Thursday, 14 March 2019

Looking For King Size Bedding


There are many ways to give your bedroom a new look from painting and wallpapering to changing the light fittings and curtains perhaps but there is nothing better than nice new bedding. Changing your bedding is the easier option for a new look and I have recently gone through all my old bedding and donated the ones I no longer want to charity etc. I have a king sized bed and I am always looking out for good deals on king-size bedding and this is where Yorkshire Linen comes in as they offer Kingsize quilts in multiples colours and patterns at amazing prices.

I really do think that good quality bedding does make your bedroom a calming and welcoming space and that is what both my husband and I need after a busy day. He gets up very early so I do get to enjoy the bed a little longer than he does and it also means I don't have to fight with the duvet either! We are thinking of moving our son who is at university into one of the other larger bedrooms and of course, that means a new bed and new bedding when they are university the costs never stop coming!

I have had a good look myself at Yorkshire Bedding and I am astonished at the wide choice there is so I know where I will be going to when we either need bedding for ourselves or more our son. You really do have to like the bedding you put on your bed because you spend a lot of your life in bed and you need to be comfortable and relaxed.

Disclosure This is a placed advert on behalf of Yorkshire Linen

Monday, 11 March 2019

Perfect 60th Birthday Present For Wine Lovers Review

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It’s my brother in laws 60th Birthday and he really is the lovely sort of chap that really does have everything.When someone has everything they need it really does make it nearly impossible to buy a suitable present.My brother in law adores caravanning so this was the natural starting place to make his birthday card.

Caravan Birthday card

So when the Gift Experience approached me about a review I had a good look at their products I found a wine box with tools ( where the wine box can be personalised )

Personalised Wooden Wine Box and Bar Set boasts all the tools of the trade. Pop in a bottle of the intended recipient's favourite bottle of wine and you're laughing.

Perfect 60th Birthday Present For Wine Lovers

Perfect 60th Birthday Present For Wine Lovers

Perfect 60th Birthday Present For Wine Lovers

The wood effect wine box and bar set includes Wine bottle box, with fixation for bottle with waiter's knife, bottle cap and spout, wood. The box was personalised with a message of our choice which is laser engraved onto the top of the box. Perfect for just about any occasion! And this is perfect for my brother in law to take with him when he goes caravanning and now he is retired he will be able to go whenever he wants to. You have to buy your own bottle of wine to go in the box.

Measuring 122 mm in length, width 365 mm, height 119.6 mm , the wine box and bar set is proportioned to accommodate a nice bottle of vintage. Delivered boxed.Delivery was very speedy and it arrived well in time for the birthday celebrations.

Perfect 60th Birthday Present For Wine Lovers

We all were treated to a lovely meal by my brother in law and he was thrilled by all the presents he got.

Disclosure I was offered the Wine box and tools for review , the wine is not included in the box you have to purchase that yourself. All opinions and views are my own.

Thursday, 28 February 2019

Tea And Hope Books And Scones

Tea And Hope Books and Scones really does sound like the title for a best selling book doesn't it I think set in a book shop come tea room with an air of vintage charm and days gone by.I love tea it really does give me hope there is nothing finer than a cup of tea with the spoon tinkling sound . I really think that a cup of tea is a call to arms like a raising an army and there are plenty of us in this army.And I constantly think about tea about how much I love it and how it excites me to me ,tea is life and life is tea !

A cup of tea really has been my emotional anchor of late and I really do like to think a cup of tea is an emotional anchor.

But if you want a triple anchor then add in a book and a scone and this is what I exactly did last week.

Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Dealing With My Tiredness

I'm trying more relaxed than I used to be , I did tend used to worry at every little thing and be it work, health or the cats I was pretty sure that my hair was thinner on one side . It isn't funny how we convince ourselves situations that potentiality we have no control over take my cat for instance I'm pretty sure it's plotting against me , probably as I take pictures like this of :

Cool for cats !

How I felt this morning !

This morning I was ready to tea my hair out literally as I woke every hour like a demented cuckoo clock , resulting in my telling off a black blouse for being on top of some paperwork ( I  was thinking it was the cat ) and then I handed the lemonade back to the delivery driver instead of handing him back the carrier bag ! I even drank 2 cups of coffee to try and wake up and anyone who knows me would realise that this is an extreme measure as I am a hardcore tea drinker !

I thought I had been relaxing enough but it appears not so in an attempt to get more sleep I am trying some tips to help me get a good nights sleep , now nothing is going to change the fact that I am one of those sort of people that struggle to get off to sleep . But I can do my best to hep myself to relax that at some point that I will drift off to sleep at some point some of the tips I am helping myself are as follows :

1. I allow myself to unwind 30 -45 minutes before bed and this includes make sure I don't have stimulating drinks before bedtime.

2. Having a relaxing drink be it a milky drink or a hot quiet tea especially welcoming in this cold weather brrrrrr !

3. Writing down anything I have to do in a note pad or the next few days , I do this to empty my mind so I am not there compiling a shopping lists of tasks that I can't possibly do at a silly time of night !

4. Relaxing with some music , spinning the decks with the retro vinyl ! Now you might not think of War of the Worlds as relaxing but I do uts a case of finding what works for you .

5 Making sure I do exercise earlier in the day in the form of walking , which I enjoy as it gets me out into the countryside where I take my photography to town .

When I when to the hairdressers last week , I did ask the hairdresser if I was going a little thin on either side but she said no it was just fine baby hair , I did breathe a little sigh of relief  I have to admit. 

Monday, 18 February 2019

Happiness Pioneer

Random acts of kindness should be part of your every day life and not just for one day.I  try and do this each and every day in either deeds or words , kindness doesn’t have to be expensive .From holding a door open to someone to giving someone your all day bus ticket you hope along the way that your kindness continues on. And I am loving the random acts of kindness that have been bestowed upon myself form simple messages of support to a tea and cake with a friend.On Friday my random acts of kindness was giving a cup of tea to a homeless person and giving my all day bus ticket to someone when i no longer needed it.

To put a smile upon someones face is priceless and I know if they're happy then I am happy , the world is complicated enough without people adding the complexity of not being kind.To be able to smile makes me truly feel on top of the world and when people are unkind to me then I feel as if I am a knocked down bowling pin.

I love the way my photography makes me smile because I have a unique view upon the world what I see in my minds eye I take with my camera , I see the world like no other and I am glad of this.I love to bring the wonder of the world in my photography and I am not going to hide it away.I like to think of myself as a happiness pioneer , I know I have had a very trying time of late but I want people to see my smile and know that happiness can be found again.

People often worry that you shouldn't write about sad times and  know I do but I like to balance this with the good times to show that there is light at the end of the tunnel however long that tunnel is.Everyone has a right to happiness and everyone has a right to help everyone get the happiness they deserve , life isn't a rehearsal you must live everyday as fully as you can.I struggle at times to put how I feel across and I think it is part of my autism .I am a very good friend and I will be the best friend anyone could ever wish for for I am so kind and caring.

I have a happy outlook on the world so I am going to endeavour being a Happiness Pioneer now and always ...



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