Thursday 28 February 2019

Tea And Hope Books And Scones

Tea And Hope Books and Scones really does sound like the title for a best selling book doesn't it I think set in a book shop come tea room with an air of vintage charm and days gone by.I love tea it really does give me hope there is nothing finer than a cup of tea with the spoon tinkling sound . I really think that a cup of tea is a call to arms like a raising an army and there are plenty of us in this army.And I constantly think about tea about how much I love it and how it excites me to me ,tea is life and life is tea !

A cup of tea really has been my emotional anchor of late and I really do like to think a cup of tea is an emotional anchor.

But if you want a triple anchor then add in a book and a scone and this is what I exactly did last week.

Tuesday 26 February 2019

Dealing With My Tiredness

I'm trying more relaxed than I used to be , I did tend used to worry at every little thing and be it work, health or the cats I was pretty sure that my hair was thinner on one side . It isn't funny how we convince ourselves situations that potentiality we have no control over take my cat for instance I'm pretty sure it's plotting against me , probably as I take pictures like this of :

Cool for cats !

How I felt this morning !

This morning I was ready to tea my hair out literally as I woke every hour like a demented cuckoo clock , resulting in my telling off a black blouse for being on top of some paperwork ( I  was thinking it was the cat ) and then I handed the lemonade back to the delivery driver instead of handing him back the carrier bag ! I even drank 2 cups of coffee to try and wake up and anyone who knows me would realise that this is an extreme measure as I am a hardcore tea drinker !

I thought I had been relaxing enough but it appears not so in an attempt to get more sleep I am trying some tips to help me get a good nights sleep , now nothing is going to change the fact that I am one of those sort of people that struggle to get off to sleep . But I can do my best to hep myself to relax that at some point that I will drift off to sleep at some point some of the tips I am helping myself are as follows :

1. I allow myself to unwind 30 -45 minutes before bed and this includes make sure I don't have stimulating drinks before bedtime.

2. Having a relaxing drink be it a milky drink or a hot quiet tea especially welcoming in this cold weather brrrrrr !

3. Writing down anything I have to do in a note pad or the next few days , I do this to empty my mind so I am not there compiling a shopping lists of tasks that I can't possibly do at a silly time of night !

4. Relaxing with some music , spinning the decks with the retro vinyl ! Now you might not think of War of the Worlds as relaxing but I do uts a case of finding what works for you .

5 Making sure I do exercise earlier in the day in the form of walking , which I enjoy as it gets me out into the countryside where I take my photography to town .

When I when to the hairdressers last week , I did ask the hairdresser if I was going a little thin on either side but she said no it was just fine baby hair , I did breathe a little sigh of relief  I have to admit. 

Monday 18 February 2019

Happiness Pioneer

Random acts of kindness should be part of your every day life and not just for one day.I  try and do this each and every day in either deeds or words , kindness doesn’t have to be expensive .From holding a door open to someone to giving someone your all day bus ticket you hope along the way that your kindness continues on. And I am loving the random acts of kindness that have been bestowed upon myself form simple messages of support to a tea and cake with a friend.On Friday my random acts of kindness was giving a cup of tea to a homeless person and giving my all day bus ticket to someone when i no longer needed it.

To put a smile upon someones face is priceless and I know if they're happy then I am happy , the world is complicated enough without people adding the complexity of not being kind.To be able to smile makes me truly feel on top of the world and when people are unkind to me then I feel as if I am a knocked down bowling pin.

I love the way my photography makes me smile because I have a unique view upon the world what I see in my minds eye I take with my camera , I see the world like no other and I am glad of this.I love to bring the wonder of the world in my photography and I am not going to hide it away.I like to think of myself as a happiness pioneer , I know I have had a very trying time of late but I want people to see my smile and know that happiness can be found again.

People often worry that you shouldn't write about sad times and  know I do but I like to balance this with the good times to show that there is light at the end of the tunnel however long that tunnel is.Everyone has a right to happiness and everyone has a right to help everyone get the happiness they deserve , life isn't a rehearsal you must live everyday as fully as you can.I struggle at times to put how I feel across and I think it is part of my autism .I am a very good friend and I will be the best friend anyone could ever wish for for I am so kind and caring.

I have a happy outlook on the world so I am going to endeavour being a Happiness Pioneer now and always ...

Wednesday 13 February 2019

Daffodils The Bringers Of Hope

As I put my daffodils in a pale glass vase I am reminded not to eat the daffodils and it is the first logical reminder of the day , yes it is Valentine day tomorrow but this is not why I have brought 3 bunches of potential ie Daffodils.I have had a trying time of late and I can only describe it as chaos unbounded. I didn't want flowers for Valentines it just seemed a sort of waste as the potential would be over in a hearbeart like a very disappointing firework display and what might you get for your mega bucks bunch of flowers.

