Saturday 30 November 2013

Reaction to social media interaction

I think blogging and social media interaction quite frankly is what you make off it.

You by the very publishing of a photo , blog post or comment lay yourself open to debate. That is not to say people can't have strong opinions but it having the strength of conviction to justify your opinion.

People will agree with you 

People will disagree with you 

People will find solidarity with you 

People will take arms against you 

Times and opinions shift , social media is rather like a blue touch paper ! People will toss in an opinion and watch it rather like the fall of Rome .

I take it in my stride now and stand back from people reactions ...

Friday 29 November 2013

Après-Ski Holiday Hot Chocolate With Brandy And Lashings Of Cream

Tis the season for hot chocolate fa ra a la la , la la la la ( sung to a Christmas tune) I know for me as winter creeps in I look to having a nice warm drink when I come in from the cold. Unfortunately I cannot lug my Tassimo 20 to the staff room so I can have a lovely hot chocolate with marshmallow, whipped cream and sprinkles when I come off the cold, cold playground.

Sometimes when you do hot chocolate in the saucepan or microwaves I find its hard to judge the milk to powder ratio and I am left with a drink that look like dish water. But now I have my beloved Tassimo I can have hot chocolate coming out of my ears ( remembers to put a can of whipped cream on my shopping list)

When the Tassimo makes a hot chocolate it really is that of the quality you get when you go out and pay anything from £1.50 upwards depending on what toppings you have etc.  Of an evening I yearn for an adult hot chocolate so the other day I raided my husbands Brandy *The good stuff*

I created an Apres Ski Hot Chocolate I don't ski , I never have but from when I am standing more likely sitting  the Apres bit looks far more entertaining !


Good Brandy

You could add a squeeze of half an orange.

Tea spoon Brown sugar.

Cadburys hot chocolate for Tassimo.

Whipped cream in a can is easiest.


Sprinkles and sweet little things.

First put a measure of Brandy in your heat resistance tall glass.

Add a teaspoon of Brown sugar.

Put the Tassimo Cadburys disc into your Tassimo.

Then put the milk disc in.

Watch your hot chocolaty goodness come to life.

You can either put the marshmallows straight in then cover with whipped cream and sprinkles!

Or the other way around , you of course don't have to use a Tassimo but when it does all the hard work for you , why wouldn't you !

Then all that is left is for you is to dive into the indulgent creamy foam. 

The one treat that can aid you with that is a chocolate covered spoon sprinkled with while chocolate drops.

Disclosure I was sent a number or items to take part in this . All thoughts words options and recipe are my own.

Thursday 28 November 2013

Ora Kitchen Towel

Ora kitchen towel has quite a look doesn't it now ! I'm thinking 1970's giant pencil gift but only this has more purpose!

 I know you shouldn't get excited by kitchen towel but of a dull evening I ASSURE YOU cleaning the kitchen does have it have its pull !

Some what reminiscent of Playschool ( if you under 30 you might have to Google this ) you don't have any square windows but you have a round window. Yes that is right the Ora kitchen towel is completely round !

Neither is there an inner tube so this is bad new if you need that last support for your Bethlehem stable ( but it probably wouldn't have passed the planning regulations any way , so no need to worry)

That stack contains around 100 sheets and I adore the design it is very spare age the quickness of not having to rip the kitchen towel off suited me after my Doctor Who party when my nephew managed to spill a soft drink on my carpet!  No fumbling around trying to tear the kitchen towel off the roll which often results in me knowing more stuff over. And it won't get a soggy bottom ! as it has a waterproof base.

Sometimes when you use kitchen towel for spills or cleaning in all honesty you end up using more than one sheet , but I found with the Ora Kitchen towel that one round sheet was enough.

Ora Kitchen towel is available exclusively from Tesco for £1.89 and it is a purchase I shall be making in the future.

And doesn't the shape of the kitchen towel just scream at you make me into a pretty snowflake ?!

I was sent this stack Of Ora kitchen towel and wasn't told what to right and as such I wasn't influenced in what I wrote.

Also you can't use the Ora Kitchen towel as a giant pencil * prop use only*

Tuesday 26 November 2013

Easy Tomato Chicken Pasta

Easy tomato chicken pasta a hearty meal to send you on the way to a good week, no more will we let Monday (insert day of choice) become a down day !

