Tuesday 28 February 2017

Help Keeping The Family Healthy

I have had a roller coaster of health recently , I am a regular at the doctor and hospitals and I don't even get a Peppa pig plaster when I have my bloods taken ( the meanies ) I won't dwell on the negative of my health but instead the positive . One of the things that did discover was I wasn't deficient in Vitamin D I was insufficient  which means basically I was needed some topping up.

There are various ways that you can top up your vitamin D if you're insufficient and one of these is a multivitamin , and when the doctor told me I was insufficient I did admit to having some multivitamins in the cupboard which he suggested I immediately started taking. Another way of getting your Vitamin D is to get out in the sunshine which isn't the easier in Winter in the UK but hurrah today is the last day of Winter which can only mean more sunshine at some point ! I am getting low on my multivitamins so I shall take the opportunity to buy some today.

Foods that provide vitamin D include:

  • Fatty fish,like tuna, mackerel and salmon
  • foods that are fortified with vitaminD,like some dairy products ,soy milk and cereals.
  • Beef liver
  • Cheese
  • Egg Yorks

So with this in mind it has also given me a chance to overhaul my diet , I have knocked chocolate on the head for the minute though I did have some rice cakes with chocolate chips in ! I turned down cake only yesterday when I went to a vintage tea shop with my friend , she was utterly gobsmacked at my will power !

I do love my tea !

And we are all getting more exercise , my teen is always playing rugby now at adult level  ( I must admit when I saw the size of some of the players I did think oh my goodness ) Obviously they have all been getting their fruit and veg intake which has now shot up to 10 a day . I do like in particular to go for a walk and take pictures as I go along , yes the walk does take longer but I love to amble in a contemplative way.

Yesterday I had planned to do a seafood risotto only trouble was that I had no risotto which is a major stumbling block when you want seafood risotto!. So instead I used cous cous and with cous you must flavour it so I used some chicken stock along with 2 roasted peppers and carrots. I used mixed crab meat and some prawn for a lovely heart meal combined with some crusty bread. This was all ban of my meal planning and meal planning allows us to be more healthy I think as a family as we can see what we are consuming.

These are just of the ways to get my family and your family healthy , and keeping my teenager healthy is very important especially as he heads to University later this year. And it not just the humans I have to keep healthy it is also the cat Jack and that is more important than ever at the minute as he lost he best friend and our best friend Rollie last week . And he is understandably being fickle with his food at the minute as he is grieving so we are going to have to change his food in a attempt to get him to eat more . I am doing this under consultation of the vet and Jack will have to go in at some point if his eating continues to give us concern.

Jack Black the cat 

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Heelys Are Still Brilliant FUN

I remember back to when we were on a family holiday to Florida 2006 and we were strolling around the shopping area at Universal Studios waiting for it to open that we noticed a trainer shop. We had previously seen children zipping round the Disney parks with absolutely no effort and did wonder what on earth they were wearing it was like roller skating but only set in shoes. Once we were in the trainer shop we noticed what all the fuss about it was a trainer shoe called Heelys! At the time J was about 6 years old and a whirlwind everywhere ( though that hadn't changed) .

The Heeleys were perfect for gentle zipping down the Broadwalk at Disney.

Heelys are great for getting your kids outside , wearing a helmet along with arm, elbow and knee pads are a good idea as well it is better to be safe than sorry. Heelys really suited J's whirlwind nature as he had to concentrate on how to use them and this was a lesson in patience for him !

Heeleys would also be perfect for fun in the park , I remember this was the place where I started to learn to roller skate though in the 70's roller skates weren't as hip as they are know and certainly by the 80's the roller disco was a real buzz and draw for teenager . Sadly for me my core skills have never be brilliant and neither is my sense of balance !

Spring is just round the corner ! did you know today is the last day of Winter and that means more sunshine , I am more inclined to get out in the sunshine as it makes me feel better in myself . I know in the next few days I am going to go exploring in my local woods for signs of Spring , and it won't be long till the Spring lambs start appearing.

