Wednesday 27 January 2016

Sweet Potato Chips

A very British problem is time.

It has indeed been January for 5 years now.

So with the purse clamped shut I am on a cost saving slide to the end of the month and today it was sweet potato fries , which I though would be difficult but actually it wasn't that difficult.


3 Potatoes will be enough for 4 depending on size of the sweet potato

1 Tea spoon of sweet paprika

salt and pepper seasonings( I used Maldon smoked salt which I adore )

1 Table spoon of Olive oil.


Preheat the oven to 200 c

Wash and scrub the sweet potatoes

Washing and drying sweet potato

Leaving the skin on

Dry them lovingly

Place on chopping board and cut in half length ways

Chopping Sweet Potato

Now you could do the same again but I cheated and then sliced diagonally after splitting length ways.

Place in a bowl add the tea spoon of smoked Paprika and the table spoon of oil oil and toss gently , adding your seasonings.

Next put the sweet potato chips onto a baking tray and cook for 40 -45 minutes allowing for your own oven.

Sweet Potato Chips

Tasty Tuesdays on

Monday 25 January 2016

Waiting On Summers Breeze

I am waiting on Summer's breeze blowing past a listening ear

I am waiting on summers love touch warming me through

I am waiting on the kaleidoscope of flower colour cheering my soul

I am waiting on the kites flying high tails dangling free

I am waiting on the lemonade tickle of my nose thrilling me

Dream whispers that will come to true

The summer mist will twirl through 

Pooh sticks being thrown over bridges 

Who will win 

Glad to have empathetic soul understanding me 

I'm waiting on Summer's breeze 

To see you free 

Friday 22 January 2016

The Book Seeker

One of my greatest joys as a child as an adult was reading , reading was very much my refuge when times were turbulent then I will snuggle down in a corner of the library and be among friends. Books are friends they bring the characters alive , they can frighten you they can comfort you all within a snugly environment. Reading as a child took me off to faraway lands , such as The Lion the witch and the Wardrobe , troubled and adventurous children seeking adventure through a wardrobe , even though I regularly seek solace in the Wardrobe. My virtual bag is packed and ready to go at the turn of a page, just as I love travelling to places by the spin of a globe.

"Come in be among friends if you seek a book  "

I was the child who spent all their pocket money on books be it CS Lewis books, Swallows and Amazon, E Nesbit, Charles Kinglesy the magical list goes on. Books were my sanctuary they still are I can remember the thrill of each and every book , for instance in the Phoenix and the carpet when the  carpet is unrolled and the Phoenix eggs rolls in the fire revealing the Phoenix that will lead the child on their adventures.

One of my favourite chapters is where they travel to Persia as the carpet wants to visit its homeland and they bring back 199 Persian cats , now wouldn't that be fun just think of the blogging adventures we could have .

And the books I read as a child I am now encouraging my son to read , as a world without a love of books in some form or another is a very dull life ( or can be )

Every book and any book is my friend, currently I am teaching guided reading within the infant school I work for in varied ability groups and it is very heartening to see the progress they make . I never thought I could have that impact in the world of reading other than to someone other than my own son.

Books are the word.

Thursday 21 January 2016

Apple Pancake

Fed up of coming down like a robot each morning and popping the bread in the toaster and waiting for the obligatory pop up , I thought why not do an apple pancake to add a twist and excitement to my dull January day. I know there are very recipes out there you could use but I just made one up as I went along and that for me is the best way as I can tweak it every time I come to cook it in future.


2 eating apples
1 and half table spoons of plain flour
a tea spoon of spread
Splash of milk to bind
Fillings if you wish , you are only limited by your imagination.


Grate the apples 

Add the flour combing with the apple into a paste , add a little low fat spread 

Add a splash of milk mix until smooth 

Heat some oil in a pan 

Pour in the mixture 

Flip !

Ensuring you cook all the way through a couple minutes on each side should do it .

 Place any filling in the middle and serve !!

I drizzled Candian maple syrup on mine.

Apple Pancake

This is my entry into this months Credit Crunch month as nearly everyone will have these ingredients in.As this January I had had to buy new furniture and my washing machine has just given up the ghost so it is definitely a Credit Crunch Month.

Monday 18 January 2016

Blogging 5 Years

This year I have been blogging 5 years and that is a long time to earn my blogging stripes, I am pretty sure I should be a Dame of Blogging or be made a Blogging laureate or blogging advisor to the stars. I would like to be knighted by the Queen and have those little cucumber sandwiches and have a giggle with Prince Philip ( Did you know he once spoke to my mum ) so you see I feel connected to the Royal family.

