Saturday 30 April 2011

Oh no not more Royal Mews .......

They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. Rollie indeed thought that the TV was the window to a different Universe and I think it happened at the Royal wedding . As these series of pictures will tell. I am sure that people could see him through the television screen. Twilight music cue.......

Rollie awaits the Royal Wedding  with excitement. He had at this point put his flag down it protest at not having cucumber sandwiches.

Somehow the police had spotted a giant killer Ninja cat at the wedding. The impending nuptials were at risk.The crowd sensing a photo opportunity and seeking relief from guess the length of Kate Middleton's dress train length, snapped away.

Of course by this time the lovely Royal couple were safely married but at the advice of MI5 they were sped away in a car. ( The couple you saw in that nice Aston Martin were doubles).

MI5 whisking the Royal couple away to safety..... and that's the truth ;)

With all this excitement the only decoration was this tea towel I won from 3BlondeBearsLtd . It is great Jaimie Oliver's wife has one, a Royal tea towel and not a Ninja Killer. It was ideal you could use it if you wished as it is high quality. I just wished to use it as decoration and as a memento of a Happy day that was nearly ruined by a Ninja Killer cat.

Tuesday 26 April 2011

Ready for a Royal Knees Up .......

From my son playing with Ninja Killer cat in the garden insert picture of happy smiling child........

Of course he still has his fingers. The problem I face in my household apart from  having a Ninja Killer Cat and the constant fear of it killing me in more devious ways, is that my son has eczema and plays rugby.
What has that to do with rough Knees I hear you cry. Well if you watch one minute of this photo montage you will get the idea. (one min will be enough it goes on for around five minutes and  took my husband two hours to put together, time he could have spent putting my shelves up.!

I didn't know how to soothe his rough knees one his eczema and the endless pounding his poor knees receive  from being thrown to the ground and likewise throwing other people to the ground. I happen upon unscented body balm from B organic. They are my lifesaver because i didn't have to resort to the use of steroid cream to clear his knees up. Steroid creams have have in the past been a problem for me too as they did thin the skin my hands. I wasn't wishing this to happen to my son's knees so I avoid steroid creams for him really. Its great knowing there is nothing nasty in this product.

Photo is used with permission from B Organic.

This unscented soothing body balm did just the trick. After his shower I regularly  put this balm on his rough,sore, cut knees not one word of fuss uttered from his lip( sure that will change). This is the brilliant balm in question. It is easy to carry around as well just pop in your bag and off you go.

"Our most loved Soothing Body Balm is handmade with certified organic ingredients without any chemicals. It only has good oils that help to  soothe and feed the skin whilst regenerating skin cells. Our Balm is so gentle and mild that can be used on 1 month old babies and adults with severe sensitive skin to any essential oils.  It can be used on face and body. 
It soothes Eczema, Dermatitis. Skin irritations, Sensitive skin and Nappy rash."

It is simple to use you don't need to use much of it , it melts into the skin like butter really. It has smoothed and softened his dry rough knees within a few days of using it. Though the relief from the itchiness of his eczema was instanteous. This what his knees look like now . Ready for a Royal knees up on Friday.

So here we are the lovely people at B organic have given me this as a giveaway.

Hand Care Set - Lavender and Chamomile

Photo is used with permission from B Organic.

Product Description

Lavender Hand Wash
Our organic hand wash will clean your hands without drying out your skin with nasty chemical, our certified organic lavender essential oil will keep them soft & soothe skin irritations, cuts and scrapes. Follow up with our B Organic hand lotion to keep your hands pampered.
Lavender and Chamomile Hand Lotion
Our organic hand lotion will nourish your hands and feed your skin whilst lavender and chamomile soothe skin irritation, cuts and scrapes.
All you have to do for this giveaway open to Uk only.

Is make sure you

1. Visit B organic website  and comment below to what your favourite product is by commenting below.

2. Tweet the following "I am following @needaphone and @borganicskin for a Handy little giveaway."

Giveaway ends on the 27th may winner will be notified on the 28th May.

Thursday 21 April 2011

Meet Shelley the Easter Hat.....

Hi meet Shelley the Easter Hat.

She's a bit old now but a goody made for my son when he was seven for the Easter Bonnet parade, he's now twelve. We never won, it was  full of those  zealous mothers etc who spent years perfecting their little darlings masterpieces who won . No that I harbour drudges or anything .....

1. Get a balloon.
2. Papermache round the balloon building up the layers
3.You have to do this over a few days to allow the layers to build up.
4. Once it is dry cut the base of the balloon shape off. ( about a quarter)

Stick it inside the other half.

5. Turn it back round and cut a jagged egg shape.

6. Decorate as you wish. Chick etc is optional.

One bird that managed to escape the clutches of my cat.

Wednesday 20 April 2011

The Purrfect treat...... @BMpetcare

This time I am writing the post as i wish to thank Bmpetcare for saving my fingers.They gave me some Prime Cuts chicken and Tuna to review. Well the cat not me ! I have to say they are  the PURRFECT  treat in  every way from it gorgeous packaging( though the cat on the outside looks a bit soft for Rollie's  liking. I wouldn't bet on its chances in a fight with Rollie would you.) to the fact it has saved my fingers from being nibbled at.

