Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Nuclear war ? No Problem We Are British And We Have Tea

I drink tea , I love tea and when I am not drinking tea I am thinking about tea and I even it times of adversity people have always though of tea . Threat of nuclear way well jolly make sure we have tea and a source of hot water it won't matter that you can't go outside for a million years just as long as us British have the tea we will be ok .

I love cats as well and I've written about cats and tea too , in fact I writing this now drinking tea . I’ve a habit of saying where and I want to go and I’ve a habit of if I want something I’ll get it 

“ Sod it if I want a cream tea I’ll jolly well have it “

Tea I love tea.

"Happiness is just a tea cup away "

Happiness Is Just A Tea Cup Away

Sometimes I just speak my mind but always with politeness ever so much politeness and I wonder because I choose to speak my mind if that perplexes people. People always have a concept of how you are how you should be how you should act. But if I have a cup of tea with a friend and cake then I really can be myself with no filters and that’s refreshing because people really do like me for who I am .

I had tea with a friend and I was brought coffee by mistake and I nearly just settled with it just to be polite.But I was encouraged to speak up speak out and go for my beloved cup of tea and I was jolly glad I did. If I don’t get my tea levels I do go feral as I have to keep my tea levels topped up.

“happiness is just a tea cup away “

Tea I love tea be it virtual and or real tea I just love tea .

Being myself is really important and I like that and you know what even the other day I treated myself to some new socks , I love socks as much as I like a cup of tea.

Cat Ownership

Cat ownership

Cat ownership it is a slippery slope I tell you well obviously you start with a cat or maybe 2 or perhaps a herd then you find yourself owning

1. A Cat blouse
2. Cat socks
3. Cat jumper
4. Cat mugs
5. Cat ornaments

And speak nothing of all the paraphallnallia  that comes with the cat bed, food, toys and more toys , I am frightened randomly when the cat dives towards the chair giving me a heart attack. Though I do suspect my cat is trying to kill me especially as it hides on the stairs I always have to make sure I turn the landing light on as it sides on the middle stair being helpful.

And you’re not really a cat owner unless you’ve apologised to your cat ...


You don’t know what you’ve done wrong but you know you’ve done something and nothing holds a grudge like a cat can.

That’s when your cat isn’t trying to star in it’s own art house noir film.


Friday, 9 March 2018

Cats with Whisker Stress

Cats with Whisker stress it isn't a cat that is stressed with a certain brand of cat food but more a cat with sensitive whiskers 

I had noticed Jack dropping his food on the floor and far from being fickler picky  I thought that something else had to be going on and thats' when I came across whisker stress. Whisker stress means a cat could be sensitive to their whiskers touching the sides of their bowl.

Some common signs of this sensitivity are:
  • Scooping the food out of the bowl onto the floor
  • Taking a few bites and walking away and then coming back
  • Leaving the bottom or side layer of food in the bowl most of the time
A simple solution to reduce or eliminate whisker stress is to switch their food and water dishes to flatter, wider-style bowls.

And I know that I could just put down a saucer but Jack is an older cat and I believe our pets deserve to be treated with respect in their older years.

I tried ordering a bowl off Amazon but it wasn't what I wanted and for the money I just knew something better had to be out there , Jack didn't need fancy bowl personalisation I mean cats can't read can they although I am pretty sure they can when I try to give my middle class cat a cheaper brand of cat food.So after scouring the internet I came across the Oblik Lordly Puss bowl which is art in a cat bowl and as well as helping to relieve whisker stress it also aids with good posture and we all know good posture is part of good manners.

Yes the cat bowl his £12.95 and yes the delivery was £2.95 but I think my cat is worth it and it is a bowl that will last.

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Having A Nemesis In Life

We’ve all had a nemesis(an arch enemy ) sometime in life not perhaps a master criminal nemesis like Moriarty but a nemesis in some shape of form. One nemesis I had at school who was always trying to keep one step ahead of me , when it was GCSE's literally strolled 45 minutes into an exam and aced their English Literature exam.

My cat Jack has a nemesis, we call him ‘ Sid Vicious ‘ he’s hard core , he wears a studded collar, he listens to mean deep heavy metal  music,he probably likes Coldplay but doesn’t admit it ( some has to ), What is the measure of a cat this is a question for another time but for now it is the nemesis of ‘Sid Vicious ‘

We are having issues going outside ~ the cat not me as Sid Vicious is a big mean bully with his  studded collar and Jack is scared of him .He can’t grow a pair as the vet took them away.I mean I’m going to have to go round and talk to Sids owners.

Jack needs to reclaim the fence.

Ps Sid is gorgeous to look at though but don’t tell Jack.

Jack likes to keep lookout especially for dogs so when he spots them he can go to the front door ask to go out ( despite having a cat flap ) and sit on the door mat ( stereotypical ) and be able to taunt the dog by just being out of their reach.It is the cat equivalent of sticking 2 fingers up at someone.

He’s a mean bruiser is ‘Sid Vicious ‘ all muscle and he goes 

“Meow Meow hiss Meow Hiss Meow growl “

He’s probably got knuckle dusters as well in his cat basket and watches film like “ Lock Stock and 2 smoking kittens “

I’m not saying we are fanning any flames at all with comments like :

“ oooooh there’s a pussy cat in your garden “

Or “ go get him “... 

This is from Jane Willis who blogs at Onions and Papers and her crafting and cooking posts are legendary.


Sammy and Charlie were very brave cats. Their nemesis was a regular visitor to our garden and we nicknamed him The Enemy. Sammy and Charlie would spend hours sitting at the window snarling threats at him and clattering their jaws in that aggressive way cats have.......just as long as there was a thick pane of glass in between them and him. But if The Enemy ventured into the garden while they were outside, you've never seen two cats rush to the cat flap and the safety of the window quite so fast! “

Jane loves cats as much as I and love her cards that she makes especially her cat cards which are often comical in nature, many thanks to Jane for writing this passage and her crafting cat links.



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