Friday, 10 July 2020

Summer Daze Smoked Trout New Potato Salad

Summer daze smoked trout potato salad ideal for those summer days eating Al Fresco upon your terrace ( in my case my decking )

Summer I admit is rather confused at the minute and I have worn my winter coat this week . Summer will be here I'm sure of it ~ halycon days are the long fun filled days we remember from our childhood.

Smoked trout and new potato salad
Smoked trout new potato salad


Smoked trout
Mixed salad
Bacon bits

Jackies Vinaigrette

1 0z light olive oil
4 oz white wine
1 clove chopped garlic
1/2 Dry mustard
1/8 Cayenne pepper
1 Tbsp Brown sugar


Make the vinaigrette in advance of frying the bacon and warming the smoked trout through.

Cook the new potatoes enjoy for 2 people put to one side.

Combine 1/8 tsp Cayenne pepper,1 clove chopped garlic ,1 Tbsp Brown Sugar ,1/2/tsp dry mustard 1 oz of light Olive Oil , 4 oz of white wine vinegar in a suitable bottle / container that will allow you to drizzle over the salad.

Fry the bacon bits till lovely and crispy , I got my bacon bits from the village farm shop and they were £1.65 , then if you wish also warm through the smoked trout ( you don't have to but it does gives a beautiful roundness to the dish. next mix them together . Combine this with the cooked new potatoes.

View of the boating club
Just popping to the village farm shop

Place on a bed of mixed salad.

Drizzle over the Jackies vinaigrette

And enjoy

Hopefully outside.

Monday, 6 July 2020

Hot Dog Topping Grated Carrot and Black Bean

A few days I had hot dogs ( no it wasn't hot pets ) it was the food ! and I decided I really didn't want chips or fries or anything that was really heavy in carbs with them other than the hot dog buns. So I decided to instead grated some carrot and throw in some black beans and the result was I do have to say rather tasty.


Grated Carrot

Can of Black Bean ( drained )

Dash of Soy Sauce


Grate the carrot I used the big grating part of the grater

Next put a wok or frying pan on a medium heat with some oil in

Stir fry the carrot and black beans together till cooked and warmed through add a dash soy soy sauce and again mix.

serve on top of hot dogs or as a side accompaniment

Social Distancing At English Heritage Properies

English Heritage have started opening a number of their properties up and as soon as I heard I jumped straight on the booking site which I have to say was slightly easier than the National Trust as I could book far in advance with English Heritage.The first property we decided to go for was Kenilworth Castle as we hadn't been there in their yonks and we were desperate for green space and fresh air as we hadn't been further than the end of our noses in weeks and weeks.

And the signs were clear and the staff were remarkably well informed and there was a very calm atmosphere about the place.Social distancing is the new normal and it’s taking a bit of getting used to.

Kenilworth Castle is perfect for a relaxed stroll and it really does help to blow the cobwebs away.

Friday, 26 June 2020

Slow Cooker Spanish Style Chicken With Pitted Green Olives In A Piquillo Pepper Sauce


I was provided with some of the ingredients for this meal and the place curtesy of Sous Chef and of course it is up to you where you get your ingredients from you will find the links to the ingredients I was sent obviously in the ingredients list.


Chicken breasts for the number of people  you want

Chopped peppers

Fried chopped Onion

2 tins of chopped tomatoes

1 can of chicken soup

2 teaspoons of smoked Paprika from Sous Chef 

pitted green olives from Sosu Chef 

Chicken herb seasonings or chicken stock

Piquillo Pepper Paste from Sous Chef 


Fry the onion to begin with

Add the tins of chopped tomatoes and soup to the slow cooker along with the chicken , chopped peppers and fried onions

add in some chicken stock or a cup or 2 or water along with some chicken seasonings

Switch the slow cooker on medium and least for at least 5 hours ( longer is ok )

Serve with rice or Cous Cous 

Please do look at Sous Chef's Spanish collection 

Wednesday, 17 June 2020

Those Little Steps For your Mental Health

Now I will be brutally honest my mental health has not been the greatest at times and it isn't always linked to myself being autistic there are many other factors at play, depression is a complicated beast and can strike at anytime and lifting yourself out of it can be a herculean task i do have to say.
But do what you need to do to give yourself and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.It is as they say unprecedented times and we all deal with stuff in our own way. I have had periods of depression strike and it was hard for me before I knew I was autistic as I just couldn't get a handle on how I was feeling or why.I was never a take of pills for depression and why well they just didn't suit me personally as I later found out due to me being autistic they messed with my autistic function.This will not be the same for everyone and if you want and need to take tablets then do then is nothing wrong or shameful in doing so.

What helps me is music I telly love classical music and repetition is key for me it is the equivalent of someone stroking my forehead in a soothing manner and is like cool breeze on the soul.I partucalry love Beethoven and also I love at the minute the music of Joshua Bell when je played the theme Ladies in Lavender.

What helps though sometimes it is a murky place is social media I can tweet and Facebook all I like with I have to say unambiguous statuses and someone will come along and offer wisdom and advice.I have to look for the innate light in the darkness and I have to cling onto any chink of light I can fight to find my way again.And given lockdown it has been a topsey Turvey time.