Friday 31 March 2017

Photography Rebuilding My Sanity

I give a lot of thought to what I do and that's no different to my photography , I'll make no bones about it I have a phenomenal eye by that I mean my photographic eye .



I'm photograghing my way to sanity and I'm really not sure that I'll ever be sane so I'm just going to have to keep taking photographs , photograghpy has really kept me going particularly in my darkest of days .


I find photography is not lonely at all but instead I find it empowering and all encapsulating. I love to capture the moments and look back on them mostly fondly and sometimes painful but a continuing therapy none the less . Whilst I prefer bluebird skies I'm really adaptable to any weather situation as there is a myriad of opportunities with the colours that are thrown up.


Photography as a thererapy I find very satisfying as I can say " I took that picture " the sense of accomplishment is second to none , I don't take pictures for the admiration I get at times it's purely in a sense a somewhat selfish reason sometimes . 

I enjoy showing my photography off in my blog and the community that I'm part of , and I'm always learning new skills. If you 'be thought there's no way I can take pictures I really urge you to try and with digital photography you can delete the image if you don't like it .

I'm always on the look out for pictures to take and it really gets me out into the fresh air and it's helping me exercise.


Photography makes me want to get out and for a person with depression and anxiety that really is monumental. I can't struggle to talk in social situations I struggle to get my voice across , I struggle to be heard. But as soon as I put my photography on line then I spark conversation and I get back people talking .

Thursday 30 March 2017

Easy Mexican Tortilla Stack

Faced earlier this week with doing tea and I was really unsure of what to cook so upon opening the fridge I gazed upon a pack of steak mince , I didn't want to go with the typical spaghetti bolognaise or shepherds pies.


Packet of Mince 
Chopped onion 
100g of sweet corn 
1 diced pepper
Splash of red wine
can of tinned tomatoes
squeeze of tomato puree
drained can of red kidney beans
splash of worcestershire sauce
1 clove of garlic
2 teaspoons of chilli powder more or less ( I am quite weak in my chilli taste as I can't handle the heat )

A  cup of grated cheese


Preheat your oven to 180 c

Line a oven tray with baking parchment

Brown your mince and then add the onion and garlic in the pan

I tend not to add oil as the mince  gives off its own juices

Add in the rest  of the ingredients and simmer for around 15 minutes then take off the heat

Place the first tortilla on the parchment lined baking tray then spoon some of the mince mixture on the tortilla then sprinkle with a bit of cheese repeat until you have a stack of about 4 finally top with some more of the mice mixture and add some cheese nachos and sprinkle some more cheese over . Place in the oven for around 15 minutes then one you have got it out of the oven leave to cool for 5 minutes , cut and serve with perhaps some Guacamole .

Wednesday 29 March 2017

Finding Your Crafting Way

I promised Jane a blog post as a few weeks back she graciously wrote a blog post for me on finding your crafting mojo , this was the crafting version of throwing a gauntlet down but instead it would be scissors  As I've had a lot of time on my hands recently I thought I'd better follow the advice on Jane's blog post. 

1. Planning What You want to do.

I think once you've established your crafting project then you can get planning with what you need to do , the first time I did was establish as to what crafting goodies I had in the house . I opened magazines abundant about the place and sorted them out , I then decided upon a small project and it was all systems go . Planning has also included writing this blog post ~ coughs I'm about 2 weeks late but I don't think Jane has noticed , you'll not tell her will you now ?! You could get yourself a notebook and write down any ideas you might have so then you've a point of reference when your crafting mojo goes awol.

2. Recycle and reuse 

Recycle and reuse what you've got , how many times do you get a present that's wrapped in some sort of ribbon / lace and thought that's pretty . You'll be amazed when you start looking around what you can reuse even the pretty insides of envelopes can be a crafting inspiration.

3 .Beginning to craft 

If you've never crafting before in your life and haven't a clue where to start then buying a magazine like Quick cards is a good start as they'll cope with free gifts that can help you start your craft stash . Trust me once you start crafting you'll soon amass a crafting stash and you might even find that people start giving you things and of course there are always the competitions you can enter . Start off simply and build up your skills gracefully , using prefolded cards can help you as once you know what your dealing with you can have a go yourself.

4 .Seeking Inspiration 

As mentioned in point 1 planning is a good way to helping you were your inspiration as is Pinterest also getting out with your camera is another way of getting inpisired . Inspirational ideas can hit you at any point so do keep a look out !! 