Serves 3-4 people


A punnet of salad tomatoes or big ones 

One onion.

3 - 4 chicken breasts 

2 cloves of garlic.

1 Tea spoon brown sugar.

Fresh herbs

Splosh of wine

Dollop of double cream


Put some pasta of your choice on to cook.

Put the tomatoes and garlic cloves on a baking tray and out into the oven 180c for around 20-25 minutes.

Whilst this is cooking fry a chopped onion in some olive oil add in the brown sugar (put to one side )

Add seasonings to taste 

Slice the chicken and cook in the the same pan as the onions have been in adding more olive oil , cook for around 15 minutes set to one side.

When the pasta is cooked, drain this.

In a suitable bowl blend the tomatoes up adding fresh fired herbs to suit. You can add a table spoon of tomato puree as well.

Add a dollop of double cream

Add a splash of red wine if you choose.

Add in the onions as well.

Add the the tomato mixture to the pasta and warm through, don't forget to add to the chicken to it.

Saturday 23 November 2013

There's No Party Like A #DoctorWho Party!

It's the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who !

Doctor Who beloved by all , everyone has a doctor who is their doctor , mine is Tom  Baker who loved Jelly Babies !

Here we have a fusion of Tom Baker and Matt Smith because " Bow Ties are cool"

The Adipose's party upon Matt Smith's Fez and who can blame them?

They are friendly but I think it was dangerous of them to come to the party !!

Making the Adipose is quite simple but please supervise small children round them.

You'll need large white marshmallows, tiny white ones and cocktail sticks.

1. Break a cocktail stick into two , repeat as necessary .

2. Stick the broken cocktail stick into your large white marshmallow ( being careful of any splintering bits)

3. Stick on the little marshmallows .

4. Finish off with the arms and decorate with an icing tube !

5 . An Adipose just ready to walk away !!

Next was the Dalek cake I brought the mould myself from Lakeland. It was at this point Mr T took over he was in Mary Berry mode. He used her recipe for the cake mix and it worked at the first attempt . Using the cake release product on the silicone mould really helped the cake and as a result no detail was lost.

Jelly tots are useful allies to the daleks didn't you know !

I love how the Adipose lovingly looks up at the Dalek !

But don't blink even for just a minute ...

The daleks name oh that would be Dave!

Friday 22 November 2013

Christmas Winter Berry Trifle

Summer has gone , Autumn is in its lasting dying throws and winter is on its way but why not settle down with a Christmas Berry Trifle.


500g bag fresh or frozen mixed berries.
4tbsp golden caster sugar.
44tbsp creme of cassis ( or any other berry liquor , or basically anything you fancy putting it , just leave out the drink if you want children to eat it)
250 Madeira cake sliced.
250ml tub mascarpone.
500ml custard.
2tsp vanilla.
284 ml and 142ml pot of double cream.


Put the berries and sugar in a pan and heat gently until the sugar has dissolved. Stir in the cassis and cool slightly.

Put a layer of Madeira cake in the bottom of a large glass trifle dish and spoon over 2/3 of the berry mix ( you might not need all of the liquid)

Beat the mascapone until smooth the gradually beat in the custard and stir in the vanilla. Spoon on top of the cake and berries. Whip the cream to soft peaks and dollop onto the custard. Chill for an hour. Just before serving, spoon over the rest of the berry mix.

Thursday 21 November 2013

Nature The Gallery Edition

You all know much much I adore nature it's in my veins and in my very soul. I find myself saluting magpies and welcoming natures first crispy chill.

Though we are not quite yet in the grips of a bleak mid winter.

If you prepare your soul and heart for winter it can lessen back the chill.

From sunrise rise ....

To sunset you will find me in natures embrace with my head and heart dutifilly found high.

Tuesday 19 November 2013

The Ideal Home At Christmas Show Review

Last Sunday I descended upon the Ideal Christmas Show I hadn't been there since I was about ten and I seemed to remember the Pepsi Challenge being all the rage. No journey for me into London is without adventure  I always get on the wrong tube despite clear instructions , so I just asked a nice policeman.