The packet is resealable which is brilliant.

There is a de- oxidating sachet inside which must  NOT  be fed to your cat and is  inside the packet and the de- oxidating sachet MUST  be thrown away.

First we encounter the demon cat who expects my fingers:

Silver tabby on grass

With these snacks being an inch long I am able to keep all my fingers and interact with Ninja Rollie.
treats for your cat

Thank you @BmPetcare I salute you.

Though Rollie says "I line up my next meal Jack cat so Role  anyone?".....

Black cat and Silver tabby

Tuesday 19 April 2011

The Worm has turned...... and How to worm a cat

"Rollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllliiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee," my owner screeched at me. Sounding like a whaling banshee. " Who's a lovely little kitty" they cooed. Excuse me call me that again mate and I will do ninja stylings on your new carpet. Remember those leather chairs?. So after 30 minutes of evil staring and plotting it was now  "Rollie , here puss, puss you little ***8***8**8" oh get you !, that will also teach you to stick me in blinking girly collar oh the shame when you are an evil ninja.

So after 30 mins I decided to graved the owner with the presence where upon they locked the cat flap... and said it was "Worming time. " Thanks to @BMpetcare  for this !

 The Bob Martin 'Spot On' is a fast and effective deworming solution that is used to protect your  feline against common tapeworms(Dipylidium caninum, Taenia taeniaeformis,Echinococcus multilocularis. Each 0.5 tube contains 20mg of praziquantel which is the active ingredient designed to kill tapeworms. The product is 100 % effective at killing the worms.

 There is no certain way to prevent worms, other than ( as recommended by your  vets ) to adminster dewormer every 3 months as a rountine measure to control the parasitic worms. The box contains two tubes of dewormer equal to 6 months supply.

It  is as easy as pie. Just part the fur at the back of the cats neck ( Where they can't reach with the tongue , make sure their mates don't help !) and slowly squeeze all the solution onto the exposed skin. The liquid will be easily  absorbed in seconds.

 The instructions are so easy to follow some are in the packet on a printed sheet, but also some are available on the packet itself .

That was it I was ready to go . My owner could not pick me up for an hour like that was going to happen ! Anyway said owner (or my pet really) washed their hands and I was out that cat flap. Would I behave would I  *******.

Notice please my evil wink call me cute at your peril.....


Monday 18 April 2011

Please Paws for thought....

A funny title with a serious message. Its about my experiences with Autism. I work with on occasions Autistic kids ands its hard yet rewarding. I can at the end of the school day hand these children back and go home to my family. Autism is rewarding you have to open your heart to being accepting. It doesn't matter if you are different bit like evil ninja cat really. Hats off those to who have autistic children or those with varying disabilities. You might have seen my on twitter asking for donations for my school.  the autistic kids are a huge part behind it. We don't have a sensory room and we don't have a trim trail etc to promote their motor sensory skills.I don't claim to be a expert on autism but I have gained my experinace through working with these children. I shall continue doing what I can for those who have and work with autistic children.

This is what I wrote recently to one  care organization." I am proud to work in social care as a SEN ta with autistic children. A breakthrough came with one autistic boy. He had to do some counting from 1 to ten but does not always understand because of his autism. I sang 1,2,3 45 once i caught a fish alive and so on . Through this he was able to order the number 1-10 . He loved the singing. It was a very rewarding moment. And he has since gone on to saying little sentences."

Friday 15 April 2011

Funraising might as well blog yourself to death.

Ok so it s Evil Ninja Rollie again but wait there is a thread to this tail. From small beginnings come great things . I was stuck fundraising for my school fair . I could hear the groans before I even started asking, but you know what the capacity for the human heart is fabulous. You have to be friends with people to start of with and I am. I have met super people on twitter. That have helped me on my way to make this a super school fair. I will of course be mentioning these super super people via twitter and on my blog of course. So far @BusyBeeCandles @RedRoses4 @TheCandyCanCo @V82CHRIS   @Bobbity666@borganicskin@daisychainbaby @deblii2 @Daisybeebee @jming1 @nors65  @ @Nadine_Ingle @incywincyparty@gettogirl09  @ and @ @  @V1cki_Lou @kikicomp have  helped  me out with  prizes for my raffle.

Thursday 14 April 2011

Waxing lyrical with a Busy Bee Candle.

I had a problem with using candles before my ceiling and walls had got all sooty. I was in despair because I like candles but I didn't want to end up in the same predicament. So after chatting with Busybee Candles with many a bee pun along the way. I was kindly told that the problem was that I had been using paraffin candles and with a Busybee candle this wouldn't be a problem. to quote BusyBeeCandle "Busy Bee only make gorgeous scented candles & home fragrance products using soy wax and by hand. Long lasting home fragrance - Naturally."

