Monday 4 December 2023

Fun Gifts For 10 Year Old Boys


When choosing stocking fillers for your kids or teens you know that you'll want to choose either those edible gifts that will they will want to share with you ( highly unlikely but we can all believe in the dream can't we !? ) or a stocking filler that will last the test of time and not break within minutes leaving you both frustrated.This is where Wicked Uncle comes in with age gifts and you can even choose to have the gifts wrapped at an additional cost with £ for the first present and £ for subsequence presents. Particularly  difficult to choose for are 10 years old boys but this is where Wicked Uncle comes to your rescue with a perfect choice for gifts for 10 year old boys

Shopping with Wicked Uncle is easy and you will find no end of inspiration with it remembering the occasion say it be a birthday for the following year. Delivery is swift through Royal Mail and you are alerted of this this through text and email. And you can trust in the knowledge that all the gifts are quality tested by Wicked Uncles toy testers.

My first choice of stocking filler is chocolate ! and who on earth can resist that that ?! Chocolate in the shape of a game controller is very apt for the ten year old boy age group.

Game Controller - Milk Chocolate, Take a Break!


Next up for the gift I recommend is one I would very much love for myself !

Flexible geometric puzzle with endless variations for busy fingers.


The perfect fidget toy, very tactile and satisfying to play with, the Dynacube is a one-piece puzzle that you can just fiddle with for ages. Create over 100 different shapes as you work through the puzzle booklet to solve each challenge. The first shapes are easy to do, but how about the other 100? Pick it up and you'll never want to put it down - fidget, fidget! 

PLEASE NOTE : Colour and design will be picked at random to add to the fun!

The next choice is fun and who again can resist chocolate

White Chocolate Smartphone - Truly Tasty Tech!


Delicious 14cm chocolate treat - for the mobile phone fanatic.

What I love about Wicked Uncle is not only the choice of its on their fabulous site but the fact they are a family run business who are very passionate and connected in what they do. They stock everything in their warehouse ,hand - wrap and hand write every card, everything they do is done with worker welfare in mind from warehouse to office. The MD even pitches in on the warehouse floor to help out.

So do make sure you make Wicked Uncle your first choice for all your gifting needs for your kids and teens and also you can ship for adults do as who doesn't love that chocolate game controller for example

And my last choice of gift is 

Jelly Eyeballs - Strawberry & Frightfully Tasty!


Squidgy eyeball sweets with a gooey strawberry flavour - gruesome!