Sunday 30 August 2015

A London Vibe

On Friday I won tickets to a Chelsea game , couldn't get anyone else to go with me so I decided to go myself , train prices were out of this world. This left one curl toe action I'm not a travel snob ( probably am) but even if coaches are old I expect cleanliness. This wasn't the case and I think CSI would have had a field day , after initially freaking out I thought it couldn't get any worse and settled town with a book. Until I was joined by a family with a toddler and baby ( not a problem I'm used to children noise as I work in a school) however what makes my soul a little is I've found is the ABC song on loop for an hour , followed by Incy Wincy spider. If I ever suggest coach travel again pleases kill me slowly by playing those the songs mentioned at me ...

Anyways London bound indeed I was and as I was going later to a Chelsea football game I decided to stick nearby in South Kensington.

And South Kensington is so choice ! with the area near the tube station laid out to pavement cafe culture . From what I quickly glimpsed there are places to eat to suit all budgets. Then on to the Natural museum for a quick flick round , I could easily have spent all day there but just a quick visit.

The architecture of the building really does make my heart sing !

I enters the museum via the side entrance which is something they do when the museum is busy . The escalator to the volcano zone us high but oh what a view !!

After the museum I proceed to go the Chelsea  game , the nearest tube station for this is Fulham Broadway. I do know my way round London a bit but if unsure to save time I just ask a member of staff it a policeman !

Chelsea lost against Crystal Palace but it was a fun if tiring day out.

Friday 28 August 2015

Duck Legs 2 Ways

Duck legs 2 ways does rather sound like a comedy routine especially duck legs 2 ways. Well my day has been bit of a comedy routine with me seeing a mouse right there on the stairs . You are all breaking into song round now aren't ~?sways along with you .


4 duck legs

Salt and pepper 


Heat the oven to 180 c 

Place a wire rack in an oven baking tray 

Pat the duck legs with kitchen towel 

Next prick with a fork 

Season with salt and pepper 

Cook for 90 minutes 

Leave to rest for 10 minutes

Why duck legs 2 ways ? Well I they do go 2 ways don't they legs I mean!

Tuesday 25 August 2015

Trying to Take a Multiple Cat Picture

There comes a point in multi cat ownership ,where the planets align and you are able to actually achieve a picture of the cats you own .

I own 2 cats.

Not difficult you think to get a picture of the 2 together ~ wrong .

They are like humans in each and every way , the best of friends and the worst of friends.

The below picture has taken 4 weeks, 4 long weeks to achieve as if a cat doesn't want o sit with another cat it flipping well won't. They sit together in the garden or on the stairs where they very often trip us up ,also sitting together staring longingly into their feeding bowls.

This is the last week for :

You can enter online here  or using the hashtag #petsinwindows via twitter.

You can follow Everest Home Improvements on Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date on their latest deals and offers, and should also check out their top quality double glazing.

Disclosure ~ No cats were made to do any housework in this post. The cats are being compensated for this campaign as I am ~ except I won't be chasing a ping pong ball round the living room.

Creating Your Own Holiday At Home

Holidays we all need them after all it is our reward for all out hard work in the real world ,the escape from reality is a welcome break from the mundane only issue money is tight . We need not jet off to the Caribbean ( please believe me ) there are activities you can do at  home to give your self that holiday life.We all need to have special treat whilst having out holiday at home which is how Carpetright think as well . One of my ideas is having a tea party , so what about hosting a Mad Hatter's Tea party ?

Mad Hatter's Tea Party 

The wonderful thing  about a Mad Hatter's tea party is that you can use it for any meal of the day what ever time you wish it to be. I had my Mad Hatter's breakfast mid afternoon  and utterly superb it was too.

Relax in the garden with a glass of wine wearing your holiday sandals of course.

Buy your favourite childhood ice cream ~ I love a Big Foot !!

Appease the weather Gods with an offering of homemade scenes with jam and clotted Cornish cream, debate with friends if the jam should go on first then the cream or the reverse.

Visit an underpass art gallery , no charge completely free.

Bake a carrot cake , cake makes everything right especially with a nice cup of strong tea.

Shadow disco dance , this is a very competitive sport and takes many years of practice !

Have a oven baked scotch in a field of course , it's the latest hipster trend and undoubtly has its own hashtag .... probably.

Take yourself back in time with a romantic sunset watch on your home holiday.

Can't get to Ascot to wear a hat , save your money wear a fetching hat and watch Ascot in the comfort of your own home !

Have cake in the woods ~ taking a teddy bear is optional , I did he was too shy to appear on camera however.

Create an unique piece of art in your dishwasher , look for fun every where !

Take an adventure ~ channel your inner adventurer.

Take holiday pictures at every opportunity!

Above all you can have fun at home #holidayathome

Monday 24 August 2015

Taking A Trip to Help Yourself

When you've depression it really doesn't leave you , you can come through and keep moving forward. This is important to move forward , my humour helps and my friends and photography .

