Wednesday 29 February 2012

My Midwife journey.....

 With all this talk of going back to the 1950's and with the completion of the successful BBC series 'Midwives' it got me thinking of my midwife journey. So way back in 1998  as I started my pregnancy journey .. clutching my copy of  Emma's Dairy  I went to see my midwife.

Emma Driary is a source of brilliant information for pregnant ladies , well it was for me anyway. Ever the pragmatist  I pointed at the bit in my copy of  Emma's Driary ( 1998 )  the bit where it mentioned Domino Delivery and this sadly is not anything to do with a successful pizza delivery service  .

It's when the midwife is with you at home for the majority of the labour, you then go in for the actual birth and then are home as soon as possible after the birth, sometimes within a couple of hours of delivery. It's a way of spending the maximum time at home and not in hospital but with midwife assistance.. Which is pretty much what is talked about currently. I was  laughed out of the Doctors surgery with the words ringing in my ears " We don't have the resources for that! ".

 I should have complained but I didn't  at the time now I would  as it happens it wouldn't have been suitable becasue of the complications I went on to have. But I would liked to have the oppurtunity intially to have it.

Tuesday 28 February 2012

I am 39 and a bit... so...........

I am 39  and this year I am that age so what?

Do I have to have endless celebrations like my work colleagues ?

Do I have to have a midlife crisis?

Do I have to dye my hair lose 4 stone and rediscover myself?

Do I start to think I am old enough to be your  mother ?  this is referring to exactly that and not window if....

What do I do?


I could learn how to cook cakes... seriously have you seen my cake cooking posts?

I could learn how to cook...

I could learn how to sew...

I could learn how  to dance...

I could learn how to drive....

I could ride a Roller coaster again .... last time I was 12.

I could try and learn the off side rule.....

Pondering a midlife crisis.....
I am challenging Catherine to write about being 39 and a bit.. sorry to give your age away !

Saturday 25 February 2012

Invisibility... its great !

 Invisibility is great  so you are a quiet and lonely sort does it matter no. Whether you are quiet in the real world or across the realm of social media it doesn't really matter. You think your voice isn't being heard but I assure you in some small way that it is.

I feel life is to sort to worry about such thinking's now, yes I might have the occasional lasp  and be ooh woe is me . But as I have come to realise its my blog my rules, obviously i have to be careful as I work in a school. I am not the sort to sear and  blog about naughty things anyway that's not me and not my style.

I am a social watcher much the same as you observe life when eating at say a Parisian cafe..... I am never nasty. Now I don't aspire to belong to any social set  whether it me here or in the real world . I just go with the flow.

You have seen the film 'Wonderful Life'  ? Good that's exactly how I used to feel but not now except the bit at the end where you get that warm fuzzy feeling.  I just tune it and tune out,think Dylan the rabbit in 'Magic Roundabout' and that's me now. Except on the days when I mess my blog up then I am running  around like a headless chicken.

So use what you've been dealt with as a bonus to you and don't feel you have to go my the flow of what happening  around  you  in the cyber world or real life,

Caption Saturday 25/02/2012

 You are just strolling inncoently in New York and run into this....

Tuesday 21 February 2012

Dubai............. Atalntis The Palm

Its magic to put it midly , Atlantis is a celebration of the ocean. It is a majestic ocean-themed destination that opened in September 2008 and is one of the world’s most sought after resorts. Atlantis, The Palm has 1,539 guest suites, each with an ocean or palm view. If you’re lucky (or rich / famous ) enough, you can even stay in the famed Bridge Suite which spans the Royal Towers.
Atlantis The Palm

Housed at the resort is the famed Aqua venture Water park, the largest water park in the Middle East with heart-stopping water slides set in a lush, luxurious tropical landscape. My son did decide to  to ride the highest water slides in the Dubai.  One tip here bring your own water out and waves flip flop etc as the ground is baking hot ! And don't forget the suncream,high factor! !

Yes that's my son then age 11 going down that slide!

You can visit Dolphin Bay and swim with the dolphins, or The Lost Chambers, a maze of underwater corridors and passageways providing a journey through the ancient city of Atlantis. You can even feed the rays (which my husband and son did ).

Feeding the ray at the marine habitat Atlantis The Palm

 The resort is also home to one of the largest open-air marine habitats in the world, with some 65,000 marine animals in lagoons.

It pure luxury at Atlantis Palm .....

One of the two pools at Atlantis The Palm

The view from the window...

We went during Ramadan and it was a great experience to be there during this special time.

Monday 20 February 2012


What can I say this was taken by my son went  We went to Watergate last year as we were sitting in Jamie Oliver's Fifteen. I think it is rather good the picture I mean  ooh and I do Jamie Oliver Fifteen  its magical.

Saturday 18 February 2012

Saturday is caption day

So Rollie ate his own eye holes out   (true) but what is he thinking????

Wednesday 15 February 2012

Love speaks a thousand volumes

We often we under estimate teens, moan about them use the word tumble weed in a sentence or two. But what is life without the odd moan or two?. So below is my sons poem he's in the top English set at a very posh state school ( so posh its almost private!) and the education is second to none.

My loves for you was like a thousand roses
My heart fell, when I saw you
Your reflection is as beautiful as the moon
The light that becomes of your scent

But when you spoke to me you gave me tears
You made me shrink and wobble in fear
you said I was blind , in my own contact
You made me cry when you walk away

but I will faithful, caring , truthful to you
I will makes promises to keep you safe
You will be in my heart for ever
When you fell into my arms

Written by J Toplis age 13    ( So please don't copy or rip off his poem  , Many Thanks)

Thursday 9 February 2012

Love is in the air .....

