Thursday 28 February 2013

#SnaphappyBritmums Laughter

Wednesday 27 February 2013

The big blogging fairy cake

You know for once I am stepping out of my fluffy domain and saying there is room in the blogging world for us all. For example I am good at what I do .. I like to help people and will go out out my way to do so .

I think some of us need to get a grip, just because you have an a prize winning blog doesn't mean you can be little people, stamp on their toes or make them feel inadequate. We get enough patronising behaviour in the real world without it infiltrating our lives within social media.

We can all keep Calm and Carry on..

If I don't understand DON"T sigh and tut tut me or others in need explain simply even if you have to do it step by step in an email , I will be grateful.

After all we are only as good as out last blog post aren't we ... 

Tuesday 26 February 2013

Posessed Pets ...

Possessed pets ....

You may laugh buts its true I have had a long, long line of what I call possessed pets.

I had pets as a child but they weren't possessed they were normal , cute , well the cat was not so sure about the goldfish ... That had an evil glint in its eye I am sure.

And when I was all grown up , we had pets as a family we did all the right things and looked around at various reputable cat rescue places and there we spotted a black ball of fluff and furry and cute. A walking powder puff of a black cuteness purring , and kissing you pleading at you with those puppy dog .. Pussy cat eyes . Our suspicions should been raised when on collecting the fluffinator the rescue lady had to take the fluffy kitty into the back to out it into a carrier. Now I am pretty sure that a cat should not howl like something out of Hound of the Baskervilles.

Much more scuffling and howling was heard .. Now this wasn't a cat in distress, now the calls of distress came from the rescue lady pleading with the fluffinator to get into the carrier. After what seemed like an enternity the rescue lady returned somewhat flustered and her glasses askew .

" She's just a bit shy today ! We are sorry to see her go " ..

Fair enough we thought we all react to different situations in our own unique ways. So we took the fluffinator hope yet to name her properly after the fluffinator sounded so cold blooded killer. And no pet could be that soulless never... or so we thought..

We left the fluffinator go and then then all hell broke loose ... arched back hissing , it was climbing up the husbands leg trying to bring him down life an antelope..

We name the cat Mortica out of the Adams family ... it didn't stop long the rescue centre rehomed it and it went to live on a farm as a guard cat.

Monday 25 February 2013

Meal planning Monday home to roast

This week I am going to cook more meals from scratch such as pizza which is usually met with a chorous of isn't it easier to buy one whci is true but there is so much more Satisfaction in making your own. I google the recipe from the BBC food site

Monday Homemade: Pizza

Tuesday : Opor Ajam

Wednesday: Chicken and Satay

Friday :Homemade Fishcakes and potato rosti and vegetables.

Saturday: Out some where

Sunday :Roast Beef and all the trimmings

Saturday 23 February 2013

Silent Sunday 24/2/2013

Mocha Choca latte of life

This week sees me step out of the countryside into the urban metropolis that is frequented by a curious sort of folk that are fuelled by Starbucks ( or any other coffee shop ) it's not a taxing task ...

As mentioned previously my plans were scuppered at the very last minute slightly frustrating but these these things happen. If this sort of thing was to happen more often though then I would be more hacked off.

When you go to London you adapt and survive some people obviously are so, so busy they jostle, pull and push. Sometimes the mentality of the tube spills out onto the street , though not scientifically proven it may be those in need of a caffeine fix with a Broiche on the side.

But such is the Mocha Choca Latte of life .. I met my second cousin in London and spent a pleasant afternoon mooching around Convent Garden , London Transport museum, National Portrait Gallery. Where I saw lots and lots of famous painting that infamous bunch if sunflowers and Constable Haywain the people on it were waiting on A.A .

I entered up in a coffee shop , drinking tea accompanied by a pidgeon that was bobbing its head.

If a pigeon stops bobbing it head would it fall over ?

So now I am on the train back to London drinking tea ..

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Friday 22 February 2013

Mellow yellow

Covent Garden is mircosm world of London !

What a to do I find myself tomorrow in London not doing what I had planned , whilst I know there is no end of exciting adventures to be sought in London. When your plans are caught short it can be rather irritating as I'm not sure what you I like to manage my time and make sure its well spend. If I have  a meeting or event in London then on the whole I plan round it.

That's not to say I don't just wonder around London sometimes as the best adventures are very often unscripted. So left with a whole day in London well 10pm till 4pm what could I do. I am not hindered helped by small persons wanting feeding every 2 minutes. Just me on my lonesome ... SO I scratched my head and thought what I could do ?

