Monday 29 December 2014

The Revolution Of Bletchley Park

I could do three good things in a day but that really isn't me , different strokes for different folks as they say . I always have a fear that things are going to go wrong , for instance I wonder why people like me , silly I know. I have never really achieved resolutions and when I have found I do it has been half hearted .

So knickers !

I'm going to go out revolutions today's revolution was to not be on my mobile until I got to my destination which was Bletchley Park, so often my nose is in a digital device , I know the irony of going to visit somewhere steeped in the history of computers and code breakers is not lost on me.

I feel wonderful to be outside again , I even managed to clap my eyes on Beneduct Cumberbatch ... 

If you head over to Bletchley Park there is a display of some of the props used in the cracking film.

The world is a better place for the brilliance of Alan Turing , he achieved much in his short life and we all owe him our debt.

My owned grandad worked at Dollis Hill never said what he did , official secret act and all that. Even when he could say he didn't old fashioned silent hero to the every end of his life.

And as ever I'm all about the bunting oh yes , bunting is the eternal cheerer upper !

More bunting that you can shake a stick at !

And no trip to Bletchley Park would complete without seeing Colasses and Tuny, we quite simply would not personal computers,smart phones and tablets without these.

Revolutions are fun : Space Invaders fun

Saturday 27 December 2014

Day 1 in The Big Brother Turkey Household

There are countless Turkey recipes about this time of year , and yes I'm looking at them , no it wasn't me that ordered a Turkey for 11 when there are 3 of us , well maybe it was. Adopts big brother voice :

Day 1 

In  big Turkey household "gobble,gobble", the Turkey was cooked,  carved and consumed , slight nagging feeling something was missing . Note to self make own gravy next time and don't own Heston Blumenthal gravy , which was thicker than a nuns wimple ( forgiveness shoutout from any nuns reading ) 

Day 2

Turkey rolls (crusty) mayonnaise with a side order of BBQ hola hoops complete with organic Spanish cucumber ole . Looks for Bailey can't find it , drinks white wine descends into Swedish chef mode .

Day 3

Turkey ephinany , the missing item was cranberry sauce , much serving of Turkey again in crusty rolls with cranberry sauce with iceberg lettuce and teeny tiny pork pies, organic cucumber ole . The Baileys  still missing , oh look festive Gin and T. Ruddy . Turkey for tea this time minced and served in a picnic loaf ......

Day 4 

I think the natives will revolt ... 

Friday 26 December 2014

Tails Of The Unexpected

My cat Rollie treats my house like a hotel , you see fluffy cute I see evil.

It waits for me on the stairs.

"Go on come up stairs , you chicken ?!" taunts Mr Grey ( ninja)

"Yes , yes I am , " I say 

I take signs of limbering cat yoga as a sign of war...

Rollie in the matrix you see he knows jujutsu , trust me you know mess with him at your very peril.

Infact I hear the kitchen door going now , like Jacob Marley rattling his chains , pick the quiet kitten my husband said.

The quiet ones are the worse aren't they .


Monday 22 December 2014

Blog As You Are

Blog as you .

Power to your hands (paws)

Leaving behind those I've lost, with a clear conscience and I wish those who have wronged me one as well. Putting my mistakes behind me , learning to let go.

Friends quality over quantity and if you've made the grade then you are friend indeed.

I'm making good choices here on in, I don't do resolutions more revolutions.

I will be back to recipes and picture taking , I'm still getting over an awful virus , people have it worse than me so woeful I won't be.

Good cheer to you all and hope you'll be with me for year 4

The Hidden House Westfield Stratford City

Yesterday I went along with my family down to London to the Westfield shopping centre Stratford City right by the Olympic park and having left at 8 am form Derby were were able to have breakfast in Giraffe. Setting down for breakfast we had a good view of the Olympic park with the shelter skelkter structure which was used as a media centre during the Olympics  but of which now you can ascend and achieve magnificent view overs London.

Christmas along with a time of festivities has had a long tradition of ghost stories and the alike challenging our fears and giving us a jolly dossier along the way. With my family I was very much appreciative of being invited to 'The Hidden House' at the Westfield Stratford City to discover the secrets that lie within.

What is the hidden house ?

The hidden house is a thrilling brand new scare maze inspired by The Grimm Tales .

How long does it take ?