I have been to all sorts of blogging events up and down the land which have been mainly fun , easy year I hardly went to any , I have been recovering from depression and it is my blogging that has helped me do that ( I won't get over the depression ) but the clem back from the blips are easier. I am grateful for the opportunities I have had , the opportunities I will have and never ever jealous of what I  don't have as I do like to pay my way in life . For being a blogging isn't a genies lamp to wish up what ever I want it is so much more than that I blog off the cuff what I enjoy and I believe that comes across.

Tonight I have watched Groundhog day and blogging can feel a bit like that , you keep going to get the reception you want and life isn't always like that . I take the rough with the smooth nowadays and I embrace my maverick ways as I type this from my doing room table there is a teddy bear to the left of me and a storm troopers helmet to the right.

What I take most from blogging is friendship.

I don't need fancy press trips though I did get offered one to South Africa but it was South Africa or paying my mortgage and I am not a freelance blogger. I would love to do this full time and be a blogger for hire roaming the land on my bicycle with a basket taking pictures.

Blogging may involve in different way but this is the medium I stay in as I don't want to be like jam and spread myself too thin.

I think my blogging birthday is in April I haven't got a giveaway planned or anything * blows up balloons and lets off party poppers.

I am highly unorganised  I mean I have only just found the Nintendo DS after 4 years SO Who knows where the blog posts I have planned are hiding , probably down the back of the sofa. I am the kamikaze blogger with cats for hire ....

What will the next 5 years bring ?

Who knows let's find out.

Saturday 16 January 2016

Is Anyone Actually Listening?

I do sometimes wonder If anyone is actually is actually reading this , I'm pretty much not bothered by comments ( they're nice and all that jazz) but is anyone really reading . Sometimes when you blog you feel like a false messiah saying , read this , do that, eat this . I'll genuinely only tweet , and write what I feel is right on my blog,I think I used to be afraid of having an opinion on social media and that is pretty much changing now.

Though is anyone actually reading this ?

Is anyone actually reading ( or indeed any interesting blog post ) this not to comment but pass on the information by word of mouth. I try and do this when I talk to people telling them about what I've seen , it's the equivalent of being a wandering minsterel or a story bard. 

I love reading blog posts and sharing them with people that I know including by word of mouth as I believe this just to be as important as the written word.

Go share today .

Friday 15 January 2016

Have YOU broke your Resolutions yet ?

As you probably know I really don't do resolutions instead I have what I like to call revolutions , I've a couple one of which is not to get sucked in my click bait and I sticking to in and so far my life is enriched or is it empty I'm not sure sure. Though there's a certain friend whom I'm sure will suck me back into this before not to long , they know who they are .( but it is fun things they share )

The other revolution I'm struggling with is NOT to friendly heckle the Independent , seriously I'm trying not to do it ... but ....

So sit me in the naughty corner ...

The Tsunami Of Decluttering

The other day I have to say I felt a blot on my own landscape , as if the Cosmos was indeed against me , A social media Jack in the Box . At times social media can esxperate any problems within your life and at the same time it can help you , it is finding the balance without being all Gretna Garbo in your relevant status's on Facebook or twitter on where ever you leave your social media hat  9 sounds like a song form the 80's doesn't it that)

I suppose it didn't help I had an Ikea delivery disaster  (seems my Mac book caused a glitch on my own ) We  I had already cleared the area in a no methodical system in preparation for some Ikea cupboard to hide the junk back into , what should have turned up should have been 2 cupboards with solid doors and one with glass . This didn't happen and all the same turned up so I sent them all back as is my right , it really seemed too much of a hassle to get someone to swap out the one cupboard , as I wanted everything all in one go  ( have your cake and eat it syndrome I call it  and why not )

So with  confused Ikea delivery mentaking the order back it was to the phone to Ikea customer services to tell them of the glitch on my macbook ( which probably will only ever happen to me )

You don't get through immediately to customer services ooooh no instead you get music 

" I've been cheated by you "

49 minutes of ABBA  

I like ABBA but not for 49 minutes solid it's not as if I was watching an Australian movie ....

Finally I get through and sorted it.

Just got to wait on the refund coming through .

My dining room is in chaos thank the lucky ducks I've a sideboard from another company coming to me on Saturday.

I welcome you to the tsunami of decluttering .