Daffodils those simply bastions of joy with their untapped potential the Daffodils were only £1 a bunch and you know what I was rathe carefree and Bohemian I brought 3 bunches dependancy certainly has ruled my day to day.Daffodils being part of nature follow rules and at the same time don't follow rules as to say if they will bloom or not , it is that hope of untapped potential that hope that joy of Spring that calm after the solitude of Winter.

Daffodils are sunshine for the heart mind and soul ,Daffodils are the trumpeters of Spring and hope and they're in my house just waiting on putting on a show for me . And I need this little yellow piece of happiness in my soul I need it so very much I need to be me I need to whimsical and bright and light I need people to see the lightness of my soul again.Daffodils refuse to anyone refuse to let anyone feel gloomy there how selfless Daffodils are.

Tuesday 5 February 2019

My Cat And Brexit

I’m worried for the end of March and the impact Brexit will have on the state of my food supply.I haven’t been so panicky as to pile high my favourite foods I mean my human wouldn’t let that happen would they now?! I provide a valuable service to the state of the enconomy which is of course buying my favourite cat food as I’m a cat.I like in particular at the minute Sheba cat food , I didn’t partake in Veganuary .I gave up coughing up hair balls for January and I’m raring to go for February.

I am ready to lead the country and successfully lead the country in the event of another General Election.

Friday 1 February 2019

Grief On The Autistic Spectrum

The first time human grief really struck was when my grandad died and it was mind numbing.I would spend days in a complete trance will the world idly going about it busy frantic existence.See then I wasn’t diagnosed and I look back and can see I had total sensory overload.Threw in the complexity of family politics and you’ve hit the proverbial nail on the head. I’ve a very small family on my mothers side and on my other side well that really doesn’t warrant my time talking about .

I would describe grief as an autistic as swimming in glue with a sense of practicality.And I’ve just hit my third gluey patch of grief in as many years And they’re right time is a healer but you’re left with a hole in your life that you tissue paper over.

And I have thought long and hard on this and I’m going to seek counselling, I’ve got other issues cracking off with regards to not only my cousin dying recently but my situation with my mother has reared it’s head again.

Mental health is a ticking time bomb with care in the community that needs to be addressed .To often it is family and friends that are left to deal with the fall out pulling further on resources of an already stretched NHS.

But I have hope for a world without hope is not the correct world.

I refuse to be a kangaroo and bounce around the place aimlessly, what I do has to have real meaning and context.I have put my foot down with regards to my mother situation and time will tell if that ever works out .I have a life to lead and learn about and I fully intend to do that.

Bourton On The Water

The Cotswolds is a honeycomb coloured with all the beautiful limestone cottages and buildings just glowing warmly whatever the weather and I am very firm believer of not just visiting places when it is sunny and warm but also when it is cold or frosty etc. I do believe that weather is no barrier to getting out and about you just have to have the right clothing and footwear and you're good to go. Bourton on the water is a beautiful village  nestled in the gentle rolling hills that is located within a valley. Now it is known as the Venice of the Cotswolds and it is not hard to see why as littles bridges cross the gentle flowing River Windrush. I find it very relaxing in the Cotswolds it one of those places you can just let your troubles float away in the beautiful scenery.

In January Bourton is sleepy and not chock full of tourists and there is carparks doted about the place there is plenty to see in this quaint village some of which is open later in the season. You don't have to spend a fortune in bourbon on the water to have a go time its a place where you can just relax rest and unwind.

Come for a few days stay or just come for the day you will not be disappointed and you'll find that you will be spoilt for choice in accommodation , food and attractions to see in and around Bourton on the water.Coming in quiet times really does make the difference as you're not having to fight your way through hoards of tourists and travel is for all year round anyway.You will be charmed by the lovely rambling nature of the Cotswolds and it is a beautiful place that you will need to come back to time after time.

Now there is plenty to see in Bourton On The Water

1.Model village it is small and quaint and takes no times at all to go round and it is really cheap to visit , there at some additional charges to pay if you want to see some moanture working models we didn't bother on this occasion.

2. Dragonfly Maze again we didn't do this but I have heard that it fun to do.

3.Birdland  Now this is something we will will go to I always like with places to have something to come back to and not neccasirly hit everything in one go it keeps the mystery and adventure alive in me.

4. The Motor Museum is one agin we will come back and visit it wasn't open when we popped by for the day and it looks right up my street , and I love supporting village communities it is inspiring to give something back in life.