It is really important for children to get outside as it is for anyone , and getting outside improves everyone , I know when I had my racer bike as a teenager it gave me such independence from my parents that I blossomed. Perhaps your child could use their Heele
ys to zip round to their friend who lives next door maybe.

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Saturday 25 February 2017

My Struggle With Pillows !

As you get older obviously to look after yourself from what you eat to what you sleep on , I know for certain that I always have a problem with my pillows no matter what I do or which ones I buy they die . I've tried buying both expensive pillows or one cheaper pillow to go underneath and an expensive one to go on top . Now I'm not saying there is some sort of pillow conspiracy going on but I don't think it's a far fetched idea as you might think.

I've tried those memory foam pillows and I'm sorry I find them just a slightly softer upgrade from a house brick , sigh forever am I going to be on a quest for the perfect pillows . Even when we stop in hotels I request extra pillows as I need 2 and everyone has to have 2 so we all match. 


When it comes down to it I suppose I'm quite fussy about my sleeping from bedding to pillows I can strip a bed in one go no problem but when it comes to remaking the bed ~ oh my goodness what a chore !!

There are many tips to help you sleep at night and finding the right pillows is just one of them ...

1. Try and go to bed at the same time every night , don't be wandering around found stuff particularly when your husband or partner has gone to bed on time < I'm guilty as charged , ooops!

2. Get as much natural sunlight as possible , I'm all for booking a holiday in the Caribbean but Mr T says " No " 

3. Move vigorously during the day ~ don't sit fir more than an hour , I've been guilty of this of late but I've dusted off my walking shoes and I'm going to get exploring.

4. Limit caffeine ,nicotine ,alcohol and big meals at night ~ well I don't smoke and I've got healthy with my meals of late.

5. Relax before bedtime with activities that are relaxing to you.

And to create a calm and restful sleep environment which I'm starting to do , I 've just had my bedroom window replaced ~ done on the day of Storm Doris !!

And as Mr T has a doddery back then maybe when he's greyer than he is now ( I've yet to go grey my what a miracle of science that is !! ) then perhaps we may look at an adjustable bed from the likes of Adjustamatic.

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Friday 24 February 2017

The Grateful Grumble

Ever had a grateful grumble ?

Some people might grumble that a Rose has thorns but I'm grateful that the thorns have the Rose .

I might grumble that I've nothing much to eat in the house but then I think back to the time that my mum had to go the food bank.

Some people might be sad that their fresh glowers are not blooming as they once might but I'm grateful that they bloomed as I feel they choose me to bloom for.

I grumble one day at a wet play at having to entertain 30 bright and energetic 6 year olds but I'm grateful they're so good and rounded !

"Real life for anybody "


Now that had me stunned you see children really are amazing in their understanding of the world , they really can teach us adults a thing or 2!

I grumble that my hair so curly whirly had but I'm grateful that my unique caring sharing empathetic head has this to cover it.

I grumble most certainly that I lost my Rollie Ninjakillercat this week but I'm grateful of the vets rushing to try and save his life.


Thursday 23 February 2017

Thai Pancakes

Thai pancakes are one of the hit of street food and it's always some where I have fancied travelling to as I love vibrant , colourful places that have an interesting cultural food heritage in particular. this would be an ideal recipe to cook with your children or friends as cooking together is do much more fun.

Cooking together gives you time to catch up and put the worlds to rights even if it's just talking about Peppa pig and her exploits ! The best bit of cooking I think is the end result , I'm quite an impatient cook at times I think as I want results straight away hence why I've only attempted soufflé once in my life !!

That could be thinking where else in the world I'd like to go to to experience many a culinary delights , I'm always looking always planning and that is the key I think to good travel plans along with of course planning your budget.


250 g plain flour
55 ml water 
1 egg
1 tbs coconut milk (or 1 tbl butter)
1 hint of salt


  1. Combine all the ingredients together 
  2. Stir to form a smooth batter and gently fold the banana through 
  3. Measure (60ml) ( which is about quarter of a cup ) measures of batter then fry in a lightly greased, non-stick pan for about a minute a side, or until golden.
  4. Serve warm, drizzled with syrup or condensed milk.