Tuesday 12 January 2016

Sing For Your Supper Cottage Pie

It's one I prepared earlier as I knew I was going to be in a teachers meeting sitting on tiddly chairs . So I wanted to be able to come home and not to have to start cooking .


Mince 500g or more 


BBQ sauce 

Chili tomato sauce 

Stock cube 

Potatoes enough to cover the cottage pie.

Half a packet of Kurly kale .


Brown the mince off .

Add a squeeze of BBQ sauce , Chilli tomato sauce , artiscally crumble a stock cube into the mince .

Add to a oven proof dish add a a few 100ml of water enough to make a gravy .

Place in the oven for around 30 minutes .

Boil and mash potatoes.

Combine about half a packet of Kurly kale with the mash.

Then plonk the mash the mash on top , sculpting a pretty pattern if you wish with a fork.

Then heat up when you need it .

Be a devil sprinkle some cheese on it.

There you have a quick frugal supper .

Monday 11 January 2016

Epson Ecotank ET 4500 Review

Whether your child is big or small you know they they love to print out things, though what they print out  over time may change the printer can take a right good bashing on the ink front. I lost count of the number of times particularly during my sons GCSE's years that we had to order print cartridge after printer cartridge and even then they weren't the official ones so we were comprising on ink quality. The amount of documents, photos etc that my son is going to have to print now is on the increase as he has just started his A levels and goodness knows what the amount will be when he finally goes to university . I couldn't believe when someone told me that on the University equipment list is your own printer so I think he will be taking the one that we got sent to review from Epson.

The printer that we were sent for review is the Epson Eco tank 4500 (RRP £299)

which comes with a 2 year supply of ink, The Epson ET - 4500 is different as it doesn't use ink cartridges but uses a tank however be warned you'll need to wear gloves as it can be a slightly messy process. My son likes having an easy if a printer that he can use over wifi and as such the printer is now in his study. The printer produces good quality document , it prints in colour alright but it isn't a dedicated printer for churning out your favourite photographs.

The only bugbear is that is doesn't do duplex printing ( printing on both sides ) you have to do that yourself if you wish your printing to be like that. It is a good solid printer that is worth purchasing and there are many more within the Ecotank range , you can get a pack of all 4 ink colours for around  £20 from online retailers.

Disclosure : As mentioned in the opening paragraph we were sent this printer for review .

Friday 8 January 2016

It's Raining Cats And Dogs

I had my allergy test today where it appears I'm intolerant to fish but not allergic However it would appear I'm allergic to horses , grass , dogs and ermmmm cats . The irony of this is not lost on me with this being a Life , Njnjakillercat and Everything Else blog . 

Also before being pricked within an inch of my life I was weighed no idea why for an allergy test but my weight gave me a shock so every time I feel tempted I'm going to have a look at the picture of the most evil biscuit in the whole wide word . Obviously I need to get moving more and I've no excuse with the park behind me and the countryside that's full of horses and grass ...

Wednesday 6 January 2016

If A Cat Did New Years Resolutions

A blip on my horizon really won't last I am Captain Worry paws , * ok I may still a bit but not as much as I have been the last 2 days . I think why should I question myself  ~ anyway enough of that( I wouldn't want my owner to pick up on my insecurities ) . insert cat wink emoji at some point.

So what would my New Years Resolutions revolutions be if I could really be bothered and I am not.

I won't be sitting on the kitchen side or in the sink , and I know I really should be using the lower basket as this is where I should sleep , sleep being the operative word , but ever the rebel I do what I like.

I shall not be lying on the stairs in an attempt to trip my owner up or down but then again they really should be looking where they are going shouldn't they now.

I shall not walk backward after eating bugs, grass and goodness knows what making the human being think I have been pressed by the anti Christ.

The spirit of Cat Nip compels you .. ( head spin gif to be organised )

I will not use the underneath of the dishwasher to store live mice for  my late night snack. Never feed a gremlin after midnight though it has always puzzled me and what time exactly can you feed a Gremlin?

I will use my vocal cords to say when I want to leave a room and not eat the carpet make that carpets ...

If I bite the human they will take away my teddy bear ....

A candle is not a fair fight you  will singe your bottom.

I promise not to win up the neigh hood dogs "clem and have a go if you think you're hard enough "

Am not an ornament I will not threaten the life of the Windy Miller rare china decoration .
I vow not to check every door , if it is raining out of one door the human ensures me it will be raining out of all of them , though you have to check don't you .

I shall be writing a book a some point perhaps even launch my own youtube channel , I mean who wouldn't love a blogging cat , a blog PRO cat at that .  Kerching.

