Tuesday, 23 April 2019

The Day I thought The Words Had Stopped

The day I thought the words had stopped because anxiety is horrible and it holds no prisoners it is without mercy and it is there niggling at you for attention like a toddler demanding attention 24 hours a day.I have been tasked in finding a joy list that’s however not a list of people called Joy though when I meet back with my nice therapist lady I will tell her I know a couple of people called Joy such is my humour.

Joy is tea and how I love my tea so much so that I have to travel with tea bags just in case there is some sort of  world wide teabag shortage and I may only have the last few teabags left on the planet .

Joy is getting out and about either on your own or with the ones you love or ( moderately like ;-)

And I have been getting out and about and I had truly thought s the words had stopped that my creative abilities had been nipped in the bud much like my promising Tennis career ( which wasn't much as I never got selected for the school Tennis team ever and I was always selected last for Rounders )

Joy is communicating online with friends from all round the world be it Twitter, facebook instagram ( I don't do Snapchat I think it's a Generation gap thing ! I mean I don't quite get Millenial speak at the best of times my University age son has one of those light up messageboxes and the message on it lately has been "Have a Dope day !" And this apparently means have a duplicate day.

Joy is sunshine and a mustard coloured jumper 

Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Dinner Dinner Bat Cat

Everyone as the song goes wants to be a cat  ( and of course everyone want to be me )

And a cat like me ( you never see Batman and a black cat together now that tells you something ) 

should never me made to wait as they will take it out on kitchen roll or toilet roll if you don't respond to their wishes asap currently it the cat verus kitchen roll/toilet role score is

Cat 1

Kitchen/toilet  roll 0

Obviously this isn't a fair match and the kitchen/toilet  roll hasn't been trained like Rocky and has a very atmospheric theme tune to boot and really quite honestly I think the Eye of the Tiger is more suited to a cat anyway. I mean as a cat it should be my tune !!

It’s meow sic to your ears !

My human thinks I don’t know they’ve put Aldi cat food into a Sheba box but I do > blooming Brexit putting up prices of my prefered food. You simply just can’t get the staff nowadays which is utterly scandalous!

Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Oak And Acorn Oakwood Derby

#Ad #Review

How dining preconceptions can jade you is something I’d not thought of until I realised I hadn’t been to a local pub because it was very much stuck in the 1990s and honestly this was the last time I had visited the Oak and Acorn in Oakwood Derby.So that made my last visit to this pub 20 years ago this was the era of the Spice Girls concidently they’re making a comeback tour this year.

And I was along with my family invited back for the launch of a new look Oak and Acorn.The Oak and Acorn pub has just had a 200 thousand pounds makeover to bring it bang up to date the last refurbishment was done in 2005 so it was long over due.

We were in for a very pleasant surprise now the pub is next to a local shopping area with smart housing round.There is a local park straight across the road perfect for walking off your meal afterwards or indeed a gentle stroll on your way to the pub.

The Oak and Acorn pub has just had a 200 thousand pounds makeover to bring it bang up to date the last refurbishment was done in 2005 so it was long over due.When we got inside we were taken aback how much the pub had changed.There was loads of chatter everywhere and happy smiling faces there was a good mix of ages and people there including families.

I was there with my husband and university student son luckily our table had been reserved for us.We looked over the menu and my husband and son decided to go for the crispy beef and noodles.I on the other hand decided to go for a Tennessee steak with chips.

We had opted to dine at 6.30 and it was busy then and it got busier which is always a good sign.And someone had a cocktail and it wasn’t me !

And of course a family occasion isn’t complete without a desert !

The prices are reasonable and in line with what you’d pay elsewhere for example the crisp Chilli Beef was £9.49

Disclosure I was given £50 credit for the meal and all thoughts words and opinions are my own.

Friday, 29 March 2019

How I am Coping As A Late Diagnosed Autistic Person

How I coping with being a later in life autistic person I think ok except for a few extenuating factors which are out my control.

What happens when you lose yourself in a murk of a situation that's beyond your control a situation where you're not just being left alone where it a a very close to home issue , it is hard but I am wading through treacle and the moment and I am clutching back control.The situation is not going to go away but I am the one who says what is acceptable to me , I don't mean to be evasive but it is a family situation and I was on the brink of absolute collapse.

Even if I wasn't Autistic I would find the situation very hard to cope with , you see when you're autistic sitautions can overwhelm you and clog your sensory processing you simply don't have the energy to think , move or breath you're swamped.And of late I am have snapped and I am a very calm person but when your buttons are pushed and pushed you reach that point where you say no more I need to be me.

And on the subject of being me I have so missed the funny me the serious me the humorous me the whimsical me in a nutshell me. Myself I love being me and the though of being me again fills me with absolute pleasure as now I feel kiddy as a kipper though that situation is still there like and I can't control that.

What I love about me is the ability to be me and I’m very unique indeed, I’ve got to not key thing drag me down and that’s easier said than fond of late.

What I do absolutely love is the ability to talk to people on line I truly think it’s one of my life lines.And people messaging to see how I am is very much appreciated and it doesn’t make me feel overwhelmed.

Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Cats Need Boxes

Cats need boxes or do boxes need cats ? I feel I only stuff for the box it really is like I’m my cats dealer.If there’s a box then there’s a cat to fill it as the magical lure of an empty box is just to strong for any cat .The size of the cat doesn’t matter and neither just the box as there is no such thing as the correct cat to box ratio

For what is a cat without a box just like Batman without Robin and Superman and Lois Lane.A cat may be more slightly Genghis Khan on occasions and voluntarily plot your downfall or maybe just on purpose!

Constantly waiting for an opportunity to bring about your demise ...

When you don’t win an argument...

When you’re trying to play it coy about wanting something..



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