Thursday 23 January 2020

For The Love Of Travel

I love travelling I really do and I really like Heathrow airport as I find the planes flying early exciting , not the getting through security so much I think I have seen one too many programs on them stopping people.And My handbags have a number of time made the machines go haywire but I have never been arrested not that I am doing anything wrong... blimey it sounds like I am incriminating myself here and I am sure Billy Bryson doesn't write like this at all !

Why is travel important I think it’s important as it not only broadens the mind but heart and soul as well and you don’t just have to jump on a plane you can travel in a number of ways.I know a work colleague of my husbands cycles all round Europe with organised cycle travel companies where yes a plane was part of it but you could travel yourself by Ferry etc.I can’t swim so I’m not going to be swimming the English channel unless I have arm bands.

Travellling makes me very excited and it’s the best form of therapy and self care for me, travelling is a kindness and I believe so much in kindness. In a busy world where you are bombarded at every stage with news and information it is refreshing to just be somewhere and explore , I think the information overload crunch came when brushing my teeth through an app ( yes my toothbrush has an app ) it continued to tell me the news.

In this world you have to create your own resilience at times and quietness I find helps me create their resilience and that is why I love travelling.Sunday saw myself and my husband go to Elgar's birth place and it is a utterly charming National Trust property and they have been in charge of it now for around tow years.And in being in charge The Firs has seen visitors numbers rise from around 8,000 to over 30,000 and I think Elgar would have loved this and the joy of music is essential to out wellbeing I believe.

Friday 10 January 2020

Cats Are Metaphor For Life

Cats are a metaphor for life I am so sure of that fact , take this morning in fact as the cat was resting in his Amazon box I know I know we tried normal cat beds but cats and boxes eh they just can't be pulled apart .There are some combinations that go together like Strawberries and Cream and Gin and Tonic.Cats and the laser red dot they’re made for each other they wonder where it has come from and where it goes to. Cats have taught me to pay attention to life , studying everything they do and don’t appear to do but there’s a lot going behind those cats eyes let me tell you.The moment you try to photograph a cat they just won’t sit still they immediately go into cat inspection.

My head falls off not a mention from husband . ;)

Cat appears looks solemn “ what’s up cat “ he says

I find all the cats in the garden centre but alas they’re not for sale as one of the them was working security

One was a walking duster ...

Owning a cat teaches you patience and also time is very much different with a cat it sort of freezes esoecially when you’re face to face with a cat as you have the inevitable blink off.

And then there’s the IT department who aren’t always up to the job ..

Cats make me very happy indeed and they don’t charge for any therapy sessions unless you count cat food and cat treats and a ping pong ball and the red laser dot. Actually come to think of it I wonder if Shroendinger kept other pets and they were dead on the inside.

Tuesday 7 January 2020

Back to The Grindstone

Back into Yorkshire for a quick trip to drop the number one son off at Hogwarts

or rather the University of York where he’s in his last year of archaeology .It’s all go for the dissertation and there is constant assessments on top of this ~ being a student is hard work !When I was at the supermarket the other day I saw a friend whose son had also just gone back to university and she asked if I was missing my son and I was like "Nah a bit .. it's nice to have the space back ! ".Roles in families change but the ties and emotions of life and love remain the same well my son doesn't have a picture of us at university he has one of the cat !

But it’s nice to appreciate them when they’re back and the food disappears just like that and they roll in late late on New Year’s Day - awwwh youth.But university is a tough old money pit not only for the student and for the parent as well.And We do all we can to help and I am pretty sure we would have had a new kitchen by now if we weren't helping and I I could have been the new Nigella !

It all go for me on the fitness front and the hiccup of Christmas I don't think I have gained too much and I full intend with the aid of noise cancelling headphones to hit the gym, I am not going to turn into a self pouting gym bunny but a little fitness goes a long way in life.And whilst I have to adhere to the stats of weightless as that is a personal goal of mine this New Year I refuse to be one of those who panics over their blog stats and follower numbers I have very organic in the way I blog and what I blog about is very much personal recommendation.

Also I’m taking my life back for me doing as much or as little as I want ! I need to reset my mind and soul I spent too much of  2018/2019 being put through the ringer emotionally and physically.But I’m determined in 2020 all that changes with me being firmly in control/ some people might not like that but you know what I and my family come first.

I have bitten the bullet and actually booked a holiday for this year to Corfu and I have never been it is very important to me that I have this period of time to relax with my husband.My second cousin died last year and I was very close to him as he gave me away at my wedding as my own dad decided not to and stayed away from my wedding.

I want to continue rewinding myself as I truly love the outdoor as I feel free and unrestricted , it is so important to let your mind and soul fly free.

Thursday 2 January 2020

Re wild Yourself

The short cut can be the longest journey but oh my is it worth as you re wild yourself with nature ,re wilding can occur anywhere you don’t have to be be in the countryside to re wild yourself.I am lucky enough to live with spitting distance with 4 farms and have every day horses walking down my road. Your can re wild yourself in an green space to here the rustle of the branches before Spring comes gently knocking or to hear the birdsong of the hidden beauty of nature , birdsong is truly beautiful and truly beguiling it is the pied piper song of nature.

Get out with nature and beyond !

Nature has huge health benefits and getting outside requires no gym membership and is free!