I hope you have a wonderful pancake day and that your food may well influence you where you next go on holiday and as I have written this for Expedia they are a jolly good place to start with .

Wednesday 22 February 2017

Rollie NinjaKillercat In Memory

The death of a cat is never easy and it never will be . I had lost the count of times when we went to the vets with Rollie for his annual routine injections to be told

"OOOOH he's a bit thin isn't he ?"

And we told tilted out heads breathed in and sighed out and explained

"But it's Rollie , he's always like that he lives on his nerves "

We tried feeding him first but it didn't work Rollie was Rollie and slim as a bean he was , not quite sure how a bean can be slim , who on earth came up with such a a phrase I'll never know.Rollie was very unique in the world of cats and indeed humans and I am far from unique is saying cats are brilliant

"Cats do exactly what they day they do on the tin

As the sunlight hit the ears of Jack I knew everything was going going to go on the earth would keep spinning and in some way my life would ecpdaiantly be unconvinced by my cat Jack in some way or other. One of the hard things is to type cat and not cats and I miss not finding Rollie in the sink , on the sink , on the bread board and basically anywhere else that he shouldn't of been.

The heart break is such as my son asking

"When are we going to pick Rollie up '

And that was one of the hardest things for me to take in. So I had to immediately ring Mr T and he rang the vets as I couldn't get hold of them on the Sunday despite me trying and I hadn't wanted to tie up their emergency line . Mr T rang the vets ( the news wasn't good  and J had only one lesson at sixth form sixth form so they went the the vets to say good bye . I had already said my goodbye went we went the the mergence vets on Friday , I can not deal with the end of life stage ever since losing my childhood pet cat Boots and my first cat as a couple Bilbo pretty much within a week of each other. I was at the hospital when all this was happening and it was closure of sort for my husband and son but we will always remember Rollie.

I had spoken to the vet on Saturday and this was went the vet said that they thought it was a brain parasite in the form of Toxoplasmis  and that they were going to treat him with antibiotics /steroids. The next stage the vet said was MRI scan and brain fluid and this was where we had the conversation that about the scan , the vet has to remain impartial in this situation as what ever source of action is down to the owner . I said "So if the steroids and antiobitcs don't work this is a situation that they can't come back from . The vet was good and allowed me to reach my own conclusions , there is always that glimmer of hope and I think the glimmer of hope in important in any time of need situation.

They both cuddled him as he slipped away and it wouldn't have been Rollie my husband said if Rollie had extracted some sort of revenge on them and fluffed all over their clothes.Rollie was part pedigree and really the most beautiful cat in the world and when we told him he was a cat he looked at us with his beautiful evil eyes , and with no pun intended if he had been a  little but for on the fluffy personality side then we would have shown him he was hardcore. He looked good in black and white photos ,colour you name it he was a show off in the best sense of the word . In fact he had it nailed before Kim Kardashian * I think he showed her the ropes so to speak but he did with more style and didn't have a big booty to match.

Ironically the death of Rollie Ninjakillercat is one of the easiest things I have had to write about , it is part of who I am Rollie is the reason this blog started and in all honesty , brutal honest cold hard of light of day truth combined with certain friendships I wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for theres reasons.

Cat and humans are partnerships like Bert and Ernie from Seasame Street or Morecombe and Wise , Rollie was very much the straight man in the comical stakes.

Rollie 2008 -2017

Saturday 18 February 2017

Sorting Out The Family Finances

Student Finances

My son goes to University this year either at York or Nottingham to study archaeology , eeek so I thought I'd roll out some practical recipes , he's probably going into catered halls but having basic skills behind you is good. He has good GCSE cookery behind him which is a life skill you'll not forget. And choosing a good university  is key to getting the most out of the degree course you wish to study and it will set you with skills for life.