This immersive experience takes 15 minutes and you are interacting from the word go with the  use of actors, technology and drama to create a unique one of a kind experience . It is sure to make you laugh  ( well my husband and son did as one of the actors came up to up and sniffed me and said in a slightly menacing voice

"Fresh meat mmmmmm"

Both in equal measure you will have goosebumps and you will laugh !

What ages is is suitable for ?

Ages 8 and above an adult is not required for either the Hidden House session or The Hidden House : Darkest secrets secrets. I think it is better to go with your child unless they are utterly fearless but that is just my parental point of view.

I would say don't wear stilettos or teeny tiny skirts or your poshest outfit as you 'may' have to crawl a small way.

The experience was till the 4th January 2015

Disclosure I was provided with tickets for Hidden House and a gift card all view , words and opinions are my own.

Friday 19 December 2014

What To Get A Marvel Fan For Christmas

My son is a Marvel fan and really big this one and this year I have been tasked with finding gifts that are different , unique there are plenty of comic gift are the market. You have to have deep pockets for some of the comic memorabilia that I have seen , such as signed Stan Lee art work etc which I have to say is a little out of my price range.

I happened upon a company called Bombus who mix vintage,modern design to create handmade bespoke personalised gifts, home accessories and one off art piece. The first item I picked were bookends in his initials and they are covered in comics , you can ask for what ever character you want they will do their up most to find it for you .

 I then thought abut all the nick naks he has , what it  it with boys and keeping things so I thought a bespoke marvel covered box would hide all the little bits and bobs he insists on keeping. 

The box is again covered in a comic that you request and I think it is rather funky and I hope he likes it !  ( sure he will )

My son has posters on his wall but I thought that it would be nice to add a more depth to this room and I thought that a trio of the circles covered in Marvel comics would do just the job. You can of course buy more but as the rest of his wall are covered in his beloved posters alas there is no room.

If you are looking for an alternative to a needle dropping tree or sigh at the thought of putting up an artificial one again and you are a Mavel comic book lover what about this alternative tree ?! My son has a small version of this tree  in this room and again he loves it.

Disclosure : This is not a review and I paid for all this with my own fair money , well I have a join bank account so is suppose we went halves  , no all the money is mine I have just decided.

Thursday 18 December 2014

I'm Not One To Be Truffled With

I am coming up for my 4 th year of blogging , would you believe that it started with my cat , I now blog not just my cat but my whims , sometimes serious , happy sad whatever I want. I have and always will do what I want , no longer do reading myself too thin. No longer I'm out for me but I'll help my friends , you see that's me.

You wouldn't have guessed it but I do rather like my own company , getting away from it all , suppose this comes from being a combination of factors . I have and always well wonder why folk like me , yet at one time I wanted to be liked, I'm the blogging enigma I'll not go away . I'll be there to help, support and talk and develop myself as I go.

And as I set here again wondering why to write , I again peel the cat off the kettle so I can sit down with my trusty cup of tea.

So I'll be with my pink truffles if you need me.

These are blogging truffles it is what powers bloggers.

Tuesday 16 December 2014

Some Tops Tips For Saving Up For A Wedding And House

It is 17 years since my wedding day and the time has certainly gone fast , I know have my own home and one child and 2 cats , I still can't look after house plants but I still remember the tips and tricks I learnt when I was saving up for my wedding and house which are still relevant today.

Scrapbooks and board moods are a great visual aid in your wedding planning , for those inclined towards technology there is Pinterest.

I decided to get married in January of 1997 and by the 18th October 1997, I was married, it was fast and furious but worth every minute. I cannot stress enough that this is the time to get yourself a notebook and write down what you'd like it might seem that pie in the sky , for me the more you thrashed an idea out the clearer an idea of what you wanted got ! Below are a few tips and tricks to help you get the best out of your wedding ideas and for saving for a new house.

1. Decide on your budget and prioritise :

You could book one location for your ceremony and reception this will save on transportation costs from one place to another. If your heart is set on  a church wedding or a licensed venue then you can do one of several things a recommendation is always worthwhile, I had the same cars that my sister in law did. I know a friend of mine her daughter had a camper van as her wedding car so anything is possible even friends and family may be able to chip in.

The day you get married on can vastly impact upon your budget with many places charging a premium for a Saturday night , you could even have your an afternoon wedding on a Sunday -night event.

Be frugal with your guest list , you can always have a get together for other friends a few months later.

