Tuesday, 16 October 2018

A Handbag As An Investment


Though I myself am not much of a handbag person I do appreciate a good quality handbag as they are an investment and I have friends who obviously have lots of investments so borrowing a handbag is not much of an issue for me.Gone are the days in the 80's and 90s 0f matching your shoes, tights and handbag and thank goodness for that!A handbag that has plenty of room is an essential for me and one that zips up or closes up fully for security and I prefer one that I can sling over my shoulder though I don't mind ones that you carry in your hand but still allow room to sling over your shoulder.

A handbag can really finish off an outfit but a handbag aren’t just for a special occasions. There are many places to find out about handbag trends you can start by looking at Vogue designer handbags. A handbag is very much a personal choice and it is wonderful to have one that fits with your personality.

I feel also a handbag also makes you want to go places not just that you want to be seen but a handbag is just part of a landscape.People often wonder what to say to get daughter for the special occasion of their 18th or 21st  birthday well I think a handbag is an excellent investment.Any special occasion is a good excuse for a handbag purchase and I have my 21st wedding anniversary coming up and if you say that number very quickly it is no time at all a blink of the eye in fact.Perhaps I could have a handbag that fits in with my love of countryside and walk and my practicality of life.

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Friday, 12 October 2018

Autumn Celebration

It’s an Autumn celebration and I’m feeling like my year has just begun as myself and my family have been through the ringer as they say since March.But now oh now hopefully joyfully we are all catching a break life is like Tetris and we battle and work to fit it in.

We have dealt with a diabetes diagnosis, my mother had a bipolar crisis , I had an depression- anxiety crisis and I was diagnosed as autistic, and I returned to work after 6 months off .A lot you’ll agree and the ends are being tied up and we do what we do to get through.

So the year begins now it curves round to the expected and unexpected and it’s ok you can clap this no need for jazz hands.So bring on the tea and more tea I say and we will deal with the world one cup at a time.

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Help For A Newly Diagnosed Autistic Adult

It's not as if you get your letter from Hogwarts when you're told you're autistic , in fact I am still waiting on my letter to confirming my autistic diagnosis even though I got my diagnosis on the day .I know am lucky to get my diagnosis in confirming why at times I feel fractured it  it very much like feeling you're Humpty Dumpty and it is a myth that us Autistics can not be empathetic. And I really don't mind me autistic in fact I like being me I am still me but it like being dropped in the middle of the ocean.

If you're under 30 and in derby then you can approach Umbrella for help and support after your diagnosis but if like me you're on the right side of 40 there is nothing but relief from a diagnosis.There are local groups out there and this is where looking on line helps from example the Autism society . There is a local group to me which I have yet to join I am doing stuff at my own pace as each and every day brings its trials tribulations or joy.

Auditory overload is my biggest nemesis especially combined with a roomy auditory space so at the moment I am going between earplugs and headphones and I have just ordered some headphones that will cut out so much noise.Do I want to be different yes and no do I wish I had been diagnosed sooner and my disability had been understood at school yes but life isn't how we always want it to be. It is about striving once you know and doing your best to be you and I can be empathetic I am not a robot without emotions . My brain wiring is different and that is the thing Autism is a spectrum situation condition and how I act and fail will be different to the next autistic person.

Monday, 8 October 2018

Love Of #HiddenCalke National Trust

You not only make use of your National Trust membership in summer but you can do so all year round , it is an excellent way not only to get out and about but also witness the changing of the seasons.And there is nothing finer than the Autumnal bounty of leaves and colour.

Enchanted is what National Trust gardens are a pure glimpse into a time gone by.See a leaf fall into existence, see a water can left as if the head gardener has only just gone away. I don’t live far from Calke Abbey and #HiddenCalke is very much in abundance.

It’s a favourite place of my to potter and wander round because every corner of the gardens beckons you forth.There is still flowers heralding their blooms at Calke.

Saturday, 6 October 2018

Ten Things I Love About Tea

I’m pretty sure that there are more than ten things I love about tea , tea is life .

Tea is the beginning the middle and the end there is no debate and tea won’t leave you , tea is your companion.

Now I’m Claire and I’m autistic and I really do like tea and whilst I’m not huge in conversations and noise as a result of said Autism.Tea is a huge passion of mine I was asked in my assessment “ what would happen if someone drank out of your favourite mug ?”


Replying “ I said if that situation was to occur and that would be rare as I make the tea myself.It would irk me a bit if they had a favourite mug but I have so many it wouldn’t matter a great deal .

1 Tea is a conversation starter and also brings silence I love tea for this very reason. Tea is my mellow place and tea is all encompassing I so very much love my tea and really couldn't be without out my favourite drink.

2. Without tea I just wouldn’t be me Tea is just part of my personality.

3.You just can’t start the day without tea it’s an ancient law 

4.Tea is a niche I love belonging to and it grounds me as I especially get to grips with the diagnosis part of Autism for myself.

5.If you know a tea lover then a Christmas gift or a gift anytime is never a problem take this for example (it’s a bit pink and I don’t really do pink but there’s a cat ) 

It’s £3 from Sainsbury’s which is a complete steal ( obviously do pay for it with shiny coins !)

6. Tea no matter if you’re happy sad or distraught Tea is the thread that bines us.

7.I really do give a lot of thought to tea and I would lost without it.

8. A bad cup of tea is a traversity upon the world and a waste of an opportunity.

9. Tea won’t lead you astray like that floosie coffee and it won’t leave anxious and remonstrating against the world.

10 My iron Will is as strong as the colour of my tea which must be a strong golden colour.They say religion starts wars but you get people started on the colour of the perfect cup of tea then it’s like nuclear war.Serve tea like Gnats urine and you’ll be locked up in the Tower of London.



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