Wednesday, 23 October 2019

A Book Is Very Much Like A Cat

A book is very much like a cat in such that they’re both gorgeous and demand and they are wonderful to stroke ! there is nothing like the feel and touch of a book and the smell.Though a cat on occasion can not smell as nice as a book they are just as useful sometimes you get what you want out of a book and sometimes you don't.But despite not being in love with a book maybe at the start more often than not you're in love with it at the end.Though sometimes there is that awkward stand off between owner and cat and you never quite understand each other and this is the same for books.There are those books that people rave about the ones that you simply must read the ones that if you haven't read then why did you ever learn to read !

I was really pleased and that is an understatement .. I was ecstatic to receive through a win the shortlist of the Booker prize books and they were all signed ~ how fabulous is this.I immediately ditched a science fiction book that I wasn't getting on with and started with Salmans Rushdie Quichotte and again that describes me a gentle reader grabs my attention immediately.

But a book won't  suddenly dislike the cat food you have just brought a joblot ....

Monday, 21 October 2019

Jack The Cat

I haven't written in a while about the cat and I just though I should after all it is the Ninjakilleract blog and even though we no longer have Rollie with us sadly we do still have Jack and he is a unique character in himself.Jack has managed well on is own despite the friendly rivalry with Rollie. We did think about another cat when we lost Rollie but after thinking long and hard about it we decided against it and just had Jack on his own.

Jack is not without his expense like any cat and he now needs a more potent flea treatment than your bog standard one you might get from Amazon or any supermarket.And I was discussing how often he would need worming if i switched over to the worming tablet the vets offer.

“ oh every 3 months if they’re a potent hunter “

“ oh he doesn’t bother much nowadays “

So of course later on I found a mouses liver in my kitchen ..

Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Beatles 48 Hours In Liverpool

Travelling on a Friday night might seem like a cuckoo thing to do as everyone and their cat will be travelling back home from work or or a break away and you can only but expect frazzles but if you are willing to take your time then Friday afternoon isn't that bad.I think it really does help to break your joinery if you're travelling say further afield then you're fresh and ready to go the very next day.We were travelling to Liverpool with isn't that far from us it is only one hour forty minutes away so no time at all really though it took round about two hours on the Friday afternoon but we weren't really bothered about that.

On our first day we were straight into Liverpool by bus , getting the bus near from where we were staying which was the Crowne Plaza near Liverpool airport and we got off near the Albert Docks and you are straight into the throng of it all. There really is SO much to see round Liverpool that I think you really need about 4 days to most of it and even then there will still be something more to see.We headed first to the Beatles museum and paid our money and took ourselves on the self guided tour.which is a timeline of the Beatles story with additional information and videos etc.The museum is good the tour is a little long winded in places mainly due the never ending video clips on the tour guide you are given but never the less we both enjoyed it.My husband thought that the museum could have be made ever better by having people dressed up as the Beatles characters to interact with people every now and again.

Then it was onto the Liver Building which dominates the skyline of Liverpool , it is so true than when you're in Liverpool that you really do need to to look up because of the marvellous architecture.

It’s costs £15 per adult to go up the Liver building but it’s worth it as you get a guided tour and talk.There is a lift most of the way and then there’s about 120 steps to the top but don’t worry you don’t have to rush up.There is a display to look round before you go up and there’s an app to download which helps you interact with the display 

If you’re going to visit Liverpool and you’re a National Trust member then it’s working booking in advance to see Paul Mccartneys childhood home and the home Mendips  where John Lennon  grew up . It’s around £9.50 each if you’re a #nationaltrustmember and £25 if not.They tell you there’s no toilet on the door but there is one you can use at the McCartney home ( not the one that Paul Mcartney used ! ) 

Mendips John Lennon

#abbeyroad50 #beatles #liverpool

Friday, 11 October 2019

Long Gone

Long have the painted pictures from my son gone from the fridge , long gone are the school projects of yogurt pots , egg boxes and string,Long gone are the party invites , noisy whistles and lego feet traps , long gone is the overflowing laundry basket with its only one minute worn item.Long gone is the wait for the hot water again , long gone is the arrrgh from toilet paper run out or on the wrong way.Long gone is the parents evenings and is this my child I’m hearing about , long gone is the running out of shower gel when you’d just brought it.

Long gone are you now you’re at university ..

But still we keep in touch :-)

Wether it’s blackout blinds or lightbulbs leaving Mr T to wonder if we did too much for you in training you about lightbulbs.Texts fly about lightbulbs and success and we were beginning to wonder how many students it took to change a lightbulb.

How many students does it take to change a lightbulb? 

Six - One to change it and five to campaign to make light bulb changing a new degree subject.

Long gone are you but you’re still there in the corner of your home.

Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Coconut Carrot Tomato Shallot Soup

Firstly I think I deserve a medal for using my nutri ninja they scary piece of kitchen kitchen that blends and ninja chops it is lethal and even though it has a lid making it tighter than when One Direction were together ..

I used to have a soup maker but that blew up


Bag of carrots

shallots or onion chopped

Tomatoes Italian or otherwise maybe a shot of tomato puree as well

can of coconut milk

700 ml of stock

salt and pepper to taste


Firstly get those carrots pureed

then add the coconut milk whizz up a bit more

Fry the onions through

Put everything into a big sauce pan

Add the stock and heat through constantly stirring

for about 15 minutes

you could add a little grated toasted coconut on top for that Michelin star approach.