Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Choose The National Citizen Service ( NCS) For An Unstoppable Experience For Ages 15 to 17

Choose the  NCS( National Citizen Service) for an unstoppable experience!

I have some friends whose kids are coming up for there GCSE's this year and I myself have have a young Nephew who is 17  and a niece who turns 15 next year , my Niece is a a whizz with social media and her video skills are truly epic.The world of media has certainly changed from when I was a teenager and all I had was a Spectrum 48 K that I played games on and sometimes dabbled in writing computer programs. I truly learnt patience waiting for my Spectrum games while crossing my finger hoping the games would load as it was all done via cassette.

I know when it came to year 11 for my son he got his himself a part time job in the food industry and while he was earning I don't feel it was necessary the best for his confidence at the time especially after his GCSE's. It was not just the fact that the low pay got him down although we all like more cash it was the way he was treated sometimes , though on occasion he was happy especially when he got the recognition for outstanding service.We have always as parents did our best to give him the confidence that he needed for the future ( and still do so )  and it all started with leaving him at Beavers one day and literally running away.I think he had grown up to be a well young young man not at all embraced by his parents ( or parent looks in mirror! ) 

When you're 15 you are at a crossroads in your life and often unsure when path you will follow in either education after doing GCSe's or A levels and it is at this age that it helps to build up your skill base as well as doing things that will help your confidence.

Did you know that there is a government based Activity programme for teenagers called "National Citizens Advice " which runs in England and Northern Ireland.Their aim is to help build  more  engaged cohesive society and in also bringing young people from different backgrounds this through the NCS helps them to become better individuals which in turn means better citizens.

NCS is an activity programme of two to four weeks  brings outstanding  opportunities at an amazing price of only £50 it is aimed at 16-17 year old. In the first week there are team building exercises.After which they go onto progress while being in the same groups to doing life skills and social interaction in the community.And the end of all this there is a celebration event and of course friends and experiences that you will value for the rest of your life.This year more than 100,000 teenagers from different backgrounds will come together in common purpose on NCS. That means one in six of the cohort of 16 year olds will live together, develop skills together and build community projects together. And support is even to those students with additional needs so no one is excluded which is marvellous.

And just because you might have a summer holiday booked don't worry as the NCS will find you a place to suit your plans so why not find out more by looking here and you can also sign up.

I know friends of my teen who have signed up and I have see the transformations and the transformation are amazing as one teenage friend of my son thought that they would never amount to anything has gone on to helping out himself with the NCS to going onto university to study Sports Science.And his unstoppable experience all started with the National Citizen Service ( NCS).

For every £1 spent, NCS' 2016 programme delivered between £1.15 and £2.42 of benefits back to society.NCS is amazing value for money and the whole experience including food,accomodation and travel costs just £50 and if needed bursaries are available on a case by case basis.

So why not sign up your Year 11 this summer for this once in a lifetime experience where your teen will have fun whilst building their confidence, making new friends and learning life skills that can't be taught in a classroom. 

You can also connect with the NCS on their social media pages;
Facebook  Twitter  and Instagram

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Monday, 23 April 2018

Let’s do this blog thing

I have a rough time recently with my mother coupled with my anxiety and just when I think I’m getting back on track my blooming back goes. Typical and my cat is no use as it’s got a poorly paw and I really need to get out and get the medicine from the vets to help it’s poor so fingers crossed I can get my back to function.So this week I’m so ready to do this blog thing and get focused and drink tea and get my Blog on, blogging really helps me and I really think more people should blog you might think it’s a ramble but hey it’s my ramble. I’m sure I’ve got a degree in tea drinking and I’ve been blogging now for 6 years I think I should get a Damehood or something I know in my heart of hearts that my invite from the Queen is winging its way from Buckingham palace.

Picture at the request of cat who is in this for full on sympathy and treats.

Since being off work I’ve discovered my cat likes Homes under the hammer and Bargain Hunt , he doesn’t like Jeremy Kyle or Piers Morgan. He does like cream teas which I have to eat on his behalf.Jack also likes the dinner things in life like nice restaurant s which again I have to visit on his behalf.

So far Jack has got to pay me back £52 in vets bills I’m trying to train him to bring back jewellery and Gold but I don’t think a jewellery heist has ever been pulled off by a cat.