When you turn up eventually at Earls Court you are immediately struck by its 1930s architecture  and as it was the Christmas show there was fake snow , Christmas trees and music to get you into the mood. I think I could have downloaded a guide but I hadn't ! I wanted first off to see Hillarys Blinds the kind people who had helped me get photo the show . I just asked the lady selling the guides but she didn't know and just pointed at the show guides.

So I judged where I thought it would be and kept asking , eventually I found Hillarys Blinds hurrah and I went to say hello and see how I could better dress my window , apparently your window is a blank canvas that invites you to decorate it. This is I can see as true as a nice blind will add depth to some matching curtains , I have lots of ideas and will telling Mr T who will be agreeing with me.

The rest of the Ideal Christmas show if I am honest was rather hit and miss so this is where perhaps having a guide helps , so you can target where you want to go. This year for Christmas many of the shops are picking up on the Nordic Christmas it's a theme I love. It it relatively simple as it sticks to a certain range of colours yet it be accented by show stopping pieces. I love Tesco stand and I wanted to take all the products home but sadly I think they would have missed their gorgeous items. I partially loved the Stag cushion that accented the sofa , I so wanted to sit down and drink a glass of mulled wine.

There was breathtaking gifts also there was quite a bit of the usual tatty gifts but one persons tat is another person gold. More seating at the show would have helped people recoup at certain points in the day. But the photo below will give you an idea of just how vast the show is !

I had a good time and seeing the various styled rooms, items and products confirmed what I do and don't like in my home. It also fuelled what I would like in my dream home as well!

I also saw an idea for the teens games room come study ! how brilliant are these Big Boy bean bags ?!

And how cute are these little baking sets !

And after seeing the rustic bread there I'll be baking again! perfect for curling up on the sofa with a hearty bowl of soup.

And if you are stuck for ideas how to dress your fireplace , what about this ?

Thank you to Hillarys Blinds for giving me the opportunity to go the show.

Monday 18 November 2013

Jorvik Viking Centre What A Superbreak !

Step back a thousand years in York and see the city in a different light one where there would have been Vikings houses and artefacts. At the Jorvik viking centre you will be able to see where archaeologists discovered over 40,000 Viking age artefacts.

A Viking shoe.

You will see the living conditions of the Vikings in their reconstructed houses and backyards : all this is experienced in a special capsule that takes you back to this exciting times offering you sights, sounds and commentary as you go . ( There is a special commentary for little ones so no one in the family misses out.

It is a brilliant attraction and one not to be missed and once you have your ticket did you know that it allows you to visit for a whole year .. what fantastic value !

And was courtesy of Superbreak that we were able to go and we found the arrangements extremely easy and there was no problems. It offers exceptional value as your Jorvik centre tickets are valid for a whole twelve months.

And currently children aged 5 - 15 are free ! which is brilliant and they will soak up the interaction between the guides as they take you back in the past, you might even get your own viking coinage.

The displays and information are breathtaking and you feel fully emerged in the past ....

A Viking sword hilt

And here is a copy of the helmet that sparked it all off the 'Coppergate helmet '

The Coppergate Helmet

One of the skeletons discovered on site.

My only observation / criticism was that when the capsule took you back in time that the exhibit didn't seem to smell as much as it had previously but that could have been down to me as I do suffer from sinus a lot of the time.

Buy all in all it was an extremely enjoyable visit to the Jorvik Viking centre in a truly beautiful and majestic city only this time it was us doing the invading.

We were sent free tickets by Superbreak in order to review the Jorvik Centre and Superbreak service .  My review is honest and impartial.

Friday 15 November 2013

Come Dine With Me

If I had to host  a dinner party I would host it with an opulent but hearty theme  as hosting  at home doesn't mean you have to scrimp on luxury.  My theme would be the Beggars Opera by John Gay so the dress code would on a rags to riches mixed themed. A  dinner party doesn't have to overwhelming either if you plan it out.


Fig & Pancetta  Cheese

These would be served upon slate hearts .

Main Course

Frugal Corn Beef Hash


Would be an opulent Opera Diva Cake.

I would of by asking everyone to me  at a set meeting point wearing of course suitable foot wear ( make sure if they wanted they brought a change of foot wear for dinner) then we would proceed into the local woods only a short way in ascending the stairway

Till we came to the arches forming a natural auditorium

And we would sing some operatic tunes then make our way for our Beggars Opera Supper ....