumba so we won't quite the match '

I felt that Nigel had to prove himself and so it was decided that he would sacrifice himself for Gucamole .


 I'm fully aware now this is the wrong way to dispatch an Avocado as I've been told a lot.

Disclosure Beware of supermarket dating . A moment of silence please for Nigel as we dip pause and eat in celebration of his life .  

Ever the serious blogger I await my award nominations.... they're in the never never post you say ?



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