Friday, 3 July 2015

Travelling To The End Of Your Nose And Back

Curses double curses.

Please put me on the blogger naughty step without my devices and access to social media.

I went out without checking my camera battery * probably left it on to be fair . I wanted to capture the poppy field that is behind me again , you will have no doubt seen the shots on my instrageam or blog previous. I like travelling to the end of my nose and back because it is an adventure that never ends , you simply put one foot in front of another and just go, previous travelling to the end of my nose adventures have included such sights as these :

I love the ability to just get up and go  and if only I had a bicycle with a basket I would cycle to the end of my nose and back , here is hoping I get a bicycle soon then I can tell you all about it! Another direction and I skip into sights like this it rally is heaven within a twitch and a wiggle of my nose.

Sometimes my nose and I stop and stare and turn and look back from where we have come from as the view back is just as magical.

Sometimes my nose and I just like the world very much so in black and white that calm and settling moment where it is just me and my minds eye.

Travelling always no matter what the light is.

Nobody knows  nose the world quite like I do.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Watches2U Ideal Place to Buy A Watch

Usually I like go to a jewellery shop when I am buying a watch , I never seem to buy a watch for myself as I just the same watch I got form Disney years and years ago . My watch is my old familiar I feel at home with it is part of who I am scratches and all, my husband on the other hand is like the Imelda Marcos but his passion is watches . I have lost track of all the watches he owns , but the one type of watch that he didn't own was a pocket watch , you'd be forgiven for thinking that this type of watch was a dinosaur relegated to the past but you would be mistaken.

There is always time for a little bit of luxury and elegance in our lives when the occasion warrants and Father's day a few weeks ago was one such blatantly obvious occasion. I was most fortunate to win a voucher for Watches2U through a competition that was in the Daily Mirror, I treat others before I treat myself this is just my nature. I had friends telling me that I should have treated myself but as I was happy with my watch that has served me all these years then I saw little point in using it on myself.

To treat someone else to a gift gives me immense pleasure especially when it is such a timeless piece as a pocket watch that can be passed on. The pocket watch I picked was a ROTARY MECHANICAL POCKET WATCH .  The watched turned up in a few days , I didn't bother paying extra for super speedy service the length of wait was only a few days which in my opinion was worth saving a few pounds for. All the watches at Watches2U are discounted in some way or the other and the watch I choose had around 20 % off the retail price.

Also I went through Quidco to get back cashback on my purchase all in all Father's day cost me £1.70 I won't tell ... you won't will you now.

I would recommend Watches2U ~ I haven't be told to write this I just though I would relay my thoughts on a service I had used even though I had won a voucher. 

Frugal Necessity

1. Shoe shopping this is hardly the most frugal of British sports , I for one can't not abide the bustling and jousting of sale days especially around Christmas time it feels me with utter utter dread. So how was I shoe shopped yesterday and this was what I achieved

One pair of black shoes for my son got his first ever job priced £18 previous price £54 

One pair of lace up shoes were £15 previous price £35

Another pair of lace up shoes which were £19 previous price £49

And me 

I got one pair and one pair one how was this humanly possible : I've let down woman shoe shopping kind ....

2. Son has presented me with a list of books he requires for A level so between eBay and Amazon so far for Biology I'm saving £20 least Greta Gadsby was only 99p from Amazon.

3. I'm plotting a wildlife pond , since having bird feeders I've gone all well Springwatch so I'm just researching how to do this frugally.

4. Meal planning goes without saying .. though in this weather ... munches on carrot , which I grew myself.

5. I have stopped trips to the ice cream van by buying them in cheaper as well .... though I wish you could recreate the 99 experience at home though.

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Baked Peppers Crab Filled




No need for a complicated recipe today.


3 peppers any colour with the seeds taken out and the tops cut off

3 slices of bread ( to be made into bread crumbs)

Mixed crab meat

Some mayonnaise about 3 tablespoons


Heat the oven to 180c

Mix the crab meat , bread crumbs and mayonnaise together

Fill the Peppers

Bake for 35 minutes

And that should be it

Done and ready to eat.

Obviously if you want to be fancy smancy you could add some flecks of chilli and a squish of lime.

Monday, 29 June 2015

Oven Baked Buttery Corn On The Cob

Summer is a tad delayed , rumour has it that it is currently on holiday in Barbados , keep the faith after there is beauty in each and every day. I've been watching the birds whilst I cook and find it rather engaging , the way they swoop bob and weave. I think that we need to to celebrate life more ,  we are too quick sometimes to announce with forthright the bad situations. Of course that isn't to say we can't moan but a little prospective goes a long way I am finding nowadays.


4 corn on the cob

100g low fat spread or butter

4 squares of foil so that we can parcel up the corn on the cob

Additional flavouring make crushed garlic / crushed peppercorns etc if you wish


Preheat the oven to 200 C

Place each corn in a parcel of foil then place in the oven for around 35 minutes depending on your oven

Top with the low fat spread/butter seal the corn up into a foil parcel

Open carefully and either eat on its own or serve with another food of your choice, any spare left over once cooled could for instance be added to tuna pasta mayonnaise ( which is what I did )

Disclosure ~ I received some vouchers as part of the Orchard scheme from Tesco to buy this and the recipe is mine ~ I wasn't asked to do this



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