Thursday, 19 July 2018

Having A Holiday For Relaxation

I’m slowly working my way round Italy and soon it will be Florence for another culture trip and with the teen ( nearly out his teens ) after completing his first year at university studying Archaeology.It is going to be a holiday of relaxation for everyone as this will be the first holiday he’s not revising for A levels, or completing Degree assignment s or any sort of exam in any shape or form.When we were in Venice last Christmas the Teen was busy working hard away on University assignments as he is very conscious about his studies and not one of those very partying students ( though he has opted to help this years new students at Freshers week ~ eek, he was part of Freshers week last year as a new Student and really enjoyed it , always sensible though. )

When we were in Rome last August it was just before the advent of university so it was the calm before the stop of university and of across A levels results as so many futures rest on these. We are really looking forward to going to Florence and we are flying with British Airways we could have flown to Pisa and then transferred but Mr T just wanted to be a little closer airport transfer wise to Florence. I am sure as we get more confident travelling with his Diabetes travelling will continue and be all the much easier, there is always that sense of intrepetation .

We love our travel as a family , we have always endeavour in our holidays to be as adventurous as possible.While that doesn’t include bungee jumping or hot air ballon it is just the right level of adventure for us.

I’m a lot fitter this year and I hope on this holiday no little old lady will offer me her wheel chair like one did at the collaseum.

Car Servicing In The Folkestone Area

Collaboration Post

It is very important to keep your car serviced and well maintained, we are lucky enough to have a car through my husbands work so all the car servicing is taken care of.Our son who passed his driving test hasn’t the need of a car yet as he’s at University up in York and he will certainly need a car when he has fished his degree with the bank of Mum and Dad footing the bill initially till he gets a job.Who knows what area he will eventually end up it as an Archaeology degree opens up a world of opportunity.

One area he might think about that has a rich history and archaeological Heritage is Kent , we have holidayed there many times and it is an area he knows well as we used to stayed with my grandparents there when they were alive.You never stop worrying about your kids when they leave home and along with safe and secure accommodation you want to know that if they have a car they have it serviced and looked after properly along with an MOT.

So if he was to settle in the Kent area particularly around the Folkestone area then I would ensure he looked into car servicing  , being in charge of bills and the such like is a adult level up in computer game terms.My husband has always looked after his cars except the one time he forgot to ensure the car had breakdown cover and we literally had to rush into a local supermarket ring the appropriate breakdown people and then join and get recovered!

So if you are in or around the Folkestone area visit KAP Motors and get amazing car servicing rates.

Saturday, 14 July 2018

Happiness For The Price Of A Stamp

I put a message up on my personal face book and I’ve set it to friends as I know these things have a habit of going viral.You see I was writing my mothers birthday card and I thought asides me I’m going to be the only family sending her a card.The odd friend of course with send her a card but she’s only just come out of care for her Bi polar.

“I wonder if anyone could would send a birthday card to my mum ~ I am the extent of her family just me she is 65 next Friday ... she been in a secure unit having had a Bi polar episode and is now out but is taking things very slowly and needs oodles of good wishes.

I am just thinking out loud and not doing this for attention. 

Happiness for the price of a stamp .. I don't know I am not going to give out her address just like that so only to people who know me.

In helping her I help me.”

And the simple steps I’ve taken can be applied to anyone as it doesn’t cost much to bring joy into someone’s life.And I have had so many friends step forward and offer to send my mum a card I am very grateful to them for this.Everyone needs someone in their life a bit of noise beyond though 4 lonely walls to be part of sometime and we wanted and to connect with someone.

Us humans are marvellous when we want to be.

Thursday, 12 July 2018

Learning Just To Be You

It takes an awful long time to be you and I think now is the time to savour every little moment and every little cup of tea and though I may still worry on occasion it is really not trying to sweat the small stuff. To be invigorated in the day then stuff has to go right and I think fingers crossed it is ,there are situations and people I can not change and in the case of people you really can't change them a leopard doesn't change it spots ( except maybe on a rare rare occasion )

I am not a bad writer and I feel pained sometimes when I write though I am intelligent my spelling is a smidgen Machiavellian at times ( so said my school reports but not as eloquently as I have scripted these words just ).