Why not break with tradition and give something than the proverbial roses and chocolates for valentines why not some  of these.... I think they are fun and quirky .

Sizzels Mathlow has produced just 100,000 vintage style tins that are destined to become a collector’s item. The tins are available nationwide at a recommended retail of £1.99 while stocks lasts.

£1.99 cheap for the price of love !

  • Love hearts mini roll bags are available nationally for £1.

  • Give love Heart 4 pack are available nationally for £1.09.

Giant Love Hearts

To buy a range of Love Hearts sweets and gifts visit:

Wednesday 8 February 2012

Bye Bye Capello....

I would seem that the position of the England manger is a cursed chalice as is the position of England Captain , many will hark  back to an age when the game of football was a true gentleman's game, My husband uncle was an England player Sammy Crooks and in his day was a manger too though never for England.

We were lucky enough to go to an England game and sat a cat whiskers away from Capello We were in  VIP Club Wembly seats. It was The England v Spain game.

Capello the now ex manager of England.

To my mind he looked very involved during the game   , it was an England game that we enjoyed as a family you couldn't have wished for a better game. To sit in VIP seats to live how the other half lives if only for a minute. Those with the fame have the money it is a burden ! but it how you deal with it!

Capello having a laugh.

Capello no longer smiling.

I don't know why  Capello was talking to at this point but if you look at the photos he is no longer smiling I wonder why ? Does any know who he was talking to ?

What ever is going on now it was a game and day we enjoyed , I only hope now we can have a England manager  that brings back pride and stability into the game will permeate all levels of the FA.

Monday 6 February 2012

Magpie Monday Carnival Glass

The vintage carnival glass is more popular for its antiquity, and hence would be a priceless item in an antique lover’s collection. Carnival glass is an iridescent coated, pressed glass, due to which the glass has an attractive multicolour presence. During 1900’s, it was used as prizes in carnivals, and hence the name. Though carnival glass is still being manufactured today, and is as attractive as ever, however, the ’original ones’ that belong to the ’original period’ (1908 to 1930) are more preferred for their vintage antiquity value. Lettered carnival glasses, decorated carnival glasses, vases and tumblers were some of the popular carnival glassware made during ’the original period’. The contemporary carnival glassware include a huge variety like toothpick holders, bells, lamps, candlesticks, paperweights, water sets and pitchers etc. Contemporary carnival glass can be viewed under three categories; reissues, new patterns and fakes. Reissues are those that are made form an earlier original mould, new patterns are recently made ones, and fakes are those that are made to look much older and perhaps much more valuable than they actually are. Hence a lot of detailed study is essential while collecting carnival glass for their antique value. Due to its existing multicoloured attractiveness, coupled by its age old antiquity, collecting carnival glass will surely be an interesting hobby that can be maintained by visiting various online stores that deal with such product.

So imagine my surprise when I came across  a piece in my local Charity shop on Friday for the bargain price of 99p.

Beautiful Carnival Glass.

I love the hue of the Carnival Glass.

My Carnival Glass on display

Very Lazy Food Hamper giveaway

My first Rafflecopter giveaway so be gentle with me !

Friday 3 February 2012

My time in Prison ...... Malmaison Oxford

Yes I have been to prison its not something I openly admit to except  in case it was pure luxury. I was luck enough to win a luxury night stop courtesy of Horse & Hound  at the Malmaison Oxford which is a prison...

 Malmaison hotel, Oxford
This Victorian prison has been converted into the lavish Malmaison hotel. Keeping in touch with its dark past, expect  solid cast iron doors, heavy large bricks, and the ever recognisable prison-like staircases. But, don’t think you’ll be missing an inch out on luxury. Four poster beds, mini cinema system and a host of services at your disposal. You know you’re in for more than a treat.

My prison bedroom at Malmaison Oxford
Luxury bathtime at the Malmaison Oxford
The open gallery at Malmaison oxford

Room with a view a Malmaison Oxford
We then went onto the Blenheim Palace  Horse trials and watched the action ( this was part of the prize ) 

Racing for the finish at Blenheim horse trials

And then of course I got to meet an true olympic champion Mark Todd.

Myself and family meeting Olympic champion Mark Todd

Other prison hotels you can stay at .....

The lloyd hotel, Amsterdam
This building was originally built as a hotel before being converted into a prison during the second world war. Shortly after it was uses as a work shop for artists, until re-opening in 2004 as a hotel. The quirky contemporary interiors and rich character of this hotel is simply magnificent. And with 117 rooms, ranging from 1-5 stars, you’ll be spoilt for choice whatever your budget. The 5 star rooms are a definite treat, featuring a bed big enough to sleep eight, a huge fibre glass bathtub sitting in the middle of the room, and (no less) a grand piano to rock the jail-house tunes.
 four season, istanbul
This hotel is housed in a gorgeous mustard yellow, neo-classical Turkish prison. Its 65 rooms look out onto a breathtaking courtyard, and every rooms is spacious with a decor fit for royalty. You’ll feel far removed from staying in a prison one step inside these four walls.
 The lĂ„ngholmen hotel, stockholm
For the near prison experience without any discomforts, the Landholmen is where you’re going to get it. Rooms come by single and double cells, and the decor is kept to minimum. They have retained the tiny blue cells door for each rooms, giving you that authentic experience until you’re released.