Monday 30 January 2012

Magpie Monday... Stepping back in time.

I love bargain and I  do enjoy charity shops so o the rare occasions I do go to town and I am without my child ( and husband) free. I just mooch just , glide around looking at the charity shops . Well last Friday this item caught my eye .

1911 Royal Doulton Coronation cup and saucer.

1911  it so upstairs downstairs  I can just see it sitting in some Ladies parlour, I find it hard to believe this is over a 100 years old. It has a slight hairline crack in the cup but after one hundred years wouldn't you have the odd blemish or too ?

The price just 99p that's  a bargain in my opinion here' hoping it survives another hundred years.

Thursday 26 January 2012

I am not a yummy mummy........but.....

I am not a yummy mummy, I am not rocking the Ugg boots and Barbour jackets which are hiding the Jack wills jumper and I have not managed to squeeze into any  Superdry jeans. Thankfully now I don't have the playground run with eyes looking disapprovingly at my chipped nail vanish .

I still have chipped nail vanish I  should remove it but my days are spend being a teaching assistant but I am having to scrub up next week as I will have to take part in a video promoting something I did recently for my school. So I will have to be smarter and my nail vanish will have to be perfect. after this is done will I slip back into my usual chipped nail vanish state probably . I  really should make more effort with my nails as this  has been one area I have struggled with along with fashion and my weight also.

I am constantly reminded of my weight by sudden people I know and yes it does bother me I am trying  lose weight but the staff room lures me in .. the constant cakes, sweets biscuits . Willpower just walks straight out of the door along with my fashion sense sometimes.

You will find me in black legging and a long top,  stripy socks and Mary Jane shoes but I do sport a really cute Radley bag. See I am not without some fashion sense though I do think the last who stopped me in the Radley Shop at The Bullring last Saturday thought otherwise. This is how some of the  interview went..

"So What brings you to the Radley shop" asked the lady really excitedly.

"Err handbags" I said scanning all the bags around me and looking for Iphones that they might sell on the side.

"So if you were to buy a designer handbag what would it be ?" her hand gesturing towards this very extensive list.

" I wouldn't" I bluntly said.

" Surely one?" She said looking rather perplexed.

"No not unless someone thrust money into my hand and said that 'I must buy one'"

"Oh " She said looking crestfallen she shoved a lottery scratch card in my hand and shuffled off to some other unsuspecting soul.

Want to see my two recent fashion purchases..........

My little cute Radley bag

My Pocket Radley bag

My Radley handbag and my stripey sock.

So you see I really do have style .....

Wednesday 25 January 2012

Autistic children games

Now this really does depend on the level of autism but the other day I was play a simple game of  'stop and go' Purely saying 'stop' and 'go' to the child ( this is an autistic child with out much verbal communication if any ). They had such joy playing this game, we then went onto playing a different game  where I stopped at one wall they ran to another wall , I then called their name and they ran to me smiling and giggling.

You might not think you are doing much when you play simple games or do simples things but you are its all part of of the social process and it' s very small important step.

-  Maintain close proximity to child (2-4 ft.) to help keep them focused  Which is what I did when they ran to and from me giggling with such joy.

Another outside game to try is
-  Use two adults (one behind and one to guide his hands) to assist the child to catch
   and throw a ball.  Use a large soft ball, as it is easier than a smaller one. 

-  Games of hide and seek can be engaged in (using two adults - one to cover the
   child's eyes and take him out of the room and one to hide the object) if the child
   has come to realize that objects exist even though they are hidden.  The assistants
   must help the child search for the favorite item and searches must be very brief.
-  Include these children in very simple games with peers for very brief periods of
   time during outside play or PE  times. 

Monday 23 January 2012

How Do you Get it?

I am very pleased to introduce a guest post from So Thank you to this lovely lady for doing this for me.

How Do You Do It?
We all get asked this question often enough. I know the answer to this question is quite simply, 'I don't'. I don't do it, if by 'it' you mean having a smoothly running house, an organised daily routine and perfectly behaved children. In fact I don't know anyone who does 'do it'.  From talking to friends, co workers and other mummies I know, it seems to me that we are all just doing the best that we can manage. Which in my opinion is pretty brilliant. Anybody who appears to be 'ding it', has to be lying!

Whether we work full time, part time, stay at home, our conversations usually involve stuff like, how we organise the school pick ups, child-minding or lifts to swimming? What meals are handy to make? What day is best to have an on-line grocery delivery? Because we are all like ducks paddling madly below the water to keep moving along.
The majority of days tick along ok. But then along comes one that just to make me hide under the duvet. The dirty nappy that leaks all over the car seat, the football gear that has been left in the car for 3 days and isn't ready for practice, or the announcement at 8.45am that their class is having a bun sale.