Can of Corn beef

500g of carrots 

Dice Butternut Squash ( I used some frozen )

100 ml of Beef Stock

1 teaspoon of Worcester Sauce

1 teaspoon of mustard

1 tablespoon of tomato puree


Place your veg is a pan and fill with cold water adding your diced carrots and butternut squash to this.

Bring to the boil and boil for about 5-7 minutes.

meanwhile , heat some oil in a frying pan next add the onion when the onion is softened .

Add the softened veg to the pan along with the corn beef and cook for 5 minutes.

Next combine the tomato puree and mustard together along with the Beef stock

Pout this over the mixture and continue to cook for another 10 minutes , stir round so everyone gets a share of the crispy bits !

When you have finished cooking the hash , you can either choose to serve with an optional fried egg or eat straight away .


The other side of approaching university student life is the financial side and this week I've been looking into this with the teen as we sort out some other matters at the building society . The building society my teen is at is the Nationwide , he's been there since he was a baby and even though he's now 18 he still needs financial guidance .

He can't take out a student account till 2 months before he starts his university degree and this  must be accompanied with his UCAS number , and your student account must be your own student account.

There are so many student accounts out there offering many incentives for you to sign up with them like a young persons railcard for instance but this is something we'd buy the teen anyway. More importantly there's the overdraft which isn't there as a you must use it's there as a what if , perhaps the wages from your student job are a day late or your living allowance is late.

Hopefully one for his his subjects he is going to get an A* which in many universities means some sort of financial reward.

The teen is getting to get a part time job but doesn't want to work in the restaurant industry again which is totally his choice , we did miss out one Christmas when he worked that day. But there are job advice shops at universities so he should have no trouble in finding a job that suits him and his Archaeology course. I have my fingers crossed that he is going to get a job at Betty's tea rooms if he gets his first choice of York . He has a conditional offer for both York and Nottingham university and he has worked his socks off for this.

Family Finances

Sadly at the minute Rollie aka Ninjakillercat  is rather poorly and we haven't got pet insurance so far we have spent £234 on his treatment , he is on a drip and will be receiving antibiotics /steroids for what ever is ailing him. The vets bills will continue to escalate but Rollie is family and in the mean time I have gone and insured Jack other cat which was around 36 pounds for the year and I did this through Topcashback . This contains an affiliate link to Topcashback if you haven't already signed up with them and wish to do so)

If you are in a situation perhaps a urgent car repair or boiler repair perhaps and you are perhaps going to be paid from work in the few days ,therefore being able to pay the money back then quick loans could be an option for you. You'll need to be aware that these types of loans attract a high interest  , they are designed really as a quick fix for your financial situation. You will need to pay the money back promptly so as not to see the interest keep being added.

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Rollie Isn't Quite his Ninjakillercat self

Not quite sure what's up with Rollie aka Ninjakillercat as currently in the vets on a drip , we all know he is a bit of a diva at the time and a bit of a calculating soul that's exactly why we call him Rollie ~ Ninjakillercat . Only the very best have such a surname as Rollie does .





The vet is really unsure what's up with him , he suspects some sort of poisoning but not sure what so it's a stab in the dark as to what it is . So for know it's a drip and a blood test  , we've not got petinsurance but you do what you need to as pets are family ( bet you're all singing now ) !

I'm not good at all in dealing with the myriad of emotions I go from sniffling to practical but I think the very very worst feeling is the helplessness in the not knowing , the unknown and for a person that likes to be in control it's making me topsy turvey. 

This blog wouldn't be here if it wasn't for the sarcastic calculating ball of doom that Rollie is , the carpet eater , the cardboard boxer destroyer . It's as if I'm writing an introduction for a boxer as they go for the fight of their life and in hindsight that's what I'm doing .

His brain is ticking over the vet says and his eyes were following the cotton wall the vet was dropping about him , it's just his limbs are not coordinating think Bambi on ice is the best I can describe it as . Rollie did try climb the vets legs to which the vet said " oooh sharo claws "

Personally Rollie was just trying to take down his pray.