My list is as follows

1. Covent Garden there's always something of interest there and its so colourful and vibrant. I love Convent Garden there's so much to see and do and it doesn't all have to cost money ! Covent Garden is a mircosm of London its a world within a world.

You can ask a Pirate for his picture at Convent Garden!

He may say "NO" though and shot you ....

2. London Transport museum.

3. Dinner at St Martins in the Field Cafe.

4. Portrait Gallery

5. Say Hi to Nelsons Column

6. Head home

Wednesday 20 February 2013

Opor Ajam recipe

I was given this recipe by Jane who blogs over at Onions and Paper ( well that's her craft and food blog anyway )
400g diced chicken
1  can coconut milk
2 tsp ground coriander
1 onion
2 cloves garlic
small knob of fresh ginger
1 stalk lemongrass
1 bay leaf
25g butter

Dice the onion and fry in the butter until golden. Add the crushed garlic, 
grated ginger, coriander and bay leaf, and the lemongrass stalk bruised and 
crushed well to let out the juice (I find the best way to do this is to 
store it in the freezer, then when you want to use it , defrost it and tie 
it in a knot - all the juices  come out and you don't get any stringy bits 
in your food).  Cook for a minute then stir in the chicken and mix  well to 
coat with the flavourings, Pour over the coconut milk and simmer gently for 
40 minutes.

Simmer for 40 minutes.

So many thanks to Jane for helping me expand my cooking repertoire !

Crazy with Twins
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Monday 18 February 2013

Monday Mobile Debut

Sometimes I have my trusty Nikon D3100 with me or my Panasonic Lumix TZ20 or my Samsung Galaxy Ace mobile . I was wary of the Samsung at first as it didn't seem to have the same user friendly feel as the Xperia Arc S and the Xperia has a far superior camera, but as the old adage goes it not what you it but how you use it . So the collage below is a summary of photos taken on the Samsung Galaxy Ace. What do you think ? Can I give David Bailey a run for his money ?

Social media mugging

Sometimes I wonder as a blogger am doing what is good enough you see the bright lights big city and try your very very best. Yes I am blogging for me but you know I struggle yes thats's right I struggle , I struggle with it all . I am the nice one the "lovely' the " Hun" the 'flower" etc. To be fair I have made mistakes and have moved on, I couldn't even do a mental breakdown right.

Social media can be like a fog if I am honest sometimes because no matter how much you shout , no one and I mean absolutely no one can hear you. I suppose unless you are doing a vlog of course. It's fun to people watch but then again , social media can be like a dementot from" Harry Potter"

I don't mean watch people in a voyeuristic way but more like watching people from a Parisian cafe but without the fine food and wine , though I a likely to pick a tip up on the way .

Social media mugging can be quite, quite extreme with some from who those who debate on twitter and Facebook to the people who might put a sign around their child's neck branding them a liar.

I find that I can be treated with disdain and bullied on occasions it bothers me like it did at school where I was bullied most horrifically It's not quite like the time when I was at school and they sent a survey round to see who liked me. Or the time when at 9 I wanted to take my own life due to the bullying. To being kicked in when at Upper School and then I was the one that was blamed .

Then again this blog piece if , it was on else where tweaked to the dulcet tones then .... Who knows conjecture and hindsight are powerful things .

But with any good balanced article there has to be hope if I hadn't stumbled my way through and shaken off at times that feeling of social media  itis s, I wouldn't have met sincere truly, wonderful people . And in particular I wouldn't be half as adventurous with my lemon grass.

There is where I gratuitously insert a picture of a cat in a bag ...

Saturday 16 February 2013

Saturday caption #satcap

Always look where you are going too...

I wandered down yet another lane in my village.

I enjoy the countryside so much.

I rambled around my village again... My trips are always fed with met with this adventure this time it was a snarling Highland terrier. The owner simply said  he is all noise.... hmmm not so sure on that one.

This week has felt quite murky and the picture have a an air of not quite winter and not quite spring about them. I think I am ready for a recharge and I am happy   ecstatic that is my half term this week.

You see its not all landscape this is one of the oldest cottages in my village.

I always look to where I am going to to see what I can achieve.
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Friday 15 February 2013

Keeping it simple : Spring cleaning : win a silver bangle

This week I have been clearing out ...

Ideal just before spring cleaning the house ( big cough )

What you can do with children or adults is to give them a bin bag and play the mission impossible music and see what they can tidy away in the time in takes the song to play.

Or if you need long select a suitable play list of song to tidy along to for say fifteen minutes.

So in my clearing out I found this band new bracelet I had ordered and never wore.

I want to know what are your spring cleaning tips ?