5. The Finished Article 

I used a kit that came with my craft magazine and it was really easy and knowing that I could take my time with it even though it was a relatively simple kit really boosted my confidence. I made the card and I even tweeted out a picture to the magazine the kit had come with.


I've joined with a linky called "Shopping our  stash "

"shopping our stash "

Sunday 26 March 2017

Coping When Structure Goes Out The Window

Coping when structure goes out the window is very hard and that's what I've been having to deal with over the past few weeks work wise . I'll not go into reasons but for my self who needs the structure it's been a little disconcerting. I've had to try and implement my own structure and this has included making Chutney for the first time , washing the car , and taking myself to the NEC Uk Photograghy show . 

Going places on my own is very daunting I do have to say and this is where I have to be brave and plan to within an inch of my life , I have to know that I'm going to get there . The NEC is a huge place and previously I had been there in the car with my husband for various shows . This is where I looked on the internet and asked my friends on Twitter , I checked and tripled checked , it was then I booked my train tickets standard going out with seats reserved . Coming back I booked first class for a £5 upgrade as I knew the crowds coming back would freak me and I really could not be doing with the hustle and bustle.

The need to prepare physically comes with with the social anxiety side , I'm not sure about anyone else but sometimes I play out scenarios in my head that never comes to fruition , I tell my brain that this is a time space thief that is not welcome.

I have and this is completely essential have events planned ahead in order to function although this may completely alien to someone in my shoes again it comes down to preparing myself socially , mentally and physically.  

1. I set myself self small achievable goals in order to face my fears.

2. Excercise I'm getting on my bicycle and walking more , this where point 1 comes in for me .

3. Keep talking I know this might sound counter intuitive but I talk to lots of people about how I'm feeling , how I might feel and what happened when I did something . There are all many of talking therapies including CBT now when I tried CBT it didn't work for me but what worked instead was finding out about the therapy myself and working through it. 

4. Healthy eating I'm doing my very best to make sure I eat healthily and combine this with excercise so far I've lost half a stone slow and steady gets the cake . I'm really not sure I can throw myself into any slimming groups , I'd rather gather up a bit of everything .

5. Treat yourself once in a while and one of my favourite places to treat myself in Derby is the Cathedral tea rooms and it really is a hidden gem and when I went there on Friday it looked like my secret was out.

Thursday 23 March 2017

Why Do Cats Live High Places ?

Why do cats love high places?

As a friend of the felines, you will have observed them making their way up frighteningly-tall trees, bookcases and cabinets, on multiple occasions. But what’s with the love of heights? We share a few reasons for cats’ daredevil behaviour in this post:


For cats, height serves a purpose. It’s not for the purrrfectview – oh no. Cats associate height with dominance. If you’ve got more than one cat, you’ll notice it’s the most dominant cat who wants to get the highest point available – there’s a pet hierarchy in every home, so it will always be the cheekiest chappy who is first to the top of the tower.


As cats are observational by nature, being high up allows them to cast an eye over their territory. It also allows them to make eye contact with the people in their home, giving them a greater sense of security and to feel accepted there.

Cats also feel that they’re in some way camouflaged because they are higher up and therefore, is a great place for them to practise their hunting skills and scan the ground for morsels of food.


Anxiety is a genetic explanation of why our cats look for elevated places to perch. In a high place, such as a shelf, our furry friends feel safe, as they are out of reach of potential claws and other threats. Cats will also retreat to a grand placeto relieve any anxiety they’re feeling in terms of noise, other animals or other things that they might be worried about.


We all know that hot air rises. Well, so do cats, so they often get higher up to keep warm. This is why cats love radiators so muchas that fur just isn’t doing the trick in winter. This shouldn’t be dangerous for your pet, as long as they are wise enough to move when they get too hot!  





Oh, and then there’s the sheer fun element. Cats love climbing to high places for the entertainment-value. As they have loadsof energy to burn off each day and often get bored, climbing is a fabulous way for them to expel some calories.

Climbing is also good for their claws, their ability to balanceand their musculoskeletal system. 

If you worry about your cat being so high up in your home, you can get carpeted shelves that are in easy-reach or buy them a cat tower, which will also serve as an exercise activity.Always ensure you have cat insurance to cover your pets in the event of an accident.