All my senses scream "you shouldn't do this you shouldn't blog , you blog no sense and are as random as a T-REX at a disco doing YMCA."


You can. You Will.You Are

Affirmation of the self is a real turning point in life.

If you don't talk then life can get so much harder and talking is the key but talking is hard for many an anxious person like myself.But talk I do and though at times it is ten to the dozen I slowly can gain my thought my it does take a lot of mental energy.

And just something sparked my interest and I mean my real interest in reading again and that was a book by Andy Weir called Artemis and oh my I am so excited and I haven't even purchased a copy yet.So you see Dear reader if I may indeed be so presumptuous that you are indeed still reading at this juncture!

So My mum actually got to the seaside this week with the salvation Army I believe and she happened to sit next to my very first Infant school teacher so I think from the age of 4 you best live a pours life.Now 2 weeks ago we had to go and sort out 2 rooms of my mums ground floor flat and it was in a state but sometimes you get overwhelmed  by stuff and can't see the wood for the tees and I think  in helping her it will be the catalyst to help herself .She was committed back in March/April and it has been a hard time full of turmoil she has only recently been released ( I am not sure what else to call it released sounds so draconian ) She hopefully will be getting some care support but still I have to help her as this is what you do for your parent.Also my husband had a funny turn in May when she was suddenly diagnosed with Diabetes type 1 and it was like hell had broke lose.But we are getting back on our feet and though I have been off with anxiety I can see a glimmer of hope to be cheerful and that is what I am holding onto.And plus the teen is back from university so that helps to coordinate me in some ways.

Linking up with Reasons to be cheerful 

Monday, 9 July 2018

Do You Really Need to Splash The Cash On An Airport Lounge ?

Do you really need to splash out on on an expensive airport lounge nowadays or is it better to save your cash for Duty Free ?  I thought about going for an airport lounge for all us ( three adults when we go to Florence soon ) we will be flying from Gatwick Airport and it is a better of a devil to get to motorway wise so this is why we stop over night the day before. This time we are going direct with Holiday Inn they  have a Stay and Park package which includes breakfast and to get cashback I always go through Topcashback ( affiliate link )

Going through Topcashback you can get cash back on many goods and services you buy like for us soon it will be Holiday Inn. With Holiday Inn  you can check in from 2pm and then check out is 12pm and with a flight that leaves at around 4.20 we really don't need to book at airport lounge  at around £32 per person. The only discount I could find brought it down to £86 and for the 3 of us that still seemed very expensive and so I have decided against it.

The Holiday Inn stay and parking for 8 days was £144 and that includes breakfast , holiday inn is a brand I know and trust and I have never had a bad experience staying with them and nothing is to much for them when we stay with them and they are very attentive in their service.And when you join Holiday Inn you can save up your points for treats and stays so as they say points mean prizes.

Gatwick Airport you can sign up for MyGatwick where you can keep track of your flight and get various offers like 20 % off Gatwick Security which I have gone for this for us three at the cost of £12 .

Now if Mr T wants he can get a lanyard to make people aware of his hidden diabetes of type 1 diabetes. Gatwick is the second busiest airport in the world and I know that Mr T will want us to be organised and not running for the place like the last time we went to Venice.Planning is key so your dream holiday doesn't turn into the holiday from hell and the memory of the holiday is actually a missed flight luckily we didn't miss our flight to Venice but it was close oh so close !

Gatwick is often overlooked as an airport as it is on the wrong side of London for many but with a bit of planning as mentioned your flight form there can be an enjoyable experience.Getting to Gatwick is no trouble at all from as the trains are direct fast and relatively inexpensive, and if you are flying from North terminal then a free tram ride will take you there from South terminal.

There are plenty of places to eat round Gatwick you could grab something before you get security just make sure you don't take that full water bottle though with you. Or eat in one of the many food establishments in Gatwick there are some vouchers offering money off in the MyGatwick app.

So crank up your play list , get your fill of books and settle in ready for your flight and in no time at all you'll be jetting off for many a adventure.



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