I've never known such a stylistic poser of a cat in all the years of owning a cat ~ Rollie show off !


Then there are the James Bond villain cat stares ...



I'm off to suggest to the vets they play Rocky music at him , I mean where else would I find a cat that winks ?

I'm not just quite myself with and without  Rollie saggy old cat puss ( well more hardcore like a Kray of the cat world )


Friday 17 February 2017

Dealing with Colds

Kids & colds: What tricks do you use to make your children feel better when they are unwell? 


When children are feeling poorly, every parent needs a few tricks up their sleeve to entertain, distract and make them feel better, especially during the back-to-school season when they need to be back up and on their feet again quickly! 

I remember when I was younger listening to cassette story tapes when I was in bed , I was the sort of child that seemed to get flu often. I also was given lots of fluids to take on board and told to stay away from my sleep spectrum 48 k , one thing that made me feel better as a child was my love for my cat Boots.

It's important to keep them drinking so they don't get dehydrated , so popping their drink in a fun bottle will help with this. It's important to rest and make sure they put their feet up and take off any extra clothing , taking the extra clothing off will help endure they don't overheat .

We always have classic product in practically every parent’s bag of tricks: Vicks VapoRub*, the ointment that helps relieve congestion, sore throat and coughs due to colds.Even now we use this with our son who is a teenager as he studying for his A levels and can't afford to let a cold take him down. He drinks tea to help him feel better and in conjunction with the Vicks it seems to do the trick.


And you're never to old to have fun with puppets to help you feel better !!


Also laughter is good for the soul in helping him feel better and we've made him laugh with the cat before .


You might find that giving your child a lukewarm  shower or bath makes them feel better when they have a fever or themselves if they're a teenager . Do not try to take a shower if you are dizzy or unsteady on your feet. Increase the water temperature if you start to shiver. Shivering is a sign that your body is trying to raise its temperature. Do not use cold water to cool the body .

Vicks believe that traditional love, fun & laughter are key to comfort your children when they aren’t feeling themselves. That’s why Vicks have developed a series of sharable #VicksTricks magic videos that are simple, easy and great fun to replicate! Here are the key findings of Vicks consumer research:

Over half (52%) of parents said that rest was the most important thing for making children feel better
This was followed by ‘medicine’, which 40% of parents rely on
More than a third of parents (36%) believe in the power of TLC

And when it comes to keeping children entertained: 
Three out of four (75%) British parents put on the TV or a DVD
Over a quarter (27%) read to their children
1 in 10 parents get really creative; either telling jokes (8%) or even do magic tricks (2%)

Family Psychologist Corinne Sweet highlights that “one of the most powerful antidotes to sickness developing further, is parental care and concern.” 

Corinne advises that “listening to a story or watching a film is a good idea, as it is soothing and promotes laughter (an immune booster). But don’t let them play video games, watch scary films or spend hours on screens. This will keep their minds over-stimulated, when their immune systems need gentler stimulation and rest.”

And when Mr T broke out with the sniffles I instantly gave him Vicks first defence to use to help stop his cold becoming full blown as the last thing I needed was 2 patients.


First Defence isn't suitable for children under 12.

“This post is an entry 

for the #VicksTricks campaign.”

Thursday 16 February 2017

One Of My Greatest Loves Is Reading

It has seemed odd not reading for so very long , I did indeed had a stab at reading for the want of a better phrase at reading "The Girl on the Train " and it was quite a good read I found it easy . You see when I do read and I can read like a demon vivacious you'd say . My mind is taken over and I am away and the book if it grips me and it should as I will only go for a book that grabs me and then I am galloping way like a Arabian horse.

I do love a bookshop it's a if the souls reach from the pages longing you to read them so that they can released .


Isn't 84 Charing Cross road beautifully human ?


And although my depression and anxiety has robbed me of many years of reading I can put this as a marker although I'm not reading yet as I did which was speed reading , it's a start .already I have read 30 pages of this , yes my mind did go " I demand you stop and worry about something completely irrelevant !" I kept on reading and it's a marvellous achievement . 