A blogging PRO cat yes yes  everyone shall fall at my paws and tickle my belly and give me treats , but damn it I will achieve getting that red dot .. have you seen it  ? have you huh huh ?

Tuesday 5 January 2016

Today I Feel Like An Accidental Hero

Today I feel like an accidental hero in the way that I feel broken and nonsensical .

That was a line I wrote months ago and I whilst I still feel like a hero accidental or otherwise , I am not broken .

Yes I am still nonsensical but that is me take , me leave me do as you darn well wish.

Yes I can be a bit like Doug from "Up"

You are my friend and I have only just met you ...

And I did a tendency to cling onto friends like the world might end , I think I have to say I got caught up in the lovey , saying  "Lovely " bloggy culture.

Disclaimer  : Please don't take this personally you are free to use words as you wish , but for me it is not a habit I was into until .. I started blogging . "lovely "~ damn it .

SO today I had a walk out to the countryside a hop skip and and whimsical wobble just outside my front door , I took a picture with my phone walked a but more saw the picture opportunity then dead my battery went dead. My phone going dead used to be a problem for me but no more , just because it was the perfect lighting , rolling fields , blackbird bobbing along the ground, knowing my luck there was a kestrel overhead or the buzzard that likes to attack the middle class joggers round here. So that scene is just in my head along with the one of the kamikaze pheasant that like to do a road runner impression along the country lane at the bottom of my road.

Life is cake

You just to make it

And so I will carry on in my whimsical  friendly way seeing the world as I do full of wander and intrigue.

And I am glad I am an Accidental hero to me and to whoever.

Monday 4 January 2016

Just A Winter's Day

Today was just a Winter's day a simple walk home on the first day back , I didn't think of it as Monday but perhaps another day . For if we always stress abd fixate about day it is , it can absorb us ( not withholding any appointments of course )

To slide along the day makes all the difference in relaxing , I even came up against a situation which ordinarily would have irked me but didn't . 

Perfect isn't it just the focus of the church in my mind's eye and a joyful heart heading home.

And the ignoring of click bait is a resolution I hope to keep ( I do apologise if you've clicked through to read this and I am chortling at the irony whilst drinking my tea. You see I don't  need to click through to see a sax playing sea lion not unless it's the chap from Lost Boy's ) who wore too much baby oil) mild sigh .

Now I am off to order my shopping on line and not look for the song that features the chap on YouTube .....

Saturday 2 January 2016

Photo A Day Keeps The Mind Alive

Here’s to the New Year. Day one of a new story. This year is going to be all about the things I love. With a lot more clicking to writing those pending blogs. Learning new skills to meeting new people. Laughing more and making even better memories.

Life's an open treasure waiting to be found and that how I'm going to view life this year, I'm going to lose myself in the bright lights of life. Never did I think a project from the start could teach me humility for within Facebook people share their rawest emotions , there much intimate of photos ( nothing rude ) for example there are people who may share a photo of their sibling who died on the last day of 2015 . And here they are sharing that sadness with us but at the same time they are celebrating how wonderful they were and what a honour it is to be part of such a wonderful human race.

Too often we can concentrate on obtaining the perfect shot in our lives ,particularly if part of 365 or in the case of this year a 366 day photo project .

Photography for me is what I see in my minds eye and in my heart .

Here the cat is saying goodbye to Christmas.

There are plenty of groups to join in with online as project #project366 / #Project365 doesn't belong to any one person .

And why not join in with Britmums and their #SnaphappyBritmums where they have a  photo prompt each day .


Friday 1 January 2016

It's The Little Things

It's the little things that keep me going , the strange conversations that I have , the whimsy  pops into my brain keeping me sane . For example do your tea and coffee , sugar canisters really need to match , I mean I'm not living a secret Pinterest life am I ? The boredom that can strike when you're tidying and so you dress your vacuum up as a Mexican , I mean we've all done this right ?

I really don't do resolutions as I find them tiresome , I intend to relax more have fun and relax more as I don't want to let my default mode which is panic to always be switched to on. For example we to the mighty fine Bletchley Park it didn't cost anything to get in as we can visit as many times as we like within 12 months. So with this in mind we buy lunch on ocasion and I have a habit of saying ooh what we've spent , so I'm going to try and be more mindful of my default round other people and distract myself. In the scheme of things a missing glasses cleaning cloth is not important my life isn't going to be enriched by finding it here and now , though my glasses will be cleaner .

Oooh and by the way anyone seen the cat ?