Tuesday 30 April 2019

Trinity College Cambridge

You can hear the silence fall , you can hear the burst of the purple haze of the beautiful twirly whirly wisteria

 and you can do this in the grounds of Trinity College , you can be an onlooker with your methodical nose pressed up upon the glass grazing through to another world of bowl hatter porters and Cambridge Dons, Professor and students ambling by.Time stops still in the hallowed sanctuary of Cambridge that bastion of learning with their premier league rivals being Oxford ( I am told they have a better shade of Blue)

Trinity College this was where Isaac Newton studied as well as Alan Turing and Stephen Hawking and you can not be failed to be blown away by this but the best education you can really give yourself is YOU !

Why was I at Trinity College you make ask ? though you're probably not wondering that bye me being me I am going to tell you anyway. was there helping in Autism research for someone doing their thesis on Autism and it was based on the quiet shopping hour. I travelled to Cambridge and it wasn't  a problem as I could just tune myself in Classic Fm , I must say it was rather exciting to help in Autism research from my point of view . I have to say I do not really view myself as disabled the only disabling thing is people actually themselves at times in their views and opinions but people are strange as they say.

I love nothing better than to mooch and meander not quite knowing where I will end up as this is why after the Autism research I asked to be dropped off at Trinity College and that was my seating point for me to find my way back to Cambridge train station.

Monday 29 April 2019

Oak And Acorn Oakwood Derby

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How dining preconceptions can jade you is something I’d not thought of until I realised I hadn’t been to a local pub because it was very much stuck in the 1990s and honestly this was the last time I had visited the Oak and Acorn in Oakwood Derby.So that made my last visit to this pub 20 years ago this was the era of the Spice Girls concidently they’re making a comeback tour this year.

And I was along with my family invited back for the launch of a new look Oak and Acorn.The Oak and Acorn pub has just had a 200 thousand pounds makeover to bring it bang up to date the last refurbishment was done in 2005 so it was long over due.

We were in for a very pleasant surprise now the pub is next to a local shopping area with smart housing round.There is a local park straight across the road perfect for walking off your meal afterwards or indeed a gentle stroll on your way to the pub.

The Oak and Acorn pub has just had a 200 thousand pounds makeover to bring it bang up to date the last refurbishment was done in 2005 so it was long over due.When we got inside we were taken aback how much the pub had changed.There was loads of chatter everywhere and happy smiling faces there was a good mix of ages and people there including families.

I was there with my husband and university student son luckily our table had been reserved for us.We looked over the menu and my husband and son decided to go for the crispy beef and noodles.I on the other hand decided to go for a Tennessee steak with chips.

We had opted to dine at 6.30 and it was busy then and it got busier which is always a good sign.And someone had a cocktail and it wasn’t me !

And of course a family occasion isn’t complete without a desert !

The prices are reasonable and in line with what you’d pay elsewhere for example the crisp Chilli Beef was £9.49

Disclosure I was given £50 credit for the meal and all thoughts words and opinions are my own.

Friday 26 April 2019

Tour De Force Of Yorkshire

Myself and my husband spend a lot time in Yorkshire as we are ferrying our son to and from from there and we have been taking the opportunity to venture out and look at the beauty that Yorkshire has to offer.I find that Yorkshire is a relaxing and most beautiful place to be in except when your the passenger in the car with a nervous husband driving across the moors the it is slightly misty as he was very freaked out by not knowing the lie of the land however I think he is more relaxed about the Moors now.Using York as our pace for venturing out from we first took ourselves to the stunning town of Richmond ( Yorkshire ) not to be confused with Richmond in London that is equally stunning. Richmond in Yorkshire has a refined elegance about it it is almost seaside town in nature and it is so relaxing you simply will not want to leave its majesty.

If you have English Heritage membership when you are in for an absolute treat as there is a a magnificent castle than dominates the town and its surrounding.There is no tea room at Richmond castle but of course there is a shop and they sell ice creams and all the other usual shop items. I do love to meander wound castles and ruins and Richmond is a very relaxing place to be which such a beautiful vista I would love to live round there as I would never tire of such a view. Richmond Castle is set on a rockery promontory just above the River Swale this great castle is one of the oldest Norman Stone fortresses in Britain , the building of the castle started in the decades after the conquest. While visiting the castle do take in the story of the conscious objectors that were imprisoned in the keep during the First World War it is told in a interactive display.

Richmond Castle Yorkshire
Richmond Castle

Richmond Castle Yorkshire
Stunning views from Richmond Castle

Richmond is the gateway to the Yorkshire Dales and you’ll happily spend the day exploring the unique traditional town which has changed little through the centuries.

Tuesday 23 April 2019

The Day I thought The Words Had Stopped

The day I thought the words had stopped because anxiety is horrible and it holds no prisoners it is without mercy and it is there niggling at you for attention like a toddler demanding attention 24 hours a day.I have been tasked in finding a joy list that’s however not a list of people called Joy though when I meet back with my nice therapist lady I will tell her I know a couple of people called Joy such is my humour.

Joy is tea and how I love my tea so much so that I have to travel with tea bags just in case there is some sort of  world wide teabag shortage and I may only have the last few teabags left on the planet .

Joy is getting out and about either on your own or with the ones you love or ( moderately like ;-)

And I have been getting out and about and I had truly thought s the words had stopped that my creative abilities had been nipped in the bud much like my promising Tennis career ( which wasn't much as I never got selected for the school Tennis team ever and I was always selected last for Rounders )

Joy is communicating online with friends from all round the world be it Twitter, facebook instagram ( I don't do Snapchat I think it's a Generation gap thing ! I mean I don't quite get Millenial speak at the best of times my University age son has one of those light up messageboxes and the message on it lately has been "Have a Dope day !" And this apparently means have a duplicate day.

Joy is sunshine and a mustard coloured jumper 

Wednesday 10 April 2019

Dinner Dinner Bat Cat

Everyone as the song goes wants to be a cat  ( and of course everyone want to be me )

And a cat like me ( you never see Batman and a black cat together now that tells you something ) 

should never me made to wait as they will take it out on kitchen roll or toilet roll if you don't respond to their wishes asap currently it the cat verus kitchen roll/toilet role score is

Cat 1

Kitchen/toilet  roll 0

Obviously this isn't a fair match and the kitchen/toilet  roll hasn't been trained like Rocky and has a very atmospheric theme tune to boot and really quite honestly I think the Eye of the Tiger is more suited to a cat anyway. I mean as a cat it should be my tune !!

It’s meow sic to your ears !

My human thinks I don’t know they’ve put Aldi cat food into a Sheba box but I do > blooming Brexit putting up prices of my prefered food. You simply just can’t get the staff nowadays which is utterly scandalous!