I took a look at their candles and at first thought gosh they are expensive but they are not for what you get the quality and fragrance are fantastic . I choose the Strawberries and Cream candle. This reminds me even on a dull day of sitting in the candles drinking Pimms and watching Wimbledon. And of course I keep my evil cat out of the way while the candle is lit. The candle is housed within a hexagonal jar which is indicative of a honeycomb. For the candle to last is is really vital that you follow the instructions.  Note to self : Do not buy an army camouflage bed with a Silver Tabby Ninja Killer cat.

Busybeecandles have offered a prize of four fragrance bars if you go to their web site and find the answer to this question "Which speciality candle would be most apt after you have mowed the grass.?"

You must follow 

1. Follow Blog and Comment here.

2 Folllow @needaphone and @BusyBeeCandles on twitter  and tweet the following. 

I am following @needaphone and @BusyBeeCandles to win four BEE Ut IFUL fragrance bars.

Winner will be chosen by random org on the 13 th May "Evil cat Day"

Wednesday 13 April 2011

Meet Octavia the bozz eyed Octpus she's shy .

Meet Octavia the bozz eyed Octpus.

So simple to make.

1. Take a pair of gloves (don't have to match)

2. Turn the thumbs inside.

3. Stuff gloves with old material etc. You can stuff more material at the top to make a more curvy octopus than I have.

4. Put one glove onto the other(sew for extra security)

5. Put eyes, lips and a bow on if you wish.

Simples you now have Octavia the bozz eyed Octpus

Tuesday 12 April 2011

Crafty not so sure?

I won a host host of craft making things from the lovely @beckslayer . To be honest I really wasn't sure what to do with it. I want to make cards for my school fair. My first attempt was this Easter card. Which i am going to give to the lovely@contrarymary80 for her blog .x
I am not very arty I believe. For me perhaps simple works best?. My next attempt was a Birthday card. What do you think?

Struggling with the concept "Thinking outside of the box".

"My owner asked to me think outside of the box about reviewing something. I do after getting through  half a tub of "I can't believe its not butter" ( which I assure it clearly is not)/ I decided to get my claws in to my review. Though what should it be the nice new carpet, the little humans homework mmm. I finally decided on the nice leather chairs in the dining room.They were rather easy to scratch and pull. So I now have leather chairs that need repairing my lowly human owner says."

Monday 11 April 2011

Cat in the hat .I don't do cute.

cute silver tabby kitten wearing a santa hat

"This is the one and only time I have worn a hat. I don't wear hats. Even then I had an evil stare. You say you pay for what you get, well not always. My servant "Jack" cost £15 and seems to like the stupid humans. I on the other hand cost over £100 and hate people, hate life, hate leather chairs and hate hats."

Jack Black the cat

Saturday 9 April 2011

Rollie is very very cross you wouldn't like him when he's angry !

Silver tabby cat
Rollie has expressed to me his sadness and annoyance that no one has come forward. And  so Rollie speaks " I feel very very cross that no one has offered me anything to review.I know I only started this blog last Friday. I did try to review my owners PS3 headset whilst playing Call of Duty but I just kept hearing voices. I got very very  angry and ate the headset..And so I have decided to give an interview in two weeks time. I am going to offer a mystery prize to one of you sad people who ask me a question. I know you will be honoured by this. I grow tired of you all now. I have some liver and some fava benas  waiting followed by a nice  Chianti  "

Rollie has decided to give away  twelve more prizes .

So please comment on this post asking Rollie a question.

2. Make sure you follow this blog and me @needaphone on twitter.

I will choose 13 questions by random org on the 23 April and let the winners know on the 24th April.

The winners are @chriswoodgate, Tiddleslz, Cassieopea  grapevine,Jillandstan, @daisbybee, anaujbe, Kathhyrn mackinnon, Nadine, medsdemmon, steap, peggyknits, Lorna Peppiat

Friday 8 April 2011

Meet Dave the googly eyed bee.

easy childrens craft using goggly eyes

Meet Dave the googly eyed bee. I made him and seven others for the home corner in my classroom. Simple to do.

1. Paint a polystyrene ball yellow allow to dry.
2. Paint black stripes on allow to dry.
3. Stick googly eyes on.
4. Fold wings in black card and stick on.
5. Attach paper clip and use wool to hang up.

6. Name bee mine is called "Dave".

I must thank @missielizzieb for her BEEutiful googly eyes. And Really must thanks "Dave's" name sake @TM_LTD_UK who donated a camera to my school fair.

Rollie The Cat my blog inspiration

Silver tabby cat

Meet Rollie the ninja killer cat. "Awwh " I hear you cry, please don't be fooled. It may look like a certain brand of cat food cat but is trying to kill me. Firstly it has a taste in fine food, it often brings home French Brie, Water cress and cheddar cheese. It also assassinated a whole host of bumble bees and the poor pretty butterfly didn't stand a chance. It sits by the sinks looking at the sharp knives... but the worse thing it tried to do was gas us. No it didn't have a disagreeable meal it switched on the cooker gas. Hard to believe but true. I live in constant fear of Rollie the Ninja killer cat.