Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Tea Is My Everything

Yesterday I had my first appointment for speech therapy and it was a a good positive one and I do believe it is going to help me it is not going to solve everything about my speech but that is OK.If you didn't know I am autistic and I am totally OK with that it is OK that I have a monotone sound to my voice.There are things we may wish to change about ourselves but we can't and the the real point is to let things go that you can not change otherwise they will eat you up.

After my initial appointment for the speech therapy I decided to go into town and have a wander round which I love doing especially round the charity shops today I saw obscure vinyl record covers

and also to stop off for a obligatory cup of tea .Tea is life and life is tea and tea is law and tea is SO much better than coffee and NO I will not debate it as it is a truth written in stone somewhere yet to be discovered.I love tearooms especially ones with a vibe and a quirkiness and that old fashioned feel that is timeless , being old fashioned isn't being out of touch old fashioned is a like connective tissue it is essential to life and memory.Old fashioned is a social storytelling at its very best and I love it immensely.

I resisted an old tea shop in Derby I loved but it had been given a hipster overhaul with wooden shelves and fancy stuff here and there it was very hipster it was not the same. I saw they steal served in the vintage tea cups but there just seemed to be something lacking the old fashioned nature just didn't seem to be there.There was also background music playing where previously there was none and I am not always a fan of background music especially when it is loud and makes it hard to hold a conversation.So I left and went instead to the local museum and had tea amongst old china and tea pots and while there was still background music there was the slight hum of conversation without being unbearable.

Tea in a museum what could be better ... well if they let me use their vintage tea posts and cups maybe !!

Tea is everything to me and I am pretty sure I have a tea level that needs topping up to a certain level and without it .... no I can't bear thinking of a day without tea.

Beyond Shugborough Hall

Going beyond Shugborough last time we went to Shuborough Hall there was a firealam and we got evacuated and there was a no fireman at all.So the other day we decided we would go back and visit the house not having had opportunity to do so and we had a very pleasant amble round the house and it is chock full of history and clocks and a magnificent library and there is nothing finer than a grand library . I would be quite happy to locked away in a library with a good book and an endless supply of tea and no one else around as libraries are so very magical.

I do love a good wander and after exploring the house ( we had managed to do Lord Lichfields private apartment last time we visited luckily) we took an extensive explore of the grounds and gardens and struck out beyond the boundaries of the estate and we were not disappointed as we came across a beautiful canal which really looked liked past times a gentler time if you like. I do believe you can hire a canal boat there as well.

There is something soothing about water just as long as I am not in it only if it is a Spa and I love walking along canals it is very soothing and people are very friendly in a very non fake or forced way .People take pride in their colourful canal boats and they are very relaxed as they saunter down the river without a care in the world.

And that is what I like about my week this week I am sauntering along without a care in the world so much so I accidenly left a paper tissue in my trousers and it got caught up in the wash.

Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Whinfell Forest Center Parcs Being Mindful

It’s nearly 20 years since I was last here and that was when I had a toddler stuck to be like Lego with a vengeance, holidays are different with mini dictators. This time it was just myself and my husband with us stopping in York where our son is a University studying archaeology. Acording to Kermit it isn't easy being green I think Kermit just need to get out doors and be at one with nature which isn't hard when you're a frog.Outdoor is kindensss to the soul and to the head and to the head outdoor wouldn't judge you it will just accept you for being who you are and you you know are so very wonderful.

We put so much pressure on ourselves in our modern lives with the need to update all the time and whilst I do go on social media I am not as frantic as I used to be , in fact when I came back from Center pics where I was walking at least 8 miles a day I am finding the world a very bust and bustling place. I crave green and birds and tress and red squirrels I spent hours sitting in the bird hide with my husband looking at the red squirrels and various other birds and wildlife that came our way.Doign nothing is absolutely doing something.

Red Squirrel Feeding
Red Squirrel feeding

Being outdoors is the best prescription for the mind I believe in the whole wide world I have never been as I relaxed as when I am outdoors , there is is no pressure at all.The instagram world and that of the whole social media is bonkers as we now have controls with some intent providers at actually switching off everyones internet to get them down for dinner for example.

It is lovey yo come together in nature and connect as being outdoor has strong benefits for not only physical health but mental health as well.Being interactive outdoor has huge benefits for all ages from the youngest to the oldest it is an inclusive activity.

Disclosure Mr T took these pictures he is happy to work for peanuts literally.

Sunday, 12 May 2019

Return Of Sid Vicious The Cat

Sid Vicious the cat revisited today and he’s swapped out his studded collar for a little blue number.He’s hard as nails and moonlights as security for Kanye West don’t cross him or he will take you done.He is ex military forces and taught that bloke Ant off the SAS program.

Sid the cat likes the new Taylor Swift song it goes well with his throaty meow.Sid is a culinary whizz but has never attempted a soufflĂ© or baked Alaska.Sid isn’t fussed about Game of Thrones and hasn’t ever seen one episode of Eastenders.

Sid is going for a screen test as the new cat villain in James Bond and he’s not afraid to use his claws.Sid doesn’t need you to comment on this post but safe to say he knows where you live if you don’t.

Sid does have a sensitive side he’s into flower arranging and has got the omplete collection of Downtown Abbey dvds.

Thursday, 9 May 2019

Influence This With your Cup Of Tea

I think blogging has changed rather a lot in the last few years but I have never been one to follow the herd , long gone are the days of comments flooding my blog at least and this I am fine with.I mean unless your one of those keyboard warriors on the Daily Fail or on what ever account on instagram where I see such comments with utter vitriol.If and when I comment it is always constructive and with with purpose and I am very ever nasty or rude that is simply not my style. People blog how and when they want but since when did blogging become a vehicle to constantly berate your family and those around you and I realise this might seem a little pot calling the kettle black but there is such an explosion on the negative constant berating of people of late.

I continue to enjoy blogging for me blogging is how I want it to be and those who want the constant nature of comments then they are welcome to it , the world of blogging or influencing has changed with many breaking through to the world of being authors which is really exciting. I am thrilled to getting back to myself after months and months of torment personally and I am just beginning to feel my feet again.

I have never been one for in blogging posts why you must do this as I believe everyone is an individual and they will do what the hell they want.

And the thing is while I have autism and I am not going to ever hide from it it is part of who I am in recent times the overload of personal problems has fractured this from be and I am taking time to blend myself back together.

I am private but then again I am what you see is what you get and if what I write can help someone in some way then more the better I say.

So Influence this with your cup of tea I say !



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