This is a guest post collaboration 

Monday 20 March 2017

Social Photography A Means For Change

Some of the best moments to photo are what we might ignore on our trips to the shops etc , we often ignore what is around us it becomes second nature . I love exploring my local surrounding I don't think of myself as restricted just because I don't drive. With photography you can capture your adventures as you endlessly explore , photography allow you to revisit your memories and to capture new ones .Photograghy can be a social experience or a solidarity one but when I'm on my own capturing my minds eye I don't feel alone I feel immsered in my surroundings.

Photography wise I'll use everything from a Nikon D5300 , Panasonic Tz40 , IPhone 6 


This picture was taken on my IPhone 6

and now luckily I've acquired a new camera which very luckily I won and that camera is the Sony HX90 – the world’s smallest digital camera including a 30x optical zoom lens developed by Sony along with the legendary ZEISS®, a clear retractable OLED Viewfinder, WIFI & NFC to share your images directly to your phone and other features to extend full-scale shooting capabilities. The perfect camera to inspire you to get out there and document the world too.   

Taken with a Sony HX90

At the Uk photography at the NEC I got talking to a partially sighted technology YouTuber and his attitude to life was inspiring he vlogged and to hell with any negative comments he got , occasionally he turned the question around . I talked about how my photography and blogging is helping me in terms of my mental health and axiety and I was listened to. I also got to meet a very cool travel Youtuber a very energetic young man called Louis Cole who is a travel photographer and vlogs as well , we talked at great length and it was very humbling for me to be accepted for who I am ! And again Louis was another YouTuber who ignored the comments he got on his tube channel and I think that speaks volumes for other situations in life. 

Friday 17 March 2017

What I Would Do With A Lottoz Win

I dream of Canada.

The other day it was the 150th birthday of Canada ! I just can't think about Canada without going to sing the  national anthems of

"Oh Canada !"

I have only been to Canada once and that was on my honeymoon ~ many moons again costs on fingers ~ 20 years ago. For our honeymoon we had a dramatic start the plane engines caught fire and the control tower noticed there was smoke before we took off , so we had to escape the plane down the emergency chutes with loads of fire engines waiting. We spent our honeymoon nigh instead in Brighton as we were put up in a hotel till another plane was ready., luckily the next day we flew off without a hitch ! we went out to explore Toronto as soon as we got there so we didn't miss out on anytime exploring such a fantastic city.

I really loved Toronto it is such a vibrant city I would dearly love to go back especially if I was lucky enough to win some money at the moment perhaps on the Euro Millions on Lottoz is a website for those than are over 18 , there you can bet on lotteries from all around the world at  a click of a button . From the Euromillions with has currently a jackpot of 100 million euros to the Mega Millions win the USA which has a current jackpot of $145.All available money is going to the teen as he is going to university soon. And of course I would make sure the teen didn't go without a little treat or 2 !

I love travel and going to different places but I have only been to Canada once and that visit has really stuck in my mind , one of the other places we went to in Canada was Niagara Falls so I would combine a visit to Toronto again. Canada does really get to your heart and soul and I think I would love to go round the same time I did last time which would be around my wedding anniversary.Canada is amazing at anytime of year but to see the beautiful carpet tapestry of colour in the Autumnal trees it really is a sight to behold.

Which country would you love to go back to ?

What would you do with a lottery win  ?

I know that after university my son would really like a car as he has passed his test but as he is going to university there is no need for one as everything is on campus.

Or perhaps some improvements to the garden I know for instance my husband is itching to put some artificial grass down just so he doesn't have to mow the lawn.

Remember to use Lottery sites such as Lottoz are consecrate of their gaming responsibly they've safeguards in place such as age verification and they may check this again any any given point and remember you must be over 18 to use this service .

This is a Collaboration post 

Red Onion Chutney With Pineapple And Mango


I've been learning a few new skills from washing the car~  yes really !( I don't drive even )
The recipe below will do enough Chutney for 4 people just adjust your fruit and onion levels to suit , I will st some point make a job lot once I've got some empty jars. I'm not buying them you'll have seen the lunacy that is the cost of empty jars being more expensive than ones that have jam in.


2 red onions
1 tea spoon of black mustard seeds
50 ml olive oil 
Either a pack of pineapple and mango already chopped or tinned ( and you can use the syrup but you'll need to adjust the sugar accordingly)
Brown Sugar to Taste 
Salt / Pepper
One garlic clove crushed 
2 teaspoons of chipotle ( do this do your tastes )


Sweat the onions off in a saucepan for around 10-15 minutes in the olive oil, add the rest of the ingredients and season.