What's not to love about paper books , they're like a welcoming friend that grips you by what they say though died depending on the book it could all get a bit hairraising !


Books love them.

Reading quenches curiosities but also promotes curiosities , reading I think really us the never ending gifted , you're never too old to start reading , the younger the better they say to help you as a person as you make your way in this somewhat complicated world at times.

Tuesday 14 February 2017

Spicing Things Up In The Bedroom

For Mr T and I things have got pretty boring in the bedroom of late and quite frankly I'm looking for a bit of change and excitement in my life , spicing things up doesn't necessarily mean several shades of a grey . Yes spicing up things in the bedroom can actually mean making your bedroom space more exciting and appealing , after all it's a place where we need to feel relaxed . When we wake up in our bedrooms we want to feel refreshed and ready for  the day ahead , my bedroom is lacking I have to admit we've not decorated since we moved in 8?years ago! 

I know it's Valentines Day it's all meant to be cards, wines and chocolates but Mr T and myself are practical souls even though we've married nearly 20 years. 


For that amount of years it's definitely understandering and compromise , for instance Mr T doesn't know he wants to purchase something until it's purchased half of the time . Mr T has always wanted a dog but I'm allergic to dogs and even the quiets ones bark at me , pssst I'm allergic to cats to but less so as I grew up with them .


See I did get him a card and it wasn't even in the sale , though I 'll back sure I pick one up for next year , not white this doesn't sound terribly romantic , I feel that saving money allows us to have many a fantastic holiday .




Mr T wants a piece of art to hang over the bed , is it a picture of me I hear you ask ? no we've not decided on what it is yet I've vetteod all Mr T's suggestions , I want something that's unique and not available from every flatpack Scandinavian store so as yet the wall is blank. We will get something eventually I'll probably end up getting it and Mr T will agree , it is a combination of ideas that makes for a successful relationship.

I must admit I do things on a whim it's not unheard for me to come back with hoards of vintage items and Mr T has given up keeping up with my eclectic tastes . Last year I did pick our bed up in one of those Black Friday so then Mr T had to take down and get rid of our old bed , marriage I think is the ultimate game show at times but one where you've already won the prize.

At some point I'll change the mattress as you normally do every 8-10 years and I will certainly look at Bed Guru where they do all sorts of mattresses including ones that cater for different sleeping needs if you and you're partner are of different builds.

This is a collaboration post.

Going On A Cruise

Myself and Mr T haven't been on a cruise we can't really count the short trip to Amsterdam where the seas were a bit choppy and the cabins had no windows . This at first did put Mr T off but since watching television programs and when friends and colleagues going on cruises Mr T is gently warming to the idea of going on a cruise. One of the types of cruises a friend went on was a Baltic cruise where she was wowed seeing so many countries and their architectural splendour .

Why should you consider a cruise ?

If you've wanderlust and want to see a myriad of countries without having to keep flying to them then a cruise is ideal ! You'll also find on board like minded people in board to share in your passion of travelling whilst at the same time you'll have the opportunity for those quiet times that you might crave . On board you'll find great entertainment and a good selection of restaurants to dine it , the choice is yours . Also when you reach your destination you can go on one of the optional excursions with an informative guide or explore on your own. That's the superb thing about going on the cruise is that it is truely flexible , the only limit really is your imagination!

Where might you visit on a Baltic Cruise ?

Departing from Newcastle you sail to first Oslo Norway then a day at sea , having a day at sea allows you to completely relax , rest and unwind which is of course why you've come on a cruise. 

Oslo Norway 


The other destinations that you'll visit include St Petersburg Russia , Helskini Finland , Stockholm Sweden and many many more exciting cultural designations.

St Petersburg Russia 


Helsinki Finland 


Stockholm Sweden


You can even take a cruise closer to home whilst exploring the Highlands and as I'm Scottish I would particularly love to go on this !! 

