Wednesday 29 September 2021

Cats Rule The World

We all know cats rule the world and we are merely their servants to do their bidding ! With a cat you must even ask permission to leave your own house or rather their house.

Cats turn up everywhere 

Here is a cat giving my husband a guided tour at Lacock Abbey.

Rumours are abound who will be the new Doctor Who and especially with all the current budget cuts at the BBC

We just would not want cats not ruling the world as cats are really part of our eco system.I bought my cat an expensive bed just so it had the choice not to sleep in it .

Friday 17 September 2021

Victoria Vintage Tea Room s Draycott

 Tea is very much balm for the soul , in a world where "Be Kind " is spouted left right and centre they're are some that do not live by their very own words . But tea and kindness can win through tea promotes such great heart warming comaradarity and it allows you to talk and to be yourself and tea will never never censure the words that you need to say.

This is why the Victoria Vintage tea room Draycott is bliss in a tea cup and not a storm ! They serve homemade food and tea in the homemade English tea room way.The only thing that is missing is Miss Marple solving one of her murder mystery.