Gently stir and let gently simmer for about an hour or until it has a jammy consistency .

Perfect served with Gammon.



Tuesday 14 March 2017

Art Of Paws Cat Shelf


"Jack ( the new Ninjakillercat here ) and I've been asked if I'd to test a new cat shelf ..

Does a mouse like cheese ?

Does a cat like a mouse who has eaten the cheese ?!

Of course I said yes ! you'll see from the picture above I've been perfecting my cat model pose and pout and I really really think I've nailed it ) I know a song about modelling would you like to hear it ? 

" I'm a model if you know what I mean , I do my little turn on the cat walk "

The humans beans are always taking about shelf care and I thought I want a peace of this shelf care action . I like to jump on surfaces particularly like front room window sill .


The cat shelf is a good idea,particularly a cat that has mountaineering aspirations and would ideally need to be put in a area the humans don't use and are unlikely to use . Perhaps putting up in a utility room or conservatory or if you any room as you can place it high enough so you don't lose valuable wall space .

The cat shelf I paw testing is from the Art of Paws and retails at £34.97 and comes with everything you need , the instructions are easy to follow and the item is packaged well. Though if you purchase this through Amazon it is selling for the amazing price of £24.97 which is a complete steal I think !

It comes with 2 covers one is a fluffy type and the other is more doormat carpet type which encourages scratching and us cats all enjoy a good scratch though we don't always scratch the things we should ( guilty look )

The box it comes with is ideal in which to rest while you watch your human bean put your cat shelf up. The shelf is curved which I really like as then I can really stretch out while my underbelly is full supported. It will support a cat that weighs up to 20 kg !

Coughs Cat fat farm

No you ate all the food !

Disclosure I was sent the cat shelf which my human bean put up as I have no DIY skills at all I'm a cat .

Monday 13 March 2017

Dealing With Cat Grief

Cat Grief 

This isn't just restricted to yourself at losing a much loved pet, we lost our cat Rollie last Monday , he was a very much loved member of our family and life is one cat shaped hole at the minute. Rollie and Jack weren't related but as described in the memory post to Rollie, they were very much like  Bert and Ernie Sesame Street. They had grown together as kittens with Jack being a few months older , when Jack wasn't looking Rollie would clonk him on the head and visa visa.


Jack has very much been pining for Rollie and that's natural , we haven't stopped talking about Rollie at all and in doing so it helps with the loss. And I think Rollie would love that as he was very much the centre of attention even though he was shy ! he demanded that you look at how beautiful he was !!


So over the past 2 weeks I've had to work through my cat grief and help Jack with his , he has been my sad cat .


In helping Jack I've at first fed him scrambled eggs / cooked chicken and sardines , I also tried feeding him small amounts , leaving his food for longer ( which didn't work ) I've also brought him special other cat foods as a treat , we are working through his eating and we are just about cracking it now . We've also changed how we leave him during the day we used to put both cats in the kitchen when we went out but now we allow him access to the house with no access to the bedrooms . He also has toys all the place it's not unusual to find a toy mouse on the stairs . It's a time process and we still feel like Rollie will come back through the cat flap at some point . Laugh cry do what ever you need to to get through .

I was pleased when Lilly's Kitchen sent Jack some food treats to try and I think Jack appreciated the kind gesture.


When changing over cat food (perhaps to Lily's kitchen maybe ) make sure you do it gradually over 2-3 weeks by mixing more and more of the new food into your old stuff. Lily's Kitchen for cats offers up a new Tate and texture thanks to the simple,natural , meaty goodness the recipes are made of.

Why The World Needs Rubbish Jokes

Why the world needs rubbish jokes !

Did you hear about the painter who needed anger management?

He was having trouble dealing with his emulsions....

What's Boy Georges favourite food " Korma korma  chameleon "

These are but a few in my repatoire, I'll not be going on the comedy circuit any time soon , if I start telling a decent joke then there is something wrong drastically wrong. The world needs cheese the world needs unscripted fun the world needs me.

Did you hear about the Mexican Carpet fitter ?

It's all about the underlay underlay ...

I've yet to stroll into the realm of knock knock jokes but I'm jolly well going to have a think on them ~ you lucky people ! I blame my humour on a myriad of reasons but it's my humour and I love it and feel that it truely is one of the things that keeps me sane and for me that's is key to help me managing my depression and anxiety. I don't want to take tablet s and that is my choice and my choice alone. Humour can risk us from the darkest of situations , I love for example Monty Pthyon I've really lost count of times that the Knights of Nee have rescued me from a sad abyss.