2. Your wedding photography is a record of your day :that you will want to last forever so don't necessarily  trust a friend who say they will do it , again this is where to ask for recommendations and for me I asked my sister in law and I was very estastic with the outcome. Nowadays everything is digital , you can cut down on the time your photographer stays at the reception by scheduling the toasts, the cake cutting and the bouquet toss for after the dinner, so the photographer can take these moments and leave.

3. Your wedding clothes and decorations:  there is no shame to looking on eBay , or even if the sales of wedding dress shops , there is a strong second hand market. I remember selling my dress and it was brought by a lady who was going to get married in Toronto Canada the very place that I went for my honeymoon  where I combined it with seeing Niagara Falls. Another place worth looking is somewhere like T K Maxx who says it has to be traditional wedding dress , you could be having a themed wedding for example. The friend I mentioned whose daughter had the VW camper as her wedding car  also had Vr camper van bunting .There was  a lot of sewing of bunting involved in the VW camper van bunting , how unique is that . SO you see anything goes I always believe there is a cheap solution to a expensive thought ( and cheapness doesn't necessarily equate to letting go of quality) If the cost can be spread out amongst friends and family then go for it don't let your imagination get in the way.

4.  Serve cocktails at your wedding for a difference  as venues do charge for every bottle opened ( called corkage) though I went down to my local supermarket and brought some fizzy stuff ( ooh yes champagne) 6 bottles of white and red and usually there is a discount for doing so. I then as previously mentioned just paid corkage for the bottles that were opened , what I did with the bottles that weren't opened I allowed the DJ to give them away to adults over the age of 18 as spot prizes for the dancing ( sure fire  way to get people onto the dance floor)

5. Add your own touches for example have fake flowers into mixed with real ones and as they say less is more. You could even get your wedding cake form M & S as one of my sister in laws did and very nice it was as well, for me this was where personal recommendation came in from another sister in law again. There is a fashion as well to have a cupcake display instead of one big wedding cake and many aren't fussed abut marzipan anyway , the cupcake displays I have seen are very impressive.

You could skip the dessert at your meal and have the cake as your dessert ! Buy disposable cameras and put some on the tables, people gets all sorts of fun shots. Haggle with your prices where you can there is always room for discount when buying in bulk. For me recommendation saved me money and I also brought my sister in laws veil off her as well , and with my bridesmaids shoes I brought white ones that I had dyed to match their bridesmaid dresses.

Saving up for a house 

Saving up for your first  house should be becoming easier but is still a major financial challenge I remember saving furiously for the deposit when I was buying my first house, I saved up in the way of ISAs and and building society accounts etc.

As soon as I became engaged I made sure I planned ahead you might not think it is relevant but I assure you if you can save pounds here and there , then these saving allow you do to what is essential to make your home comfortable when you move in. I for example when I did have my house made sure that some of the money I had saved up went on paying my household insurance for the year and this was one less bill going out.

I am pleased to have written this post in conjunction with TSB.I have been compensated for my time, all thoughts , words  pictures and opinions are my own.

Monday 15 December 2014

You've Got Catty Davis Eyes

You've got Catty Davis eyes.

Rollie has one one look and that is the look of disdain , honestly folk see the fluff and just Awwh at the fluff. I swear it plots my undoing , the other day I found it wrapped round the kettle , stopping me from getting my cup of tea , then I turn my back and it's curled up in the bread bin stopping me from getting to the bread to make toast.

See past the fluff , look into the eyes the Betty Davis eyes.

I think he drinks my soul , I turn my back and he's there dead pan.

Just looking , staring eyes in your soul.

Do you see what I mean.

Rollie only likes chin tickles on a Friday afternoon 5 pm.

Want toast ? good luck getting past the cat , must likely situated in the bread bin.

Saturday 13 December 2014

I Love You To The Bloggy Moon And Back

I love you to the bloggy moon and back !

I am at a place now where I am quite happy , the past 3 weeks for me have been a illness fest and yes I have to go back to deal with the snooze ( nose) . The blogosphere has this year been both very cruel to be and very kind , and the kinds outweighs the cruelty and this is what I most focus on. My blogging has taken me places that I can only dream of and blogging isn't about the freebie ,it is about the exepriance of being with people or taking part in an experience.

