Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Secret York You Need to Visit

When I thought about writing about secret York I thought should I really share with you after all it is secret York in fact there is so much secret York that there is really to much to put all into one blog post.I truly and deeply love York from the Vikings to of course the well renown Betty tea rooms which is a sheer and necessary indulgence.My son is up at York university studying archaeology and when say we are in a pub with him having a meal we don't look twice at the Viking sitting next to us it it par for the course in York.Now we are always up in York and we are getting to know York very very well it is a delight to just wonder round just letting your feet take your whether you may wish.

One of the hidden places that is in York will surprise you and it's not what you expect it is English Heritage and no it's not a grand house or a ruined castle or fortification.It is in fact a Nuclear bunker

and it's not what you 'd think would be a tourist attraction but it is very interesting and well worth a visit.York is such a beautiful place you will will want to come back time and time again to this stunning city and should you want to escape York for a few days then Yorkshire is a stunning place with so much to offer.The magnificent York will still be waiting for you and will welcome you back with open arms the glow and warm of the stones is breathtaking.

Even within the centre of York you can step off the beaten track and be transformed into another world one that will bewitch and beguile you.I am talking about the Treasurers House in York that is practically next to the monumental York Minster and it’s a National Trust property.And the Treasurers House holds a secret within a secret which is that of the CafĂ©.

And even Bettys of York yes that must famous tea room in the world has its secret side from shop where you can step back and seems like your in some sort of Harry Potter cake shop to the Tea rooms both the one where anyone can go to ( and more than likely queue ) to the upstairs tea room where you must defiantly have to book.And the upstairs tea room is a whole new world of pure luxury and tea and cake decadence.

Collete Burgess who grew up in York and blogs at We’re going on an adventure at has some ideas for what to do in York 

“Growing up in York means that I often take the city for granted. I used to walk past the Minster every day and barely notice it.  Now that I've moved away I'm regularly struck by the beauty of this city and can totally see why it attracts so many visitors (even if they did used to drive me mad taking photos in the middle of the street and getting in my way when I was trying to go about my business!) 

There's literally so much to do in York - from climbing the city walls (this is really lovely walk and doesn't cost anything though isn't very pushchair friendly) to taking a horse and cart ride around the city centre (something I wanted to do my whole life and finally managed the week after Dave & I got married!)  

If the weather is nice you can't beat hiring a Little Red Boat and taking a ride down the River Ouse (you can go on bigger boats but it's not as much fun as driving the boat yourself!)  And, don't forget to try out a Ghost Walk (this is better done in the Autumn when the evenings are drawing in - it's not really as spooky when it's broad daylight!)  You'll laugh, jump and learn all sorts of random stuff about the history of York and its inhabitants!"

Karen from Minitravellers has some suggestions for 48 hours in York as does Leyla from Motherhood diaries as about how to spend 48 hours in York 

Saturday, 20 July 2019

Ways My Cat Is Like A Politician

A cat promises much much like a politician it makes all the right noises and never directly answers the question.Just like Bush with “ read my lips no new taxes “ You think you’re going to get a great deal and then your flowerbeds are not just dug up once but twice.An apology may be given but there’s never any true sincerity.

And also when asked if  they’re absolutely not plotting again a politician will answer “ no “ and will do completely the opposite with bells and whistles on top.

Cats are completely self absorbed like many a politician and will literally feather their own nest much to the despair of the bird population.

A cat like a politician will grab the headlines in any way they can.

Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Imitation The Sincerest Form Of Flattery

It’s a sunny day a lazy hazy cat lazing day , my cat doesn’t have a job its job is just being a cat and ensuring that I feed it at the appropriate times.Cats are their own individuals and they’ll do want they want when they if at all.

If cats were in charge of Brexit then it would have probably happened by now , but this isn’t a cats and politics post that’s for another day.Cats are rarely one to be imitated except by other cats doing cat things like puzzling about the universe and everything in it.They say that cats prove the world isn’t flat because otherwise they’d have knocked everything off by now ( sorry flat Earth believers)

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery they say but I’m not sure that Jack ( Black ) the cat is convinced.Yes my cat has a double barrelled surname which “the cat “ and that very important that he remembers his airs and graces it is what keeps him aloft and endearingly enigmatic.

Sunday, 14 July 2019

Still Gardening On Budget

I’m still gardening on a budget I’m like a horticultural Fagin , I really don’t like spending any more than I need to if at all.I had planted to do some vegetable gardening but it’s a bit late in the season and I don’t want to grow the devils cannonballs in the form of radishes.

We acquired a raised bed from my sister in law who has moved into a new house and didn’t want the raised bed that was in her garden.So Mr T and I moved it as well as the soil that was in it.It is identical to the other raised bed we have near the shed which I brought with vouchers I won in a competition.And when it came to filling it I used seeds from a magazine etc and the compost came in that instance from the compost bin.

I see inspiration in my garden from everywhere I go like yesterday when I went to Hardwick Hall.

This is the raised bed I got from my sister in law I filled it with clearance corner plants which were £4 each except for the David Austin Rose Harlow Carr which was £12 I Dave at least 25 pounds in the plants I brought.

I like the quirky and unusual 

And yes yes my Apple tree has only one Apple on it but you know that individuality is going to make it the best Apple tree in the whole world.

Gardening is kindness to the heart mind as soul as my late music teacher Mrs Button said “ Never B sharp , never B flat ,always B natural “

Here’s my cat highlighting the lawn ...

Gardening is a fabulous and definitely part of your outdoor prescription 

Friday, 12 July 2019

Don't Take A Risk In Fitting A Bathroom Yourself Get The Professionals In


Bathrooms we spent rather a lot of time in them, which is when we moved several years ago we made sure we had the bathroom refitted and that bathroom belonged to our son.We haven’t got round yet to refitting our en-suite, but we will as at the moment we are helping our son through university.Our son is currently studying archaeology at the University of York and the chances are high that one day he might settle in Yorkshire. Of course with him potentially being in Yorkshire then of we will visit all the time as Yorkshire is such a beautiful county to explore and settle in.

When he does perhaps buy a house then more than likely the whole house will need doing up and could even have the horror of an avocado bathroom suite, and tackling plumbing jobs s something neither myself or my husband would attempt, we would rather leave it to the professionals. The one time my husband attempted what he thought would be a simple plumbing job by removing a radiator off the wall ended up in disaster, and we had to call out an emergency plumber. So when it comes to revamping your bathroom it is always better to use professional service and if you are in the Yorkshire area then you can get impeccable bathroom design ideas from Harrogate Bathrooms

If you're going to get your bathroom done then do it right from the start it will save you a lot of money in the long run and using professional services you will know that you're in safe hands from start to finish.Quality bathroom product and installation of a bathroom will last you a very long time and the only thing you will more than likely have to do is just give the walls a lick of paint.



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