Humour has to grab me , others can be rolling on the floor in tears as something has tickled them something rotten and I'm just " I just don't get" . I do have a sense of humour bypass a majority of times and can't get many a type of humour but give me say the Goodies, Monty Pyhthon, The Fast Show , The 2 Ronnies , Fawlty Towers , Ealing Street comedies etc and I'm sniggering away with the best of them. Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong time and that I'm actually older than my years!

Humour is personal but humour is also collective .

My husband likes Miranda where as I don't , I think it's blooming awful and I was secretly relieved when the series ended , neither do I like Michael Mcinytre but as I said humour is personal and it's also collective . As a family we enjoy Lee Evans and it has us howling and crying laugher tears.

So you see the world needs rubbbish jokes and the world very much needs me.

Sunday 12 March 2017

The Wonder Of Spring

Though my son didn't pass his driving test , he has got further than I ever had in learning to drive and I am so pleased that he has the confidence in his driving . While he won't have a car to go to university with as there is little  point as York has such great transport links . Learning to drive is such a great skill in life ! , it won't be long before my son is more qualified than me ! but not yet !!. It was I that found the driving school he's currently with however if if had been the first driving and there had been room he would have been learning in a pink mini with "Tammy" written down the side . I don't think that would have bothered him even though he raised an eyebrow when I told him. I managed to find another driving school where it was a lady instructor this time with a white mini.

And the path you take isn't always the easiest for instance I popped to the shops today and I decided to take the route that wasn't the easiest.


The weather is so gloriously today , I love Spring it's wonderful to see the emergence of the wild flowers such as the wild primroses.


To catch the woods reflection in the pond 


Spring is the prettiest pirate of all as it reveals its golden haul 

Close your eyes for a second then its Winter before you know 

Keep your eyes open to see it all 

The easiest route to what you need can be the muddiest of all 

The wonder that flies by as the butterflies glide by 

What a glorious day to see it all 



The ice cream you see that I'm afraid was just for me ....


I do love Spring as it highlights the fairies that are resting on my furniture I don't like to disturb them . I will at some point have a flick of the duster and spray and evict those fairy sleepers. I feel I'm almost getting back to me it's been 3 weeks since I lost my cat and Rollie was a very good indicator of the weather. If Rollie was outside then you knew it was the best weather ever in the whole wide world.

MiVue 658 Dashcam Review

The Mio 658 is a high definition dash cam at a reasonable price with integrated GPS and WIFI, The WIFI part of this is really special as it allows you to connect to your smartphone/tablet device . There is a free down loadable app ~ Mivue. And being able to review the footage on your smartphone is very slick indeed.

The Dashcam itself has a 2.7 inch screen and the touchscreen is very intuitive  , Mr T commented on the good picture clarity , it also works in low level lighting.

In the event of an accident you can send yourself /insurance company/police any footage in the event of an accident.And because of the integrated GPS everything will be pinpointed : route speed and type of impact. This I see very much as a huge plus point in this day and age as there are definitely more cars on the road as opposed to when my husband learnt to drive.

Setting up

Make sure you charge the dash cam before you set it up , it would have been useful if it had come with some residual charge. I'll start with the only down point that I can find about the dashcam and that is you can't the get power cable off easily not without taking the bracket off completely.

The technology that we can buy for nowadays is certainly better at whatever it needs to do be it smartphone to the not so humble wristwatch .One area where this is drastically evident is in car gadgets, where smaller things on our dashboard make for a clearer and safer view out of the windscreen. 

Once installed on your windscreen using the included suction-cup mount (ours has been up for two weeks straight and has yet to fall – a good sign, that). As soon as you start the car engine  the Mio MiVue 658 WiFi Dashcam will automatically start to record. What makes this dascsm stand out from others I've had is that it records the HD footage in the H.264 file format, meaning you can fit a lot more high quality footage onto a Micro SD Card. Speaking of which, you'll need one as the MiVue 658 does not come with one but they're cheap enough to buy nowadays.

It also comes with useful speed camera alerts and you'll finally be able to capture those stills from those scenic drives where as a driver you don't really get to appreciate the scenery .