Of course things like this happen and I get really worked up. But not half as much as I used to. I think the realisation that I can't do it all has made handling parenting a whole lot easier for me. Part of how annoyed I used to get was worrying about what other people's views of me were, their opinions on my parenting. Now I honestly don't have to time to think or care about what anyone else thinks.  I know my children are happy and very well looked after and that is all that matters. Frozen pizza the odd night is not going to mean they see a therapist as an adult.

My children know I would never let them down and although it can sometimes be last minute they will  go into school with a costume for assembly or a plate of something or other for the cake sale. On the other hand they have gradually come to realise that they have to remember things like PE bags for themselves. This has to be good for them and their developing independence. (Well that's my excuse!)

I have people who often ask me how do you it, when they have seen something that I have made or something like that. But the reason I have made something or finished a project is because that is what I love doing. It makes me happy to spend my time like that. The time I spend to do these things is usually in place of something like housework, as it is not unusual to find me happily glue gunning in the utility room while ankle deep in washing. The washing gets done eventually, no one has had to go out naked yet, and I am a much happier person sitting smiling at some little daft thing I have made. 

If I were to 'do it' , I've no doubt I would have myself run ragged in a month. You would probably find me rocking in a corner gripping onto the after schools activity timetable. That is not going to happen, no thank you. I will keep my sanity, my frequently messy house  and by noisy but very healthy and happy children. The world will not implode because I forgot to return a permission slip. 

So the next time someone asks you how do you 'do it?' You can smile smugly with the knowledge that of course you don't.

Friday 20 January 2012

Our engines are on fire .. Will you please exit the plane......

Now when I travel let's me honest I am usually plagued with some trouble of other believe me if there is a travel disaster to behold I am there. One holiday woe was my honeymoon you know the one where you are whisked off into the sunset on a romantic jaunt not leaving your hotel room. Well mine started in disaster there we all were sitting on the plane ready for takeoff to Toronto Canada .  The trolley dollies had already done their safety talk exits are here , here and HERE. You listen with half an ear because you know nothing is ever going to go wrong on your flight. You are just busy looking through the duty free magazine looking at the stuff you can't afford. or you are jostling for space with the passenger next to you

We heard a click, clunk and rattle and a half hearted roar and the Captain announces over the the air" The smell of oil will dissipate in a minute, We will try the engines again"

So the Captain turned the key again to start to plane  and rev up his engines  more clunking , rattling and what's that I see black smoke wafting across the window. Now at this point I wasn't worried I just hate plane takeoff they scare the pants off me , once I am in the air I am fine.. sort of.

The Captain voice comes over the air " The Control tower has informed us our engines are on fire, please Do not panic and exit the plane in a calm fashion...." And so started my honeymoon with the engines on fire  and all the plane passengers were calm to be fair. We followed the lights that come on in emergencies and went to the appropriate exits. The doors were opened and We were met with all the emergency services under the sun. So   I calmly slid down the inflatable emergency shoot to be whisked off to the safety on an airport lounge.

We waited hours in the lounge will they figured out what to do with us they fed us sandwiches and drinks etc. We were then ferried off to the Metropole in Brighton for the night whilst they organised another place it was my honeymoon night. We were all standing in the line and some Canadian lady pipes up " Surely all the English people can go home as they live near"

Well I just flipped my new husband gave me that look men give you when they don't want a scene . I gave the Canadian a polite piece of my mine and a quick Geography lesson of the Uk.  She backed down though now strangely her left eye was twitching .

We finally got to the checking desk  and just said" it's my honeymoon night I WANT A NICE ROOM please" What we ended up was David Blunkets room he had just checked out he had been staying there as it had been the Political Party Conference.

So of course we finally got to Canada and all was well. So When we went to Egypt this happened.......

Wednesday 18 January 2012

What do you call a collection of bin men ?

You know what its like you are strolling through the centre of Birmingham and you happen upon this scene..........

A collection of bin men talking rubbish in Birmingham.

It would appear after much debate on twitter the correct term is Refuse Collector . I am never shy of being corrected but there is a polite way of doing it . Such is the topic of this subject it prompted a debate over on digital spy many moons ago . Right I am off now to listen to some

Tuesday 17 January 2012

Is your child a Fusspot ?

Is your child a Fusspot? I am not talking a just being foodie fusspot here but a fusspot  in general? A Fusspot will expert many signs from not liking the foot on their plate to the fact they don't  WANT to wear pink today. Working in a school you get fussiness all the time " Miss so and so won't play with me "  "Me Well did you ask them?' The child "No but they won't play with me.."

The problem with a fussy child is that is can lead onto other behaviours if not managed correctly. I myself am battling a fusspot eater and a fusspot shopper ...