So here’s to getting my Blig back on , my musings , recipes reviews ( the cat would love a new bed ) and I love anything really especially tea and spas though I’ve never reviewed a spa yet.

Here’s to more of me and the cat ..

You lucky people ....

Sunday, 22 April 2018

Low cost Gardening

Gardening where it’s obligatory to dress as a French mime artist , is low cost gardening really possible and feasible well I think it is. I like to garden on a budget as my money has to go else where in particular university costs so treats and luxuries are few and far between.

Now I’ve written about low cost gardening before but this time we have added another raised bed to the gardening which is tiered. The raised bed came from Tesco Direct and this was paid for with Tesco vouchers which I won.Filling said tiered raised bed was also free as my husband was willingly providing the labour !

Inspiration is always free ( or low cost )too and I’m always getting inspired when I visit National Trust and English Heritage propties and the value is proportional to the number of properties and monuments etc you visit.

And even just walking out you can take your inspiration from other peoples gardens and the influence from the countryside.

And I have been buying Garden News although this is £1.99 it proves not only a free packet of seeds or 2 so you're getting a magazine full of advice and tips and seeds. ( often you might get 2 or 3 packets of seeds making it super good value )

Friday, 20 April 2018

Stonehenge Is Epic For a Visit

Firstly it’s worth signing up for English Heritage membership as I’ll assure you will get your money back and so much more.We got English Heritage membership in particular as our son is a York University studying archaeology and there is a good concentration of properties around Yorkshire which we just love.

I’d seen Stonehenge occasionally from the road side but never close up , parking is free and simple at Stonehenge and booking is advised before attempting to visit.You can walk to the stones seeing various Barrows that litter the countryside surrounding the henge and whatever the day Stonehenge and the surrounding is stunning.

The Stonehenge you see today is 4,000 years old Salisbury is the closet Cathedral city to the stones and while I didn't visit Salisbury I will be back to do so as the area is just stunning.Stonehenge is older than the Pantheon which I have visited too when I was in Rome and it is older than the great Wall of China ( which I haven't made it to as of yet )

The route around the stones is well thought out and it is not over touristy despite being a top tourist attraction and no worries about there being a souvenir shop or ice cream shop at the stones ) as that is reserved for the the start of the art visit centre and cafe )

And there was a news report that Stonehenge was overpriced and yes it is expensive if you just rock up to the property but this is why me and my husband have a  English heritage card the same can be said for many a National Trust property also where again we have an National Trust card.The expense I think comes when visiting houses and properties that are in private house and then the cost can mount up so I say do your research and get a English Heritage card and National Trust card and where properties and monuments aren't part of these see if you can source vouchers.

The Wonder That Is Spring

Though my son didn't pass his driving test , he has got further than I ever had in learning to drive and I am so pleased that he has the confidence in his driving . While he won't have a car to go to university with as there is little  point as York has such great transport links . Learning to drive is such a great skill in life ! , it won't be long before my son is more qualified than me ! but not yet !!. It was I that found the driving school he's currently with however if if had been the first driving and there had been room he would have been learning in a pink mini with "Tammy" written down the side . I don't think that would have bothered him even though he raised an eyebrow when I told him. I managed to find another driving school where it was a lady instructor this time with a white mini.

And the path you take isn't always the easiest for instance I popped to the shops today and I decided to take the route that wasn't the easiest.


The weather is so gloriously today , I love Spring it's wonderful to see the emergence of the wild flowers such as the wild primroses.


To catch the woods reflection in the pond 


Spring is the prettiest pirate of all as it reveals its golden haul 

Close your eyes for a second then its Winter before you know 

Keep your eyes open to see it all 

The easiest route to what you need can be the muddiest of all 

The wonder that flies by as the butterflies glide by 

What a glorious day to see it all 



The ice cream you see that I'm afraid was just for me ....


I do love Spring as it highlights the fairies that are resting on my furniture I don't like to disturb them . I will at some point have a flick of the duster and spray and evict those fairy sleepers. I feel I'm almost getting back to me it's been 3 weeks since I lost my cat and Rollie was a very good indicator of the weather. If Rollie was outside then you knew it was the best weather ever in the whole wide world.



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