I have learnt so much this year and whilst not being twee I have grown as a person , I have learnt to be more guarded and an implosion mid year saw me seeing who my true blogging friends are, I believe there is someone for everyone and whilst I may not be your cup of tea and cake , I will be to someone. Now what is it with me not hating it is a tolerance I suppose , I really don't want my soul or ideals tainted and I want to be able to just go with the blogging ebbs and flows.

I blog on a whim and a prayer.

I wouldn't have it any other way.

I remember back in my youth I could have had a career as a reporter on a YTD  sceme . I'd seen 'Press Gang ' I had a full Julia Swalia perm , I remember being shown into the editors office , I wasn't at all nervous.

I thought I had it in the bag until the very last question the one that defines you are 'the' journalist. The question was 

"Do you believe in winning and coming first "

And this is where I failed at the journalist hurdle for I answered " That it didn't matter if you win or lost" seems this was the wrong answer to which he preposterousily declared " I believe only in winning"

Strangely I didn't get the job , but so what I'm a journalist in my own right , my grammar may take a holiday but bananas . This is why I love my true friends to the bloggy moon and back.

I blog on a whim and a prayer.

Caption Saturday or Caturday

Thursday 11 December 2014

It's a Close Shave This Christmas With The Braun Cooltec White Edition

Shavers are cutting edge technology aren't they ?! If you hadn't noticed Christmas is beating a path to our door , don't worry there is still time to get a present for the man in your life in the way of a shaver. My husbands shaver recently needed a new head , so he dually send off off for one only to be sent the wrong one and when he eventually found the right  one , he found it was cheaper to get a new  up to date shaver.

Product Description

Braun’s °CoolTec is a revolutionary new dry shaver that has the power to take the heat out of shaving and put shaving irritation on ice. This power, on top of the stylish design and thoughtful engineering you’d expect from Braun, makes °CoolTec quite possibly the most technologically advanced dry shaver in the world, delivering a simply outstanding shaving performance for men with sensitive skin. The secret element in the °CoolTec is Braun’s innovative Thermo-Electric-Cooling technology (TEC). Whilst most shavers allow warmth to build up in the head of the shaver, °CoolTec has an innovative aluminium cooling bar integrated into its head that actively cools down the skin during shaving, minimizing shaving redness, burning and itching sensations, leaving a cool and refreshed trace behind. 

Braun °CoolTec White Shaver Features:
  • Braun °CoolTec – World's 1st shaver with active cooling technology – Puts skin irritation on ice 
  • Adaptable 3-stage cutting system for an efficient close shave 
  • SensoBlade – Specially designed shaving blades for an ultimate smooth shave 
  • LED display for battery status, cleaning indication + travel lock indicator 
  • Waterproof up to 5m for full washability 
  • Dermatologically tested and accredited by the Skin Health Alliance 
  • Made in Germany 
  • 2 years warranty. 

What do you get in the box ?

  • Braun °CoolTec White CTW Shaver 
  • Charging stand 
  • Protection cap 
  • SmartPlug 
  • Cleaning brush

How long does it take to charge ?

It is easily charged through the mains supply and has 45 minutes of cordless operation time so this would be perfect for a short break away and it wouldn't matter if you say forgot to take the charger. It can be fully charged in a hour which gives you as previously mentioned 45 minutes of cordless shaving combined with 15 minutes of the cooling function.

The shaver is only for use on your face and neck !

How do you clean your shaver ?

The new Braun °CoolTec shaver features the Braun Automatic Clean & Charge Station, proven to clean more hygienically than tap water. The four-action alcohol-based cleaning system automatically cleans, charges and lubricates the shaver at the touch of a button for lasting cutting efficiency. All °CoolTec havers are also waterproof up to 5m for full washability, not that you are going to go diving with it unless you are James bond of course.

How often do you need to change the shaver head ?

Every 18 month is the recommendation and with Braun's products been designed to last for at least 7 years you will have many happy years of shaving in front of you.

Luckily he was very kindly send one for review and I even persuaded my husband to do a you tube video ( the video is of the shaver which he got for review )

A couple of years ago I brought my son a shaver to be ready for his teenage years but I sold it as he didn't use it , till the other day he suddenly needed one ! So I have to order one for my son this time and this is the model I shall be ordering for me son as well as he has his own bathroom and won't get mixed up with my husbands shaver.

