Tuesday 31 March 2020

Gardening On A Lockdown

I do not have an allotment but I do have a garden , last week and this week and this week it has been gardening task. I managed to get some of my gardening waste taken on the regular collection before the local council wield decided to prioritise the black bin collection.The gardening tasks were pruning , tidying and mowing the lawn and painting the garden fence although even one and his cat seems to be doing this as I can not find more of the Harvest Gold I need to complete the fence on the right side of my garden. A few weeks before all this virus lark kicked off I bought one of those raised beg vegetable things on legs and I swapped milk for carrot seeds from my neighbour.

Saturday 28 March 2020

Appreciation Of Rules

I’m very appreciative of the rules that have been late down by the government this week. I’m a rule follower especially when it comes to authority so obviously I’ve only been making essential trips and combing them to like prescription collection and picking up some yogurts.

But oh the tweet and twirl of the birds and the sky oh the blue of the sky and the sweetness of the air.

Friday 27 March 2020

Store Cupboard Bread And Butter pudding

You’ve still got that a Christmas panettone lurking about knowing what to do with it , fear not.


Sliced Christmas panettone sliced and buttered , you could use any bread then just add dried fruit . You could even use sliced bread rolls or any cake that is starting to go a bit stale.

3 pints of custard 


Preheat your oven to 180 c or comparable gas mark 

Slice the panettone and butter it 

Place the butter bread / panettone in an oven proof dish.

Make 3 pints of custard, one pint at a time .What I did was just make it cold following the custard powder instructions.

Bake in over for about 40 minutes at 180 c or has mark 4

Thursday 26 March 2020

Day 3 Appreciate The Cat

The cat is smiling within I’m sure !

It’s an odd time for pets to as they think I’m sure you should be going out now , I’m pretty sure my cat surfs the internet when I am not at home.

Wednesday 25 March 2020

Day 2 Appreciate Hopes

Of hope to come I appreciate hope , I appreciate my life , I appreciate me . I appreciate taking to my neighbours over the fence but 2 metres apart.I appreciate the sunshine. I appreciate me , I appreciate the rules in place to protect my family society and me.

Monday 23 March 2020

Day 1 Appreciate

I never more have appreciated the flowers

Flowers are amazing they’re little jewels on sticks and they’re so magnificent.Flowers ate a natural cheer and I love flowers , I was so appreciative the other day when on an essential shopping visit Lidl gave me free flowers and it was much welcomed cheer.

We need to cheer our flowers as unsung heroes , flowers ask no adoration from us .

Thursday 12 March 2020

Tweaking Normaility

The world is rather a funny place at the minute and I am not going to even mention the c virus word just as long as you're all washing your hands for 20 seconds then that is all that matters.Normality is never overated I have to sat and nothing is more important than trying to keep a routine.Though I haven't gone to the gym this week , I am still remaining active by doing shopping and going for walks and it is a joy to look up as Spring is finally on its way and this gives me great joy.I have made sure that I stare at the tree in my garden everyday just seen the buds know that the blossom is on its way.There is nothing more pretty than tree blossom it really does brighten up the sky and against the backdrop of a blue sky oh my it will have instagram models and supermodels running for the hills.

I gardened for about 15 minutes just tidying up a few plants round the garden and I have never felt more alive especially when a rose thorn dug into my nail bed ( ouch and yes next time I will make sure I am wearing my gardening gloves )

And I am having a battle with the cat it is seriously playing mind games with me and suddenly declares it no long loves the cat food I have provided it with . This is how it goes it meows I put the food down and voila it turns it back and slinks off through the cat flap! 

The joy of the Spring crocus 

Watching the birds on the feeder ( or trying to ) the cats sworn enemy Sid vicious

Jack looking at his sworn enemy Sid vicious 

Wednesday 4 March 2020

Coconut Sticky Rice With Roasted Beetroot , carrots , onion and broccoli

I was never one for Beetroot much it was that purple thing in the jar that never seemed to do much except look purple but the other way when I happen to order some cheap Beetroot with my shopping , I got a lot more beetroot than I was expecting to get.So what did I do with it ? well given the size of it I could have practised entering into the Shout for the Olympics but anyone who has actually seen my throwing ability from the 80's at school would advise against this.


Coconut sticky rice ( you could make your own or use one of those packets )

Roasted beetroot 


Diced carrot 


Heat some oil in a pan

Fry the onion , then add the diced carrot and chopped broccoli then add the coconut sticky rice 

Keep the ingredients moving in the pan 

Next add in the roasted broccoli

and drizzle over some sweet chilli sauce 

Put onto a plate or in a bowl and enjoy 

Tuesday 3 March 2020

Daffodils The Yellow Tickle Of Spring

It’s Metrological Spring but if only the sky got the message ! Yellow is the colour of the day you seriously can’t failed to be cheered by the yellow of Daffodils.They are a triumphant trumpet of colour

Daffodils the yellow tickle of Spring which we all need go let your eyes be tickled and let the yellow warm your heart soul and mind.

Go be a seeker of the tickle of Yellow.

And whilst we are all singing Happy Birthday washing our hands I think I would much rather recite some lovely poetry.