And a little chat on Twitter can break order to my mind as there is many people in similar situations.

If you blow the panic whistle on social media then people will help on social media. I know there's a bad side to this as well but I focus on the good . I have been in the bad side of social media and really now I only want the good .

Depression is like a volcano you never really know when it will strike , it feels at times like being on the edge of a precipice.

You can come through it ,but I know the signs of when I need help which is self care nowadays.


Just because I've got depression it doesn't mean I'm sad all the time.

Saturday 22 August 2015

Jack In The Box

"I'm Jack In The Box"

No really it is , his name is Jack. 

Cats love a box
Cats in boxes!

"Hello cat boxes how may I help you ?"

A truely modern cat has his paws on the pulse of society ~

Does the cat choose the box or does the box choose the cat ?

I really suspect some where in the world there is a university paper on this , it could indeed solve the problems of modern society. 

A box is a cat vessel.

I've heard the Milk Tray man is coming back ~ too late mate as us ladies would have brought them on special offer anyway. Also we are a tad more independent as well so unless you're delivering a cat/kitten in that box then no thank you .

And all because the lady loves a cat in the box ....

Friday 21 August 2015

Blogger Liscensed To Whim

What I have learnt this week

I have learnt this week that time is moving to quick and that I would like to very ,such slowing it down , I am not one for gushing statements but I am a practical with a soft heart. And My son got  excellent GCSE result A  A A*  B B B B C  I am confidant of the care home I will be put in when I am older.

I see and hear things that I don't wish to and really wish people would be kinder to each other  you only have one life and you need to live each day with kindness and passion. I try and give thought always to others , I don't spread myself too thing nowadays. I don't jump on every available bandwagon that comes along.

I know for a certain fact I blooming need to move about more and that I need to get moving to exercise , I know this fact as a pair of trousers did in fact try and kill me this week.

I feel the need to put some fun back into blogging so next week , not quite sure what I will do yet but I have a plan up my sleeve maybe .

Today has been such a busy day with popping off off Warwick Castle at the last minute you spend all the years dragging your kids out , the day you want a rest they drag you out. Thank heavens for the off I had through O2 priorities offering me half price tickets to Warwick Castle. Of which I am grateful as one of the finest Medieval castles does seem to be descending into some sort of theme park. I really think in today's society less is more upon arriving we were directed to the over flow carpark when it was a 20 minute walk to actually get into the castle. Of course before you go and sort your tickets out don't forget to get your £6 car parking token .

If you were actually to turn up on the day to the castle they would relief you of £24.95 per adult and for children  luckily it cost us £14.95 to get in otherwise I think I would have had to cough up a lung. Asides the nickles of price to get in and the fact they at every 5 metres will offer you archery £5 or be  knight £5 etc I feel at these activities could be cheaper and no so in your face in what otherwise is an almighty stunning location.

This is obviously where if funds and time ( being a Merlin pass holder (the really important factors) pays dividens as those who have this are going to feel tremendous value with all the attraction you can visit.

How the jousting is viewed seems to be different unless it is changed for evening events (when of which I remember going to about 13 years ago )

We were only on a flying visit getting there by 11.45 and leaving by 3.30 as my son had a football match and then we are off to a Chinese buffet.

Thursday 20 August 2015

Holiday Extras Holiday Review

Holiday Extra's motto is

"We take the hassle , you take the holiday"

The Park Inn Heathrow is one of the nearest hotels to terminals 1,2 and 3 and being so close is essential especially when you are flying long haul.The hotel was extremely easy to find , though do make sure you put the full address into your sat nav.

We had opted to include the parking when we stayed here , so upon check in we handed over the car keys so the car could be collected by Maple Manor Parking within 12 hours. Our car was securely parked off site and was waiting for us on our return from Washington D.C .

The beds were clean soft and comfortable , though I'd have like to have seen mattress protectors which is pretty much standard in all other hotels . The room was smart , modern and serviceable just what you need before your flight the next day. Quiet oh so quiet saying that you are right next to an airport , well that be why you'll be stopping there anyway !!

There was a small problem initially with our room key card however this was rectified and we swapped rooms. We were given complimentary drinks as a way of sorry , you really couldn't fault the personal service. A smooth start to your holiday is essential for a memorable holiday.

The day of the flight we made sure we woke up in time , you can request a wake up call if you do wish. Breakfast is available at the hotel but I can't comment on this as we didn't partake in this.

I wouldn't choose this hotel for getting into central London but for a stop before or after a holiday it is top notch.

We took the Hopper buses to the airport which was £8 each return ,it is 50p cheaper if you buy them from the machines at the hotel , you can either buy a single ticket or return per adult , children 15 and under travel free with their parents.and the driver will help you with your cases if you are struggling. I believe there is a free bus that runs near the petrol station opposite to the hotel.