I Want to Ride My Bicycle With A Basket

Ever coveted something ? something you really want I am not talking a chocolate bar or indeed a glass or wine or glass of refreshing water in the summer heat. I am meaning a real need , bordering on a healthy obsession and one that can not be quelled to you have achieved this. My husband says if I achieve this then I am channeling my inner wicked witch of the west , oh don't worry I have already given him the blank look and not washed his pants for 5 days . Not that I hold a grudge or anything by I do like to get my point across , it is a healthy obsession and it is one of a bicycle with a basket.

I need a bicycle with a basket , a whimsically magical need the more I look the more I want and I have just the lanes that I will take the bialy down. I would either call that bicycle Celia or Myfanwy. Long before 'Myfanwfy' was a David Essex song it was a poem by Sir John Betjeman and it is a beautiful , romantic poem awww sighs and I live on the edge of a park and I love Robinson marmalade . Isn't the half light of the day one of the most alluring of the day a light that draws you in and holds you in a warm moment of time.

As  I think that is a name that really suits a bicycle, the car is called Mrs Robinson and the car hates me ( I don't drive ) and it is trying to kill me I am sure of it but more of that in another post.

This is a card my friend Jane made for me as it was my birthday last week isn't superb ! and I love bunting as well I have a real weakness for it. And also I blooming well love tea so much I made 2 cups of tea and there is only me in the house.

Wondering where I would take my bicycle with a basket if I was to get it places like the which is just down the road for me , a fairy step away in a quiet unspoilt unless rolling countryside where the clouds skip along the horizon.

I so want a bicycle with a basket I so wistfully want.

It reminds me of a gentler way of life and idyll that can still ring true today and it would make me so calm of mind to have the wind whistling through my soul.

Tuesday 9 December 2014

Wintery Days

Wintery, Wintery day , how you wave your silver ribbon through the sky

Taking stock of ordinary in your flaxon idyll days , I gaze wistfully betwixt the frozen solid ground and sky , I can think of no better flash of feeling on a cold and wintery day.

Reality Of Food Banks Hit Home

I suppose at this time of year you are meant to write something seasonal but as I stare at the keyboard I am wondering what to write. I have been in the house for 2 weeks bar going to IKEA twice and eating my weight in chicken soup I began at one stage to think how much chicken soup before I turn chicken. Friends have cheered me up for which I am extremely grateful and once again as I prepare to brae the world  I know then is another turning at the end of the Ikea path. After all IKEA is a poor person Narnia and they do a stonking deal on meatballs  , you can guess where I spent my birthday.

You hear much of paying it forward , it's not an original concept us human beings have being doing it for years , you are leaving your heart open to kindness and so in return you give it. For 2 weeks nearly 3 I've not seen the children I work with , nor have I seen my work colleagues, the trees , the grass the silvery, raspberry ripple sky. The undertones and overtones of my very world were caught short for me in this time , captured and immortalised only in my pictures and blog posts. 

So next time you are moaning about your mortal moans pick one thing that you can appreciate about the outdoors or anything in fact. There has been much in the press about food banks and quite frankly I though I was so far removed from this situation it was what happened to other people. Sadly no the reality of food banks hid me clean smack on the mouth when I discovered that but mother has been using a food bank , my mother doesn't live near me , one of her benefit s had been stopped and she had to use a food bank on more than one occasion.

I find it shocking in this day and age we are struggling in our own country for food , luckily this Christmas my mother is going to spend Christmas day with the Salvation army so I know she won't be alone. So I might having be bemoaning my lack of going out whilst being ill but least I had soup that I could have , I didn't have to scrimp and save saying up which bill to pay or sacrifice.

So if you can donate food to foodbanks I know people like my mother and others would appreciate it.

Reality has hit home so very hard.

Monday 8 December 2014

What To Get Your Mother for Christmas

What to get your mother for Christmas ?

This a question which I always find it hard to answer , especially when it come to my mother as she doesn't want chocolate again , I know who in their right mind turns down chocolate but obey her I must. Also she doesn't want smelly stuff, clothes perfume or a nice pair of cosy slippers and if I dared even think about buying her one of those foot warmers that you plug in , she would disown me. Though quite honestly if anyone was to get me a foot warmer I would be really, really grateful!

My mother keeps calling me in peak hour , which is not good when you are a pensioner , so i keep reminding her not to do this ! I tell her that if she does want to call me then she do really have a phone package that allows her to do this. I am finding it is a bit of a groundhog day when it comes to this as I tell her to call her phone company to sort it out , she promises she will and yet it is not happening.