Edinburgh Scotland 


I've heard that cruise ships are like a home from home and I'm all for being a comfortable explorer with attentive cruise staff on hand . So why not think of a cruise for your next holiday maybe I know I am especially with the teen off to university this year, and the cost isn't too dissimilar to what I'd pay for a holiday by air for the 2 of us.

All the cruises depart from Newcastle which is very easy to get to either by car , train or coach and even air with relative ease. I'm glad to have written this post for Thomson Cruises as it has got me thinking where I'd like to go on my next holiday.

Friday 10 February 2017

I'm My Cats Dealer

I'm a dealer .

I don't know how it happened but I've ultimately I've become my cats dealer , they look to me for their next fix , well it's more Jack that does .Jack you see already has a hardcore catnip habit which he's struggling to shake , he keeps missing his C N A meetings ( Catnip Addiction)  , I imagine they meet secretly  on top of someone's shed ( not that you can meet secretly on top of a shed unless you're all black cats and it's nighttime

" My names Jack and I'm addicted to catnip it's been 3 hours since my last fix ..."


I am expecting the police to turn up any minute now and for my name to be spread across the news 

" Cat drug dealer caught "


 "My names Claire and I buy shoes to fund my cats shoebox habit "

Though in tough economic times Jack has to do with a biscuit lid ....


Sometimes we get carried away with our life of crime ...


Wednesday 8 February 2017

First Rule Of Unicorn Club

The first rule of Unicorn club is that you don't ask about the Unicorn , I like fun for fun brings a sweetness to the world that sometimes you can put your finger on and sometimes you can't .  That precise sort of fun that just makes you smile a Joie de vie that's the stuff that's flowing through my veins , a uniqueness some say but what if I was lucky enough to be born like it rare as you might say as a Unicorn . I've had friends from childhood who didn't quite get my humour as a child but do know , I know I know I'm a trend setter.

When taking delivery of my superpermarket food delivery the young chap said ~

"What's with the beware of the Unicorm on the the delivery notes ?!"

"Ahhh you see fun and sparking conversation!"

" I see " says the chap somewhat bemused ...

"It says on the notes don't ask about the Unicorn " the young chap said 

"Well I'm glad you did " I said .

And with that he left in his little Onion van and now I have to think about my online shop for next week

Apples etc etc

In noted types " My imaginary Unicorn is sad that he doesn't have a date for Valentine's Day "

Imagines all the delivery drivers are doing " Rock , Paper Scissors " to see who comes to my house ... 

Tuesday 7 February 2017

One Of My Greatest Loves is Books

It has seemed odd not reading for so very long , I did indeed had a stab at reading for the want of a better phrase at reading "The Girl on the Train " and it was quite a good read I found it easy . You see when I do read and I can read like a demon vivacious you'd say . My mind is taken over and I am away and the book if it grips me and it should as I will only go for a book that grabs me and then I am  galloping way like a Arabian horse.

I do love a bookshop it's a if the souls reach from the pages longing you to read them so that they can released .

Isn't 84 Charing Cross road beautifully human ?


And although my depression and anxiety has robbed me of many years of reading I can put this as a marker although I'm not reading yet as I did which was speed reading , it's a start .already I have read 30 pages of this , yes my mind did go " I demand you stop and worry about something completely irrelevant !" I kept on reading and it's a marvellous achievement . 

What's The Point In A Holiday ?

What's the point in a holiday ?

What's the point in a holiday , is a question I've often asked myself .

To people a holiday is many things be it their 2 weeks in the sun to making memories .

I love holidays , I think I would go crackers without a holiday, my planning of holidays can start years in advdncd infact my planning can start when I'm actually on a holiday much to my families bemusement ! This year we are going to Rome in August where it will be sweltering but I'll have my umbrella and I'll make everyone stop for drinks and ice cream.

To me the point of a holiday is family time and exploration of the mind , to explore places as if I'm the first person to go there is how I view travel. Holidays I think are reminders of the purpose of life , after all we go food shopping to survive then I think a holiday can show us some of the wonder of the world , life and people .

