Tuesday, 14 August 2018

How A Cat Feels When You Come Back From Holiday

How does a cat feel when you come back from holiday and how long will you have to apologise for?

Cats are very independent creatures and really don’t like change whether you place them in a cattery or have a house sitter , they’ll let you know on your return.We have used catteries in the past but now Jack is alone without Rollie we don’t we use a pet sitter instead ( friend ) .She lives across the road and loves looking after Jack and he’s got used to my friend.We either leave Classic FM for him but of late it’s been Radio 1 , maybe he’s more of a Radio 2 cat ?

You will spend your time when you get back off holiday saying “I know “ when they meow at you .This will leave you wondering what on Earth you’ve agreed to and what your cat will now be expecting.

A box will make a peace offering to your cat but this won’t be enough to make peace with them.Making time also to brush your cat will help relax them and especially in this hot weather they’ll be grateful as they shed fur.Playing with your cat is another way to relax them and just as you rotate toys with children be sure to do this with cats as well.

Sunday, 12 August 2018

Back To Reality

This week has been crashing back to reality after holiday

“This morning I was gazing out over Florence having breakfast “ to “ I’m now cleaning the fridge “

Firstly we realise how lucky we are to go on holiday as a family it is a real treat.We value our time away as a family as it’s “us” time even though I ‘might’ possibly get a tad cranky on occasions when we have walked at least 8 miles round breathtaking Florence.

We are now preparing for our second goodbye before the teen heads back to University and I don’t know why but it feels as poignant as the first goodbye.We have brought new bedding from Ikea then returned a sheet as who knew they did a sheet that cost £30.And we didn’t even come out with a tealight ! though we did have meatballs there though.

And it won’t be long before he’s helping out on Freshers week to help settle the newbies into university life.This time he’s sharing a house and will have to cook more of his own meals.But the thing is having more personal space which is a real bonus.University rooms are great but you’re limited on space a lot of the time.

I am not a believer of the “ you only get 18 summers with your child “ 

I mean we are on our 19th and I know they’ll come a point where we will holiday apart but then come together again for holidays.Holidays are a marvellous avenue to relax rest recuperate and just chill out.

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

The Vibe Of Florence

Florence is an assault on the senses from the food to the architecture, the moment you step into the glorious honeycomb stone city you’re enchanted.Being in the heart of a city is very much a key to being part of the vibrancy of the flow .People watching a plenty and it is never dull when you’re doing that.

I like spotting the unusual and the whacky things in life it makes the world so much sweeter.

Update I’m now locked in a restaurant as a whirlwind struck Florence, hailstones rain everything but a plague of locusts.Tables were shifting outside, table clothes were a flutter.It was straight out of the film Wizard of Oz!

Normally you’d be able to see a tower across the square.The hailstones were big ! the restaurant looked after us laughing and joking about how we were all partying and we should play hide and seek.

Thursday, 2 August 2018

Surviving The Heat In Florence

How do you survive the heat in Florence?

Luckily there is plenty of museums and churches to dip in and out of , and many of these themselves will have air conditioning units.

1. Gelato is a must !

2.Cool churches and museums are essential to escape the city heat.

3 Eat light or what you think will be a light meal !

4. Explore the city at night time irs such a vibrant place to be you’ll lose your heart here.

I have to say with all the heat here I succumbed to the pressure of the designer Magnum.I know you can get them in Asda cheaper but it was so hot and we just needed to cool down.

Monday, 30 July 2018

Twinning is Winning

Just had my hair done again I’m not exactly high maintenance I do have to say  that’s my style.I am very much a free spirit and having my hair done is very much not be and the faster I can get away the better.I know there are products I should be using in my hair to try and tame.I bet the blooming Mona Lisa never had this problem with her long luscious locks.

Also my cat is flying in the face of don’t jump on the surfaces , as we all know cats don’t give a fig.



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