About Me and Contact Details

Thought it was time to have a meet me page so you can see who I am. Well my name is Claire T  I own one husband, one child  two cats called Rollie( who has sadly past away )  and Jack. Jack is forgotten as he is just a black moggy but he's stepping up to fill those Ninjakillercat shoes . Blogging helps keep me sane, I am not a mummy blogger I am me and not afraid to blog  something that is unique .

This is me the above picture (Claire T)

This is the very evil Rollie sadly he has pasted away . He can't ever be replaced but we are going to train Jack in the Ninjakillercat way .

This (obviously) is a black cat who is called Jack.

 The long suffering Mr T yes, yes he does look like Donny Osmond.

The little T well not so little now he is a trained archaeologist who now works for the student union at a well known university.

What can I say I have workedin SEN as a teaching assistant . I also have a degree in Heritage Conservation( old buildings), and I do understand Latin. I strive to be the best in what I do. I am passionate about travelling and love to write and photograph my visits and stays. I am happy to review items.I love all things educational, I am very passionate about archaeology ,history and the outside world. I am happy to embrace anything with technology though I do hand my husband the Sky remote to work ! I am very PR friendly. Oh I have just started bell ringing .

You can contact me ClaireToplis