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Thursday 14 February 2013

Take away :Think twice

I have been a been a victim of a hold up.

A crime that will get repeated over and over again.

To be fair I am probaly a victim of my own laziness .. wanting a treat on Valentines day.

Yes I succumbed to that trend that is online food ordering. Its not something we do very often its a treat ....

But I tell you what in future I am going to the takeaway that I see on line and odering from them direct.

Now I understand that people have a business to run and that items will be marked up and that you will pay more I accept that.

But what I am outraged with is utter daylight robbery so below is a summary of my order.

Just eat prices and the Chinese takeaway prices.

Chicken Curry (Just Eat ) £4.50 Chinese Price £3.90

Egg Fried Rice Large (just Eat) £2.80 Chinese price £2.40

Pork balls Sweet and Sour (Just Eat ) £5.00 Chinese Price £4.00

Special Egg Foo Yung £5.30 (Just Eat) £5.30 Chinese Price £4.40

Just eat delivery £2.50 plus 50p for processing card Chinese price free delivery over £15 

Total order price for Just eat order £20.60 Chinese order would have been £14.70 ( but I would have ordered prawn crackers to tip it over the £15 )

That's a huge difference of £5.90 and again I stress I understand the need for a mark up we all have to eat .. believe me the irony of this statement is not lost on me. But what I object too and quite rightly is such a horrific mark up.

When it was delivered the man said to me never order through Just Eat with us as they charge too much.

I have been told that the price should be the same as ordering through the restaurant itself .. well its not and I feel as if I have been mugged.

Journey sticks endless imagination ( Learning through play )

I am going to give you a bit of stick ....

No I really am going to give you a bit of stick : A journey stick.

Native American and Australian Aboriginals are said to have used journey sticks to tell stories about their travels. When they went on journeys they collected things and tied them to their stick in chronological order. By referring to their items on their stick they were able to remember their journey and recount their stories. This is a very personal way of recording a journey and there is no right or wrong way to make a journey stick.

Journey sticks can be used to explore places, create maps or used as a stimulus for creative writing of poetry.

One of the things you can do is make a card board slide so you can take a leaf slide.

Be sure not to pick any wild flowers.

Wednesday 13 February 2013

All kinds of wonderful remind me of the world

All kinds of wonderful remind me of the world .

I 'm not a religious person by nature .

I spent many a year at Sunday School being brought up in the Baptist faith , life was a whirl of  services , lessons, parties and fun.

But a shadow hung over these times in the nature of racism certain people were not welcome at my church for a short time. But certain people rose up within the church and quelled this unrighteousness.

And when on a school trip to Normandy I wandered off at lunch into the forest and came upon an open chapel dedicated to those of the First World War . Chairs were stacked up , dried up leaves crunched and scrunched on the floor, then a breeze a sort of mistral whipped them into the air , souls stirred: they were remembered.

But the world is a wonderful place when we step out from its sometimes eerie shadows or forgotten corners.

Sometimes faith .. Well faith can be of the heart .

Tuesday 12 February 2013

Train of thought

The Pictures comes from

This is what use to run through my village the rural idal is being slowly eroded away by modern housing estates the need for housing is paramount but the solution just seems to be to build and eat up the countryside. Rather than looking at other solutions planners just want to build build build squeezing our already over flowing schools and putting pressure on local resources and infrastructures.

The station and track has long gone and all that is there now is the station master house ... which I will get a picture of soon.

I don't want further generations of mine to visit me only to find their is now longer any green spaces except one little patch of grass left in the UK that is preserved in a museum!

Do you think we are losing our countryside ?

Help my cat is trying to kill me ...

I think , I am sure , you see my cat is trying to kill me .. perhaps its my imagination  .....

See semi happy

Playful raspberry

I knew it face of evil

What do you think .. need I worry can I sleep safe ??

Monday 11 February 2013

Story book magic and adventures. Craft Challenge. ( Learning through play )

One of the tips I picked up from forest school was how to make a story book but not in your conventional way. And this be done with little or no cost.

1. Take a piece of A3 paper cut length ways around 3 inches long.

2. Fold it in half .

3.Fold it in half again.

4. Go back in your fold till the strip of paper is concertina

5. Take an A 5 piece if card fold it in half this is your cover.

6. Stick your folded paper into your cover , you will have 8 pages to write, draw record or do what ever you want on.

7. It could also become a mini theatre for small action figures.

The only limitation is your or your child's imagination.

My story involves a squirrel who gets caught in the rain, it rains so hard that he sees a bottle floating down the road, river or where ever .. Remember it's a story so what ever you write goes.