MiVue 658 WIFI price and availability

You can buy The MiVue 658 Wi-Fi now for around £160 from most online retailers. has at an amazing £149 !

Wednesday 8 March 2017

Finding Your Craft Mojo

Many thanks to Jane from Onions and Paper blog for writing this for me particularly as I have lost my crafting mojo of late and I really enjoyed card making when I did it .

“I’ve lost my mojo!” How often do you hear that said? Well, here are some tips for finding it again (assuming you’ve already looked down the back of the sofa). My tips are written with crafting – in particular papercrafting – in mind, but the five point plan could equally well apply to almost any hobby. So I’ll give you the five points first and then go through them one by one telling you how I apply them to my own hobby. Then you can think about how you would apply them to yours.

  1. Go back to basics
  2. Do your research
  3. Try something new
  4. Buy something new
  5. Take a break

1. Go back to basics
Think about what attracted you to the hobby in the first place, and how you got started – then go back and try to re-create some of those first steps, the ones that excited you and got you motivated to make it a regular hobby. In my case, I started off by watching the shopping channel on TV and ordering several kits containing everything except the glue and scissors. They were perfect for beginners, and I still have a little of some of the kits left so when I am not feeling inspired, I get out one of my oldest kits and make a card from it. Here is a card made using papers from the very first kit I bought from QVC, a Hot Off The Press kit.

2. Do your research
Look at the places you find inspiration for your hobby. For crafting, I have a small collection of old craft magazines, follow lots of blogs, and regularly visit Pinterest. Choosing a photo from one of these sources and then setting out to copy it is a great exercise – naturally I don’t always have the same materials, the same stamps or dies, or the same papers. And I might change a colour here, the position of a ribbon there, or the words of a sentiment. By the time I have finished, I have a completely different card from the one I am “copying”. For instance this card was inspired by one I saw on Pinterest, and yet now it is finished,  the only resemblance is the heart shaped die cut.

3. Try something new
Try using the tools and materials you already have in a different way, one that maybe you’ve been thinking about trying, or one you’ve chanced upon during step 2 and not seen before. Thinking differently about what you have is a wonderful way to reawaken your creativity. Here I have used some papers and embellishments I have had for years to make a card with an unusual fold that I hadn’t tried before.

4. Buy something new
If you can afford to treat yourself, now is the time to do it! There’s nothing like having something new to play with for getting you in the mood. It doesn’t have to be a major shopping spree - for me it might be a craft magazine, a small die or a single rubberstamp. And once you have your new “toy”, resolve to  make at least three things with it while you are filled with enthusiasm.  I bought a craft magazine that came with a pack of printed papers in it, and immediately made six cards from thre papers – here is one of them.

5. Take a break

If you’ve tried all these steps and you STILL can’t find that lost mojo, then you are really not in the mood and you’ll probably be dissatisfied with anything you DO produce. Instead of trying to push yourself, take a break. It may be a few minutes, a few hours or a few days, it may even run into weeks or months, but if you truly love the hobby you will find that eventually you miss it and are itching to get started again. And if that doesn’t happen, then either you have really fallen out of love with the hobby or it wasn’t ever right for you in the first place. When that happens, it’s time to think about trying something completely different!

Saturday 4 March 2017

Interview With A Cat

We've only Jack now so he's going to step up with both paws and fill all the cat content on this blog , he's very vocal and we do treat him like a dog in some respects ~ well I do as he will sit on command to my Barbera wood house style

"SIT "


What's your name ?

Jack Black or Cat or "Oi you bl o o dy well get down from the kitchen surface "

What's your favourite food ?

Whatever you're having ...



What's are your favourite hobbies?

Sleeping , eating hide and seek and sitting in boxes .


I'm just waiting on my call up to the England Cat squad for sitting in boxes ..


Sitting in boxes is a real skill as there is varying degrees of difficulty ...

I'm hide and seek car champion 2016




Sleeping is an art form , I'm planning on making an art exhibition and of course I'll know that I'll win the Turner prize .

Does life emulate art or is life emulating me ~?


How do you feel about Ninjakillercat training ?

Well obviously I've some big paws to fill , I'm assessing the human bean prey and obviously the mortal enemy that is toilet and kitchen roll.



I've started my awakwardness by peering out the window of course tangling myself in the cream blinds ....

I'm working on my video interviews which will be with you shortly ...

In the mean time please asking me any questions I'll answer them as best as I can ~ it can be difficult typing with my paws...