Wednesday 22 December 2021

Be Intrepid In Your Life

Be Intrepid 

Now as an autistic person that can be hard but I’ve always been intrepid before my diagnosis as I really do love adventure. I however will not be Suba diving unless some mobster gives me concrete boots nor will
I be skydiving out a plane freewheeling towards the ground at breakneck speed .

Standing on the edge of greatness I spy the mighty Monsal head and this is what is so wonderful about leaving in the country of Derbyshire and having access to the Peak District , wonderful is flung about your very eyes as if an artist is in motion crating a painting just for you. As you know I love getting out and about and I shall walk does of the Monsal head at some point but please do tell me what adventures you'd like to see me go on and I will try my very best to do them.

Thursday 16 December 2021

Walking Is The Best Kindness to Yourself

Kindess is kindness 

Kindness is not a fashion hashtag

People spout on about kindness but don't practise it themselves ,I was once some years ago told I should not be takin pictures when I was off with depression and that people might get the wrong idea when I was out and about in the one air taking pictures . People are so quick to jump on the #BeKind hashtag when say a celebrity sadly dies but they quick enough in another swipe of social media to critisce someone for something else when all someone is trying to do is to protect their mental health .I love my photography and getting out about , the other day with my husband we climbed a mountain ... ok it was a really really big hill but it felt like a mountain and the sense of achievement in climbing it gets back down again without falling down on my bottom was huge. ( PS my bottom is not huge ! ) . I have really got into walking and hiking and nature and the outside are breath therapy partners.

I love the rolling hills , the green and then when it changes with the season it is magical to come back and look , it is truly like an artists picture because you never know what you're going to get.Walking is brilliant for mental health and it is not a hidden secret and anyone can do it even if you need some kind of support.Walking can be free but the costs you can occur can be decent walking shows and walking gear, I have some Mountain Warehouse walking boots and I have already got my money out of them as they've enabled me to go places I previously couldn't go with my old walking boots. The next item I need I think is a new walking coat and of course it would have to be yellow, and no walk is complete without myself wearing a bobble hat!

Why I Love Blogging

 Why do I love blogging you might well ask ?

I love blogging because it brings me in touch with my feelings and brings me close to people I have never met and some indeed I have , you might think that brings a sense of falseness and if you do it wrong it can bring a sense of falseness but do it right and the world is your oyster. The world is your oyster unless like me you have a slight sea food allergy but I digress as I often  do . I fell out of favour with blogging I suppose probably due to this toddler tantrum that is the covid pandemic  , I mean you can stop now covid but alas no !

I sometimes stare at a blank page wondering what I should indeed right wondering if my words are overreaching anyone in this digital age as people are raving it all up on til Tok and instagram and blogging is starting to some a little old fashioned but til Tok and instagram are seen as the fashion fashion hipsters of the miracle modern age.There is something real about putting your words down on a page and because the words are tangible I truly believe people can connect with them more. Push asides the reviews and dig down for the true beauty of human life and you will see how mazing us blogger can be.

Blogging is now as retro as the handwritten letter and this is my blog love letter to you all and I am not ever ever going away .

Friday 3 December 2021

The Very Merry Christmas Game - Review


Christmas is sernominous with playing board games and it is I am sure that is some sort of law at Christmas that you must play some type of board game  and there is none more fun than The Very Merry Christmas game. I love traditional games and I don't think at times traditional games are plated enough it has to be a very special game to tear the youth of today away from thrift electronic devices. I played so many board games with my family growing up and it was a happy time doing so even though I didn't always win.Creating memories is what board games do and the love of them is based on from generation to generation.

This year I have the Very Merry Christmas Game to review ( it is priced at only £20 at Amazon ) and as they say a board game is for life not just for Christmas ! The box itself is very eye catching and you might think it is going to be of a novelty and flash in the pan. As with any game the more you play it the easier it gets , I have played Monopoly for years and I am still surprised when I win first prize in the beauty contest.

Essentially The Very Merry Christmas Game is for a minimum of two players but to make the most of it I do suggest playing with at least four players or double up into teams. What happens I hear you ask well , each person or team picks a coloured playing piece before locating the relevant fireplace on the board. Each player has a stocking ( how Christmasy is that ! ) the stocking needs to be filled with high valued Christmas presents in order to win the game and they start off with two mystery cards placed in the stocking.

By rolling the dice, each player progresses around the board where they will find a host of squares offering different activities and interactions. You can sneak a peek in your stocking (or the stocking of someone else), collect presents to place in your own stocking or that of another player, or pull a cracker with a player of your choosing in the hoping of stealing away or exchanging one of their high value presents with one of your low value ones.

A very nice touch I think  is that players can land on a carol-singing square and when they do they have to sing a Christmas song and no song can be performed twice during the course of one game , and the catch is if your  singing doesn’t please the other players, you can lose one of your presents. For those that don’t like singing in public, make it your mission to land on the party hat square so you can wear the Christmas part hat and be immune from having to sing.

Once all of the stockings are full, each player can turn over their present cards and find out what’s in their stocking. If someone has a single sprout card, they automatically lose and are out of the game but if someone has two sprout cards they automatically win. If there are no sprout cards, or no one has two, the rest of the players add up the stars denoted on each present card and the one with the highest number of stars wins.

The Very Merry Christmas Game might be a simple game but it is fun and as a family enjoyed playing it so much and played it again and again. We  laughed so much when playing it and it’s perfect to play with the family, as it’s very family friendly. This is the perfect game to be playing over the festive season and I  can't recommend it highly enough , it is perfect for that sparkle of Christmas fun this Christmas