After being dropped off by the Hopper bus we checked in and then after making our way though airport security delayed only by my bag * why is it always my bag ? thankfully the delays wasn't too long and the tuts of my family were soon quietened  by the time we got to the airport lounge. 

No. 1 lounge - Terminal 3

This is where I could channel my inner Bond Villain but curses I didn't have the obligatory cat to sit there and stroke . If you saw me in the lunch then I am sorry if you saw me spinning around in the chairs ~ actually not sorry !

There was was once an associated boredom with having to wait around in the airport before your hotel , there is only so many times you can spare yourself with the fragrances and drink the samples in the duty free shop.  And there there is the spotless boutiques which are a shoppers dream if life was in fact an open wallet but alas it is not ! Worry not through now you can have the option of luxurious airport lounges and it is an option I go for every time where I can !

Now where do you go do you go to the library , the snug , the luxury cinema , the bar the dining room , treat yourself to a treatment  at the Travel Spa ( for which there is an extra charge)

There is so much going on in the lounge that you might never want to leave there any computers, televisions, wifi , newspapers, magazines luxury cinema as previously mentioned and kids room. You can even shower her if you need to and there are toilet facilities as well.

I know it should be a plate but it is Artisan trendy!
 And any how it was jolly tasty and it was included with the price of the lounge , there are various menu option depending on the time of the day , children are very well catered for with the food  as the lounge has an la carte menu.

Your flights aren't announced any loud speaker instead you have to keep your beady eye on the information board , well you aren't going to be so silly as to miss your flight are you  ?

You can even have wine if you so wish , champagne however is a payable extra , the lounge left us all in a positive mood before our 8 hour flight to Washington D.C.

I wouldn't hesitate to use Holidays Extras again and of course there is a handy little app so you have all your travel extra information in one place. The cost for the lounge is £30 per adult and for children the cost is £15.

Thank you to Holiday Extras for allowing me to review the hotel , the parking and the lounge.

Tuesday 18 August 2015

Travelling On a Lemonade Budget

Travelling on a lemonade budget but maintaining the champagne lifestyle , alas No I am not whisking you off to Bali or Mauritius ! We are back on the case of fragile travelling in the UK if you do look around there are places to visit that are either free or £5 or under with children often free. So when said child safely deposited at his holiday job it was off on an adventure with £10 only in my purse , I am not quite sure if my husband is sighing or just breathing heavily when I announce we are off , then again lately my hearing isn't the best. We drove to Shepshead Watermill was a mere 20 minutes from my doorstep by car and oh my what a beauteous place it was and totally and utterly free. I like free things I do but if there is something to buy /donate I always make sure that I do this.

The mill is only open on set open days at is a private venture so please do check but you set off the 14th September is the last open day so keep your diaries free, the day we went there was a car meet there of BMW 's and there were some very beautiful cars there old and new. The mill has one of the most beautiful mill settings I have seen in a long time and reminds me of George Elliots book a Mill on the Floss.

Monday 17 August 2015

Cat To The Grind Stone

Just a little note to let you know that the Everest #petsinwindows competition is still on !

The cats have been settling back after us being away and are back up to their usual tricks which one of those includes coming in through the cat flap and then expecting the front door to be opened upon command. We all know that cats keeps us and it is never the other way around , I do say that the cats being on the window sills does hamper my house work efforts so that is why I have to drink so much tea. Well that is my excuse  reason anyway !

My jet lag has gone now but it took a good 5 days to get over it and I am already looking at the holiday for next year but that really depends at what my sons school throws at us !


So why don't you pop over and enter. Everest will give £5 to the RSPCA (registered charity number 219099) for everyone that enters, up to a maximum of £5,000. You can enter online here  or using the hashtag #petsinwindows via twitter.

Disclosure I have since dusted since the cat got off the window sill ~ I will be compensated for these posts ~ and I promise the cats with get a soft toy.

You can follow Everest Home Improvements on Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date on their latest deals and offers, and should also check out their top quality double glazing.

Wednesday 12 August 2015

A Blog Is Like A Butterfly

A blog is like a butterfly a rare and gentle thing, well depending on what you are blogging about. Now I don't stress about what I do any more I just do it , if I want to blog everyday I will . I have a following of which I'm glad , sometimes blogging is hard and I feel like throwing in the towel  but I don't I relax rest and rewind.

Blogging is a support net work  / diary for me but others it might be something different. Once I think I was on the dark side of stressing about my blog stats , I'm sure if there was a blogger t shirt that said " knickers to stats " I 'd wear it. 

Choosing a blog to read is like magazine selection there is so much choice. And if you read mine then thank you , I'm very grateful.

Through blogging I have lost much ~ friendship wise due to my depression but you can't please all the people all the time. The upside I've a huge support of friends who have got my back and like wise.

People need to remember a blog is like a butterfly a rare and gentle thing.