The squirrel then spies a message in a bottle..... Cue suspenseful music.....

What's this it's not a message but a pirate map !!!!!

Then as if by magic and because it's a story an up turned Golden Acorn pirate ship sails in.

And that's where the story stops as I ran out of time ..

Can you help me finish it ?

Can you create your own story , special book , be it a pop up or picture book etc ..?

I would love to see ..

Please tweet me or drop me an email to your link !

Saturday 9 February 2013

Woodland Wonder

This week I cycled down a different lane which is at the bottom of my road my ad dentures are very dull, last week I nearly fell 20 ft down a slope . This week I was nearly attacked by a Pheasant which flew at me as I cycled down the lane resulting in me nearly coming off my bicycle.

I was amazed at how blue the sky was and it makes me feel happy and I can put my troubles aside and free my mind. The world is a truly wonderful place we just have to stop once in a while to see that.

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Caption Saturday 9/2/2013 #satcap

Thursday 7 February 2013

Frugal living clothes swap party

In this day and age of economic down turn  we are all making do and mending. But what about getting some friends together and arranging a swap of clothes and accessories you're sure you'll never wear again. Eat, drink and swop merrily with these tips:

Make it a true party:

Send out invitations, and serve food and drinks.

Make it seasonal:
Hold your swap party at the start of a new season, when you switch your wardrobes round

Create a virtual- store atmosphere:

Set up a full length mirror and changing areas. Place items in categories: Shoes in one area, accessories in another.

Make sure attendees bring only items they're ready to part with.

Nothing is worse than falling in love with someones item only to be told they are having second thoughts about giving it up

Donate left over clothing : to charities etc .. or in perhaps in my case donate left over costume jewellery to your local school so they can use it in art projects.

Having you got any frugal living tips you can add ?

Wednesday 6 February 2013

Perfume-Click Perfume Review !

Usually I get my perfumes and aftershaves when I go abroad on holiday but as Mr T didn't stretch the boat out this year I didn't have my annual pilgrimage to stock up boooo .So when I was offered the opportunity to review the Online perfume retailer I jumped at the chance.
They are one of the best in terms of finding fragrance bargains 

and boast a selection of over 3,000 fragrances on their site with a website that allows you to purchase on just 4 clicks and no registration. And its not all about fragrances that are other gifts that you can purchase too such as the ever popular Glee and Hello 
I decided to opt for this DKNY fragrance  I ordered it on a Thursday
 and received it by Saturday what a super speedy service.

So I would not hestitate to use this service again and I will be using it to order soem of my many Christmas presents after all Mr T is one of 7 thats's alot of nices and nephews!
Disclosure ( I was given a £20 voucher for the purposes of this review )

Kandinsky art : easy art with children

Modern art can be an easy way to introduce children in to getting creative.

Why not look at a modern art picture and see what you can get your child to create.

Field of dreams

Wanted Spaceman to fight space monsters ..

Ever had one of those days when life is just a blur ?

Where you feel as you in a movie and the whole of the world is revolving round you?

You're not feeling sad, cross, negative or angry,

Life's just feels mediocre,

You then have a conversation with a five year old relating to "what you want to be with you grow up"

You receive a multitude of answers.

"A Red Bull racing car driver"

"A Teacher"

"A Princess"

"A spaceman"

Now spaceman intrigued me since there is a susposed decline in children wanting to go to space.

I asked "what do you want to do in space ?"

The reply with honesty was "Fight space monsters silly !"

So I think the answer is to just let your imagination fly and then you getting the feeling I am going to be all right.

Monday 4 February 2013

Rollie joins #TeamHonk #GoodWork

The the picture was Honked thanks to Mums the word

#TeamHonk #Goodwork Celebration of the Nation


It's time to play the music

It's time to light the lights

It's time to meet the Honkers on the #Goodwork tonight

It's time to put on make up

It's time to dress up right

"It's time to raise the curtain on the Team Honk tonight

To introduce this record

That's what I'm here to do

So it really makes me happy

To introduce to you

The first, original, genuine, no money back guarantee

Team Honk Show Cast Album!

It's time to put on make up

It's time to Get your Red nose right

It's time to get things started on the most sensational

Inspirational, celebrational, Honktational

This is what we call Red Rose day"

(Sang to the theme of the Muppet show )

So am I please so say that a team of my good friends are off to Ghana in connection of 25 years of Red Rose day.

What was I doing twenty - five years ago for Red Nose day well this ......

So please follow Mummy Barrow Penny Alexander  & Mammassaurus

And they are accompanied by Johnathan Ross & Davina Mccall ... * scream*

Hop over to Team Honk and show your support!