Friday, 17 September 2021

Victoria Vintage Tea Room s Draycott

 Tea is very much balm for the soul , in a world where "Be Kind " is spouted left right and centre they're are some that do not live by their very own words . But tea and kindness can win through tea promotes such great heart warming comaradarity and it allows you to talk and to be yourself and tea will never never censure the words that you need to say.

This is why the Victoria Vintage tea room Draycott is bliss in a tea cup and not a storm ! They serve homemade food and tea in the homemade English tea room way.The only thing that is missing is Miss Marple solving one of her murder mystery.

Tuesday, 17 August 2021

The Blogging World

Blogging has changed so much in the two years I have been doing it and I suppose I should be all guns blazing and pumping out the competitions to you lot out there.Bit I don't have any competitions and its at this point you might stop reading and then leave me wondering what's my worth in this blogging /infleuncer game but no I keep going as blogging from the beginning till now has always been about me and that might sound egotistical but it s far far from it. I do this for me and if I help you along the way there that is another string to my bow.

In my early days you will have seen many reviews and these are now very sparse but this gives me more room to be me even though with reviews my personality or that of my cat comes across. Expectations can be a good thing but they can also push a unseen seen pressure upon the blogger/infleuncer  ..

I’m slowly getting back into blogging again hence this post , in days gone by there was a fashion / fad to slow blog but this is something I’ve always been party to.

Wednesday, 4 August 2021

The Walls We Put Up

The walls we put up in our isolation at times wherever there is a pandemic or not and our joy wants to spill  into the colour of the world . We seek solace in the quiet of our times but continual silence is friends to no one .

Seeking out to break those walls but with the ability to seek out the colour , to feel the tickle of long grass on your hand as you go for a long country walk .To see the joy of the swooping swift’s as they do have a joyful glee on their faces as they go past you at the speed of light.

Being Autistic stuff is hard , applying myself is hard but the release of myself into the world of colour is joy upon joy .To hear the sheep in the green fields as I sit watching a cricket match on a summers day with nothing but a cool breeze upon my face .

I seek the colour and audacity of a Hollyhock just to grow where it damn well pleases , inconvenient places is where they seed and grow their joy.

Tuesday, 20 July 2021

Creating Your Own Oasis Of Reflection

I'll be honest it feels like the going to hell in a handcart at the moment , and the world is chaotic and oh my SO I am creating my own oasis of reflection . I realise oasis of reflection sounds like a gweneth Paltrow candle that would sell of a shed load of money but thankfully it isn't. You will know that I do like to be out and about and that has been hard in a and out of lockdowns but I have managed it where I can.I love a wandering and exploring and if that is couple with architecture , charity shop and a nice cup of tea then all the better.

Think of something you love and focus on that , so your ice cream could be your focus and  could take a picture of that .The idea behind it all is to focus on something that brings you joy. Now currently  I like visiting all churches and we are combining that with looking at the gravestones of my husbands relatives , though at some point we will get to my side. Getting outside is essential I believe as it allows you to have that oasis of reflection for when times getting a bit turbulent it is a little legacy to yourself I truly believe.

The other day I went to the Diddly Squat farm shop which is the farm shop of that there Jeremey Clarkson and yes the queues are long but if you know me I never do anything without other adventures being involved.Yes you might think Jeremy Clarkson is s bit of a plonker but the series on Amazon is funny and there are many a character on it including Gerald and Kaleb. Going on from Diddly squat farm shop we went onto to Chipping Norton and it is a quiseential beautiful Cotswold town that has free parking ! And I like nothing better than free , free is good it enables me to go spent that parking money in a local shop in the town thus putting money into the local economy.

Saturday, 17 July 2021

Picnic Up At Diddly Squat Farm

Yesterday myself and my husband went up to Diddly squat farm  and we did take our own picnic to eat after popping into the shop . You could buy food there but there’s no need as you can take your own and soak up the views . Of course you can buy from the shop snd put money into the local economy from shopping in the local area too .

There are toilets at Diddly squat farm but they aren’t disabled friendly as there’s quite a step up but least there’s toilets .My husband did get a t shirt and I got an empty milk bottle but everyone was going wild for the bee juice and milkshake s.And of course the really rude named candles!

A trip to the Diddly squat farm is not going to replace your weekly shop it is one half novelty and one half supporting farmers mixed with a a celebrity. I think the main thing is to explore the area of the Cotswolds we went on from Diddly Squat Farm to Chipping Norton which is a really quaint town with free parking .