When it comes to a fusspot in the classroom I heard about a clever idea that seemed to work for teacher that I know. You simply draw a pot on a whiteboard  and when the situation arises you put the fussy child's name in it.  The thinking behind this it will stop other behaviours escalating and thus produce a happy and harmonious classroom.

Of course simple ideas like this can be transposed to the home... Only wish I had thought of it years ago then perhaps I would have a boy who would be happy to shopped till he dropped?

Wednesday 11 January 2012

Simple things are free the price of Love

The simplest of things for children cost nothing and evoke a lifetime of memories. You don't have to buy them expensive toys for them to love you. The simplest thing to do is to write them a note and perhaps leave it in their school pack lunch or if they are school dinners leave it on their pillow to find when they get home from school.

I witnessed a girl at school had been given a handwritten note(in her pack lunch)  by her dad and it said " I shall be thinking of you when I am at work eating my dinner'

A handwritten note shows love.

The joy it bought to their child was beautiful to behold I only wish the parent could have seen this. I encouraged the child to write a note for her dad. So in this fast paced world its the simplest of things that make us smile and help us know we are loved. And the same I hope can be said of you or I when our child or children give us a handwritten note.

Saturday 7 January 2012

How the Byron Cookie crumbles

I was luck enough to be sent a box of Byron Bay Cookies  for review who make delectable cookies from ingredients that are locally sourced and free range eggs.  It was like having all your Christmases rolled into one !

And some of the range is Gluten free- a win win situation for those who are coeliac and struggle to find a decent biscuit.

My son got straight  on to the Dotty one!

The biscuits come in a wide range of flavours,  I was sent White Chocolate Chip and Macadamia Nut, White Chocolate Chunk and Cranberry, Strawberry and Clotted Cream, Milk Chocolate Chunk, Fig and Pecan, Lemon Macademia Nut Shortbread, Sitcky Date and Ginger with Walnut and Dotty. 

 The gluten-free cookies come single wrapped like the other s to make sure that they don’t get contaminated by those naughty gluten cookies. They are distributed to cafes, to have with your take-away coffee and are also available in mini cookie bite boxes from larger Sainsbury’s stores and health food shops.

And the new cookie on the block is the single wrapped Gluten-Free cookie features pieces of real English strawberries, clotted cream and chunks of European white chocolate.
Like all Gluten-Free Byron Bay Cookies, the new gluten-free Strawberries & Clotted Cream cookie has been certified by Coeliac UK and approved by the Vegetarian Society.

The cookies are well basically huge  and would cause the Cookie Monster to go really really quiet for a long time!

J tried  the Dotty cookie appealed to him and to be honest its the first one I noticed too!.

Having tried a number of the cookies myself ( sorry Mr T it was just me and J ) one of my favourites was the Strawberry and Clotted Cream  they make the perfect mid morning or afternoon snack with a cup of tea.

There are so many different varieties to choose from and I still have one or two more to try, there's time yet for my favourite to change!
As long I had a decent size latte to go with these then I would gladly buy one from a coffee shop.
For more information:
You can also find them on Twitter: and Facebook:

Thursday 5 January 2012

A is for At- At Walker

I love children's innocence and how they just say things off the cuff and how right they are putting us adults to shame!.

Whilst in the middle of a Reception phonics lesson one day in the middle of a Phonics lessons the teacher asked the children " Name me something that starts with A"

To which of course you had the usual replies "Apple" ,"Ant" various children saying "A cat" or "A dog" ! etc. Though there had been this one little boy who had sat and listened and took it all in and piped up....

"A is for At- At walker"

AT - AT Walker

The teacher looked somewhat puzzled and was about to say no but I piped up " Well actually he is right"

So now you know A is for "At- AT walker " is it B for "Bobba Fett" ?

Tuesday 3 January 2012

Domestic Violence

One should never suffer this but many women and men, children are scared to speak out on this. I often wonder to what ends my life would have been different I had spoken out as a child?

 I don't suppose I can't say much there is probably some legal ramifications if I do?

All I can say until someone tell me otherwise I suffered this growing up  not just from my father   suffered but at the hands of my Bi Polar mother also physically and verbally.

Will this put people off my blog .. unsure ... probably

Don't suffer in silence when it comes to Domestic Violence

It's heart breaking when you parents divorce but when your father just wants to take your cat that's just odd, mind you it was a rather cleaver cat with loyalty of a dog unquestioning , so that's probably why it suited my father.

I have put this emotions into a box yet the box is always in danger of opening .. yes its been a few years since these events.

But please think on if you moan about your mum interfering with your daily life or your dad going on about the price of things again.

Do I regret my way of life now .. not really you have to get on with things don't you.

Project 366 day 3

Today I was meant to walk down the road and show you the lovely Countryside in my village/suburbia.

Not a chance you seen the freaky weather out there?

I just stood at my door and quickly took this lovely isn't it?

So perhaps tommorow .......