I feel that if she was on line with a phone package that combined with broadband then it would suit her down to the ground , so the first hurdle is to suit out a tablet for her . A tablet would so much better as quite frankly a computer would freak her out so the easier to deal with the better, it is 2014 and a gentle nudge is needed to bring her into the modern age.

And the prices of electronic tablets now is so reasonable (you can find many deals online at Tesco) don't feel like you are breaking the bank when you purchase one , so a whole family owning electronic  tablets is not unreasonable. So as soon as I get my mother on line I feel a bombardment of emails ensuing !  in combination with the phone calls no doubt. Also owning a electronic tablet will allow my mother to use a digital camera as at the moment she is using an old school camera. The world at her fingertips is a modern miracle at the the fraction of the price in comparison with a laptop or PC. I expect she will also be teaching me some technical tricks as well and who even know she make even get into blogging !

Written for Tesco

Thursday 4 December 2014

Easy Christmas Pudding Cookies

It is the time now to start preoaring for Christmas , it helps lighten the load and possible expense if you can get in hand some of the items you wish to share or consume over the festive period. And with this cookie dough you can freeze it up for up to a month , perfect for when you need that festive sweet fix, also an ideal rainy day activity to do with children if some how they get bored of their Christmas toys.


100 g softened butter
140 g caster sugar
300 self raising flour
2 beaten eggs
100g of bashed up plain chocolate


Preheat the oven to 180c

Mix 100g softened butter and 140g caster sugar in a large bowl with a wooden spoon

Then add 2 beaten eggs and 2 tsp vanilla extract and beat quickly to combine . 

Sift over 300g self raising flour and stir until the mixture is well mixed  adding the bashed chocolate at the very end. 

You might need to get your hands in at the end to give everything a really good mix and press the dough together. You could use a cookie cutter but this might prove hard depending on how bashed up your chocolate pieces are. In the end I shaped my hard and I am sure little ones would enjoy doing this as well. Press into chocolate buttons to represent the currants of a Christmas pudding. 

Place in the oven on a greased baking tray for around 12 - 15 minutes depending on your type of oven.
Leave to cool down.

Melt some white chocolate and drizzle over the cookie.

Wait for this to set then out of rolled icing craft the leaves and berries of holly.

Wednesday 3 December 2014

LG Brings The Cinema And The Music Flow Wireless Multi Room Experience To The Home

Your living room or front room as some people call it is the one of the hubs of the family, so you want to be snug in there , it has taken me a year and a half to achieve this. I ordered a sofa, this then in turn became faulty , repairer came out couldn't do it ( not like the upholsterers of old). New Sofa ordered and on the same day they were going to take the old faulty one away and graciously place the new one in pride of place and then film viewing pleasure could commence instead it didn't.

The old one was whisked away with no problems and then the new one was going in its place that was until the chuckle brothers couldn't get it to fit through the doors. It was like trying to watch Burt and Ernie from Sesame street also attempt to trying to get a sofa through a living room door. Do I live in a quaint little cottage I hear you cry no I live in a modern detached house with super wide doors that can accommodate a wheel chair if not a Boeing 747.


The multi room way of listening to music is becoming all the more  becoming all the more popular , keeping pace with our need to be entertained what ever room we are in. The speakers come in three different sizes . LG HS6 Wireless Sound Bar bar (£500) LG music flow wireless multi- room speaker hub two LG HS63 complete the magical line up. The LG HS6 Wireless Sound Bar doesn't just sound great, it allows me to synchronise the LG multi-room speakers together so that you can listen to the same song throughout your house or a different tune in each room. Which is marvellous when Mr T is playing his Coldplay songs (grits teeth ) which he can control with the Lg music flow app on his phone.

The LG brings life to the moves which I adore in 4.1 channel surround sound, An active wireless sub woofer frees you up even more.

I am so glad that I no longer have wires trailing round my living room with my previous sound cinemas systems , I did have a entry level sound bar of a completely different brand but was like a mouse squeaking really where as this sound system I can really hear the rich undertones of the sound . Films really come to life currently we are working our way through the hobbit films before we go to see the final one at the cinema, then as Christmas approaches of course a marathon session of Harry Potter is a must.

I'd like to thank Joesbloggers and Currys for sending the sound system. All thoughts words and opinions are my own .