Wednesday 28 October 2020

Travel And The Memory Of

 This will be the first year in how ever many years that I have not got abroad , my passport is gathering dust and my husbands will need renewing soon and my suitcases have't a clue just as I haven't when I will get to travel again.At first when the holiday to Corfu got cancelled it was a bit heavy sigh you know that sort of sigh when you've run out of tea bags and you know then it is a real emergency.Travel is mostly importantly memories to fall back on especially in these pandemic times where we are all just trying to make sense of the world .You could give yourself a little boost and print of some of your holiday pictures onto canvas or perhaps a mug.I have literally just drunk out of a mug with the coliseum in Rome on it.I am not sure if even I will get abroad next year as who knows with this Pandemic but one thing I can be certain of is I will not let it make me a prisoner and I will do everything I can to be me and to help other people within the current rules and guidelines.

You could also relive memories by looking where you 've been on YouTube or you could plan a trip for the future and live it through Youtube and whilst you're doing this you could sample local cuisine by cooking some dishes that you might eaten or have indeed eaten. A not going abroad year doesn't have to be boring especially as there is so much to see within our own beautiful country take for example my flying visit over the weekend to Cragside or my holiday earlier this month to Boscastle.There is isn't any point moping I don't think yes please do have feet stamp but why not go and do in the current beautiful Autumn canvas we have about us.

A bit of self reflection never did anyone any harm and I shall be doing more of that when oh joy of joy my new kettle is here and my kettle brings me so much joy.But what I won't be doing is baking with Matcha or aka green snot like they've been doing on #GBBO this week it just looks and tastes vile.And of course it is lovely to listen to some Classical music and it soothes my soul just like tea does.I thought I might struggle to write of late but no I don't think I am , and I believe writing is so important as is my own individuality.And being home more has given me more time to appreciate the beauty of out seasons though I don't quite appreciate the rain choosing to rain just on me everytime that I go out to shop.

Tuesday 27 October 2020

Cragside National Trust In The Autumn Light

 Come one and all to Autumn 

Put aside your worries and woes

Stand still for a minute and let that minute melt into a hour or two

There is joyful competition in Autumn amongst the trees

Come and see the Autumn light in the Northumbrian beauty that is Cragside and you will return then I can guarantee you that just as an artist continually assesses and apraises their own beauty that is their painting.

Thursday 22 October 2020

It’s Still The Pandemic Blog Post

 The pandemic is still about and as much as I have tried to ignore it it is still here evident in our daily lives as we have to wear masks when we go into shops etc and visit places.I crave normality and I have implemented as much as I can a bit of a routine to try and keep to it, though the days months and weeks and days all sort of merge into one at times. And if you do have fun all be it safely it is somehow a crime and you shouldn't be doing it, honestly no one is going to ever forget these times and it is certainly a marker in history.

But !

I could break into song and sing 

"There ain't nothing like a Dame "

But there isn't anything like crafting , I am slowly getting back into intro as something my attention span on tasks can waiver but slowly slowly is the way but one thing I have discovered is my short coming s in the word of crafting pens , I really don't think the felt tips I have are quite putting it.And I really think I do need a nice new set which I am sure will pay be back with joy and saving money on buying cards.I am not sure what month it is to be honest and I am sure I should be crafting some Easter cards ... though I have been kindly informed it is indeed October and how did that even happen.

Tuesday 6 October 2020

Rocky Valley National Trust Cornwall You Can Visit For Free

Rocky Valley is an easy under an hour walk although if you’ve mobility issues you might want to make sure you’ve assistance.The walk offers stunning views as you follow a stream through a rocky gorge type of valley.

1. The walk starts near to the entrance of Trevillet holiday cottages , there is parking nearby in a lay-by for around 4-5 cars.After parking cross over the road to the holiday cottages and follow the signposted footpath.Cross the footbridge to enter the woodlands.

2. Keep going till you reach the remains of Trwvillet Mill nearby you’ll find some ancient stone carvings said to date to 1400-1800 BC

3 Continue to explore and then return back at your leisure.

To quote the National Trust 

 “Rocky Valley was formed by running water along a fault line which is the reason for its steep-sided appearance. The valley has cauldrons, waterfalls, and gorges and is recognised for its special features in a number of ways. Rocky Valley is a part of the Tintagel-Marsland-Clovelly Coast SAC (Special Area of Conservation), Cornwall AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty), Heritage Coast and a RIGS (Regionally Important Geological/Geomorphological Site). “

Sunday 4 October 2020

Rule breaking

Everyone loves a gentle rule breaker and I don’t mean anything criminal , I mean going against the norm .I’ve always been a gentle rule breaker and the worse thing you can do is to tell me no because I’ll go out the way to prove I can like being told I quite simply shouldn’t marry I’m October well nearly 23 years on I’ve proved them wrong in that one.Then there was the one where you shouldn’t holiday In Cornwall in October and again I say “ Knickers “ to that one to hell with the in crowd.Yes we all love the sunshine and yes it makes everything better but so does going again the grain.

Padstow In The Rain

It’s wetter than a Fisherman’s haddock out there and you can guarantee the moment I leave my holiday there will be glorious sunshine.But rain doesn’t matter as long as you’ve family or something that makes you happy be it books tea or that bough of a branch that dangles down.

Rain gives us another dimension to life ! and as this is the year of the obvious staycation then I don’t mind a bit of rain as long as I get some sunshine at some point.

Friday 2 October 2020

Lobster Pots And Fishermen in Boscastle

Lobster Pots and fishermen in Boscastle

Come to Boscastle and you’ll see the sky maybe it’s Cornwall and it has license to rain , relaxation doesn’t have a price.Lobster pots and fishermen is all I see a time old job steeped in history.I diverted the journey to the shop for teabags to stop and stare at Lobster pots and fishermen.

The magical thing about Cornwall is the ability to let you relax as soon as you get there .I’m half Cornish myself with my family on my dads side going back over 500 years in Cornwall.Cornwall is a state of mind and a state of the heart.