And as mentioned before this is the year my son goes on his first solo holiday with his six form friends before university , so for him it is the first real grasp of independence . When he first told us he was going I did the very 'mum' thing of running through a checklist of what to do and what not to do! I am sure I will do this every so often and he is going to have to pack his own case especially as they do ask "Did you pack this case yourself ?" ( though I think I will give him a hand maybe .. as he is bound to forget something ! )

What's the point in a holiday ?

Many reasons so many !


Friday 3 February 2017

My Favourite Drive : Snake Pass

I don't drive ( I can't drive ) and anyway I have staff a husband for that ! but the trouble is as the driver you don't always get to see the complete beauty around you as you are concentrating on the road ahead.

One of my most favourite drives is right here in Derbyshire and it is Snake Pass and it is apply named  ,Snake Pass is a hill pass in the Derbyshire section of the Peak District, crossing the Pennines between Glossop and the Ladybower Reservoir at Ashopton. When You drive through it you feel as if you are part of a Model Village as the scale of the hills are breathtaking , you really are driving through the clouds.

We drive all over the place very often for Rugby or when I go I want to go somewhere as I get an idea in my head and we must go there now , having good car insurance is a must . One place that you can get car insurance from is Chill Insurance when you are looking through the mountain of places to get car insurance from.

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Wednesday 1 February 2017

Little Positive Changes You Could Make

It can jolly cary how I feel I admit with anxiety and depression thrown into the mix , I might not put my words as eloquently as some but I do it my own way and that is good enough for me . And that's one of the things is admitting you are good enough , we are all different it would be jolly boring if we were all the same. I mean honestly can you imagine 2 of me , there's enough procrastination in the world and not enough tea drinking, I don't count tea drinking as procrastination I count it as me time .

Get yourself a note book 

I got a couple of these at Christmas thanks to a blogger secret Santa , note books can be fun in them list perhaps the jobs that need doing it might not all be achievable but it's a start. Factor in a treat , rest for yourself for me you guessed it would be drinking tea ,  It is not a case of timetabling your day it is to help you feel a sense of achievement and yes some of the things you write down could take weeks of months to achieve , so this is why you limit what you write down.

I have a real problem applying myself and I easily get distracted and wander off to do something else and keeping a list is hopefully going to keep me on task.

Give Yourself Something to Look Forward To 

Giving yourself something to look forward need not be a budget buster , it could cost as little as 10 p for example : I brought myself a Flump the other day and for me it is a little bit of joy and a bargain at only 10 p , though long gone are the days when I get a load of Strawberry Bon Bons for 2 p .Book a holiday for instance I'm going to Rome and the planning alone is mind boggling but enjoyable , it doesn't have to be stressful as the further in advance you do it the better,

Regret nothing or try not to as it is a time stealer . Your time your happiness .

Find Like Minded People 

It can be hard to make change in your own ~ 

Many hands make light work 

Doing stuff on your own is very much like going into the kitchen to get a sandwich and just coming out with a tin of beans , without help I'd default to always coming out with a tin of beans .

Take my road for example , people you'd think are busier nowadays but when a neighbour needed help with an excercise bike as her husband can't get out due to an illness , it was my husband and son that went across to help. It was the neighbourly thing to do , people just do things with no expectation it's a instinctive kindness . 

I try and protect myself from big big meanies , I have a thing well a personality trait  which means I can't tell if someone is joking or just being a big big meanie , I'll be honest if they're being mean it can wound me for days . I find myself mulling over the situation which is not good for me as it's a mood alterer so when I experience something of late , I sought friendly advice from people I know and trust . Now of course I'm still coming to come across irksome people but I'm going to imagine them as a big fluffy ducky wearing a top hat.

Meal Planning 

Meal planning I hear you cry how the Dickens is that going to help me possibly ? It's the routine factor currently I'm working my way through one cookbook then I'll move onto another. I'm having a whale of a time cooking and experimenting .....